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Trik Toral's Magnetic Blog > Recovery and first Magnetic test

Posted 29 March 2015

Its now day 3 of recovery and all is going well.
My finger was numb for most of the rest of the day after the implant and slightly swollen, but very little pain, just a bit sore.  
The next morning it was still a bit swollen but relatively no pain, my improvised gauze bandage keeps it well padded and it seems to be healing well.
I change the bandage...

Trik Toral's Magnetic Blog > I have a magnet in my finger: Why I got my implant, and the process.

Posted 29 March 2015

About a year ago I saw a Reddit AMA about a guy that had rare earth magnets implanted into his fingers and found it really interesting. I've never been much into body modification, but this intrigued me, using technology to open up new ways to explore our world? At this point I lived in an area with very few body artists and I didn't see it being within r...

Trik Torals Firearm Blog > Firearm of the Week #3

Posted 02 February 2014

Manufacturer:  Sturm, Ruger and Company
Firearm:  Ruger Standard
Caliber(s):  .22 Long Rifle
Action type : Semi automatic direct blowback
Capacity:  9 or 10 round external box magazine
History: During WW2 William Ruger was working for Auto Ordnance, designing a ma...

Trik Torals Firearm Blog > Firearm of the Week #2

Posted 02 January 2014

Manufacturer:  Remington   
Firearm:  Model 870
Gauge(s): 12, 16, 20, 28 and .410 bore
Action type: Pump action
Capacity: 3+1 to 8+1 (8 shells in the tube magazine, plus 1 shell in the chamber)
History: For a long time double barrel shotguns had the highest cap...

Trik Torals Firearm Blog > Firearm of the Week #1.

Posted 22 December 2013

Alright, here we go with my new blog series. Note : This may not be weekly. I'll try, but no promises. 
Manufacturer: Smith and Wesson
Firearm: Registered Magnum
Caliber(s): .357 Magnum/ .38 Special
Action type: Swing out cylinder revolver, double action/single action