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#114768 WARRIOR BORN order discussion thread

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 20 March 2009 - 12:21 AM

Glad you guys are liking the cover. biggrin.gif At first I was going to have a full-body drawing of Saber-Scorpion, but I thought the extreme close-up would have more impact, and I just put the battle details in the visor reflection. I was going to make a section of the visor broken (along the scar-like cut you can see there) so you could see his eye... but that would require a full-color cover instead of 2-color, which would cost more...

QUOTE (Dark Link)
But what I want to know is... self-published, or tradittional way?

Self-published, like before.

QUOTE (Curse)
Is this the first Nova Refuge book out? Or is there many more that I can get, because I really like the idea of Nova Refuge so I really want to read a lot about it.

Yes, this is the first book. I am, of course, planning on a sequel (which is why it says "book 1"), and I've also been working on a comic book I'd like to publish. After I get more articles ready on the site I'd like to compile them into a published "companion" or something too. Oh, and I have had this project on the back-burner of doing a CCG (collectible card game) for some time now... if only I had time to work on it...

But if the first novel is successful, it will help all of the other projects see the light faster. wink.gif

QUOTE (Blade Falcon)
Awesome, there are gonna be a lot of Nova Members this time next month. Probably not me though, as shipping is $12 for me in the UK. I wonder if my library will order it... If not, I'm sure I can rustle up $32 for this. After all it is 400 pages long, and written by the king of pwnage.

Yeah, international shipping is expensive. I actually rounded the number down by about 30 cents, so I lose a little on the shipping myself. And that isn't even counting the ridiculous PayPal fees for currency conversion. In the end I make a lot less money on international orders than I do on domestic ones. But since international orders account for more than half my book sales, I try to make it as reasonable as I can.

QUOTE (Ginger)
Oh, balls. I hate saving money. I nearly have enough for Halo Wars, and then this comes out. Before you know it, Fallout 3 DLC will come out. Oh wait. *sigh* I guess I can scrounge something up... I'm guessing I can just mail the money instead of credit cards, despite it being risky...

Yes, cash, check, and money order are accepted, as long as they're in United States currency.

QUOTE (Trillian)
Looks and sounds cool, but i think i will wait until i read a review (or 2) before i go out and buy it.

I plan to post up some more info later also, such as an excerpt.

QUOTE (Mercutio)
I will buy it on three conditions:

1) it's recorded into audiobook format
2) said audiobook is read by Scorp's personal eunuch (I know you have one)
3) there isn't a three but two conditions seems kind of empty, y'know?

1) Heh. Maybe eventually.
2) His voice is way too monotone and lifeless. I could get one of the harem girls to do it though.
3) Totally.

QUOTE (Doodstormer)
Well I'm going to order the handwritten originals, laminated and with each page autographed.

EDIT: Or maybe nonlaminated, so I can breathe in the sweet noxious fumes of Saber-Scorpion's writing. Maybe I'll order his quill too.

Handwritten originals? You kiddin'? My hand feels like it's gonna break every time I do short answer questions on a test. I can't imagine writing a novel that way... A quill would be good to have though. For aesthetics.

#109916 The Nova Refuge FAQ Database

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 22 February 2009 - 03:06 AM

Well, let me put it this way, Dos: the map of Terra Nova that you see on the site is (with only a few very small changes) the one that is printed in Warrior Born. If I made any border changes (which I really would rather not), they would not be present as of 333 PA (the year the book takes place), or at least would be too small to be noted.

How about a continent on Lookout (in the Outlook system) or something? All of the major factions have land holdings there... unsure.gif

#45089 The Nova Refuge FAQ Database

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 14 July 2008 - 01:26 PM

I'll have to doublepost since not all the quotes I have will fit in just one. tongue.gif

QUOTE (Ter Loki)
Q: Have there been any other attempts at military cyborgs at any level before or after Xarkon's failed project? If so, how successful were they and on what scale?

None, at least officially. Perhaps a few experiments, but nothing on a large scale. There are rumored to still be a few military-grade cyborg implants floating around on the black market though. This sort of comes up in my novel. shades.gif

Q: What's the view on genetic augmentation? Is it illegal? Is it often disapproved by the people of Nova Refuge?

Gene therapy is used in a variety of medical situations, but genetic augmentation for military purposes is largely frowned upon by Human factions (not so much by Helexith though, what with their Slashrim mutation projects and all), especially Xarkon, with their beliefs in the purity of the human form.

Q: What would be the smallest size of FTL capable engines? (I need to know for a MOC I'm constructing)

FTL drive is more about creating a hole into the Breach than it is about actual engine speed. Some ships travel faster through the Breach than others because their engines are more powerful, but even a ship with pretty small Starfire engines can reach FTL speeds in the alternate dimension called the Breach, where time and space behave so differently.

Q: (since I like ships) What is/are the largest warship(s) in the Galaxy and which faction owns it/them?

The two largest are owned by the Mahlok and Achmer. The Mahlok one is Thermopolis, the "City of Fire," flagship of the Helexith fleet. The Achmer vessel is unnamed and not officially confirmed, but is rumored to be as large as a small moon, almost like an artificial planet. The only records of it exists in historical files of their wars with Helexith. The largest Human-made capital ship is currently Victory's flagship, the Excalibur.

QUOTE (Rabid Chaos)
I've played that enough to get a feel for walkers, and I think that tracks are a better propulsion than legs, still. But that isn't a question.

You're just not using your imagination enough! Just imagine if a pair of mechanical legs could be produced that had all the strength, agility, and surefootedness, of Human legs, but on a much larger scale. They could traverse any terrain, change direction with hardly an effort, and get back up when knocked over. It would be like the natural evolution of living creatures from crawling to walking - but in mechanical terms. But anyway...

QUOTE (Rabid Chaos)
What is anti-air stuff like? Are missiles used, or is the standard weapon a boosted Starfire emplacement? Or are proximity-fused frag shells lofted up?

All of the above would be possible, but I usually just use missiles, at least for Human anti-air weapons.

Q: Is there any use of robots in the military? (Things like the Predator UAV)

Some unmanned vehicles and automated support units are used quite commonly, and there are plenty of maintainence and repair robots that do menial tasks... but there are no battle droids, if that's what you're asking.

Q: Has any nation ever actually used the cybernetic soldier program?

As Ter said, Xarkon was the first one to try, and it failed. No one has succeeded in the time since then, so no, it's never been used.

Q: Because wherever civilization exists one of these will exist, Are there any prominent secret organizations on Terra Nova? (Like Skull and Bones, or Illuminati type of organizations)

Well, the Yavakaro government are practically like illuminati, with their secret identities, eye-symbolism, and their extremely advanced intelligence network that keeps them in the know at all times. Then there's the Black Network, the criminal organization that possibly spans the entire galaxy and is rumored to have its tentacles in just about every organization in existence. Beyond those, I haven't invented any.

QUOTE (The Brute)
What are some examples of popular NR small arms? for example, Star Wars's popular ones are E-11, DL-44 and DH-17 blasters.

Xarkon standard assault rifle: XR-A12
Victorian standard assault rifle: VAR-65
Yavakarese standard assault rifle: MAR-14
ZYbari standard assault rifle: ZS2-KB

There are also various other guns I mention in my book. Since I like magnum pistols, both Xarkon and Victory have one. Xarkon's is called the Dirge, Victory's the Harpy Eagle. Saber-Scorpion's favored pistol is a machine pistol called the ZX-61 Skorpyn, and his favored long-range rifle is an old lever-action Xarkonian rifle developed for fighting Mahlok called the Ironslinger. Those are just some random examples.

QUOTE (The Tamer)
Q:How long do Mahloks and slashrim generally live?

Mahlok generally live for a few centures, up to around 300. As for the Slashrim, that's kinda answered in the Natives section on the website.

QUOTE (The Tamer)
Q:How old are the 4 main factions?

All of them are around 300 years old, since all were based on the research colonies that already existed on Terra Nova when the Exodus occurred.

QUOTE (Scorchy)
What does a standard Xarkon Squad consist of?

A well-balanced team of soldiers with an experienced commander. Numbers vary, and they don't always include a medic and/or engineer, but many do. Depends on the situation. They're adaptable. *shrug*

QUOTE (Scorchy)
Does Xarkon use Flag bearers?

Only in parades, not in the field, although some of their vehicles occasionally bear flags.

QUOTE (Scorchy)
Is Xarkon infantry closly tied in with the other ground units? I.e, tanks, walkers?

Xarkon loves walkers and uses them whenever they can, but for infantry support, hover tanks are probably the most common, since they are so small, portable, and mobile. I hope that answers your question...

#34283 The Nova Refuge FAQ Database

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 19 June 2008 - 04:36 AM

QUOTE (Ter_Loki)
You forgot my post....

You mean about spaceships being turned the same way in space battles? Like you said, it's not really a question. What do you expect me to say? huh.gif

QUOTE (Rabid Chaos)
How big a role do aerospace forces play in ground combat? Can they turn the tide of a massively outgunned force, or are they just used to take out big obstacles?

Depends on what you mean by aerospace forces. Of course aerospace forces play a huge role in ground combat. Dropships take troops where they need to go and shuttle them in and out of hot fire-zones, fighters and bombers make strategic strikes to aid ground forces or cover them, and hovercraft can practically fight alongside infantry from above. Starships are of less use since they can't enter the atmosphere and orbital bombardment is not useful for pinpoint strikes, but rather for wide-scale destruction, which makes a ground battle pretty pointless in if used.

QUOTE (Fil Carnage)
What are the burial, or ways of respecting the dead in the different cultures?

Hey, that's a pretty good question. For the Human factions, it depends on a lot of different things... cultural background, religion, family tradition, the requests of the deceased, even profession (aerospace crewmen sometimes have their bodies shot out into space). The most common type of burial is probably cremation.

The Natives all have different ways of respecting the dead. The Mahlok still bury their dead, and all Mahlok who die are traditionally shipped back to their homeworld and sealed in one of the huge necropolis vaults there. The Slashrim always burn their dead, as a sign of their return to Helexith, the fire-god. The Sarran have various traditions of burial depending on the planet or family, much like Humans. They value the spirit more highly than the corporeal body, but the chosen method of burial is still highly respected. The Sarran find Human "archaeology" disgusting, since the dead are not meant to be disturbed. Some Sarran tombs have remained untouched for untold millennia.

QUOTE (Fil Carnage)
What are the main religions, if there are any?

For Humans, basically the same religions that exist today, assosciated with largely the same cultures as today (Victory and Xarkon probably mostly Christian, Zygbar containing the most Muslims, Yavakaro containing the most Buddhists, etc.).
Of course, the Mahlok preach the will of Helexith to the Slashrim in order to keep them under control, the Sarran believe in the one-spirit Afaelya, and the Achmer are pretty much non-religious.

Optical Camoflague

Sorry, but so far all attempts by Humans in Nova Refuge to create full-blown active optical camouflage ("invisibility") have been either unsuccessful or impractical. The use of nanofiber mesh to mimic the hues and patterns of a wearer's surroundings is usually quite sufficient, and if any true "invisibility" suits exist, they are highly experimental and secret prototypes at best. It is speculated that the Achmer have found a way to achieve true near-invisibility on both spaceship and soldiers, but they are not sharing the secrets behind their discovery with anyone anytime soon.

QUOTE (Karma Apple)
Q If stealth ships sometimes use drive dumps to store the heat (like in Mass Effect) Do they eventually have to dum pthe heat to not be baked alive?

That question kind of answers itself, doesn't it? tongue.gif

QUOTE (Drake)
Q: Seeing as all vehicles are equipped with Active-Camouflage in Xarkon, Victory, etc., could they all possibly have a Stealth Function to it?

If you mean "cloaking," see my answer to Dos just above. If you mean stealth as in blocking heat and other transmissions that could give away location, sure, there are stealth models of many existing military vehicles, though not all are stealth-equipped of course, since such eqipment is expensive and heavy.

QUOTE (Drake)
Q: How did Luke get the Enomeg Prefix of "Blood?"

Because he's a soldier "by blood," a true warrior born, one of the greatest of the Enomegs. The choice may also have had something to do with his blood relation to Lucas Mars, the High Commander, although this was kept secret from him until the end of his training.

QUOTE (Drake)
Q: What would the ETAB be like? Would it be like a school or something?

You'll just have to find out when I release my book, since much of it takes place there. biggrin.gif

QUOTE (Drake)
Q: Can you give me a bit more information on Grimm II? All I know as that he was unsuccessful and went insane.

He was a result of the rapid-aging process developed by Grimm I. He was supposed to age rapidly up to a point and then stop and return to normal speed. Unfortunately, the "stopping" process didn't occur just right, and he ended up horribly scarred and hideous, some parts more aged than others, including parts of his brain, which resulted in his madness. When he broke out of his cell in Grimm's base in the Grim Isles, the mercs tried to put him down, shooting him several times before he fell into the ocean, where he was presumed dead. Only later did they discover that he had resurfaced somewhere on the Xarkon coast and become a crazed nomadic wanderer believing himself to be a prophet. He now wanders Terra Nova as a mad hermit, bearded and cloaked, appearing like a harmless, ugly old bum most of the time, except when he dons his black cloak and skull-like mask and goes on a murderous rampage. He is wanted as a serial killer in Xarkon and Victory, but so far has remained at large.

QUOTE (Drake)
Q: Who is Hurk of Grimm's Army? You have a decal for him in the shop, so I'm wondering who he is.

Just a Slashrim who makes a few appearances in my book. He's a big dark orange Slashrim with a small brain and big muscles - the typical kind, in other words. Grimm likes to keep him close as a bodyguard and enforcer because he's strong, loyal, and in Grimm's words, "too stupid to ever turn traitor."

QUOTE (Flash)
Q: WHy is Zygbar in Big four if its so poor?

It's not super-poor, just the poorest of the Big Four. Most smaller countries are still not half as wealthy, as Ter mentioned. Zygbar does have a space fleet and holdings on multiple planets, after all, thus making it a galactic-scale faction, if not a very powerful one compared to others.

#11763 The Fleet Mod Cometh!

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 22 April 2008 - 03:27 AM

I've been reading over this bit by bit for a while now, since you've clearly put a lot of work into it. Some great ideas here... and a lot more technical stuff than I probably would have tried to come up with. blink.gif I really need to find time to sit down and do something like this myself! Anyway, here are some of my thoughts (mostly about naming):

originally wanted to call it the Pride of the Northern Sea class, but I've never been a fan of long names.

Why not? tongue.gif Ever since I played Halo, I've had a strange fondness for long ship names. I used to think the crazy names in Halo sounded stupid (Pillar of Autumn, Truth and Reconciliation, In Amber Clad, Forward Unto Dawn...), but I guess they kind of grew on me. That's why I came up with a name like Watcher in the Fog for Warbringer, I guess. Anyway, I think Pride of the Northern Sea would be a good name for and individual flagship or something, perhaps.

WV-25402: UND Serenity

*points* tongue.gif


Grimm's Army Ship, I assume? I'm liking that. The fact that it looks like the word "gas" somehow seems to click with the usual Grimm... thing. biggrin.gif

I also have absolutely NO naming system for this class

Again, that definitely works for Grimm. I like some of the name you came up with, particularly Hell Hound and Cthulhu. But is the use of Vamp, Raiden, and Revolver right next to each other merely a coincidence? tongue.gif

QUOTE (Pegasus)
Pegasus class

Okay, I see what you're saying about them running out of names, and a few Greek names seems okay, but ALL Greek names? Norse mythology just fits Xarkon so much better, with its dark, bloody, warlike atmosphere and story. Greek seems too bright and artistic somehow. I usually use Greek stuff for Victory more than Xarkon (such as the Immortal Soldiers' codenames).

Also, the Greek names for both Xarkon and Victory's ships make them seem awfully similar. How about calling it the Guldfaxe or Slepnir class? Those are both Norse mythological horses - Thor's and Odin's, I believe.

Ordinance: Observed using various guided missiles, explosive and kinetic energy projectiles, and on occasion nuclear warheads
Defenses: Unknown number and type of high-output shield generators

Heheh, this is the kind of wording I'd end up using if I were to write one of these myself.

I tried to put together the Steamrunner class and the Valkyrie,

Oh no... another ship named the Valkyrie! Did I ever tell you about my old project to make LEGO versions of every sci-fi ship named the Valkyrie? tongue.gif I only got as far as the Rheinland valkyrie from Freelancer, but I had a huge folder of images, including the Terran Valkyrie from StarCraft and some little thing from Star Trek. I guess I need to add this one now.

Affiliation: CONON

CONON is an affiliation? unsure.gif Seems a bit odd to me. Does the United Nations have its own naval vessels, independent of any particular member state? Because I've always thought of CONON as the United Nations.

Anyways, interesting stuff, even if some of it seems awfully Star Trekky (including the design of the Pegasus). I sometimes feel I need to watch more sci-fi TV shows... I'm usually more interested in the characters and stories than the technical stuff though. Anyway, I certainly feel more inspired to try and finish those mini LEGO fleets I was working on now. Maybe after I make some I could get you to come up with some technical jargon for 'em, eh? tongue.gif

#480 Ogma Station RULES

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 07 April 2008 - 07:17 AM

This thread is not really a list of rules, per se (for those, see the forum COC, which of course still applies here). It's really just a list of some things to keep in mind when posting in Ogma Station.

1: Nova Refuge Only
Please don't stray onto Halo or Firefly or something if possible. You can mention these things or refer to them, but don't get too far off on a tangent. wink.gif

2: Regarding Fan Fics, Art, and LEGO
You may be wondering what happened to the old LEGO and Fan Fic/Art boards we had here on the forums for Nova Refuge. Well, I decided to do away with those for now, since I am working on implementing a gallery upload system in the near future for such purposes. In the meantime, feel free to post any fan fictions, fan art, role-plays, or LEGO creations either here or in their appropriate generic boards (Construction Zone, Old Drawing Board, G4...), whichever suits you.

That's all I can think of for now. Enjoy!

#466 Sigfigs: Wulfgard

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 03 April 2008 - 09:56 AM

Character Name: Justyn "the Scorpion"

Species: Human

Faction: Loner

Biography: Half-Imperial, Half-"Barbarian," Justyn was born when his Imperial father took a Barbarian wife while on a campaign in the North. As a result, Justyn always felt slightly estranged from both peoples. His father soon left to rejoin the Empire and carry out his duties there, so Justyn was instead raised by his mother, along with his half-sister, Maegan. Upon hearing that he also had a half-brother named Sir Ryan, a knight of the Empire, Justyn set off to visit him. During his journey south, he got to know rebellious Woodsmen of the Empire, many of whom were also half-and-half. Keeping his identity a secret, Justyn joined one such group, seeking adventure. He got more than he bargained for when he fell in love with a young, beautiful Imperial farmgirl, and married her shortly thereafter. They lived together in a secluded forest cabin for less than a year before she suddenly disappeared, leaving behind only a mysterious golden amulet with the symbol of a golden apple on the front. Justyn spent the next few years wandering both the Empire and the North, searching desperately for her. During that time, he made friends with the elves, who aided him on his search and taught him the ways of the elven blademasters, just as the woodsmen had taught him how to set traps and ambushes and use the terrain to his advantage. After nearly two years of long, hard searching with the help of everyone he knew, Justyn finally gave up on his search and began to wander the world, lost and unsure of what to do. He first headed South, where he became known as the Scorpion after recovering an enchanted, flaming scimitar with a scorpion-shaped hilt and using it to fight marauders in the area. Today he still wanders, lost in the world, always ending up in adventures, though usually not intentionally. It is unknown whether he seeks to lose himself or to find himself, and even he might not know the answer.

Personality: A stoic loner who prefers the company of nature to society, Justyn resents all forms of governments and the wars that they fight, prefering to stay away from such conflicts. He often gets involved anyway, however, usually as a result of helping some poor, downtrodden, or outcast individual or group. Justyn does not believe that any warfare is truly honorable, so he is willing to use any and all tactics to win a fight, including ambushes, traps, psychological warfare, and stealth. He seldom resorts to unnatural weaponry, however, and always shows his opponents to a merciful death in the end.

Head: Head with brown bangs and stubble, or Qui-Gon Jinn head

Hair: Long brown

Outfits: He usually travels dressed in the unassuming garb of a woodsman, in order to not attract too much attention. However, in battle, he reveals his red dragon scale armor. Unlike most adventurers, he did not kill a dragon to get his armor; rather it was given to him by one. He encountered a red dragon in a fight with a black one, and seeing that the black dragon was being cruel to the obviously outmatched red one, he aided the red. The red dragon allowed him to keep the many scales that had been knocked off of him during the battle as a reward.

Minifigs: Preferably the ones shown above, with the one of the Hawkin or Fantasy Saber-Scorpion decals from the SYWBAA section of my shop. But for purist versions, click here.

Weapons: Justyn carries with him one long, thin scimitar with a scorpion-shaped hilt he calls Sunfire and one slightly shorter, curved Night Elf sword forged from darksteel, which he calls Starfire. Both swords light aflame at the speaking of a magic command word by their wielder when in his hands. In LEGO form, they may be represented by any two thin, curved swords (pirate sabers, mutilated KK2 swords cut to look curved, or Little Armory scimitars if you have any, or even katanas). Justyn also carries a third sword: a great, two-handed barbarian Claymore that he usually leaves hanging from his horse's saddle for use in large battles. Finally, he has a bow that he made and maintains himself, for which he carries a variety of types of arrows. A BrickForge brown longbow works best, but a standard brown LEGO bow is fine too.

Animal Companions: Justyn usually prefers the company of animals to people. His two main companions are his trained hawk and his horse. Justyn's usual hawk is a female grey hawk (you can use a grey parrot or something akin to the weird eagle in my Assassin's Creed vignette) named Talyn, but he has had other hawks, falcons, and kestrels over the years. His horse, however, nearly always remains the same: his loyal steed and constant companion named Belisarius. Belisarius is a simple brown horse, not of amazing strength or speed, but highly intelligent, loyal, tough, and steadfast. If Justyn leaves him alone, he will find his way back to him. If Justyn is injured, he will find him shelter. If Justyn were to fall asleep at the saddle, he would find his own way to their destination. Their bond is something elven in nature, and communication passes between them that transcends words. Most would take one look at Belisarius and dismiss him as a second rate farmhorse, but Justyn knows he, like his rough but ready master, is more than what he seems.

#438 The Member Confirmation Topic

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 03 April 2008 - 07:59 AM

So you've read the rules?

You've scanned over the FAQ?

You agree to abide by the rules as a member here?

In that case, just reply to this topic, and you will become a Free Member! You can either just say that you've read the rules, or you can write a bit about yourself and introduce yourself. Up to you. Hope you enjoy your time here at SSLF!

Please note that only one post is needed here per member. This isn't a topic for conversation, just confirming that you've read the rules and FAQ. So if you do for some reason make more than one post, don't be surprised if it's gone in short order.
- Ter Loki

#384 SSLF Rules & F.A.Q. (READ ME FIRST!)

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 02 April 2008 - 12:41 PM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is a little thing called the Help file: http://forums.saber-...ore&module=help
Go there for any technical questions. This topic is for stuff you can't find there.
If you have any questions that are not answered here, try asking in this topic.
How do I post images?
This question gets asked a lot, so here are some detailed instructions:

  • Make sure your image is saved in one of these file formats: .jpg .jpeg .gif or .png  If it's a very high-resolution photo, you may also want to size it down to something more reasonable, like 1000 to 2000 pixels wide.
  • Upload your image to a file-hosting service on the Internet. A popular one here on SSLF is majhost.com, which is a good simple service, though sometimes it goes offline for periods of time. For quick, temporary uploads (the images may disappear after a while), try imgur. For LEGO images, there is brickshelf.com, MOCpages, or Flickr (which also allows other photos). If your image is at all related to Wulfgard or Nova Refuge or the content of this website in general, you may use our gallery system.
  • Once the image is uploaded to the Internet, you need to find out its URL (web address). To do this, right-click on the image in your web browser. If you are using Google Chrome, simply click "Copy image URL" in the drop-down menu that appears. In Firefox, click "Copy Image Location". In Internet Explorer, click on "Properties", and then highlight the Address (URL), and click Ctrl+C on your keyboard to copy it.
  • Now that the URL is in your computer's clipboard, go back to the forum and start typing up your post. To insert the image, click the Image button at the top of the post window (picture.png) and press Ctrl+V on your keyboard to paste in the URL. Then click OK.
  • That's it! The image should now be visible in your post!

I've been BANNED! What can I do?
Contact Maverick-Werewolf (the Forums Administrator) and perhaps something can be worked out, unless you were banned for a major offense, in which case you will just have to find a different forum.

Where is the General Discussion board for talking about random stuff?
The only 100% General Discussion board is the Cantina Nova, which is accessible to Nova Members only. It's listed right below this board on the index.

Can I change my name?
Only Nova Members can edit their own Display Name (log in name does not change), and they can only do it twice in a 30 day period. If you are a Freebie and need your name changed, contact an admin or moderator.

What are the member groups?
Freebies - This is the rank all new members start with once their first post is approved.
Nova Members - Nova Members have access to the Cantina Nova general discussion board, alternate skins, and many other special forum features. Anyone who has spent at least $10 in my shop or donated $10 to the site is entitled to Nova Membership. Just ask me via PM or email. For more info on the difference between Freebies and Nova Members, check the About Nova Membership topic.
Moderators - Mods have the power to warn and punish members, and to move, edit, lock, and delete posts and topics. New mods are rarely promoted. They are selected by the admins from the most trusted forum members.

Admins - There are only three admins. The first me, Saber-Scorpion. My title is Webmaster because I mostly work on the website. My sister Maverick-Werewolf is the Forums Administrator, so she is the one you should contact about forum-related issues. Our brother Ryan is also an admin, although he rarely visits. :P
Other Groups - There are a few other groups floating around. Some of them are joke groups available to Nova Members during April Fools Days (like the pink-colored Princesses).

#375 Official Minifig Tales Rules

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 02 April 2008 - 11:11 AM

All forum rules from the CoC apply here, of course, but there are some specific rules that apply to this forum alone:

1: LEGO only!
Made a comic or movie with action figures instead of LEGO? Made it on the computer using sprites or renderings? Drew one yourself? If you did, then post it in the Old Drawing Board under the Creativity section, NOT IN MINIFIG TALES!
Also, regular LEGO creations (other than comics) should be posted in Around the Block, not in Minifig Tales.
Minifig Tales is strictly for LEGO comics and movies only.

2: Resize your images!
Please keep your images NO LARGER THAN 900 PIXELS WIDE! The best width, I think is around 700 pixels. If your images stretch the screen, your topic could be deleted by a moderator.

3: One at a time, please!
Only post as many comics as you can keep up with, and try not to start a new one until you are finished with the first. Your readers will appreciate it too.

4: Post constructive feedback!
To all you people who comment on comics/movies: Rather than making posts saying "why did i die?", "when is the next part?", and "cool comic", try to devote your post to giving constructive feedback. That way people will know what they are doing wrong, and fix it, or what they are doing right, and continue like that. If the person hasn't posted in a while, you can make an exception to bump the comic, but give him/her some time to make the next part.

5: Do not post spam of ask for more!
The creator of the comic does not appreciate when you spam up his comic, especially by asking for more like saying "! rEAlly <3 this komik! Moar plz?!?!" That is utterly unacceptable, and you will be warned. Also, just normally asking for more in the topic is not accepted, as it merely creates another post that is not constructive feedback, and forces the comic creator to look through pointless posts of "When wil the next part come?" If you really need to know, please PM the creator, and not ask in the topic.

I just added the fourth rule. I think it was needed. -Bolty

And I added a fifth.

#218 SSLF Rules & F.A.Q. (READ ME FIRST!)

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 01 April 2008 - 09:23 AM

NOTE: Your first post must be approved by a moderator. We do this to keep out spam bots. You may post anywhere, but I suggest the Introduce Yourself topic. Once your first post is approved, you will be able to post freely without requiring further approval.

The Saber-Scorpion's Lair Forums Code of Conduct (CoC)
In order to keep anyone from losing interest, I'll make this as short as possible.

Do not break these rules and PLEASE REPORT people who do!

1: Play Nice! No flaming, no trolling, and no thread-crapping. Be respectful to other users and their interests. Try to keep a positive attitude, not a negative or sarcastic one. Do not be too critical of our younger members and their posts. Always show respect to your fellow members, but especially mods and admins.

2: Keep it Clean! We do our best to keep SSLF free and relaxed, but also as family-friendly as possible. There are kids here. DO NOT post (or link to) anything that would qualify as "adults only." Also, watch your language! No profanity, vulgarity, or slurs against any race, nationality, religion, etc. Certain words are allowed only in the role-playing and writing boards for atmosphere, but even there should be used sparingly. Keep all writing rated PG-13 at most. (For more specifics about the mature content rule, read this post).

3: No Advertising. You may post a link to your personal website in your profile and your signature, and you may link to certain web pages when they are relevant to the topic. You may NOT post a brand new thread or send mass private messages to advertise for a particular site, or even a particular topic on this forum.


4: No politics. This is an entertainment forum. Talking politics is currently not allowed even in the Cantina Nova. There are plenty of other websites where you can talk about things like that.

5: No Alternate Accounts. Only one account is allowed per person. You may only make a second account if it is for your sibling or someone else who lives in your household. If you would like a name change, ask an Administrator or buy Nova Membership (Novas can change their own names).

6: No Posting for Banned Members. If someone has been banned from the site, it is up to the Admins and Mods whether they are allowed back. So if someone is currently banned, don't post anything on their behalf. You can be warned for this.


If you see someone breaking the rules... then use the "Report" button in the lower right-hand corner of the post to mark that post for moderator review. An admin or mod will check that post and enforce the rules as needed. If this does not get results, you can send a PM (Personal Message) to an admin or mod asking about it. Feel free to ask us about anything; we're here to help.

DO NOT "play moderator" yourself by telling the rule-breaker all the things he has done wrong. You can be warned for playing mod. Don't start arguments or feed the trolls. Just report the post and let the real mods handle it.

IF YOU BREAK THE RULES... then you will be warned, and usually suspended for a short time, by a moderator. The number of warns you have received appears under your profile info to the left of your posts. How many warn points you receive for breaking the rules, how long it takes them to disappear, and how long you are suspended, depends on the severity of your actions.

Five (5) warns is the ban point. If you manage to accumulate 5 or more warn points, then you might be banned at any time. If you are permanently banned, the only way to come back is to contact Maverick-Werewolf (the Forums Administrator) directly and ask her to reconsider.