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ZONE - The Forbidden Halls of Clan Dimmlundar

13 September 2017 - 09:14 AM

After much hardship and on a path fraught with danger, the adventurers finally made their way into the Jagged Edge. They pushed forward, ignoring everything they came across that could have served as any kind of distraction from their goals, and doggedly pursuing the quickest path possible in as much silence as they could manage, as everyone seemed to have something they wanted to keep to themselves.


While a trip through the Edge should have been suicide for anyone, the adventurers were exceptionally lucky in that they managed to avoid too much trouble. The gods clearly smiled upon them... all of them, as the new moon offered a great deal of comfort to those who knew of its terrible power.


Eventually, they reached the door Agni had spoken of. It was so old now even the Dwarven stonework had worn with age, and writing all around it told all travelers to beware - in nearly every language one could imagine, not only Dwarven. Upon reaching it, they could not help but wonder... Exactly how had Agni expected them to get inside an ancient, sealed door, even if this was considered a secret back-door not meant for use, rather than the enormous gates that had been so impenetrably sealed by the dwarves?


That answer became apparent when, upon further investigation, they found wards upon the ground that looked recently drawn... and the massive stone doors opened on their own with a mere touch. What wards these were, they knew not, but they were effective at keeping things out, it seemed... If anything even knew of this door, which, from the desertion, it seemed no one did but them.


One thing was for certain, however: someone, or something, had been here recently.


No matter the case, the adventurers prepared to enter. Some lit torches ((Please specify if your character did or not, if you have one in your inventory; if you do, your torch is lit and will burn out when I say so, and be removed from your inventory)), and it was so dark in the tunnels ahead that even Valya and Garandros had trouble focusing upon anything in the shadows.


Down they descended, deeper into the halls, into an ever-growing darkness... A strange feeling came over them then, as if their very mortal souls knew something here was terribly wrong. Evil radiated so powerfully that the very air was full of it - feelings of despair, of sorrow, of wrath, of greed...


And then they stepped out onto a ledge - and they saw the Forbidden Halls of Clan Dimmlundar stretched out before them.




They were truly a breathtaking sight. Seemingly endless streets reached far into the distance of Nidavellir, and each great, geometric building of stone - some perhaps once gilded with gold in places, but now long since torn to pieces by greedy demons - looked like a craftsman's masterpiece. Various glowing gems still stood in lanterns along the streets and mounted in buildings, illuminating everything in glows of various hues, unlike anything seen anywhere in the mortal realm.


In the center of the city stood the greatest building of them all, reaching almost to the ceiling of this entire world. Whatever flags had once been draped down its sides were stolen, burned, or ripped to shreds.


And yet an unnatural quiet lay upon the place. What was once a bustling Dwarven city now stood completely still, barren. Down here, there wasn't even wind to stir the silence. Now and then, they heard the distant, echoing drip of a stalactite. All they had to keep them company was the crisp chill of the underground air... Oh, and each other.


They descended a long, winding staircase down to the city streets, becoming lost in a utopia of ancient Dwarven architecture. So far, everything seemed peaceful - if one found the unmistakable touch of death peaceful. But nothing moved, and they heard no signs of life to disturb them... though each and every one of the adventurers felt a strange heaviness, a sense of dread, hanging thick in the air. It seemed strange, and yet even the least experienced among them knew this feeling: it was evil. Evil, in its purest form, that haunted the entire city... an evil so powerful its very presence weighed upon their souls.


They would have to find Dáinsleif, the sword of the former king, quickly, if they wanted to complete their mission - and get out alive... But there was also the knowledge that anything they found in this entire city was theirs to keep.


As they moved through the streets, they realized it would take some time to reach the enormous building in the center - whatever it was. However, there were other structures of interest in the general vicinity already, including:

  • Temple - A temple to unknown gods, as all places meant to bear holy symbols were long since destroyed. But such a place could easily hold something of interest, or at least perhaps information - on the evils that lurked in the city, if nothing else.
  • Tavern - Always a center of local culture, though it was highly doubtful they would find anyone alive. Still, perhaps some old evidence of the culture here still lingered in the tavern - or perhaps some priceless old Dwarven drinks.
  • District hall - A district hall, meant as a government seat for the populace of this one area of the city. Perhaps some records could be found there giving some indication of where Dáinsleif was being kept... along with some other treasures.
  • Blacksmith - Anything to be found in an ancient dwarven smithy was surely of interest - if not to them, then certainly to anyone on the surface. Anything found there could be almost priceless.
  • Homes - Perhaps containing useful information, not only to them, but something to bring back and sell or give to scholars on the surface - and, besides, the homes could very well contain lots of little baubles and trinkets that could be sold for a great deal, simply because they came from the long-dead civilization of Clan Dimmlundar.


Where the adventurers started looking was up to them.


12 September 2017 - 06:20 PM



Full Name: Unknown
Aliases: Nox, The Dark Star, Vampire's Bane
Sex: Male
Race: Achaean
Birthplace: Unknown
Affinity: Unknown
Deity: Astra Aeterna
Magic: Divine
Faction: Knights Hospitaller
Talents: Noble Combat, Education (Old Achaean/High Imperial), Divine Lore, Balanced Soul
Strength: 8
Agility: 5
Constitution: 7
Perception: 6
Intelligence: 6
Spirit: 8
Luck: 2
Though he stands only just over average height, Nox's armor makes up for it, leaving him towering over most around him. Always clad head to foot in a full set of solid black armor, every section of it decorated in the stars of Astra, Nox has even gone so far as to chain his great helm to his gorget, to make absolutely sure his neck never becomes in the least bit exposed to any awaiting vampire. He is never seen without this panoply or even out of it, so it remains unclear what exactly he looks like.
  • Full suit of armor (including great helm, chained to his gorget)
  • Deepsilver sword
  • Void iron-rimmed kite shield
  • A set of blessed wooden stakes
  • 3 flasks of holy water
  • Silver dagger
  • Deepsilver flanged mace (usually kept on his belt)
  • Rations (bread)
  • Canteen of water
  • Small book of prayers
  • Astra holy symbol amulet
OTHER POSSESSIONS: Old black stallion
Biography: Little is known of the knight who now calls himself Nox. He came to Starfire Isle as a very young man and joined the Knights Hospitaller there, dedicating himself in particular to the idea of eradicating undead from the face of the mortal realm. Since then, he has always been known as he is now: heavily armored, quiet, and driven. Those few who do know of his past are revealing about as much as Nox himself: nothing.
Campaign History:
  • Caiden Voros (friend)
Currency: 35 silver, 40 copper

Errant continuation

04 September 2017 - 10:57 AM

Soooo, I've been hating to see Errant as dead as it is right now. I guess it's too much to hope that it'll ever live again without me giving it some kind of hard push. :P


My current plan is to pretty much go finish up Delving Too Deep by pushing us straight to what was always meant to be the main part of the campaign, anyway: the dwarven halls. I had started writing a post to do this months ago, but life got in the way. Also, I'm not really inspired. But maybe actually doing it will help inspire me to work on Errant again. I've been focusing on my art and writing instead, but I do miss RPing.


So other than finishing Delving Too Deep, what would everyone like to see from Errant at this point? I'm up for literally anything, as long as it'll get people interested and having fun again.

ZONE - Arrowfall ((Delving Too Deep))

15 July 2017 - 10:56 AM

Arrowfall was not unlike Rimegard in some respects, but on a much smaller and less grand level. The architecture was partially Imperial, but there were traces of the Northerner village that once use to lie underneath. Since walls were a necessity to an Achaean city in Northrim, Arrowfall had those - tall and sturdy - and the gates were watched by soldiers with eagle eyes ready to call out any signs of hostility from the Northmen.

A cool Northern wind often blew over the city, fluttering the banners bearing the city's stag emblem. Overall, the place looked rather humble: the buildings were mostly somewhat small and several looked somewhat poor, but scattered throughout the city rested several manors of rich Imperials, mostly younger sons looking to conquer themselves an area of land in Northrim and have their own small region to rule. Nearly all the buildings, however, were made of wood.

The city had recovered well from the attacks by the various necromancers and such and the invasion of undead after the plague curse, all things considered. To see the city now, one would not have guessed such a thing had happened at all... except for the impressive temple to Astra Aeterna that had now cropped up, serving also as a Templar stronghold.


When the adventurers arrived in the city, it was nightfall. The darkness set several of them on edge - namely Valya and Garandros - but at least the moon was in such a phase that it was almost invisible. There was no great pull from the Wolf that night.

Caiden, on the other hand, seemed agitated. He didn't say a word or look anyone in the eye as the group approached the best spot to make their plans: the nearest tavern.

It wasn't busy this time of night, at least not terribly. But the people within seemed tense, and they glanced at the group of strangers with suspicion - until they saw Venatori among them. The whispers picked up then, but no one directly addressed the group.

Everyone easily found a big table to gather around and discuss their plans. The map Agni had provided was laid out, and they saw their options:

-They could head directly toward the Edge and attempt to pass through the Immortal Wood
-They could head north through the wilderness and pass through Blekmyr Marsh
-They could attempt to find some other path

These were their options. Each had its dangers. But they would have to reach that X on the map somehow - and the sooner they dealt with the dangers of the Edge, the better off they would be.

ZONE - Rimegard

04 July 2017 - 05:48 PM

The longship pulled into port, and Eydis quickly allowed everyone to disembark. Many of the vikings were already describing the strange river-monsters to various dockworkers, while others went about checking the ship for signs of damage. Eydis, however, strode up to the adventurers as they gathered their bearings again, some of them undoubtedly happy to be standing on stable ground once more.


"Thank you again for your generosity, my friends," said Eydis. "And you were quite impressive in battle. I leave you with my blessing, and may Freyja bless you as well. My men and I will be in the city for a few days before we set sail for Baldur's Fjord again. If I can be of any service in the meantime, don't hesitate to ask."


She then waved them farewell before returning to her ship and passing out some kind of orders to her crew. The adventurers, however, headed away from the port to take a look around in the city...




Ingi disembarked with the rest of the crew, but as the adventurers walked off, he quickly caught up to Huo and gently took hold of his arm.


"Please, my friend, hold a moment," he said, a strange hint of desperation in his voice. "Come, I want to speak with you before you disappear in the city."


He motioned for Huo to follow him, and Ingi led the way several paces aside from any activity, in a corner of the docks with some crates. The viking then turned to face Huo again, and it was only now that Huo realized how pale the man looked.


"You cannot know how pleased I am to have found you," Ingi said. "I've searched for someone with the Gift for nearly all my life - I was told I was mad... But it's true. You have it, don't you? The Gift... Magic? Please - you can be honest with me. I'm on your side. You already know this."




Everyone came into the city proper, though Caiden silently hung a ways back, by himself. As they left behind from the various ships and river boats and those who fussed over them, they realized the grandeur of the city. All around them, the architecture was strikingly new Imperial, buildings made of stone and wood - but, occasionally, they could certainly make out the influence of Nordling culture. So it was true, then, that Rimegard was a blend of Achaean and Northerner... at least as well as any Imperial city could be, as some animosity undoubtedly still hung in the air.


Some commoners on the street saw a few of their number - namely Valya - and either turned around and took another street, or else gave them a wide berth. Local watchmen patrolled dutifully, keeping good order - and, naturally, eying a few of them with suspicion, though they seemed to be getting mixed signals, as they were traveling with Imperial officials. They would get no small amount of scrutiny here, they had no doubt.


But, regardless of any amount of scrutiny or suspicion, they were free to go wherever they pleased within the city - or to simply leave and continue on their journey.