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Mission: Impossible - Fallout/Cruise Missile Appreciation Thread


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What's the best Mission Impossible?

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#1 Ocelot


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Posted 08 February 2018 - 04:48 AM

There's a new Mission Impossible movie coming, and it looks stone cold incredible:



And as with every new Mission Impossible, we have a chance for Tom Cruise to do some more insane stunts that only a super rich guy with no fear of death who's basically spent his life learning how to do cool stuff can do. Not content with merely doing all his own climbing, fighting and driving stunts, now he's actually flying the helicopter in this movie's helicopter chase:




I love this maniac. Where else are you going to see an actor throwing a helicopter over a waterfall in a movie? I mean, Jackie Chan broke more or less every bone in his body in shooting, used to do 900 takes of a single shot to get it absolutely perfect, directed and wrote and starred in and choreographed his own movies and then sang the theme song over the end credits, but even he never learnt to fly a helicopter for his craft. CRUISE MISSILE, BABY!


So we've got a helicopter chase, a motorbike chase, Henry Cavill and Cruise Missile punching guys so hard they demolish a public bathroom. More free-climbing of cliffs. We've got that bad guy from Rogue Nation, who also played the frog monster guy in Prometheus, btw. Rebecca Ferguson is back, Alec Baldwin's back, Simon Pegg's there, and a little bit of Mrs Hunt, Michelle Monaghan, too. We've got everyone but Paula Patton, it seems, and that hurts me, but nothing's perfect. In conclusion, what is your favourite Mission Impossible movie and why is it Ghost Protocol?

#2 Saber-Scorpion


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Posted 29 July 2018 - 08:18 PM

Just saw Mission Impossible: Fallout a couple days ago. Holy crap, it's so good. I really thought that Rogue Nation might be the last time I would say "best one yet", but... no, this is once again the best one yet. I do not know what dark magic enables these movies to keep getting better and better when most film series tend to do the opposite, but I hope they keep it up. Go watch it, right now. Unless you haven't seen all the other M:I movies yet, in which case you should catch up on them first, since this one has lots of continuity and callbacks to the others, particularly 3, 4, and 5.




#3 Ocelot


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Posted 07 August 2018 - 12:11 AM

Scorp, I hope you don't mind but I moved your post in here so we can get some use out of my beautiful thread that nobody ever posted in :P


k so I finally saw it, and it was so good! IT WAS SO GOOD! It's the best cinematic experience I've had since Mad Max Fury Road, and that's saying something because that was the best cinematic experience I've ever had.


I need to tell you guys how this movie builds tension before the giant never-ending action sequence in Paris kicks off (I swear it goes for like ninety minutes and it's unbelievable). So they set up the big plan to kidnap the bad guy from Rogue Nation, in that delectable heist/spy movie way where they explain it as it's happening on-screen, only this movie fakes you out the first time around just for funsies. Instead, when the plan kicks off for real, they spend like five excruciating (-ly good) minutes just building and building and building tension. They Hans Zimmer the classic Mission Impossible theme super hard, starting off down in the low frequencies but then building higher and faster and louder as you watch a military helicopter drop the bad guy off before he's loaded into an armoured convoy. Every corner of the frame bristles with little details in each new shot, establishing where all the players are in the scene and which way they're all moving, with one character melting into the shadows over here as another slips into view over there. It is just so. well. done. Oh boy oh boy oh boy.


OK I'm going to do some spoilers because this movie needs it, so if you're going to stop reading here then let me say that I RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE AS STRONGLY AS I POSSIBLY CAN. I think the first fifteen minutes or so are a little bit low energy and maybe could have been edited down a little snappier, but once you get past the title sequence the movie pops off really hard and stays 110% popped until it's time to go home. OK let's do spoilers!




What a movie. I think Scorp's right, it's the best one. I mean, I'll have to watch them all again to be sure, but Ghost Protocol was my favourite before this and... I think we have a new champion. I was sweaty-palm-ing it through this whole thing. I'm actually physically tired from watching it. At one point I actually ducked my head under a bullet, and I felt like a huge idiot but that should at least tell you how into it I was :P


(A little Paula Patton cameo definitely wouldn't have hurt, though)


EDIT - btw, if you go back and watch that trailer I posted further up there are a lot of shots that didn't make it into the final cut. Ethan crashing the chopper into the truck, Henry Cavill punching that guy into next week, Ethan rope swinging in the Paris club. Should be a lot of good deleted scenes on that Blu Ray.

#4 Ocelot


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Posted Yesterday, 12:55 AM

So I watched a couple of movies you guys might have heard of, by the names of Mission: Impossible and Mission: Impossible 2!


Mission: Impossible: This movie's great! Alongside Independence Day, this is one of my earliest cinema-going memories (I would have been six years old, nestled snugly in between my parents at the theatre), and I've probably seen it three or four times over the years but I've never actually understood it before now. For some reason I always found the plot impenetrable, but now I'm wondering if maybe I've just been a big dumb stupid idiot all these years because it isn't really all that complicated. It does have a pretty interesting way of playing with what information it chooses to tell the viewer, though, particularly concerning some late-game Jon-Voight-related morsels. It's probably the most classically spy-movie-y of the Missions: Impossible, with some wonderfully clever espionage stuff and a lot less bombastic shooting of dudes than you'd expect from one of the later movies. But then when it does get into the action stuff it does that really well, too! Apart from the spy tech and gadgets being inevitably outdated (when Ethan needs to find the shadowy weapons broker Max, the first thing he does is open up his blocky '90s laptop and search for 'Max.com' :P), this movie holds up incredibly well 22 years later.


Also Tom Cruise's eyebrows are flat out INCREDIBLE. Unbelievable eyebrow game. OCELOT'S RATING: Top notch Mission: Impossible


Mission: Impossible 2: And so we go from a movie that has held up incredibly well to the absolute Year-2000-est movie that has ever existed. This movie aged twenty years the moment they drove it out of the showroom. Tom Cruise's floppy boyband hair, the excruciating slow-mo and constant spinning in every action scene, the startlingly awful soundtrack from a young Hans Zimmer before he learnt how to Hans Zimmer properly, featuring a terrible credits song from Load/Reload-era Metallica; everything about this movie screams "downloading ringtones for your flip phone from Limewire on a 56k modem". You no doubt remember Tom Cruise free-climbing a sheer cliff at the start of the movie, but do you remember that this was the music that played during that scene?



And yet, this movie is still incredibly watchable. Even if sometimes you're laughing at it rather than with it, it's still a super fun two hours. There's no such thing as a bad Mission: Impossible movie; even when you're in the depths of the absolute dumbest motorcycle jousting scene where Tom Cruise and Dougray "I gave up Wolverine to be in this movie and it killed my career" Scott just fly at eachother at a hundred miles an hour, you're still just pumping your fist at how wonderfully stupid but still awesome everything is. I think this movie is what gave Vin Diesel the idea to make XXX, because Tom Cruise can't do anything on that motorbike without doing an xxxtreme trick beforehand to get his Tony Hawk multiplier up. It's so bad. It's so good. I love it.


The only thing that I genuinely didn't like was the way it treats Thandie Newton's character Nyah, which is a really ugly flashback to the days before Hollywood learnt that women were people, too. Red flag #1 is that she's literally the only female speaking role in the movie, and red flags #2 through infinity are everything that happens in all of her scenes. The movie's plot revolves around the IMF basically strong-arming her, a civilian, into jumping back in bed with her psycho ex-boyfriend (which she is very visibly not happy about), with such lines as "To go to bed with a man and lie to him? She's a woman, she's got all the training she needs" and "Like monkeys they are: won't let go of one branch 'til they get a hold on the next". It'd be one thing if they were trying to make some kind of statement, but it's just so casual and thoughtless here. It's a real shame, because Thandie Newton is actually wonderful whenever she gets a chance to do something other than be the damsel in distress, but the movie is just so callous about sending her off to into the villain's bed and then using her as a mostly off-screen virus bomb in the final setpiece that... yeesh, it's not a good look.




OCELOT'S RATING: Worst Mission: Impossible but still great, 10 floppy hair cartwheel kicks out of 10

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