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Water Contest Results & a Poll!

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What should the next contest theme be?

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#1 Saber-Scorpion


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Posted 09 April 2016 - 10:43 AM


Here are the results for the Elemental Contest #1: WATER!

There were no volunteer judges this time. Werewolf and I chose the winners ourselves. It was hard to pick, especially among the top three! But here's what we settled on...


First Place: Harry Monster



Because of the unique nature of this particular monster from Japanese myth - that they can't let the water spill from the cavity atop their head - this entry makes great use of water as part of the story. For that reason, coupled with some really cool art (I like the spray where the rain is hitting them), we felt we had to add another medal to Harry's monstrous pile. Great job!


Second Place: Mr. Skeli'n



This is just a really cool entry, and in a unique medium. We rarely get sculpture entries! Creative and well executed, with neat water effects due to that melted marbles technique. Bonus points for being the first entry, and the only entry for quite a long time, up to the original deadline. Very impressive.


Third Place: Nightstalker



This entry gets points immediately for having the water actually doing something, as the center of the scene's action/story. And then gets more points for having really cool LEGO water effects. Simple overall but well-executed. I love a vignette with lots of action.


Since we didn't have a panel of judges this time, we didn't rate all of the entries, but here they are with comments, in the order that they were submitted:

  • Hurricane - Pretty neat. Love the Flounder, lol. Feels like it needs something more though...
  • Neyo Wargear - A cool scene, but pretty simple.
  • Burger Warrior - I really enjoyed this story, and it was great to have one entry set in one of our universes. Good use of water as part of the story. I wasn't quite clear on the nature of the attackers though - whether they were achmer, or sarran, or Blackwings, and whether or not they were all wearing underwater exo-suits...
  • Dalton Westmoore - I do like this one, especially with the bribery in the form of Greek Mythology and a Wulfgard reference, but it doesn't feel very focused on the water theme, aside from being at sea.
  • Ostrich - Always good to get a Bionicle style monster enry - reminds me of the Monster Design contest we ran once. Cool scene!
  • Isundir - A very well-executed vignette as always! Tons of detail. The only problem is that the water doesn't quite feel like the focus of the scene.

Winners will get their forum medals soon. Everyone who entered is eligible for a $2 off code for the shop, and the winners get $24, $16, and $10 respectively. To claim your prize code just send me a private message here on the forums and ask for it. :) If you don't want your code, you can still claim it and then give it to someone else.


Thanks to everyone who participated! Hope you'll enter again next time!




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#2 Harry Monster Princess

Harry Monster Princess

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Posted 09 April 2016 - 12:46 PM

Aaaaah thank you so much!  :D I had a lot of fun with my entry and I'm glad you guys liked it too! Congrats to the other winners and contestants, I can't wait to see what you guys make for the next time around! 

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#3 Nightstalker


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Posted 09 April 2016 - 01:14 PM

Darn you artists! I will have my vengeance!!!
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#4 Isundir



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Posted 10 April 2016 - 12:29 AM

Congratulations guys, well deserved wins :lego_hehe:

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#5 Dalton Westmoore

Dalton Westmoore

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Posted 14 April 2016 - 09:27 AM

Dalton Westmoore - I do like this one, especially with the bribery in the form of Greek Mythology and a Wulfgard reference, but it doesn't feel very focused on the water theme, aside from being at sea.


It was worth losing to get this comment. :D


Anyways, congrats to the winners! I'm going to try to do even better in the next contest!

#6 Maximus Corellio

Maximus Corellio

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Posted 10 June 2016 - 05:51 PM

Any news/progress on the next contest? Judging by the poll, it looks like fire will turn out to be the prevailing element.

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