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Yesterday, 08:44 AM

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is really fun, you guys. I'm enjoying the story mode so far.


That's all. :P

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18 September 2017 - 09:05 PM

I'm admittedly not clear on why these characters require special permission, unless you just mean the fact that they're a duo. I guess that's up to the DM on a campaign-by-campaign basis, but anyway, I'll look over them... :P


Spirit: 2




Aliases: Loxley, the Devil's advocate (by men), Tall, Dark, and Ruggedly Handsome (by women)

Spirit: 1


Just a heads-up - Charisma, as a talent, is influenced by your Spirit. With 2 Spirit, he isn't going to be able to do a whole lot with that Charisma talent. :P


Two things - you can only lower an attribute to 2 at the minimum (unless you have some kind of racial penalty, which can lower it to 1), and also, if he's supposed to be a chick magnet, he would have to have a little bit of spirit. Spirit attribute also includes your character's general magnetism; not really their physical attractiveness, but the power of their personality. If he has 1 spirit, he's basically a fickle, cowardly, easily broken fellow with all the charisma of an ugly, stained lampshade chewed on by bugs. :P


I really like Loxley's bio, though. It incorporates some fun Imperial culture that a lot of other current characters haven't.


Other than those little things (which are more just comments instead of things you have to change before they're acceptable), everything about them is all good.

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18 September 2017 - 04:12 PM

“Of course you would.” Morwyn murmured, her voice slowly freezing over. “Though I do believe it is polite to answer a lady’s question before asking your own.”


"Well excuse me, princess," Drake replied. "I'm not here for some special reason. Just traveling around."


Marks took the glass that Agnar passed her, paying the innkeeper no mind, so Drake thanked him instead.


“But if you must know, I’m not exactly a Marks anymore, so if you still take issue with one of them, I’m not ferrying any messages. Understand?” Morwyn explained, finally, tiredly meeting Drake’s gaze with a worn expression.


Drake flashed an emotionless little smile, though it faded fast. "That's fine; I relay my messages myself," he said bitingly, his implications obvious. "So if you're not a Marks anymore, I guess it's pointless to exchange all these barbs, huh? I did just buy your drink. And a meal, if you want one."

In Topic: ZONE - The Forbidden Halls of Clan Dimmlundar

18 September 2017 - 12:33 PM

Caiden offered no comment, though he listened as Huo offered an explanation - until the demon spoke again.

The Priest glanced back at the Demon, and asked "Binding on our souls? What do you mean...?"


Garandros growled audibly at last, saying, "Step back, Huo. Whatever this demon knows isn't worth unleashing its kind upon our companions." He strode forward and put a scarred hand on the other man's shoulder.


The demon, calm as ever, said simply, "As I said, I need not be unleashed in Nidavellir, though I would gladly grant each of you a boon if you did. Returning me to the Underworld is, at this point, equally as desirable, and I will cause harm to no mortals from there. You may do that with a clean conscience. That is all I ask in return for the information I am giving you... which is far less than any other of my kin would do."


It turned its gaze to Huo once more. "You do not know of the binding? Are you unaware of it?" Again it arched a bony brow ridge. "I cannot tell you the nature of it, only that it is there. I sense a power hanging over each of you - the power of a binding contract. The only one present free from that binding," he pointed a long, black claw at Percula, "is her."


Caiden said nothing, but he did look at Percula and set his jaw.


It donned on the pixie once she caught that look in his eye: she had been tiny and stowed away back in the tavern, when this all started. She remembered something Caiden had told her - that he hadn't wanted her to sign the contract... Agni's contract to return Dainsleif to him, one way or another.


But everyone else here had signed it - and so had all the rest of the group.

In Topic: Delving Too Deep OOC - Rules, Character List, and Chat

18 September 2017 - 07:27 AM

It's all good. I can understand the lack of inspiration - I've certainly been there. :/


If you want more to react to, check out the DM post I just finished! :P Hopefully you'll find something fun there to give you a boost.