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Trik Toral

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That moment when your insurance company thought that "automatic payments" meant I want to pay my 6 month premium in 2 payments of almost $500 and takes half my payc... Updated 13 May · 1 comments

About Me

First name: Trik Toral

Middle Name:

Last Name:
Age: 18

Occupation: Airborne Infantry, US Army

Home City: Fort Bragg NC

Interests: Old firearms. New firearms. Fancy firearms. Plain firearms. Any and all firearms. Oh, also Mass Effect, Skyrim, knives, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Females. And firearms.

Favorite Video games: Halo(1,3, and 4), Assassins Creed Revelation, Dragon Age Origins, KotOR, Call of duty (1 and World at War), Trine, Mass Effect 2, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Skyrim, Brutal Legend, Batman Arkham City, Saints Row the Third.

Favorite video game character(s): Ellis, Ezio, Merril, Morrigan, HK-47, Tali'Zorah, Garrus, Legion.

Favorite Villain Commander: Harbinger "Assuming Direct Control"
Favorite Villain soldiers: Snowtroopers and the Geth

Favorite book(s): Blood on the Risers, The Name of the Wind, Dragonlance, Acacia: The war with the Mein.

Favorite movies: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Serenity, Pirates of the Caribbean (1 and 4), Kung fu Panda 2, Hellboy

Favorite TV shows: Red vs. Blue, Lost, Firefly, Bones, Its Always Sunny.

Favorite Quotation: "Grunt : Term of affection used to denote that filthy, sweaty, dirt encrusted, foot sore, camouflage painted, ripped trouser'd, tired, sleepy, son of a bitch, who has kept the wolf at bay for over 200 years"

Dislikes: Anime, star wars the clone wars, twilight, anti gun people, 

Pet Peeves: People with obnoxious laughs. The Air Force

Favorite Music groups: Alestorm, Daft Punk, Sabaton

Last movie watched (for the first time): TMNT. Pretty funny, I enjoyed it. 7/10

Looking forward to: Dracula

Last game finished (for the first time): Fallout 3

Currently reading: The Subtle Knife

Most respected Nova Member: Klaykid & Bobafettmaniac

Most respected freebie(s): Harry Monster and Rune Walsh

Favorite Mythical Beast(s): Dragons, Griffons, Hydra, Minotaur

Last Updated: September 5 2014

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"We're all wackos here. Why the hell else would we roleplay about shooting each other in the foot and discuss video games in a manner on a level of seriousness normally reserved for politicians?"

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    Idaho, United States of 'Merica
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    Fantasy, Sci fi, Star Wars, Halo, Legos, Mass Effect, Firearms, Etc.

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