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Yesterday, 10:55 AM

More art commissions for Nightstalker! All of these are his characters - from his Black Lance Guild, I believe.



Kira Melanes






Saleena Fale

In Topic: Scorp's RPG Corner - Pathfinder: Kingmaker is here

08 December 2018 - 04:20 PM

I was right! :P I knew Microsoft was probably grabbing up Obsidian to make a competittor to Fallout. And since they have inXile too, they have Wasteland, so maybe we'll get a first-person AAA Wasteland? Anyway, yeah, what you said - this Outer Worlds thing looks very interesting, although the colors are a bit jarring. They could tone those down some.



Oh, and since I'm here: I've been playing Divinity: Original Sin 2: Definitive Edition, since I put the standard version on hold to wait for the inevitable "OMG better" one. I honestly haven't noticed any differences so far. Was that tutorial section at the very beginning new? I can't remember. Certainly everything else seems exactly the same, aside from maybe a couple new spells.


Anyway, at least I know what I'm doing a little better now, so Tactician Difficulty has been quite a bit less frustrating. The key to building your party, thanks to the game's annoying Magic/Physical Armor system, is to concentrate your WHOLE PARTY on either Magic or Physical damage. I'm going with Physical this time, with one tank, one rogue, one ranger, and one necromancer - because apparently Necromancy counts as physical damage, for some reason. Each one is a little mixed up with other skills, of course. My necromancer has some Hydromancy for healing and some melee skills for when the spells are on cooldown, my tank some Earth magic for all the armor buffs, my rogue is a polymorph since it adds so many useful skills to their toolbox, and my ranger a little bit of Summoning.


Instead of creating my own protagonist from scratch like last time, this time I chose Ifan ben Mezd and simply customized him to look more like my usual protag, since his whole "gritty ranger outlaw" shtick is pretty close to how I usually role-play anyway. It's definitely more interesting to roll with a story character, since it gives you this quest-line through the game that would be completely absent otherwise. Adds another level of motivation for your character - another goal to work toward. I still would have preferred if Larian had made the characters simply "backgrounds" and let you choose one for your fully custom character without being forced to use the same name/race/voice, but oh well. At least you can still choose all the dialogue options, with the character-specific ones simply added to the list you pick from.


I was trying to bring Fane in my party this time, since my Kickstarter Edition came with such an amazingly awesome statue of him, but GOD I hate him. Does he have to be such a one-note sarcastic condescending ass? Does he have to be so comical that I can't take his "last member of an ancient lost race" background seriously? He could have been a really cool ancient skeleton full of forgotten knowledge, with callous disregard for the lives of mortals, but instead it's all played for chuckles. People always say to bring Fane, since "his story is the most interesting", but I just don't care - can't stand him. I switched him out for Beast again, since pirate dwarves are way better than haughty know-it-all skeletons.


I still think D:OS2 is missing some of the charm of the original, but I'm glad I finally decided to get back into it, because the Divinity: Original Sin games remain (probably by far) the highest quality games from the little CRPG revival that this thread is about.

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05 December 2018 - 10:46 PM


October Patreon Reward Minifig: The Hooded Man (Wulfgard: Knightfall) by Justin Stebbins, on Flickr



Quake Champions: Death Knight and Ranger by Justin Stebbins, on Flickr

In Topic: Official Scorp's Minifigs Topic

24 November 2018 - 06:16 PM


The First Line of Defense by Justin Stebbins, on Flickr



Reaper by Justin Stebbins, on Flickr

In Topic: Nightstalker's Guide to Army Building

13 November 2018 - 05:46 PM


Ehh, this is just an orc-ified photoshop of the Barbarian art from Pathfinder. Now, if you want some REALLY cool she-orc art, I suggest checking out Bayard Wu on ArtStation. He has a whole folder of badass lady orcs that look awesome. Plus, there's some kickass lady dwarves in there to boot! :P


Anyway, great post as always! Can't wait to see some more armies! :D


(P.S.: If anyone browsing this thread would like an army-builder bulk discount on any items from my shop, feel free to PM me and ask! ;) OK, I'm done shilling now.)