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Delving Too Deep - Sign-ups

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Wulfgard - Errant


Delving Too Deep


You have traveled long, and you just want a drink, some food, and a good night's rest. Whether by land or by sea, you've reached one of the best destinations a man could ask for: Baldur's Fjord. You make your way to an inn called the Skaldsong Tavern: it is a small place, with a motley assortment of patrons... and grizzly trophies. Over the fireplace hangs the head of some kind of sea serpent.


But it is pleasant, and you find yourself lost in the atmosphere as you settle down for your drink and a hot meal...




The Skaldsong Tavern hosted a wide variety that night - Men from the world over, a few dwarves, and even the occasional elf. Nordlings of various clans and tribes roared with laughter and told tall tales, and even a few Imperials sat here and there, some in various orders and some with no allegiance, while still others were traders - or even pirates. And, in one corner, sitting alone, was a strikingly handsome hulk of a man - one-eyed, wearing the trappings of an Imperial Venator.


But he was not one to draw attention to himself tonight. That was done by someone very different.


Into the tavern walked a mountain dwarf, clad in surprisingly undecorated armor save for a rune inscribed on his large belt buckle. He had an enormous and partially braided beard the color of red fire and a mohawk of the same hue forming a crest down the center of his head. But he carried himself with an air of nobility, and the size of his beard certainly showed he was most likely someone important.


The dwarf strode straight over to a large table in the center of the room, knocking aside the arms of a man sitting there and clambering up onto the table, tankard in hand - even if he seemed to stand a little uneasily, leaning back for a moment. It was clear he was at least somewhat inebriated.




"Hwæt! Drunkards! Mercenaries! Ladies, if there e'en are any! An' everybody else! I be Agni Bloodrune, emissary from the Dvergar Gate! Clan Silvershield sent me with some very specific orders, an' I'll only say this once!"


Surprisingly, or at least surprisingly for those unfamiliar with the importance and influence of Clan Silvershield, the tavern swiftly fell silent. Agni wore a smug smile as he lifted his tankard for another drought, pacing back and forth on the table. He seemed to have regained his balance and poise, somehow. The dwarf seemed perfectly used to having so many eyes upon him, and he didn't mind one bit.


"I've got here," he fished into his belt and pulled out a thick, rolled-up piece of parchment, "a contract ready to be signed, fer anyone willin'! Clan Silvershield has authorized me to send a group o' mercenaries into the Forbidden Halls o' Clan Dimmlundar... not a task fer the faint o' heart.


"Afore we get to the perils o' the journey, let's go over the important part. Sign this contract, and when ye get to the Forbidden Halls, you have complete freedom to take fer yerself whatever you want an' whatever you find! Any of it! Ancient artifacts, tomes of forgotten knowledge, Dwarven arms 'n' armor the likes o' which ye won't find anywhere outside the clutches o' the Iron Gauntlet... only the gods know what all still lies in that place, lost 'n' fergotten... Perhaps knowledge we've all sought for ages! Cures for terrible curses, the answer to the mysteries o' magic! Who knows?


"But," he said, allowing a gave pause, "there is one artifact ye must recover, an' that's the purpose o' this mission. There be a sword buried deep within the city - the sword o' King Hreidmar, the arrogant dwarf who once claimed to be king o' all Nidavellir. That sword is called Dáinsleif, and it was forged by the most ancient o' dwarves long, long ago. Find this, and return it to me and to Clan Silvershield - that's the only requirement. As I said: the rest, ye can keep.


"I'd be remiss, o'course, if I didn't emphasize the dangers o' this journey. The Forbidden Halls lie deep within Nidavellir, but there is a faster entrance, an' I'll tell ye where it is if ye agree to our terms. Trouble is, that entrance is in the Jagged Edge, but even that is safer than tryin' to trek through Nidavellir itself. And as fer the city... Well, that's another level o' danger entirely. Lemme tell ye a little story...


"Long ago, King Hreidmar o' Clan Dimmlundar believed himself to be untouchable. He ruled his city with an iron fist, and his clan was one of the most powerful clans to ever exist. He collected riches in tithes and artifacts from other dwarf clans, and even some families o' filthy svartalfar." He took a break to spit at the mention of the name. "He collected knowledge, money, armor, weapons, even exotic creatures - everything he could get his paws on! And his city was guarded not only by his own men, but by armies o' the strongest golems ever crafted.


"But this king, he became too greedy. In his quest for riches, he discovered there's more than one way t' reach the Underworld. No one truly knows what happened then, but all the clans rallied together to push back the forces o' darkness that came pourin' outta the bowels o' the world, and the mightiest Dwarven gate was erected to hold them at bay. No one's entered the halls of Clan Dimmlundar since then, keeping them locked away in darkness and secrecy.


"The city was evacuated so fast, all those riches and knowledge were left behind. But of all those things, the most important is Dáinsleif, the sword of the king. An' it's gotta be recovered. But the dvergar clans have made so many pacts 'n' agreements about the halls o' Clan Dimmlundar that we're all wrapped up in politics, and now we gotta send mercenaries to do the job instead."


Agni took another swallow of his drink, and then tossed the empty tankard aside. "Now! If yer interested, ye need only come and find me. That," he pointed to a table in the corner, large and spacious but currently empty except for a plate that apparently once had a sizable steak on it, "be me table. Come to me, sign the contract, and then we'll all talk, so you can know who yer gonna be travelin' with. I won't ask any unnecessary questions. I don't gotta hear yer life story. All Clan Silvershield wants is a bunch o' able-bodied fellows to return Dáinsleif to us."


With that, he gestured toward the table again and said, "So if ye got a backbone and a taste fer high adventure, come on over to my table and sign the contract - I'll even buy ye an ale!"




This campaign will be much more open than many of my previous ventures - this is a classic adventure campaign, where we'll go by many interesting locations on the way to our destination, and then have our "main" adventure once we reach the clan halls. Along the way, you'll find many optional sidequests taking place in the frame of this main journey, the quest to the Forbidden City. New and old players (and characters) are all welcome.


To sign-up for this RP, head on over to the help topic for signing up for Errant using the new system, and then make yourself a filled-out character sheet, post your character as a new topic in the Character Creation board (as detailed in the help topic), and reply to this thread simply saying what character you want to play as and linking to their thread. DO NOT RE-POST YOUR ENTIRE CHARACTER SHEET AS A REPLY HERE. All you have to do is reply with your character name and a link to their thread!


Character Creation Criteria

Races that are allowed must be something that can pass as a human (or elf or dwarf).


Socially Accepted:

  • Humans
  • Elves
  • Dwarves
  • Any ordinary-looking half-bloods (i.e., half-elves, half-dwarves)

Kill-on-sight, but can hide in human society:

  • Werewolves
  • Vampires
  • Demon-kin
  • Mages/magi (individuals with the Gift)
  • Anyone with any other socially unacceptable forms of magic

If anyone has any monsters-hiding-among-men that I've left out and you want to sign up as that, just let me know and we can try to work something out, depending on what it is. However, I will not accept any beastfolk trying to hide among human society, or any Chaos races.


As always, sign up as a hidden monster at your own risk!


As for factions, you may be a part of any faction; there are no limitations, although bear in mind we are in Northrim, and Imperial factions have no jurisdiction here - and if you try, the Nordlings will not take kindly to it (so an Inquisitor would not be here on a mission, for instance, though they could be here on their own time for some reason).


Returning Players: I encourage returning players to re-use existing characters and continue expanding them, as always. But you're completely free to sign up as whoever you like, new or old.


Posting Schedule: This is a section intended to inform me about my own posting schedule, not dictate yours to you. Hopefully, everyone should be able to keep up.


Big DM posts that advance the plot (and/or advance the current sidequest) will generally be posted once a week. If I can't get a DM post up one week, I'll do my best to let everyone know. If I choose not to advance the plot because there are too many interesting character interactions going on, I'll also let everyone know. But, generally speaking, the RP should update about once a week, and/or whenever all players have replied to a big DM post.


I'll be posting smaller posts much more frequently as necessary for character/NPC interactions, however, as I want to heavily encourage that sort of thing! Dialogue and interactions in general are the backbone of any good RP.


Campaign Pacing: This campaign will be divided up into chapters: a prologue, three chapters, and an epilogue. I have each one planned out, but there's a lot of openings for players to throw monkey wrenches into my plans (which I welcome) and you guys are going to be making a lot of choices along the way and possibly even picking up various NPC companions at different points (that's up to you). Here's a chapter guide:

  • Prologue - Gates of the Fjord
  • Chapter I - Across the North
  • Chapter II - Into the Edge
  • Chapter III - Lost in Darkness
  • Epilogue - Of Wounds Eternal

Each chapter (except for the prologue) will have its own different sidequests, and this campaign will have heavy focus on optional sidequests along the path, instead of keeping everyone moving down a linear storyline. Players will get to choose what path they are going to take across Northrim to reach the Jagged Edge; this will, of course, heavily influence and change Chapter I and the beginning portion(s) of Chapter II.


With all that said, I hope you'll join our party for some fun and adventure! If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask.




Player List:


Next Errant Campaign (part II)

16 May 2017 - 02:25 PM

This is the second part of that first poll. Like I mentioned in the first one, I have some campaign ideas now based on the responses, so here are your choices. I'm allowing for multiple choices in both categories so that I have some choices, as well; I'm still conceptualizing these to various degrees, so we'll see how it all goes. :P


Here are the details. Note that some of these might sound vaguer than others just because I'm bad at conveying these ideas right now, but they aren't necessarily less planned unless I explicitly say so. :P If anyone cares, I'm also listing the returning NPC companions who would be involved with each particular campaign. That doesn't mean, of course, that there isn't the potential for more NPC companions in the campaign itself.


D&D-style adventure

I admit, as of right now, I'm still deciding how exactly to get this one started. Essentially, it would be a call to adventure. Players are conveniently in some generic location at the same time, such as an inn, and everyone hears of this adventure and decides to answer the call. Would almost certainly involve a hunt for an ancient artifact.


This campaign would allow for all the standard races (men, elves, dwarves), plus the "disguised" monsters that can hide in human society (including werewolves, demon-kin, etc).


Returning NPCs: Caiden Voros


The campaign based around Kye (working title: The Mouth of Hell)

Kye is plagued by the demons of his past - literally... or so he thinks. He comes to his friends with the idea that he's being hunted by agents of the Underworld, who want to take him back to where he belongs. This would lead players on a quest involving lots of high fantasy elements - magic, demons, and possibly even a trip to Nidavellir... or someplace worse. This campaign would center heavily around Kye, similar to how Chasing Shadows centered around Caiden.


The only issue for this campaign is how to get new players into the group. I have a few ideas, but I'm not terribly fond of them. I'm open to suggestions.


This campaign would allow for all the standard races (men, elves, dwarves), plus the "disguised" monsters that can hide in human society (including werewolves, demon-kin, etc).


Returning NPCs: Caiden Voros, Kye Vakurseth


Mystery RP - Inquisitors

I'm still deciding a location, but this campaign would take place in a contained urban environment, instead of offering the adventuring aspect of the previous two campaigns. Based largely off Sareth's suggestions, this campaign would involve the Inquisitors answering reports of a mage, only to get caught up in politics when it turns out that the mage is actually the city's prince. What's more, however, it seems they aren't the only ones answering this call, as members of the Hidden and the Schola Arcana are also lurking in the city, attempting to win the young mage over to their respective sides - and save him from the Inquisition. Twists and turns culminate in the Inquisition and the Schola Arcana working together to find the truth... but who will end up with the mage prince?


This campaign would allow only for humans, plus the "disguised" monsters that can hide in human society (including werewolves, demon-kin, etc), as long as they were also human. I may also, however, allow for people to play as Gifted and/or Demonic magic users, depending on if I allow for players to play as other factions, namely The Hidden or Schola Arcana (note that I'm not saying that's a definite in this campaign, but a possibility).


Returning NPCs: Ben Blackburn


Mystery RP - Venatori

Veteran Venator Caiden Voros returns to the Venatori for the first time in months, only to find something is different... Venatori are disappearing. Six Venatori are now unaccounted for, not returning from hunts, but their contracts were fulfilled. Some suspect monsters, others suspect assassins or some other form of conspiracy. A shroud lays over Castle Greywatch, and even the Venatori are starting to mistrust each other - and Caiden, having been missing for so long, is far from exempt as a suspect. The Empire has not sent aid, as the Venatori are meant to take care of issues exactly like this one - and, after all, are they not a bit outdated? If the Order fails to address its own problems and get to the bottom of what is happening to their brethren, the Venatori Order could collapse - and be lost forever.


This campaign would allow for all the standard races (men, elves, dwarves). However, playing as any kind of "disguised" monster would, essentially, be suicide, as you're surrounded by professional monster hunters. Doesn't mean you can't try it, but you're likely to get killed.


Returning NPCs: Caiden Voros


Werewolf pack campaign

I'm leaving this as an option because I've actually come up with a lot of ideas for it in the brief time since I said I only had a few and made this poll. :P Honestly, one of my biggest issues with this campaign is that I'm unsure if I'll particularly care for the way I portray werewolves in the campaign itself. I like to keep werewolves in Wulfgard as shrouded in mystery as possible. That being said, I do have ideas for a campaign, which is that all the players are members of a werewolf pack (the same werewolf pack; none of the players are in rival faction(s) to start with) living in Northrim. Unfortunately, it seems someone or something is encroaching on your territory... and even drawing the attention of some monster hunters. You and your pack must find this rival - within or without - and face them, avoid monster hunters along the way, and find a way to return to your previously peaceful life.


This campaign would, obviously, only allow for werewolf player characters.


Returning NPCs: I'm not going to specify, as it would be a surprise, but I will say that at least one very important NPC we've previously met would return for this campaign


Combine the Kye campaign and the D&D campaign

This would certainly be the most logical way to address the issue of how to start the D&D-style campaign, as Kye's campaign would be quite the adventure, anyway. However, that still doesn't fix the issue of how to get new characters - who don't know Kye - involved.


This would, of course, have the same minimum level of restrictions as the other two campaigns (any standard race and "disguised" monster race).



The second question is just to get a feel of how many people already have characters planned of each race. I already know at least Sephsekla really wants to play a werewolf, and Burgs also already has one and so does Sareth. I'm just using this to gauge how many other things people are interested in playing as, and which campaigns would fit these choices best.

Character Sheet

13 May 2017 - 03:14 PM

This thread contains the character sheet - the template that you'll use to create your own character. Each section will be explained in brief; the template for the character sheet can be found at the bottom of this post. For more information about how to use that sheet to sign up, see this post.


Some sections are optional; ones that come highly recommended will end with "Recommended." Anything that is not otherwise specified as optional is required.


Note that EVERY CHARACTER MUST HAVE HIS/HER OWN INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER THREAD. Please do not lump your characters together into one thread! You get a separate topic for each one. Don't feel crowded or pressured to try and consolidate your characters. Make a new thread each time you create a new character.


If you ever stop using a particular character, his/her thread will remain here, and you can always bring that character back later (unless they die in-game; for more on that, see this thread). There is no limit to the number of characters you can create.


Character Name

Who is your character? Firstly, you must provide your character name. This will also be the name of your character's topic. For this section (both the name of your character's topic and the large, centered [CHARACTER NAME] section of the character sheet), put your character's most often used and/or most recognizable name (this MUST also include their LAST NAME). Your character's name must be something that suits your race's culture, unless you have some reason otherwise.


Full Name

What is your character's full name? This section should include your character's full, unaltered name.



What are your character's aliases? This section is to list any of your character's nicknames, if any. This can include as many or as few as you like; you can include everything anyone has ever called him/her, or you can only include his/her most commonly used nickname. This section should also include formal titles.



Is your character male or female?



What is your character's race? This is a very important choice. Be sure to visit and read the full list of playable Races for details on each one. Also be sure to include your subrace - this should be included in parentheses after your primary race. For example, Human (Achaean). If you are more than simply human, be sure to list what else you are. For instance, Human (Achaean/Nordling). Details can be found in the Races thread, under each race.



Where was your character born? For those less familiar with the world of Wulfgard, be sure to consult the Regions & Locations thread (you'll also find a map there). If you do not feel comfortable specifying a birthplace, you may put Unknown. But specifying a birthplace will aid considerably in creating your character, who they are, their culture, their history, etc. If you do not want to specify a particular location (i.e., a city, such as Illikon), you can always choose a general land (i.e., the Northwestern Empire) or an entire region (i.e., The Achaean Empire). The more specific the better, however.



What is your character's affinity? Everyone has an elemental affinity that is influenced by their personality traits and preferred environment, among other factors. For a list of affinities and more info about them, see the Affinities thread.



What deity does your character worship? Note that this does not necessarily have to mean they are super devout. This is just your character's preferred deity. If you do not want to choose a specific deity, feel free to choose a general pantheon (i.e., Olympians). For a more detailed list of deities and further info about what this section means for your character, please see the Deities thread. Please note that choosing "None" just means you do not have a favored deity; you can still believe in the gods (because they exist).



This section is not ordinarily on the character sheet, so you won't find it on the template (but it goes here, between Deity and Faction). This section simply determines if you have magic, and if so, what kind of magic it is (Divine, Demonic, Arcane, Spiritual...).


VERY FEW CHARACTERS should have magic - especially the Gift (Divine, Demonic, and Spiritual are all, relatively, much more common). For more info on this, see the Magic thread and the Special Permission thread.


If you have Divine magic, simply put "Divine" in this section. If you have Demonic magic, put "Demonic." If you are Gifted with Arcane and Elemental magic, just put "Gifted."



If you want to play as a Berserker, simply add the Magic section to your character sheet (as mentioned, put it between Deity and Faction) and, for this section, write "Berserker." Note that your deity MUST be Odin if you are a berserker.


If you want to play as a Channeler, you must be a member of the Imperial Inquisition (your Faction). If you want to play as a Channeler, simply add the Magic section to your character sheet (as mentioned, put it between Deity and Faction) and, for this section, write "Channeler."



Most likely, however, this section will not appear on your character sheet at all.



Is your character a part of a faction, and if so, which one? Much like Race, this is a very important decision. Be sure to visit and read the full list of Factions available to join in Errant. If you do not see the faction you're looking for, you can always ask about it in the Errant Q&A thread (found in the OOC discussion board).



What are your character's talents? This is, essentially, what your character is skilled at. Be sure to visit and read the full list of Talents available in Errant, how they work, how to potentially create custom ones, how many you can choose, and how this will affect your character and gameplay.



What are your character's attributes? This is, essentially, the nitty-gritty of what your character is capable of. How strong are they? How learned are they? How intelligent are they? etc. For further details, what the attributes are, how many points you can use, and more, be sure to check out the Attributes thread.



What is your character's physical appearance? Feel free to go as simple or as detailed as you desire. You may use images, if you must, but always properly credit the artists if you use someone else's artwork, and text is preferred. Be sure to mention at least the most important details: hair color and appearance, eye color, and any characteristic scars, tattoos, or other markings. Feel free to also elaborate upon other things, such as height, etc. Your appearance must abide by the guidelines of your chosen race.



What does your character carry with him/her? Be sure to check out the guidelines listed in the Inventory and Equipment thread before you make your list (this topic also addresses any magical equipment)! Also, be aware that you should maintain your character's inventory over the course of your time playing as him/her. This is important if you want to keep track of all your gear and the potential magical items you find on your journeys.


This section should also include your house(s) and pet(s), although they are not technically in your inventory. It'd be best if you could separate these from the rest of your inventory, as well. For more info on houses and pets, see the Housing thread and the Pets & Familiars post.



What is your character's history? Feel free to keep it brief or be more elaborate. This is where you write about your character's background, story, current profession, motivations... whatever you like, really. I will factor these in to your gameplay. Just be sure to leave yourself a lot of room to expand during the RP itself.


There is also always the possibility of creating a quest of your own based around your character, so keep those in mind in case you want to RP out some kind of character arc with other players!


Campaign History

What campaigns has your character appeared in so far? If none, that's fine, too! You'll get to partake in some. Be sure to update this section, when you do.


OPTIONAL - Relationships

What relationships has your character had with other characters? This is optional, but feel free to list what other characters you've met (namely other player characters, and important NPCs and/or NPC companions) and your character's relationship with them. Be sure to update this section as your character develops and their relationships with others progress. This section will, of course, start out empty, but don't worry, it'll fill out soon enough.


OPTIONAL - Personality Section

All of these sections are entirely optional. Feel free to fill these out if you think it will help you expand your character and get to know him/her a little better.


If you do include a personality section, please put it just above Currency, after Campaign History (or Relationships if you are also using that).


For writing a personality section, instead of writing about only their personality traits (which you should also do), you might want to consider: what does your character like? What does your character dislike? What are their morals like (do they even have any?)? What do they fear? What are their strengths? What are their weaknesses? What are their motivations?


Again, this is an entirely optional section.



This is where you will keep track of your money...


Each character will start out with a different amount of money. When I reply to your character with approval for their use in Errant, I will also let you know how much money your character will start out with. You do not determine this section yourself!


Be sure to keep track of your currency over the course of your travels! If you build up enough, you can buy better equipment, easier means of travel, the services of an alchemist or blacksmith, or even a house. Or a personal slave, if you're into that sort of thing. There are lots of things out there to buy.


For more info on currency and how it works, see the post about Currency.



Final note: PLEASE DO NOT WRITE YOUR CHARACTER SHEET IN DIALOGUE. Your character sheet is to provide information, not convey your character's voice. Leave that for in-game interaction. If you want, however, you can post character updates in your character's topic in the form of a journal entry or something akin to it.


Also, PLEASE DO NOT ELABORATE EVERY SECTION. This is intended to be a quick reference sheet. You don't need to explain why your character worships Odin; if you want to do that, do that in your bio. You do not need to explain why your character is Fire affinity, etc.


But please fill out your character sheet with raw information, not dialogue.







Full Name:
Campaign History:

HELP - DM Info Thread

13 May 2017 - 08:41 AM

DISCLAIMER: The events in this RPG are to be considered absolutely non-canon to the stories of Wulfgard. In fact, certain quests and events will directly contradict the main storyline and other storylines. This will both avoid any potential spoilers and give players the opportunity to influence the world, and its characters, in ways they never could during a truly canon RPG.


Nothing in this RPG should be considered true to the official novels, comics, and other stories of Wulfgard.



This topic is for DMs wanting to start their own custom Errant campaign. Anyone who wants to participate as a player can sign up for an existing campaign or else just sign up for Errant in general via a sign-up thread.


Here's how this works:


To propose a campaign, start a new topic with your campaign title and a blurb describing your campaign, to advertise it to potential players and get them interested. You will be the DM of this campaign. It's your job to specify what players can play as, what the story of your campaign is, where you start out, etc., and you can provide descriptions and opening scenes.


Remember, players can also join as a pre-existing character you have played as before, and in fact this is encouraged, if possible, but they'll be using the character sheet in the character creation board, if you are creating a new character for the campaign - and you'll have to also make a new character thread.


Alternatively, if you do not want to DM a campaign and instead just want to suggest one, you can still start a thread and then see if anyone else is interested in running it. I'm always open for running types of campaigns suggested by players, so I might snatch up a few if no one else wants to do them. For instance, someone could simply suggest that they would like to see a pirate-based campaign, but they'd rather participate as a player than as a DM. If that's the case, another member can step up to volunteer to DM it, or I can do it myself.


By "campaign" I'm essentially using a catch-all term for "quest" and "group." A campaign is a quest that a specific group will undertake. Groups don't have to disband after they finish a campaign; they can easily continue adventuring together and go on more campaigns as a group. In fact, I would prefer if groups stuck together, rather than people making new characters all the time. Obviously there's nothing wrong with creating new characters, but it'd be fun to see lots of development for existing ones, too.


Here's the info a DM's campaign thread should include:

  • A description of the quest, as long or as short as you want it to be. You can make it long, cinematic, and elaborate, or very simple; it's up to you
  • The starting zone of the RP (you do not have to specify what other zones might be covered over the course of the quest; you can leave that as a surprise, of course)
  • A list of the restrictions, if any, on player races in accordance with the nature of your campaign

You don't always have to request a new player group - in fact, I encourage prospective DMs to pick a group they like and then request to lead them on their next quest (if that group doesn't have a quest already). If there's a group you like, whether you're personally in it or not, you can suggest a quest to run for them. If you're in the group, you can request me to make a quest for you to go on, if you want some specific genre of quest next. Just be sure to check whether or not that group already has a new quest pending, in which case your quest would come next in line.


You can use this formatting to post your own custom campaign ideas and see if any other players are interested in joining. Note that I prefer for campaigns to be discussed with me, as well (though this isn't strictly required). I promise I'm gentle. :P


tl;dr: If you want to start your own campaign in Errant, do this:

  1. Start a new topic describing your campaign. Include race restrictions, if any.
  2. PM me to discuss the nature of your campaign, at least in brief, if you want - I would prefer if you do this, but I am not strictly requiring it. I'm not going to be too restrictive; I just want to make sure people aren't trying to do something totally wacky that would potentially destroy the entire world and all the players everywhere.
  3. Direct players to the character sheet thread in the character creation board, and/or the getting started HELP thread in that same board, so they know how to make their characters.
  4. Direct players to post the name of their character in your campaign thread, with a link to their character topic, NOT to re-post their entire character sheet
  5. Wait for people to sign up!

I will note, however, that campaigns are meant to be adventures, not huge, sweeping epic battles of insane proportions where dragons and gods clash and the mortal men can only watch. Events such as those are saved for "World Events," which are something else entirely.

HELP - Special Permission

11 May 2017 - 09:02 AM

In this thread, you will post to request special permission for Errant, in order to do something you may not necessarily be allowed to do.


To request special permission, follow these steps:

  1. Post in this thread specifying what you want to do that requires special permission

  2. You must fully explain what you want and why you want it (details on how to answer this can be found under each category)

  3. You must display enough knowledge about the subject to clearly indicate you have at least read the Wulfgard wiki article on it (if applicable)

  4. Your request will be reviewed and responded to in this same thread

  5. If edits were requested of your character (or whatever you are doing that requires special permission), those edits must be made and then reviewed again before the character is accepted

Character sheets still must undergo review in their own threads, even if you get special permission to do something. All decisions regarding edits and/or rejections are final. Please answer any questions posed by the admin, but do not attempt to use this thread to try to argue as to why your character is the one exception to all of Errant about a particular rule.


You may post to ask questions in this thread without specifically making a request.


A few things require special permission, including (but not necessarily limited to)...

  • Playing as a monster race

  • Playing as someone with the Gift (a mage)

  • Playing as a character with other forms of magic

  • Starting with your familiar spirit already summoned

  • Starting with a magic item

  • Giving your character a custom talent

These will be addressed in order.


Playing as a Monster Race

Firstly, to play as any monster race, it is absolutely required that the player read all documentation on that monster (i.e., the monster's article on the Wulfgard wiki, as linked to for each race in the Races thread). You will be held accountable for having your information correct both OOC and IC.


You must write a full character sheet for your monster character and post it in this thread, where it will be reviewed. If any edits need to be made, you must make them and post the sheet again for review. This process may continue until your character is accepted, or rejected altogether.


Playing as a Mage

To play as a mage, it is absolutely required that the player read all documentation on the Gift (i.e., the article[s] on the Wulfgard wiki and the Magic thread). You will be held accountable for having your information correct both OOC and IC.


You must write a full character sheet for your mage character and post it in this thread, where it will be reviewed. If any edits need to be made, you must make them and post the sheet again for review. This process may continue until your character is accepted, or rejected altogether.


Please note that mages are extremely rare in Wulfgard.


Playing as a Character with Demonic, Divine, or Spiritual Magic

Playing as a character with demonic, divine, spiritual, or runic magic is not so rigid as playing a monster or a mage. Demonic, Divine, and Spiritual magic is acquirable by most anyone, and therefore not as incredibly rare as the Gift (though they are still not frequently occurring).


However, users of these types of magic are still relatively rare, especially skilled ones, and you will still be held accountable for having your information correct both OOC and IC.


Firstly, you must read the section on your chosen type of magic in the Magic thread, along with any relevant article(s) on the Wulfgard wiki. Then, post your full character sheet in this thread to be reviewed and possibly edited.


Starting with a Summoned Familiar Spirit

To start off with a summoned familiar spirit, you must first read the section on Familiars in this post, as well as the Familiars article on the Wulfgard wiki. You must specify what your character's familiar is, how he/she summoned it, and what item your familiar spirit is bound to (if any; but you are allowed this item if you are allowed a familiar).


Please note that, as stated in all documentation on Familiars, a familiar spirit is a naturally occurring animal. A familiar may not, under any circumstances, be a magical creature. You cannot have a dragon, gryphon, pegasus, etc. familiar.


Please also note that your familiar spirit can communicate with your character telepathically, and vice versa, but the familiar cannot speak aloud. However, you should not dedicate great portions of your post to interacting solely with your familiar spirit in witty banter or deep discussion (or whatever else), as this leaves other players with no means of interacting with you and does not further the RPG (this is why duo characters are not allowed).


Starting with a Magic Item

To start with a magic item, you must first read this post. In order to request that you start with an enchanted/magic item, you must post saying exactly what that item is, what it can do/what its enchantment is, how your character came to acquire it, and why it is important for your character to start out with the item.


Please do not attempt to start your character with any extremely powerful magical items. Minor enchantments may be accepted, but powerful enchantments will be rejected outright. Powerful enchantments include things such as weapons enchanted with fire/ice/acid/another element, dragonscale armor, items that allow for any kind of shapeshifting (this also applies to items that create any kind of illusions), and anything related to teleportation.


Also, please do not bother asking for a magic item that allows you to bypass the weaknesses/disadvantages/adversities of a monster character. I will not allow an undead to have an item that conveniently protects them from the sun, etc.


Playing as a Berserker

To play as a Berserker, you must have Odin as your deity (in the Deity section of your character sheet), and you must read on the Wulfgard wiki how they work. However, no special permission is required. Simply add the Magic section to your character sheet (instructions in the Character Sheet thread) and put Berserker.


Playing as a Channeler

To play as a Channeler, you must be a member of the Imperial Inquisition, and you must read on the Wulfgard wiki how they work. However, no special permission is required. Simply add the Magic section to your character sheet (instructions in the Character Sheet thread) and put Channeler.


Giving your Character a Custom Talent

To give your character a custom talent, simply reply to this thread with a full name, governing attribute, and full description of the talent you desire. The talent must fall into one of the existing categories (you may request ones that do not, but they are less likely to be accepted). You must very clearly outline what exactly what skill this talent gives your character.


Starting with a Magical Creature for a Pet

At this time, you may not start with a magical creature for a pet. Sorry!