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Favorite Brawl Characters

5. Pikachu

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The first character I have ever played as in a Smash Bros game, Pikachu is definately up there with the best. He can attack from any angle possible, and with power and speed. Anyone who says that he's a "newb character", I will absolutely pwn them to prove them wrong.

Favorite move: Down smash

Favorite Stage: Battlefield

4. Link

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My favorite since the original, Link has been altered quite a bit. Although there are some things that are better about him, he's just not the same Link. He's still good though, and always fun to play as.

Favorite Move: Grab and any direction but down. (I don't realy like that one)

Favorite stage: Eldin bridge

3. Marth

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Not a guy you see on many people's lists, but Marth has been a favorite since Melee for me. His rythmithic style and special moves put you on top when used right. His only disadvantage is his awful recovery, but other than that, he has no rival. Except maybe for the next few guys, of course.

Favorite Move: Dancing Swords

Favorite Stage: Hyrule Temple

2. Ganondorf

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This is a guy you must look out for. One hit at 50% from Ganondorf and you're done. Many people complain about his lack of speed. To win with Ganondorf you have to be cold and calculating, like the man himself. Timing is everything. Anyone using Solid Snake, look out, cause I have a few tricks that I'm not willing to reveal yet....

Favorite Move: Warlock Punch or Flame Choke

Favorite Stage: Final Destination

1. Meta Knight

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Meta Knight is the best. Ever. His a-attacks are all fast and furious, with one or two stronger ones to finish them. Before the opponent knows it, they're at 100% or so damage and all it takes is a smash to eliminate them. Meta Knight also is priviledged to have the best b-attacks in the game, with a tornado, sword drill attack, teleport, and shuttle loop glide, how can you deny that?

Another thing about Meta Knight is that he doesn't have any disadvantages on any stages. It's true. His superior flying ability means that he can recover from almost anything. So far no individual person, without any items, has been able to defeat me as Meta Knight.

Favorite Move: Mid air a (No movement)

Favorite Stage: Hyrule Temple

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