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Yesterday, 02:01 PM

Chris Evans looks so very Metal Gear, but I don't want a Metal Gear movie. I know there going to mess with the intricately insane canon.

Yeah, I agree, honestly. I don't want a Metal Gear Solid movie or an Uncharted movie or any of that. It'd just screw with the games way too much.


Well, either they'll kill him off, or if you actually look closely at him, they could go into either The Nomad/The Captain storylines.


After all, if you look at bearded Cap's suit, you'll see that the SHIELD logo was torn out, and the bright white star on his chest is gone.

I'd like to believe all that, except Chris Evans has said in multiple interviews that he's basically begged Marvel on his hands and knees to renew his contract, and they absolutely refuse, so Cap is dead meat in the Infinity War movies. -_- He even agreed to appear in the second Infinity War movie (lol @ movie two-parters) despite it not technically being on the original contract he negotiated with Marvel, because he was apparently offered the chance to play him for just a little longer.


But yeah, it was implied in a crew interview from Civil War that he's already shed his Captain America identity. Which means he'll probably get it back in Infinity War, and then promptly die.

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Yesterday, 09:54 AM

Looks like we're definitely going through the Immortal Wood.


And it looks like no one wants to pick up on any hints toward sidequests, so I'll just go ahead and start taking us through there. Depending on what you guys want next, that is. Let me elaborate:


I originally intended this campaign to be heavy on sidequests and general adventure. I had a werewolf sidequest, among others. But my Grandma suddenly getting sick the first of this month completely killed a lot of my time and, frankly, inspiration. I've been busy helping my family, among other things. Doesn't leave me much for anything else, especially now that I've gotten my Patreon going (and I haven't even had time for that...).


The campaign was going to be broken up into traveling through the North (where we are now) and doing sidequests; reaching the Edge and traversing it and avoiding too much trouble; and reaching the dungeon and navigating it; and finally getting back out. Since our lest venture into the Edge didn't go too well, I'm increasingly tempted to skip that part, and since our interactions in civilization haven't been super riveting (sorry) and I have lots of plans for the dungeon anyway, we could just go ahead and get to the dungeon.


So here's the question: do you guys want to go through the Immortal Wood and then up to the Edge and then reach the doorway into the mountain, or jump straight to the Edge to find the door, or just jump straight to the dungeon romp, which was always going to be the main focus of this campaign, anyway?


I'll edit the topic poll, so be sure to delete your vote and vote in there, too.

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Yesterday, 08:00 AM

Hell, I don't even want Avengers anymore, since I know they're just going to kill Cap. I just want Chris Evans to play Solid Snake. That is such an awesome edit. Give it to me now.

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22 July 2017 - 08:14 PM


You mean like... When he gets... dropped onto some planet? And kidnapped to fight on Sakaar? ...The planet Ronan's soldiers come from?


It's almost like they're tying everything together for an even bigger movie next year  :whistling:

Not everyone likes the death of the solo Marvel movies for great merging into the megacorporation cinematic universe that throws everything together into one giant overblown crapstorm and sacrifices anything interesting just for the sake of building up to an "even bigger" thing.


Oh, right, this is a LEGO thread.


Yeah, the "magic effects" look really fun. It'll be nice to give assorted magic-users something to hold instead of just a staff or something. :P

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20 July 2017 - 07:49 AM

Thanks, Sephsekla. Things are finally starting to improve, I think, so hopefully I can start getting things back on track, maybe after this weekend, but I'm not sure yet.


I'll try to get an update posted as soon as I can. At least there's some interaction going on right now, though. :P Sorry again for the delays, everyone.