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The LEGO T20 Medium Tank Series and Derivatives Project

23 December 2021 - 02:55 PM

Greetings SSLFer's,

It's been a while since I've last made a new tank.

I'll be starting with the T20 Medium Tank series and its derivatives: the T21 Light Tank, T22 Medium Tank series, T23 Medium Tank series, T25 Medium Tank series, and T26 Medium Tank series. T20E1 MT, T20E2 MT, T20E3 MT, T21 LT, T22 MT, T22E1 MT, T22E3 MT (The T22E2 MT is lost to history or I can find no information regarding it), T23 MT, T23E1 MT, T23E2 MT, T23E3 MT, T25 MT, T25E1 MT, T26 MT, T26E1 MT, T26E2 MT, T26E3 MT, T26E4 MT, and T26E5 MT.

1:35 Scale:
Length, Hull Only: 21 studs
Length, Gun Forward: 27 studs
Width: 11 studs
Height: This is being ignored for now.

Reference Blueprint:

2 hours of work, 2 hours total.
Getting the initial layout of the hull figured out.

Here you can see my first two suspension attempts. The middle and back ones being the initial one with the front one being the second type that I stuck with for a while.

Now I've added some suspension bogie detailing. This is an early Horizontal Volute Spring Suspension or HVSS.

Realizing that currently the tank is too wide, needed to shave off two studs.

Up and made a third suspension bogie. I'll more than likely switch to this one as the current suspension bogies are far too tall. And a bit too deep. They have to be 1.5 studs deep if I want to get the scale right.