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Shoe Rant

Posted by Princess Bacon, 08 August 2010 · 473 views

rant rage shoes
As you could most likely guess from the title, I hate shoes.

Sure, they're a great invention good for keeping your feet protected, but that's not the point.

The point is, I have rather large feet, size 13 in my country, the equivalent of US size 14. As you might imagine, having feet that are the largest size manufactured is a bit annoying. Namely in that no shops ever stock them in my size. I was lucky to get some comfortable slipons last time I went shoe-shopping but Ive been wearing them for over a year and the soles had worn so thin it was screwing my feet over.

So I went to the nearest shopping centre to buy some new ones. Out of the 3 different shops that sold shoes, I only found a single pair of size 13s, an all-leather formal affair. I thought, they're better than nothing, tried them on and they fitted well so I bought them.

The next day, I put on my new shoes and walked to school. Along the way, I noticed a sharp pain on my heels. When I got to school, I took them off and looked to see what it was. The shoes had torn off the skin on my heels so much that they'd actually soaked my socks in blood.

For once in my life, I wish I could be average instead of quite tall, size 2XL, large cranium and huge feet.

Bloody clothing companies, making things for the average.

It's the same for me. I'm a size 11, 5"6, and a big head to top it all off.

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