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Yesterday, 03:18 PM

Early update!





The lower coliseum is finished, minus the dangly bits and two 16x16 dark bley plates (those are on the way). Construction of the upper coliseum will commence over the weekend and into the next week! The current schedule is as follows:


- Scorp's Admin area.

- Mav's Admin area.

- Mod & Nova area.

- Pleb area.


Due to the overall amount of SSLF minifigs, the Mod and Nova sections were merged. This section will hold all submitted figures!


Also, since the number of combatants has shrunk. The five additional shields will hold the following:


- SSLF Logo

- Wulfgard Logo

- BrickForge Logo

- BrickWarriors Logo

- BrickArms Logo

In Topic: Brickfair Virginia 2018: A Day at the Arena

19 June 2018 - 02:52 PM

Hori is approved. Probably going to opt out of the shield (no BF battle shields available), but he'll be there. 


Keep 'em coming folks!


Also, due to the current suggestions, I'm going to reduce the combatant list to 10! 

In Topic: Brickfair Virginia 2018: A Day at the Arena

16 June 2018 - 03:08 PM





The lower half of the coliseum is almost done! I'm waiting for a bunch of Lion Head pieces:




Once those are in, I'll add some chains and BrickWarriors' torches to the wall. Also, harpoons for spikes will be added in the sections with 8 holes and the masonry bricks. The inside will be filled with support layers then covered with dark bley plates. That will finish off the lower section of the coliseum. Once that's finished, the two side areas with angled bricks will be reserved for the admins. Everything else will be for the civies and the very front will be sectioned off for the mods, novas, and arena warden.


The arena itself (the area that still needs to be covered with dark tan) will be filled with a couple of pitfall traps. Fortunately, since we don't have any real magic users here, no need to add spell effects. Oh, and to add to the arena flair, expect to see plenty of blood, gold, and oddly enough, roses!


Now, time for figure updates!


As far as special minifigs go:

- Decals for Caiden, Nox, and Garandros have been ordered and are on their way.

- 8 more combatant slots are still open!

- Plenty of room for unique patrons as well! Just let me know!

- At the end of June, custom shield decals will be put in!


Now then, on to something I haven't bothered to address! Who the heck are your figs fighting?


Great question!


It seems the tales of SSLFs triumph over Agruz have traveled far! That being said, it would appear as though Necros and the Maukr have decided to accept the challenge. This should prove to be more than a challenge for such accomplished warriors! Oh, and he'll be bringing his wonderful Iron Golem along as well! Yeah, this is going to be one heck of a battle!


- Nick

In Topic: Dalton's Assorted Artwork and Random Stuff

16 June 2018 - 12:35 PM

As always, excellent work on the request!


Also, the knight in the center of the fantasy doodles looks especially fierce!

In Topic: Brickfair Virginia 2018: A Day at the Arena

14 June 2018 - 02:48 PM



Grounds for the coliseum have been laid out. Construction will begin on the coliseum tomorrow! With any luck, by the end of next week, I'll be roughly about 75% done with the actual coliseum.


Basically, I've got the make the wall roughly about 10-15 bricks high. Variations will be made specifically to get the layout for the two Admin seating areas. Mods will be given front row seating, with Novas being in the section right behind them. All the freebies and jobbers will be crammed into the back.


Remember folks, you have plenty of time to submit minifigs! Freebies may submit up to 5 patrons. Novas may submit 5 patrons and 1 combatant. Mods may submit 5 patrons, 1 combatant, and 1 VIP fig. Admins get their special fig, elite guard, 1 combatant, and up to 5 patrons.


Last note, if you are a member of SSLF and I happen to have a previously submitted figure, chances are they will get used as a combatant, because let's be real here, it's not an SSLF build without yall!


Anywho, remember you have up to August 3rd! The closer the day gets, the harder it may be to obtain certain things within a time frame.


Oh, another decal order will go out tomorrow! For both custom decals (looking at you Nox and Garandros), and stuff in the store (Caiden and some nameless jobbers). So if you need decals for a fig, just PM me or drop a message in the Discord!



- Nick