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30 March 2011 - 08:49 AM

I am great fan of the series, I think it's hilarious! The new ones have changed, but one the whole, it may not be for the worst. But anyway, take any hero, from anywhere, and put them in a fight with Caboose. But tell Caboose his opponent is on his team, and Caboose will win! it doesn't even matter if it's Chuck Noris he's fighting. They are all awesome. That is my opinion, and disrespectfully challenging it will only decrees my opinion of you.

Anyway great show. I love the jokes, I think it is my comic outlet. Along with The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series.

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07 March 2011 - 04:54 AM

Okay, here is a more recent edit of the script, I have not finished the end:

Intro: INVASION! Many have fallen to an evil, massive, Trans-Universal, empire. An empire that ravages universe after universe, steeling their technology, and using it on their endless campaign.
The remaining members of Rogue Squad are all that's left between their universe, and total destruction.
The only way they can survive is by call for help. but who can save them? No one.
No one, at least who does not have the Trans-Universal ability.
Rogue Squad has managed to retrieve designs of the Multiversal-Transporter, and are in the attempt to send them to a people who have the time to develop the technology and weapons.
But, who will they send it to? How will they help? Can they do it in time?

Prologue, scene 1, Interior Alien Base


Dent: GO GO GO!

Ameer: Calibrating for multiverse transmission... ĎKAY! WE'RE GOOD TO GO!


Dent: Begin transmission!


Ameer: To which universe?



Ameer: That's kindaí difficult! We don't know if they'll assist us, or annihilate us!

Dent: Well hurry!


Ameer: Yes sir... This one looks good!


Dent: SEND IT!

Ameer: Translating into their dominant language...

Dent: I don't CARE! JUST GO!



(Big fight, Dentís team wins)

Dent: Okay! Weíve got them held off! Go into lock down mode!

Ameer: Locking down, sir, we canít hold forever.

Dent: I know, that is why we wait for reinforcements
scene two Interior base, Dr Derrick Johnson, Mr President on the phone

Derrick: Thank you, a pleasure Mr President.

Mr President: Iíve read your report on the distress call. Youíre SURE this call is from Extra Terrestrials?

Derrick: Yes sir.

Mr President: And youíre sure this is from an other universe.

Derrick: Yes, we have fully decoded it. And our best quantum physicist has determined that due to itís quantum signature, it is indeed from another universe.

Mr President: And?

Derrick: And she made all the information readable, the beyond being just a distress call, it is a set of blue prints.

Mr President: Blue prints to what?

Derrick: She says itís a gate between universes.

Mr President: I... And you are requesting to answer this distress call?

Derrick: Yes sir.

Mr President: You understand this could be a trap? And even if it isnít I do not have the authority to go to war.

Derrick: We know it is not a trap sir. And all we want to do is send a team to do recon.

Mr President: I will consider it. In the mean time, research this team idea.

scene three Interior . Nathan, Alex, Derrick Jonson, Kyler,

Nathan: Welcome, you have all read the report?

Alex: Yes.

Kyler: Yes sir.

Jonson: I wrote it.

Nathan: Good, so you know why you are all here, good, letís get introduced.

Jonson: I am Dr Derrick Johnson, I am the ambassador to the aliens.

Nathan: Alexis-

Alex: Call me Alex, please donít call me that.

Nathan: Lieutenant Lloyd.

Alex: I am the physicist and theorist who was able to get the device created, I made this mission possible.

Nathan: Yes. And this is Kyler O'Malley. Commander O'Malley is the most trained and expert in: Combat, Strategy, explosive ordinance, and martial arts.

Kyler: Yes sir, that is why I was selected for this top secret op.

Nathan: Yes, all of everyones skills have been what has aloud them to be brought into this. I was selected because of my extensive training, and success, I commanded many black ops in the middle east, and I have had pilot training, and extensive strategy.
Men, before this meeting started, I got a call from the president. We have a go.

Jonson: We have authorization?

Nathan: Yes.

Jonson: And the device?

Nathan: Being transported we speak.

Kyler: Good, now, should we talk about the first mission?

Nathan: Yes, tell me, where did the call come from?

Alex: Universe P2X-742K.

Nathan: That is where weíre going.

Johnson: We are only doing recon, this is extremely valuable if successful. We cannot fail.

Nathan: That is why we will be outfitted with the most advanced in weapons in the USí arsenal.

(Over intercom) Itís here colonel.

Nathan: Everyone to the embarkation room!

Scene four, Interior embarkation room
Kyler: Wow...

Nathan: That is how we're supposed to travel thru extra-dimensional space to other universes.

Kyler: Colonel, our team should probably suit up.

Nathan: Yes, team, to the supply room.

Derrick: Go ahead, get me a sniper, but Iíll stay here to find out how it works.

Nathan: Okay, lets al stay.

Kyler: Yes sir.

Alex: Iíve run the simulations, I donít know how your going to get an exit vortex.

Scientist 1: Distribute power to the devise.

Scientist 2: Power levels are green.

Scientist 1: Begin dialing sequence, Universe P2X-742K.

Scientist 2: Tracking Universe, Universe is encoded.

Scientist 1: Bring in the probe.

(enter probe)

Scientist 1: Lock it.

Scientist 2: Locking on Universe P2X-742K... Sir! The destination is being redirected, to a predestined point!

Scientist 1: Let it lock.

Scientist 2: Sir power levels are unstable! We need more power!

Scientist 1: Give it 65 percent of the complexís power.

Scientist 2: Power climbing to 65 percent, itís still not enough. Wait!
(The part of the devise lights up) Mater alignment one is encoded. (Another part of the devise lights up) Mater alignment two, encoded, (Another part of the devise lights up) Mater alignment three encoded.

Derrick: So, those indicate each dimension? They light up when we bridge the dimensions?

Alex: Yes, thatís why there are five.

Scientist 2: Mater alignment four encoded! (Another part of the devise lights up)

Derrick: For the first three dimensions of space, and the fourth of time. But what is the fifth for?

Alex: I am not quite sure, but I think it is the dimension that will connect the universes.

Scientist 2: Alignment indicator five is locking!

(The entire devise lights up and an extremely bright light shines out of it)

Alex: Send in the probe. And if the environment is good, the team shall leave.

scene five Interior alien base probe

(Enter rogue squad)


Dent: Whatís our status?

Ameer: Bad! we canít wait longer. The lock down has at my estimate half a day of holding.

Dent: Get ready to reengage. Wait whatís this? It came thru the portal, it is not VíAleen!

(Multiverse Transporter starts to activate)

Dent: Everyone! Get into position around the device!

(Multiverse gateway opens, Enter Nathan, Kyler, Alex, and Derrick Johnson, and some other soldiers)

Dent: Hold your fire!

Derrick: Hello, we are friends, we come in peace to investigate the situation.


Ameer: Well itís bad. weíve been bombarded for the last month.

Dent: Yes, and as for my original squad, Ameer and I are all thatís left, yes we picked up some new people, but we lost many fine soldiers.

Nathan: Wait a second, youíre from Star Wars!

Dent: What?

Kyler: Yes! They are! How is this posable?

Alex: Well it is perfectly plausible, that a Star Wars universe could exist, I know itís weird, but look at the technology! Did you all do this?

Ameer: No, we assaulted this complex, and took it from the enemy. This is all their work.

Derrick: Fascinating...

Kyler: Do you have your own base?

Dent: Yes, all of the people who are left are there.

Derrick: And what happened to the Empire?

Dent: How do you know about-

Nathan: It does not matter, What happened to the Empire and the rebellion?

Dent: Well, the Empire fought, but even they were not strong enough, not much is left, and what is left is at our base.

Derrick: Who do you have as your leader?

Ameer: A man by the name of Luke Skywalker.

Kyler: Ah...

Derrick: Can you take us to (Snort) your leader? (Laugh)

Dent: I donít know, weíve been out of contact for a month.

Nathan: Well we need to leave-


Dent: Okay, thereís a shuttle in the hanger, Iíll take you there. (To his men) Men move out! Weíre leaving! Move move move!

(Everyone walks out into the heat of battle)

Dentís soldier: Sir, more VíAleen soldiers are heading this way!

Dent: Everyone stand back!

(Dent Takes out several VíAleen soldiers)

Dent: Hurry!

(Everyone runs into the Hanger)

Ameer: Get aboard!

Kyler: Sweet ship!

Soldier: Take a seat and buckle up, this will get bumpy!

Dent: Pilot! Take off weíre all here!

(Shuttle takes off and flies into space)

scene six Interior shuttle Rogue Squad and Human Team

Alex: Let me get this straight, there are these Psycho aliens who need to dominate to feel alive?

Ameer: Yes.

Alex: And they have the power to go where every they want in any universe?

Ameer: Yes. But they all seem to be looking for something.

Nathan: What?

Ameer: Well itís more like an entire Race. We have found references to ďThe OthersĒ in their database, In fact, their invasion hasnít been coordinated like an invasion. More like a search party.

Derrick: Searching for what?

Ameer: These ďOthersĒ.

Nathan: Do you know why?

Ameer: No, but we intend to find out.

Pilot: Sir! Weíre falling out of hyperspace!

Dent: What?

(The ship shakes)

Pilot: A tractor beam has locked! We are being pulled into one of their Obliterators!

Alex: What the heck is an ĎObliteratorí!

Ameer: An extremely large star cruiser.

(More shaking)

Pilot: Theyíre beaming us in!

Derrick: (Snort) Beaming?

Ameer: Yes, like weíre here and then-(Bright light and the ship is in an alien cargo-bay) weíre somewhere else.

Dent: This is not good! We need to get out of here now! Men, prepare to be boarded!

Ameer: I do not see a way out to our base...

Kyler: Then, come with us!

Dent: Why? Iím sure we can-

(Explosion and the shuttle door opens)

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17 February 2011 - 09:15 AM

No problem undercode, I do it all the time. And thank you Maverick-Warewolf, that is very helpful.

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11 February 2011 - 11:00 AM

Yeah, originality is hard, I plan on changing the focus, maybe focusing on ships.

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08 February 2011 - 11:09 AM

I am confused. What do you mean?