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17 November 2017 - 02:18 PM

I prefer to write prompts about my own characters... :P That way I'm both warming up for writing and warming up for writing the characters themselves. Plus, it's always good to explore them in unusual ways you might not think of yourself.

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16 November 2017 - 09:18 PM

I... don't really have words, Dalton.


I LOVE it. :lol: Thanks!


(also wow Caid in that last panel tho <3 )

In Topic: Werewolf's Writing Tidbits

15 November 2017 - 06:21 PM

Can we come up with prompts for you (and others, if they want to attempt them as well?)

You can post prompts for me, if you like, and I'll almost certainly write a few at some point or another. :) I mostly like to use these prompts as kind of warmups before I start writing in one of my novels. As for others, sure, but they'll have to make their own topics for that sort of thing.

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14 November 2017 - 07:22 AM

Your affinity for summing up the state of modern culture and social media while juxtaposing it with fantasy characters is absolutely splendid!  Your capacity for cruelty to your own characters is...worrisome...however.  :P


Still, all of these were great fun to read!  I have a few prompts to suggest, if you like:


  • Caiden vs. Plexaura - Embarrassing childhood photo sharing 
  • Kye asks a girl on a date (maybe modern Febriel?)
  • First taste of battle - any character
  • Tom trips into someone important, has to charm his way out of it  Edit: Bonus points if it's someone he can't/doesn't want to seduce, but knows he shouldn't fight.  But if you want to show him putting his famous moves on, I won't complain.


Have fun!

Oh, you have only just begun to see my capacity for cruelty to my own characters... >.>


I'll definitely write some of these sometime! :D Thanks for the prompts, Cappy!



And I come bearing another drabble. I'll just copy my post from my Tumblr and put it here, for simplicity, since that way I don't have to do the formatting over again. :P



A thing inspired by Guild Wars 2 RPs with Taff​, by her suggestion, about her OC, Sadja Shielding, and my OC, Caiden Voros. I must say, I’m very glad I started playing GW2 with her (you probably saw the previous post about it that I shared from Taff’s blog). Not only is it fun in its own right, but getting to know Sadja is an absolute joy. She’s the best.


I had to wait until I was a little high on I’m-staying-up-too-late feelings to muster up the courage to actually write this, because I have no confidence writing other people’s characters. Especially if I really, really like those characters.


So, here it is, for better or for worse. But I can say one thing - this was an absolute blast to write.


Warning: shameless cuddling. In the “I’m cold, let’s share warmth” kind of way. Maybe. Mostly. Arguably. Sort of.




Snow. Everywhere. Everything was freezing, and the sparse braziers emitted only enough heat to provoke memories of what warmth was supposed to feel like. The entire region was so cold that the damn ships were made out of icebergs, with wood – from somewhere, maybe imported? – haphazardly stuck around to form walls and walkways. Some big, messy sails poked up in various places, theoretically to make the ‘ship’ move. Although Sadja had never actually seen one of these moving. So why the hell were there sails on them?


Not that it was a concern at the moment. The only real concern right now was getting warm.


After running around freezing themselves to the bone all day, Sadja had found a decent enough place to try to get some rest. True, it was only a little corner of wood on the giant kodan (those were bear-people, by the way) iceberg-ship, but it was still warmer than anything covered in snow – which was, literally, everything else in the vicinity.


She had even found a big, thick fur to sleep under for an oversized blanket. The kodans didn’t have much use for that kind of thing, so she’d found one by poking around in a crate in a corner.


Glancing around, she decided Voros had backed down on their deal, after all, even after claiming he wouldn’t. And since all the kodans slept locked up in houses, she couldn’t mooch off their warmth instead.

Unceremoniously removing all her armor, overflowing bags, weapons, and assorted other gear, Sadja dumped it in a corner and rolled herself up in the fur. Maybe it would be warm enough, but probably not.


She started to doze, despite the cold, when something nudged her, and she awoke instantly. The recognizably large and muscle-bound form, one that definitely didn’t belong to a bear-man, disturbed her arguably warm makeshift-bedroll-sanctuary.


“You’re late,” Sadja ribbed as Voros pulled the blanket back over them both, like an awkward sleeping bag. He’d even come shirtless, so Sadja wormed her way out of her own shirt and threw it somewhere else, too.


Voros grunted.


“Almost thought you’d chickened out,” she prompted. It was so hard to get a rise out of this guy, and thus all the more rewarding when it actually worked.


“Told you I wouldn’t,” he replied a bit flatly. He finally slid his thick arms around her, though she noted just how tense those big muscles were.


“Relax, Voros,” Sadja said, perhaps a bit groggily, though she did pointedly turn over to steal more of his warmth by resting her face near his chest. Well, and to make him even more uncomfortable, because it was a little funny the way he squirmed for half a second afterward.


He just grunted again, somewhere deep in the chest she lay against, the sound even vaguer this time.


“So, hey,” she wondered aloud through a yawn as one hand lazily tried to travel south along his body, finding more than a few scars along the way to his navel, “do you have pants on?”


“Get some sleep, Sadja,” Caiden rumbled just as tiredly, removing one hand from around her only long enough to direct hers back up north somewhere.




Mh,” he echoed – teasingly, at least for him. She heard a hint of a smile in his tone. For once. No doubt there wasn’t a trace of it actually on his face.


Then she added, “If you snore, I’m finding a kodan.”


“No you’re not.”


“Is that a challenge?”


“It’s a fact.”


Sadja grinned. Voros sounded pretty sure of himself, and like he cared quite a bit if she went off to make her bed with some bear-person instead. But she was too tired to keep this up, so she settled for snuggling far closer to him than ever would be allowed, especially when there was virtually no clothing involved, by the social norms Voros seemed to hold in such high regard.


Apparently sensing her giving out, Caiden said with a finality that implied the phrase would seal the deal and make her fall asleep, “Good night, Sadja.”


“Good night, Snoros,” she replied, just before tucking her face somewhere between his neck and chest to make sure her nose didn’t freeze and fall off in the night. He really was very warm.


Just before she dozed off, as Voros had planned, she thought she felt him pull her even closer, so close she could have solved the question regarding his pants, and put his face against her head. But, at that point, it was hard to tell… given she was already asleep.

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12 November 2017 - 09:23 PM

Sorry about the delays on that DM post. Didn't have internet all weekend; just got it again about 30 minutes ago. I'll see if I can't get something posted by Tuesday at the latest.