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In Topic: The Mystery Project: Part 2 (UPDATED 10/27)

27 October 2017 - 09:09 AM

Hey everyone didju forget that I've been working on a project cause I sure didn't. I got a jorb in this past month so I had to slow down for a bit, but the past 2-3 weeks have been super productive. Like, mega productive to the point where I'm actually getting close to something filmable. 




I made some baseplates! Scorp rejoice. These are just foamboard with a couple coats of paint, There's a reason the one is a weird shape. I'll get to that in a sec. There's also a reason why they're different colors. The brow will be a cliff face, and the larger green will be a wooded area with trees and grass. I haven't added the grass yet, but it looks better when on a green floor than a brown one.




This is kinda the idea I'm going for. There will be lotsa forced perspective in this thing, and I'm still figuring out the kinks. 




An unforseen problem is that when I paint only the one side of these foamboards, the tension (I assume?) warps them all to heck. I'll have to use a heat gun to warp them back then glue supports onto the bottom.




Here's just a lil detail on the edge of the boards. I just run an exacto blade along the side to give it a better, more rocky looking texture on the edges. Then just paint grey, give a little buffer zone, and viola. Done. Although this actually isn't done, I need to do another light/wet coat of black to make it look less artificial. The way I painted these was to prime them black, then do multiple coats of really really (I mean like really) watered down paints. Like, 5:1 water to paint. Just slap brown, grey, tan, and green on and there you go. 




Speaking of multiple coats of paint and rocks.. here's what my art bench (which is just foamboard and a palette on top of my lego bins. Gotta make it work somehow) looks like right now. It's a total mess. Bits of foam from the trees (which I I just bought on amazon and stuck in pieces of styrofoam) and styrofoam chunks/crumbs are EVERYWHERE. I'm gonna have to vacuum my entire life to get rid of this stuff.




Here's what a finished rock looks like though. Black, grey, dark grey, light grey. I can bang out about fifteen of these in an hour. Real simple, easy little props. I'm also getting a little annoyed at my phone for being useless at closeup images.




I also made a little dying campfire out of toothpicks, Q-tips, and pieces of sprue left over from model kits. Glue em together, paint the middle yellow and orange, paint the outside brown, drybrush tan/grey/white. Bam. Camp fire.




This one here is my favorite tbh. I'm worried it won't really be featured too much in the finished project but I really like how it turned out. It's just a dead tree I made from twigs I found in my yard. I apologize for how busy the photo is, it might be hard to make it out completely against the background, but it can't stand on its own and has to lean against something.




Then there's this guy. Remember him? This is the armature from the first post. I've been working on it the entire time, but it's mostly done at this point. I just need to add some flocking (fake grass) and figure out how I'm gonna do the eyes. Hmm.emoji




I'm honestly just super happy with how it turned out. I sculpted the left hand out of milliput, used some sprues for the stone-sword-arm, and again for the horns. The rest is just styrofoam and glue. 




Here's a comparison with its skeleton. It can actually stand on its two feet without help but I kinda like the idea of it using the sword for balance. Unfortunately I botched the wrist joint, so it really is just an extension of its arm. Oh well. I still like it. 




Here's a little forced perspective test shot that didn't actually work at all. I blame my phone and lack of knowledge and skills.




That's all for now, folks. I'll probable do these like once a month. That's the most comfortable for me, especially cause I usually forget to take photos of the process as its going. This is a good reminder for me. Anyways, any guesses on what it's supposed to be yet? I think you could probably get it from this post...

In Topic: Dalton Westmoore's LEGO and Megablocks Mocs

13 October 2017 - 04:28 PM

Yo I really love that squidmonster dude, very classic DnD.

In Topic: Star Wars: Get Some Porg On Your Fork

19 September 2017 - 03:33 PM

I have no things to say about Rebels. I watch it, 60% is pretty much throwaway kids stuff, another portion is genuinely good Star Wars stuff. I'd rather watch any season of Rebels over sitting through Rogue One.

As to the studio meddling, if it were any other Disney produced movie I'd agree. Literally every Marvel movie seems like it's made by the same team (which like, they kinda are), but the new SW have proven to be pretty unique so far. I guess we can't really say for sure until TLJ comes out, because R1 could just be a fluke, but I'd say there is definitely a sense of authorship (that's a word right) in the Disney Star Wars movies. Even if every movie from here on out is trash, there will always be Harmy's versions of the originals to watch. Clown Raws will always be around if you like that too. Rebels is ending soon so whether you like it or hate it, it will all be over soon. We're all going to die eventually.


Wait what happened... Oh yeah, I talked about Star Wars on the internet and ended up looking forward to the sweet embrace of death. Standard operating procedure tbh. I'mma watch the movies, see the show, maybe read one or two of the silly tie in novels, and try not to get too mad about this stuff. In the end we're all going to go see TLJ. Disney will end up with the money of every single person reading this comment right now. There is nothing we can do about it. We'll all be rotting in the ground soon anyways.


Wait crap it happened again. I'm donezo.

In Topic: Star Wars: Get Some Porg On Your Fork

08 September 2017 - 07:17 AM

Guys... what if they bring in George Lucas to make a Star War?

In Topic: Star Wars: Get Some Porg On Your Fork

06 September 2017 - 07:17 AM

Very happy to see that guy isn't at the helm. Nothing personal against the guy, but I'm not a fan of his movies. If at all possible, I'd like to avoid another Rogue One scenario. Star Wars isn't particularly philosophically complex but I look forward to the emotional beats of these movies more than the action set pieces. I like Empire Strikes Back most because of the time with Yoda, seeing Han and Leia's frantic escape antics and budding romance, and getting to know the characters. I don't really care about the battles if, y'know, I don't care about the people fighting in them. I get the feeling that a Trevorrow Star Wars movie would be more along the lines of R1 than TFA. Happy to see that they're pulling the plug. Hopefully they get someone good for 9.


Also btw, isn't it weird that a Star Wars movie won't have a V anywhere in the roman numerals? I can handle I II and III, but "Episode IX" just doesn't look right. . .  Inevitably when they make another trilogy (hopefully after giving this one some time to breath. Hopefully.) they should just call it STAR WARS X. Not "10", I mean literally "ecks". Go full Megaman.