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About Me

~ My Life Story ~


I was born in 1581, and left alone in the wilderness. For 8 years I walked that forest as an infant, fleeing from the wildlife and uncontrollably crying like baby Gohan. But, one day in 1589, Hattori Hanzo found me in the wilderness. He decided to adopt me, and, realizing my potential, proceeded to raise me as his apprentice. Unfortunately, once he had taught me everything he knew, on December 23rd, 1596, I killed him in his sleep. Ironic, he could save others from death, but not himself..

I proceeded to live in Japan until I was 90, and then I met a peculiar man that went by the name of Logan. He explained to me that he was immortal, and because I was not ready to die, I secretly took a sample of his DNA while he was sleeping and injected it into myself via stabbing a Kunai in my thigh and gently applying the DNA in the wound. This proceeded to give me immortality, or so it seemed..

I quickly learned that I was still mortal because the DNA sample wasn't potent enough to give me immortality like Logan had, and it only reversed my age back to 20. As I aged to 80 again by 1766, I met an old vampire that went by the name of Keanu. He was a sad fellow, often found sitting alone while eating a pastry he called a "Cupcake." Keanu told me that he was immortal due to his vampiric abilities, and once again, because I was not ready to die, I convinced Keanu to lend me some of his vampiric powers.

Though notice I did say some, therefore it only kept me alive for a few hundred years.. after that event, for the next couple hundred years, I tried convincing many vampires (notably Mr. Cullen, if you've heard of him) to lend me their powers, but alas, they refused, and my time was coming to an end..

But then, around 1985, I met a man named Steve who had apparently failed on his attempt to make a device called a "Computer." I told him I would help him out, and my discoveries were overwhelming, and I ended up making Steve a very successful businessman who developed his own company. As time went on, my strength became weaker and weaker. I kept myself alive until 2014, when my time was ending. Time was short, I had to do something.. so I proceeded to use an ancient Ninjutsu Technique called "Transfer Self" and transferred myself onto the web, the very thing I created, and proceeded to become a Pixel Ninja.


The end.

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