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About Me

A bit of background:


I come from a large family, straight outta Manhattan (no, I don't have a thick accent). Myself and my brothers are human gumbo, for lack of a better term: Irish, Cajun and Texan all together. I've always been that kind who's dabbled in a bit of everything: I ran track with average results, I play guitar and some other stuff pretty well, and I've been told I write well, which very few people in my growing-up appreciated or noticed. While I had a billion friends and something in common with each one, I never completely had any place where I really felt like I fit in.


Which is probably why I likened so much to this magical forum. For once, there were people who understood my silly hobby of writing stories, and a place where I could get solid feedback. (Although the latter wasn't something I wanted at the time, and I took pretty dang poorly to any form of it. :P In my defense, I didn't learn how to deal with constructive criticism until the turn of the decade. Not really a defense, but I need to close the parantheses now). So, I've been here ever since '08, and dang proud of those six years of service, as little as they mean for anything.


I suffered a pretty severe accident a while back, getting in a nasty car sandwich and ending up being a Y.O.L.T, for lack of a better phrasing. Good story to tell on hikes, but I won't bore you with the specifics. Unless you actually wanna hear a good story, in which case feel free to ask me about it. I love telling stories, as I'm sure you can tell from this essay.


I guess I'm a pretty nice guy, although I guess everyone likes to think that about themselves. I have a lot of patience (something those of you who remember Newbie-Me will doubt *cringe*), at least in the real world, so I'm good at moderating things and being a mediator. I'm extremely active on the forums, actually 'was' is better. Now I've been sucked into too many video games and my own projects, so I've become distant. Actually, as I update this page at 10:55 AM of the new year, it's probably the last time I'll ever post on this site. EDIT: I am perched upon a throne of lies, it's now 8:40 on the fourth of march of the new year. That doesn't make what's below any less significant.

I wanna thank you for reading this far. I appreciate it. I wanna thank everyone for making the past six years of my life the way that they were, and shaping who I am as a person and as a writer today. I know it's sappy, but that's because I'm sappy. You guys are awesome, and from the bottom of my heart thank you all.





~I've hit the halfway point! My 'magnum opus' (as I type that I groan and laugh at myself) is roughly halfway finished with the initial draft. I may ask some of you guys to read over it before the publisher gets it.

~Anyone interested in reading over an outline of a zombie apocalypse series, I'd appreciate the help. Message me.

~Me and a few friends are putting up a kickstarter, probably in another year or so, for a film project we're working on. I'll post about it here when it's up.


Redlight Media library:


DISCLAIMER: As per the typical writer, I will warn you that my earlier years here were spent as a very young, immature kid. Some of my OOC posts may cause you physical pain, and the actual prose may cause blindness or illiteracy. At least, it did for me.

-Station R-O-B-O-T: Redcode 
-Nazi Zombies #1: The beginning
-Nazi Zombies #2: The Insanity
-Nazi Zombies #3: The Operation
-Nazi Zombies #4: The Creators (Coming Never, not even after inspiration from Black Ops 2 zombies)
-Chronicles of the Shipment War





Top Five RP Characters (To play)

5.) Cullen Arcturus and Falictus Clad-Ouflah's 'Sword of Legend'
In every RP I've played in Terron Faboul (The SoL setting) I've diverted from my Fantasy-setting norm and played Cullen Arcturus, a spellsword. After the first SoL, he was joined by his mentor, party healer Falictus Clad. I always have a good time with these two around, and I have a sweet baby sig from Ouflah to boot.

4.) Cullen Archymm-Tom's Sefina Lactea universe
This was a tossup between Crispin Flare from 'Drone's Salvage,and I had a difficult time deciding this for sure. The main reason Cullen won in the end was because of the interaction between him and Meline at the end of BoB: Phayboan Wilds. Cullen's ongoing life and unknown future also makes him more fun than Crispin's one-off.

3.) Ethan '0-4' Web-Wiffles' ODST
0-4 was one of my older characters back when I was still on my Halo binge. ODST were the coolest cats around back then, and I made 0-4 the demolitions expert of the squad. He cracked jokes consistently and made friends with everyone. In the final few moments of the battle, 0-4 sacrificed himself for the team, annihilated by a Scarab. His helmet was taken by his comrades and they mourned him for RPs to come, in fact causing several to name him as their favorite character. Having that impact alone made 0-4 one of my best creations, putting him in third place.

2.) Adden Cerdic-Richard's 'Darkwatchers' series
Ever since I was introduced to Fantasy by LOTR, I have adored a good ranger character; a woodsman who can just as easily kill you from fifty yards with his bow as he can with his longsword. Adden was no exception, and he quickly became a favorite of mine. Between his quirks which made him fit into the Salamanders and his ever-helpful attitude, Adden Cerdic is deserving of spot number two.

1.) Jung Li-York-Darkwoods' 'Beyond Redemption'
His last name is used a grand total of maybe once. He always has a witty comeback and has a tendency of staying on the ship. Jung is the pilot of the starship Redemption, a pirate vessel in a human-populated galaxy. He's made good friends with most of the crew, and saved all of their hides on more than one occasion. This might be aided by the fact that 'Beyond Redemption' is my favorite RP series, but Jung is certainly deserving of first place, especially with his fiance's ending.

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