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ROLEPLAY: Over the Sea - Part 2

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Posted 05 September 2010 - 04:07 AM


Over the Sea: Part 2

((There are a few rules for all of you to know. Be sure to read over all of them:
1. I’m the DM of the RP. What I say goes. The same applies to Scorp if he ever wants to jump in again.

2. Everyone may post as many times as they like as long as they do not try to advance the plot (interact with each other freely, however) and\or take control of important\named NPCs (mentioned later). For combat posts, I will specify in OOC at the bottom of the post how the combat will work (sometimes you can kill things freely, but usually you cannot and you have to wait for my post saying the result of your attempt to attack an enemy).

3. Continuing from Rule 2, I encourage all of you to interact with other players (or NPCs; I will respond to you as the NPCs in a smaller post if you speak to one). Character interaction is one of the primary forms of character development, and character development makes RPs more dynamic, interesting, dramatic, and fun for everyone. Part 1 did't have an overabundance of character development from a lot of players, so I'd like to see more in this one.

4. No godmoding (obviously).

5. Don’t take control of the NPCs. All of the NPCs are characters (namely mine), just like the character(s) that you have. I don’t care if you control random characters like other shipmen, but do not say what important NPCs such as Nathaniel Aquilonis, Elektra, Fintan, Flint, or Roland say in response to your question or do in reaction to something you did. This also applies to the characters owned by other players. The easiest way to tell if an NPC is considered “important” or not is whether or not they have been given a name. If they have a name, consider them important, and thus you shouldn’t control them.

6. RP your characters realistically. Take into account their background, race, etc., and also bear in mind that this is a low-fantasy setting! Magic, monsters, etc., are all very rare and generally very frightening. I know that might be hard to believe in this RP, considering how things here have ended up being extreme for the setting (which I regret, despite how fun it will be), but anyway, you get the idea.

7. Be creative. Creativity and freedom is what separates RPs from other types of games. Also, try to RP your character’s emotions well, such as surprise, fear, and their opinions.

8. Try to keep OOC (out of character) talk to a minimum, and mark it somehow. I use two parentheses ((like so)) to mark OOC. But preferably, just use the sign-up topic for OOC discussions\remarks about the RP, not the RP topic.

9. If you ever want to resign from the RP, then send me a PM or leave a comment on my profile saying so and we can figure something out. This also applies to if you will be away and unable to post for an extended period of time. If you just up and disappear for a long time without contacting me beforehand, your inactive character will probably be killed off.

10. If you have any questions or requests, DO NOT post them here in the topic. PM them to me. For example, if there is anything you do not know about the setting, then please ask me; I’ll be happy to answer all of your questions, and I’d like to keep everything in this RP accurate to Wulfgard lore (or at least as accurate as this RP can get, what with how this RP has ended up being rather extreme, as I mentioned before). For instance, you shouldn't use the terms 'shifter' or 'Wulfgard' in-character in this RP at all; those are dead and long forgotten terms and ideas. In other words, don't make assumptions about something to do with the setting. If you're unsure, don't be afraid to PM me and ask for an answer.

11. Be sure to read everyone else’s posts in addition to mine and interact with each other. Again, do not take control of other player characters or named NPCs; if you speak to another player, wait for them to respond to you. If you speak to a named NPC, wait for me to respond to you.

12. Remember that your character can die in this RP. Also remember that what happens in the RP stays in the RP; none one’s actions should be taken personally or be the cause of an OOC argument, as they are acting in-character.

If your name appears in bold and has a note mentioning required edits, this means you must edit your character, and you may not post until those edits are made. If you are unsure of what edits are being referred to, please PM me about it or look through my posts in the early pages of the sign-up topic for mention of your name (which you should probably do anyway just to make sure you used all your stat points; some of you didn’t, and I pointed out those people).
If your name appears with a slash through it, then your character is dead or you're considered to be dropped out of the RP due to lack of activity.

Player/Character List:
Wiffleball – Skar’a Y’Eves & Eboni Vot’ara
Ter Loki – Javed Shahzad & Solkin Reuel (inactive)
Kommando – Sean Garbhen Mac Cullen
Fenris – Vala D’Arthao
Sareth – David Malkinyr
The Tamer – Omrach Iskassa
Lightning-Bolt – Cutter & Osgar Langley
Lord Boar – Sir William Hale
Fire-fox – Ryan Alexander
Agamemnon – Davian Angelos (inactive)
Shawn Goldenhair – Alatania
Star Wolf – Aries Vespillo
Mercutio – Tracker
Vorgain – Roland Novak
kiloslivey – Sorren Kyrah
El Taco – Cyprian Amril
Sir_Muffonious – Theriot the Recluse
Lord Cheese Con – Vladimir
Ro Ressan – Jacob Galahand
Darkwoods – Anya Avison
Harrow – William ‘Will’ Sceotend Belmont (dropped out)
Horatius – Dhamid Saramkha
HolyGhost – Lloyd
Grombrindal – Hamish O’Shea (inactive)
Azoth – Vailan Her'sen
Will Falamee – William Noram Falamee
Richard – Fenric
Dr. Dood von Doodstormer – Hadrian Caladrius
Hawk – Harry “Hawk” Smith
Harry Monster - Kanen Sarka

NPC Character (and Race) List:
Sir Nathaniel ‘Nate’ Aquilonis – Captain of The Golden Dragon; Imperial
Elektra – Navigator of The Golden Dragon, shares first mate position of The Golden Dragon with Fintan; Imperial
Fintan – Priest of Njord, shares first mate position of The Golden Dragon with Elektra; Sea Dwarf
Flint – Former first mate of The Salty Seal; Imperial
Roland – Former captain of The Salty Seal; Imperial
Seti – Self-proclaimed pharaoh of the Southerner island settlement; Kemhet Southerner
Ghalib – Head of a mercenary group hired by Seti; Deshret Southerner

In closing, I wish you all good luck and give early condolences to whoever dies in the course of the RP.
Now, without further ado, let Over the Sea: Part 2 begin!))

As Sir Nathaniel Aquilonis stepped off his ship, The Golden Dragon, his first reaction was surprise. For such a recent settlement, this Southerner town was surprisingly populated. Elektra and Fintan were following him onto the docks, and trailing behind them was a number of the adventurers who were now part of Nathaniel’s crew.

The scent of salty brine was finally overtaken by something new: the smell of food – mostly of some very strong spices – wafting from an inn just inside the town. Although the docks were rather quiet, the same couldn’t be said for the settlement itself, for even from here the adventurers could hear Southerner merchants hawking their goods in various Southern languages.

Captain Ghalib soon appeared, crossing the docks from his own vessel to join them. A smile spread across his face as he saw the various adventurers peering curiously at the town.

“You and your company seem surprised, Sir Aquilonis,” he remarked.

“I am,” Nathan replied. “I didn’t expect a place this size.”

“We have done well here. In fact, will you allow me to resupply your ship? No doubt your journey all the way from the mainland has drained your stocks. We have good water here, along with many varieties of food… and other drinks,” he added. “What say you?”

The adventurers heard Fintan the Sea Dwarf, Nathan’s first mate, give a disapproving huff. Judging by the glance he cast back at Fintan, Aquilonis had also heard it – but that didn’t change his answer.

“Sure, we could use the supplies.”

Ghalib smiled, shaking Aquilonis’s hand. “Then it is a deal. My men will load them on board.”

“Thanks, Ghalib. But I have to ask… is there a catch to any of this?”

“Catch? I am not sure I understand.”

“A reason for it. The help, the free supplies – there’s some favor waiting at the end of all this, isn’t there?”

Ghalib grinned. “You do not trust men to simply be kind to one another?”

Aquilonis returned the smile. “Well, I’d like to do that, but experience wears the idea out of you.”

“And you certainly have enough experience. Alas, it is so. I plan to arrange a meeting with the leader here: Seti. He enjoys calling himself a pharaoh,” Ghalib rolled his eyes, “but I hardly believe this is a kingdom all to its own.”

“Who’s gonna stay here an’ make sure these fellas stay in line?” asked Fintan, sounding grouchy as always.

“So kind of you to volunteer, Finny,” Nathan replied.

Fintan scowled. “That was an honest question, kid!”

“Surprisingly honest, I’ll admit, coming from you.”

Fintan huffed. “Fine! I’ll stay here an’ watch ‘em, then – do all the work, as usual. I’d say I hope you get mugged, Nate, ‘cept I don’t wanna hear yer fussin’ when someone hauls you back to the ship.”

“I thought you said I always fuss anyway.”

Fintan said nothing, instead turning about and crossing the boarding ramp back onto the Dragon. Ghalib cast confused glances between the departing Sea Dwarf and Sir Aquilonis.

Nathaniel just smiled in a friendly manner. “He’s like that. Don’t worry about it.”

Ghalib shrugged, speaking again after a moment, his tone much more businesslike than before. “I will speak with Pharaoh Seti about your arrival, Sir Aquilonis. I would like for you – and preferably just you – to meet me there shortly. Seti resides in the largest building of the settlement… it is difficult to miss.”

Not waiting for a response, Captain Ghalib turned about and marched off into the town, ignoring the curious adventurers’ eyes upon his back. Elektra blew out a sigh.

“Looks like we’re being roped into doing something,” she muttered.

“Looks like,” agreed Aquilonis, sounding a bit more serious than before. He stood with his hands on his sides for a moment as he watched Ghalib depart and lost himself in thought before looking back at his crew. “But hey,” he added in his familiar casual tone, “maybe it’ll be interesting. Let’s go have a look around.”

“Interesting and profitable, Nate?” some of the adventurers heard Elektra inquire of the captain as they approached the town itself.

Nathan smirked at her. “Always.”


Soon the adventurers were scattering throughout the settlement. All went their own ways: some remained on the Dragon, others wandered about in shops to resupply themselves or simply to browse, and some sought out the nearest tavern.

When one adventurer inquired as to whether or not Aquilonis would be meeting with Seti, he gave a simple response. “I’ll go see him… but I’d prefer if I was alone.” He glanced at Elektra. “Or, well, mostly alone. Anyway, all of you go do whatever – just stay out of trouble. We don’t need to draw anymore attention than we already have.”

“Glad you knew I was coming anyway,” Elektra said as the two of them then set off toward the largest building in sight. It was hardly enormous, but it was indeed the biggest structure in town. On either side of its double-door entrance stood two statues of the Southern god Nu, and a motif depicting Anubis – another Southern deity – rested above the doorway itself.

None of the adventurers knew exactly how long Aquilonis and Elektra spoke to Seti, for most were elsewhere in the settlement. The tavern proved to be quite a bore, as small and smelly as it was, but it was a welcome change for many of the weary adventurers… as was some firm ground to stand on. Even though they were no longer on the ship, some of those less experienced as sailors still felt as if they were bobbing up and down on the waves. A good night’s sleep would be welcomed by everyone – that much was clear.

The entire day was spent in port. Everyone wandered about exploring the settlement, purchasing equipment, generally doing as they pleased – although they spoke to only a small number of people, as it seemed that not everyone knew Imperial and instead spoke only Southern dialects from Deshret or Kemhet, which few of the adventurers knew how to speak.
The majority of the adventurers had gathered in the inn that evening, quarreling over rooms. Though some of the more friendly ones agreed to share, others were forced to go back to the ship for lodging. Neither Aquilonis nor Elektra spoke about the meeting with Seti to anyone, saying that it would be best to let the matter wait until morning… it seemed to be implied that everyone would get more sleep if they didn’t know about what was said.
On that note, everyone was left alone to get some rest. Whether all of the adventurers truly rested or not, Aquilonis and his crew spent the entire night in the Southerner town.

The following morning, everyone was to return to the ship. Some took their time and had breakfast with the Southerners, but eventually, they were all reunited back at The Golden Dragon

And it seemed they had guests – quite a few of them. That morning, a number of new adventurers - unknown to anyone who had been on board the Dragon before now - were steadily leaking from the town on board the ship.
Aquilonis, Elektra, and Fintan were gathered on the quarterdeck, exchanging words that sounded quick and sometimes rather biting… although, as usual, none of them were affected by the sharp tones someone such as Fintan may use. Flint, the one-eyed Imperial wearing a golden amulet fashioned after Poseidon’s trident, was skulking about amongst them and watching them all quite curiously.

As all of the adventurers from the previous journey returned to the ship, it was becoming clearer and clearer that morning that they would be joined by numerous others for the rest of the voyage – and it was also clear that Aquilonis didn’t favor this idea.
A few of the adventurers could hear them making remarks about certain individuals…

“Look at that one,” said Elektra, pointing at an enormous copper-skinned man. “Gods, he’s huge. He looks like one of those slaves we saw in port.”

“What about those two?” Aquilonis nodded to a Southerner man and woman. “Are they a couple or something?”

Fintan huffed. “Let’s hope not.” He paused. “What about that blind guy? The last blind guy I met got ‘imself killed. What damn use is a blind guy on a ship?”

“And still more men,” muttered Elektra as she continued to look them over. “And a Sea Dwarf, too.”

Aquilonis sighed, nodding. “Yeah, more men… more men we don’t need.”


Ghalib soon approached from the gangplank, and while others were simply going about their work or making sure their belongs hadn’t been stolen, many of the curious adventurers followed Flint’s example and watched the trio that commanded The Golden Dragon for a reaction.

Fintan elbowed Nathaniel, nodding down at Ghalib and saying something. Aquilonis looked frustrated as he descended onto the main deck with Elektra and Fintan following behind him.

“Ghalib,” Aquilonis said as he stopped before the Southerner captain who was attempting to cross the gangplank, pointedly standing in his path. “Beautiful morning, isn’t it?” he said, smiling pleasantly.

Ghalib tentatively returned the friendly gesture. “Indeed it is. Is there a problem, Sir Aquilonis?”

“There just seems to be about sixteen people on my ship that I don’t even know the names of. That’s practically an army in terms of how many people the Dragon carries on a regular basis. Can I get an explanation before someone gets thrown overboard?”

“No need to do anything brash, Captain…”

“I didn’t say I’d do it.” He paused. “Is this some of Seti’s crap?”

“It was not Seti, but one of his men. He likes to… be assured that a deal will work his way, Sir Aquilonis. I believe he spread word across town that you wanted more adventurers for this voyage. He trusts men who already dwelt in this settlement more than other travelers.”

Aquilonis looked unconvinced. He said dryly, “I would say I need to go talk to Seti’s man about his bad habit of spreading lies, but I’d like to reach the other island before tomorrow night.”

“That an’ yer not so good ‘bout lying yerself,” added Fintan. “Although even you haven’t done anythin’ like this,” he added with a disdainful look over his shoulder at some of the newcomers.

“What do they think they’re being paid?” asked Aquilonis, and he heard Fintan grumble a curse at the idea.

“A portion of whatever you find.” Ghalib paused. “I do not know the details of what they expect. All I know is that they expect adventure.”

“Oh, they’ll get adventure,” said Elektra.

“Sure, I can give them that – as long as they don’t give me trouble,” agreed Nathaniel. “If any of them do cause trouble, I’ll know who to blame when I get back.”

“I rest assured Seti’s man will be hearing of his actions, then,” said Ghalib, handing Aquilonis a piece of papyrus. “I have been guarding your ship all this time, and I had everyone who boarded your ship sign this charter for you to look over. I am honored to have met you and assisted you, Sir Aquilonis.”

“Same to you, Ghalib. I’m still considering Seti’s offer… if things go well, we might just get him what he wants.”

Ghalib grinned, shaking Aquilonis hand. “Excellent. Fair winds, Sir Aquilonis!”

With that, the Southerner captain turned about and marched off. Elektra and Fintan watched him go, while Nathan turned his gaze up to the sky.

“It musta been Ghalib,” Fintan suddenly said. “He’s the one that let all these people on the ship.”

“I know,” Nate said quietly.

“He outta get a beatin’ for it,” Fintan muttered.

“Now Fintan, let’s not be harsh,” chided Elektra, her words dripping with sarcasm. “He only introduced over a dozen more people who want in on any treasure.”

“An’ who dunno about Roland an’ his fake little story," Fintan added in a gruff, low tone, so that none on board the ship would hear. "That’s gonna make a fuss whenever they find him locked up in that bunk below deck.”

“Oh, please,” said Aquilonis, turning about and boarding the ship again, “I’m not worried about Roland. And as for the treasure, we’ll work something out. We always do.”

“Somehow,” Fintan added as he took up the gangplank.

“But will we make a profit?” Elektra wondered aloud.

Nathan didn’t answer.

“All hands prepare to cast off!” Sir Nathaniel Aquilonis called as he climbed up onto the quarterdeck. Elektra had already returned to the wheel and was waiting for him, peering over his shoulder as he looked at the roster of new crewmen. They could be seen speaking quietly to each other, which apparently drew Fintan’s attention, as he soon joined them after the ship was ready to leave port.


Winds were strong as The Golden Dragon left the docks, its sails caught up in the gusts blowing over the massive sea. The dragon emblazoned on the largest sail shone strong and clear in such a draft, catching the eye of many who had never been on the ship before.

For now, everyone was on deck – which was just the way Aquilonis wanted it. Stepping up to the edge of the quarterdeck, near where Elektra stood at the ship’s wheel, Nathaniel looked over his crew… which had grown in size since the Southerner port.

“A lot of you got on this ship while we were in that little Southerner town,” said Aquilonis, “probably thinking that I wanted more hands on my ship for this voyage. Well, I actually didn’t want anybody else. I had plenty, and now I have… a lot. But as long as you do as I say and don’t cause any trouble, you’re welcome to serve on board the ship.

“I’m sure quite a few of you are wondering where exactly we’re going now. Seti told me that there’s an island a day or so away from the one we just left. It’s uncharted, and he says it’s home to savages,” Aquilonis glanced to a very tall and muscular individual on deck who looked like one of the slaves the adventurers had seen in town, “not that I’m saying they’re savages, but anyway, that’s where we’re headed.”

Aquilonis then turned away, wandering past Elektra. There was a brief exchange between the two of them, quiet enough to go unheard by the adventurers. Nathan then descended onto the main deck, passing many of the crew by as he went into his cabin, which was underneath the quarterdeck. He closed the door behind him.

Elektra, meanwhile, remained at the wheel on the quarterdeck of the ship, which was the highest deck and rested at the back of the vessel. The deck at the front of the ship, or the forecastle deck, was where Fintan the Sea Dwarf stood near the mighty ballista attached to the Dragon, which always remained loaded and at the ready. Flint climbed below deck via the hatch in the center of the main deck, making his way to his bunk. Those who followed him would find that all of the bunks below deck were open – save one, the door to which was shut and locked.

A few of the more perceptive newcomers on the main deck may have noticed just how watchful both Fintan and Elektra were of them.


It was a beautiful morning. The sea was calm, and they were swiftly leaving the Southerner town’s little island behind. When they were in port, a few other small islands had been visible, but the further away from the settlement that they went, the less land was in sight. Soon no land would be visible in any direction.

Although the skies were mostly clear and the bright sun was beating down upon the deck, a cool wind was keeping things a reasonable temperature. For a while, there was silence among the crew. All that could be heard were the sails catching the breeze and the blue-grey seawater lapping at the sides of the vessel as the fast ship cut through it like a knife… but considering the Dragon’s motley crew, the stillness wouldn’t last long.

((Sorry for the sub-par introduction post; those have never been my strongest point. For now you have pretty much free-run of the ship. Interact with each other freely, and interact with the NPCs, if you want (all players and NPCs are open for interaction right now; this won't happen a lot, so take advantage of it when you get your chances). Basically this is a nice little introductory sequence before things start to get moving – enjoy the peace and quiet while you can!))


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Posted 05 September 2010 - 05:01 AM

Cyprian wandered about the deck of the Golden Dragon, thinking to himself about how he'd be spending the next few months. After all the time on Ghalib's ship, this would be interesting. His thoughts drifted to the captain, Aquilonis, who seemed to be under the impression the newcomers on his boat were there for simple adventure. This was not the case with Cyprian, as Cyprian had boarded under orders from his own captain, Ghalib. He hadn't mentioned why, nor had he asked anything else of Cyprian aside from serving Aquilonis. Perhaps Ghalib considered this a gift, giving the Aquilonis one of his best men to assist him on his voyage. Maybe he just wanted someone to watch over the Imperial. Either way, Cyprian had full intentions of returning to Ghalib eventually, but until then he would (somewhat) obediently serve Aquilonis. He barely cared

As he strolled the deck, Cyprian never lifted his hands from his large dagger. Comfort came from the leather wrapped handle for him, and it never hurt to make strangers well aware he was armed and willing to use his weapons if necessary. His cutlass however, hung low from his belt, as he cared much less for it. It was just a tool, something to fight with. His dagger had sentimental value. He cared about it, and rightly so. It was a good weapon.

His eyes followed the occasional woman (Particularly a southerner woman from Aquilonis's original crew.), but for the most part he didn't make much eye contact with anyone else. He did notice a few folks from the village, namely the arrogant brat from the empire and the two priests that he figured were probably in love or something, though he never gave it much thought.

He continued his browsing of the ship, walking around until stopping at the starboard side. He looked down into the water before sighing and starting a rhythmic beat on the wood with his fingers. He gazed up at the sky, relatively cloudless today. Hopefully, it would be a perfectly smooth ride, at least for today.

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Posted 05 September 2010 - 06:27 AM

Dhamid Saramkha, a muscular southerner in his early 30's, walked across the deck of the ship. He had served time enough on the sea to know when a ship was of top quality, and the Golden Dragon certainly was. The large balista in the bow caught his eye. He admired the craftsmanship and technology, and felt more comfortable knowing such a powerful defense was part of the ship. Dhamid next turned his eye to the diverse crowd on the deck. Men, women, elves, and dwarves from all over the land were here. He noted the large amount of warriors present. Hopefully, if it was necessary, he could add his own blade and tactics to his new shipmates' defense. Having served as a soldier and been trained in both Kemhetian and Imperial combat styles, he was confident in his ability.

Deciding to socialize, Dhamid started to walk into the crowd. Two southerners, a man and a woman who seemed familiar with the ship, caught his eye. He started to approach them when the captain began leapt up to the quarterdeck. Dhamid listened in anticipation to his new captain' speech. "Well, I actually didn’t want anybody else. I had plenty, and now I have… a lot." The southerner's eager anticipation turned to anger. Pharoah Seti had lied to him! Or his men, which amounted to the same thing. An honest sailer had been taken advantage of, and now had to deal with over a dozen strangers. He himself had joined the Golden Dragon under the impression that the Captain Aquilonis was in need of more ship hands. It was too late to confront Seti now, so his anger would be wasted. Dhamid decided that he should learn the crew's side of the story. He continued to the two southerners, fingering the hilt of his falcata. It was a nervous habit of his to grasp his sword hilt, and seeing so many others with their weapons did not make him any more comfortable.

He walked up to the two southerners. "Greetings, my brethren. My name is Dhamid Saramkha and I am new to this ship. From our captain's words, I feel that I have been decieved by Pharoah Seti. I would much appreciate it if you could fill me in on the true story of the Golden Dragon."

((He's talking to Javed and Vala))

Then out spake brave Horatius,

The Captain of the Gate:

"To every man upon this earth Death cometh soon or late.

And how can man die better

Than facing fearful odds,

For the ashes of his fathers,

And the temples of his gods."


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Posted 05 September 2010 - 07:09 AM

Roland Novak was put off by the ammount of new adventurers. Especially now that his rite of passage, his freedom, was locked in the hold beneath his feet. Sir William Hale had promised him a full pardon from the Empire, and the return of his lands and title. But every league they sailed was further from his homeland, and could lead to death.

Then he sighted a man of extraordinary height. The man's hair was a rich red color, and he was strong to the point of brutality. Novak rarely saw many taller than he was, and this man was almost a full foot above his head.

He approached the man, careful to keep his right hand so it could easily draw his sword. "Long days and pleasant nights, sai," he said. He touched his left hand to his forehead, and bowed his head - a gesture of his former tribe, which showed respect to another. But respect and service were different things. In his tribe, the mark of respect was given to a warrior who was potential of equal or greater skill. Novak knew when he was beaten, and this man would give him his coin's worth.


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Posted 05 September 2010 - 07:25 AM

((Okay, its edited now Vorgain. ))

The first thing Harry did when he arrived on the ship was head below-deck for a power nap, he hadn't slept in a long time. Harry snored as loud as a dragon from his room below-deck. He had practically collapsed onto his small bed , and moved as much as a rock for a good hour. If it wasn't for the obnoxious snoring sound erupting from his room every few seconds, it would be reasonable to assume the red-headed youth had passed on.

Victor, Harry's pet hawk, and most loyal friend was perched on the edge of Harry's bunk-bed, desperately screeching as loud as he could in an effort to awaken his master. While Harry was irresponsible, and in truth a bit stupid, Victor on the other hand knew better than to let his master take such a long nap on his first day as a sailor. He didn't want to see his master fed to the monsters at sea. So there Victor stayed, desperately trying to get his master up and at em', but as of now he was fighting a losing battle. Victor then took more drastic measures, delicately swooping down near his master's pillow, and poking Harry's face with one of his sharp talons.

This woke Harry up. He sprang up from his bed as though he had just been stabbed, and due to the fact he was seven feet tall and at the bottom end of a bunk-bed, he rammed his face into the bottom of the bed above him.

"GAH! D***** Victor, what were you thinking?! You know how jumpy I am at night, I thought your talon was a weapon being aimed at my face!" Harry rubbed the side of his head gingerly. Victor rolled his eyes while Harry shifted his gaze to the door. He could here other people beginning to move about below-deck along with him.

Harry slowly rolled out of bed. The tall man stretched his lean arms, tapping the low ceiling with his fist in the process. Victor perched on his shoulder and looked pointedly at the door. Harry could tell what he was thinking.

"What's the rush Victor? Its not like I'm actually going to have to work around ship. I'm an adventurer now, not a sailor." Harry whined. Victor nipped his ear with his beak and pointed at the door with his talon.
"Oww! Victor, in the deal I made with Ghalib I would go on this ship to monitor the captain, not work as one of his mateys. If he needs someone's *** to be kicked, then that's fine, I can do that...but I'm not swabbing the deck or something like that. Such menial tasks aren't befitting of a King of Thieves like myself." Victor responded to Harry's whining by staring him in the eyes.
"I mean, why should I work? What can the captain do to me?" As an answer Harry's stomach let out a loud rumble, he hadn't eaten at all yesterday which was part of the reason he was so tired. Quite simply, their new captain wouldn't feed them if Harry wasn't pulling his weight.
"I hate your logic Victor..."

Harry dragged himself to the door and to the deck of the ship, shielding his gaze from the morning sun. His eyes were never able to adjust well to the daylight after being a night-person most of his life. He looked around at the other members of the haphazard crew and was relieved to see that none of the other new crew members had begun working yet either. He leaned against the side of the ship, shuffling a deck of cards in his hands if someone was interested in playing a game. Out of one eye he stared at the dwarf apparently called "Fintan." Harry didn't have a feeling they would get along.

A man then approached Harry carefully, keeping his hand near his sword as though he feared that Harry was about to jump him. Harry had become used to receiving this sort of reaction, his intimidating height and physique was his greatest asset. Even though Harry wasn't as physically strong as he appeared, he still looked like a monster of a man, and he was acutely aware of this fact.

"Long days and pleasant nights, sai," The man said. Harry responded by staring back at the man with a dumbfounded look on his face. The man was clearly trying to show him respect. Still, he had no idea what the man had just said exactly meant.

"Um...hi." Harry held out his hand. "I don't believe in bowing to a man before you get to know them. When I save your but in a fight, then you can bow to me, but for now lets just shake on it. My name's Harry Smith by the way, I'll be joining you on this here crew." Victor made a law cawing sound from his shoulder.

"Oh, and this is Victor. He says hi too."

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Lloyd was among the first to notice the remarks made about those who had joined the crew of The Golden Dragon. None of them were about him, but he could tell something was amiss. His suspicions were confirmed when Roland made his announcement, “A lot of you got on this ship while we were in that little Southerner town,” said Aquilonis, “probably thinking that I wanted more hands on my ship for this voyage. Well, I actually didn’t want anybody else. I had plenty, and now I have… a lot.

Lloyd quickly became angry at the fact he had been tricked by Seti or his men. He pondered what to do next, eventually deciding to get to know his fellow crewmates through observation. He always seemed to be able to find the good and evil simply by checking their actions. The first thing he observed was that huge tribal covered in scars. He was taller than Lloyd, of that he was sure. Scanning over the rest of the crew he noted what appeared to be two southerner couples, and that insane sea dwarf he recognized from the colony, wasn't his name Hamish or something like that? Scanning over the rest of the crew, he found what appeared to be a mixed jumble of good and evil. Seeing nothing else of interest, he proceded to claim a bunk, and slept.

He woke up at the crack of dawn, as usual, and proceded to go up to the deck, wondering what would befall them today.

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Walking on board the ship, Omrach was in awe about how beautiful the ship was. If only I had a ship like this, he thought. Once on board, he wandered around the deck, noting all of the sails and ropes. "A fine ship", he muttered to himself. He walked to the edge of the deck, and leaned on one of the rails, looking down into the water. He watched a small fish, very vibrant in color with bright hues of orange and green, dance in the water. He smiled, and pondered about his old fishing business. These thoughts were quickly dispersed when another fish, much larger in size, quickly darted up from the depths, gobbled up the other fish, and disappeared into the blackness of the sea. So it goes, he thought.

Omrach stood up, and noted Sir Aquilonis stepping up onto the edge of the quaterdeck. He listened to the captains speech, and felt almost hurt that Sir Nathaniel didn't want him, and the rest of the newcomers, on board. He looked behind himself, and saw two of the crew members giving a cold stare to the newcomers. "So we are not welcome", Omrach quietly said to himself. He instantly felt better though, when he saw that they had set sail. One of the sails was luffing, and he yelled at one of the crew to adjust the sail. The young sailor looked at him, and started adjusting the rope.

Omrach noticed a crew member going below deck. He followed him, and found the bunks. He walked into one, claimed it his own, and set his bag down on a small, hard bed. The bed wasn't the only small thing, the room as a whole was too. The only things in the room were his bed, a large trunk, and a porthole. Despite it being an extremely dismal room he liked it more than the inn he was at the night before, as he was always happier at sea. He peered out of the porthole and gazed at the deep blue sea, wondering about what life would be like in the months to come. He opened the trunk and put a few of his things inside, and laid on the bed for a few moments. He thought about his dead mother. He new that she would be proud that he was going back to sea. Once he was done resting, he walked outside the door and climbed back up to the deck. Most of the crew seemed to be mingling, and he decided that he would do so too. He walked up to a member of the crew and attempted to start a conversation. "Hello, I am Omrach, he said, and what's your name?"

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Novak took the offered hand, and gave it a firm grip. "Roland Novak," he said. Then, nodding at the hawk, he said, "Can he hunt? I knew a mighty hunting hawk when I lived in the North..."

His eyes grew sharp and cold. "But that was a long time ago," he said, voice displaying no emotion - and thus displaying everything.


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Tracker almost laughed, and a loud, booming laugh it would have been - had he not been in such a sombre mood. The lightskin Captain seemed to think that Tracker wanted to be on this glorified raft. A likely story. No, he wished nothing more than to be far from here, back among his home, the jungle of his youth .. he still savoured the smells of the flora, the organic creaks and groans of the vines scraping against the trees as the trade winds coursed over the island .. but he shook the thought immediately. He had been trapped for so long in the stifling heat of the foriegner's land that he was letting himself get carried away with anticipation. So he calmed himself, breathed deeply, mulled over what he might have to do to make it back to his homeland. He refused to wear the shackles of the outlanders any longer. He looked over the other "crew", as the people called them. They were mostly lightskins or darkskins, none of his kind. All foriegners. All not to be trusted.

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The man returned Harry's handshake with a strong grip behind it that nearly came to the point of hurting Harry's hand. "Roland Novak," the man introduced himself as. He then turned his attention to Victor. "Can he hunt? I knew a mighty hunting hawk when I lived in the North..."

Harry was a bit surprised that this man was so focused on learning more about Victor, but hey, to each his own. "But that was a long time ago." The man did not delve into this detail anymore, and as such he said all that was needed. Clearly the hawk's fate wasn't favorable. He tried to change the subject to something less gloomy.

"Well, Victor can hunt. He knows how to track enemies without being seen, and he can scout any area I ask him to." Harry then grinned mischievously. "That being said, he doesn't usually hunt animals." Harry let what that meant sink in.

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"That being said, he doesn't usually hunt animals."

Smith paused after that. Novak's eyes narrowed. "If you are a bounty hunter, sai, it would be ill advised to attempt to take me into custody. I have been promised a pardon by Sir William Hale, a Paladin of the Empire who is at sea with us. I go far enough to consider him my friend, and believe he thinks similiar. If you are to try anything, let it be known: regardless of how skilled you are, you will not withstand the two of us."

Novak gently patted the pommel of his sword. "And it is even less likely your skin will withstand the bite of my blade. Tread carefuly, sai, for these waters are vast, and you have yet to find allies aboard this ship."


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Ryan walked around the ship wherever his feet took him when he awoke. He was saddened by the sinking of the Seal and the death of a few of his fellow crew members. He took a deep breath and thought, Well, you've done your mourning, might as well get on with life. He took another breath and began to make his way to the deck.

He was quite impressed by the ship itself. It was a good strong, seaworthy ship; the wood felt sturdy. It was a beautiful ship, regal. He breathed in the crisp morning air and smiled; he loved the air by the ocean, especially in the morning and night. He looked to the sky to see the sun shining weakly behind the thin clouds.

The previous day in town, he had purchased a few supplies; replacing his chainmail with another that had some ornate Southern patterns along it. He had also restocked on arrows and supplies. Although he had no belief in the deities of the South, he had bought a small golden Ankh and an Eye of Horus amulet for when he got home. If he got home.

He looked around the deck and saw a newer man standing on the deck. He shrugged, then walked up to him. He put his hand out and said, "Good morning my friend, I am Ryan Alexander of Illikon."

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"Good morning my friend, I am Ryan Alexander of Illikon." Cyprian took a quick moment to size up the newcomer. His clothes were simple, as would be expected of a traveler. Nothing peculiar about them. It was certainly obvious that the man had spent much time from more civilized lands, though he did seem to keep himself fairly well groomed. What caught his eye was the unique sword hanging at the mans hip, with what appeared to be a masterfully crafted pommel. The blade, however, seemed rather slender in design, Cyprian was curious to how really effective it would be against a larger tool.

As he reached forward to grasp the newcomer's hand, his eyes were caught on the interesting ring upon one of his fingers. It was a strangely unique and rich ring, certainly not what Cyprian would have expected a mid-class, perhaps even poor traveler to carry with him. Interesting...

"I bid you good day, Ryan of Illikon. I am Cyprian Amril, a man of Illikon myself. Though it has been long since I have seen the beauty of the Imperial coast." He grasped the Imperial's hand, resisting the urge to run a finger along the exquisite ring.

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When Novak patted his sword, Harry quickly brushed aside his cloak, drawing immediate attention to the two dark-red daggers he had by his side. Harry's already intimidating presence increased dramatically when his weapons came into view. These weren't small daggers, each one was roughly the size of a short-sword, and Harry was more than capable of duel-wielding them.

"Don't jump to conclusions Novak, I won't deny having hunted some bounty-heads in the past, but I'm certainly not here to fight you. I didn't know that you'd be so sensitive about such a thing, I was merely implying that Victor here is more than capable of taking down a man by himself." In response to his claims Victor began to stretch his legs, showing off his impressive talons, and cawing at Novak in an effort to intimidate him.

"Now, I will make you a deal. Your past is clearly a sensitive subject, so I won't ask you questions, and you don't ask me any. If you ever try to threaten me again, I'll rearrange your spine to my liking." Harry didn't think twice about whether or not he could beat this man, none could beat him in close combat like this.

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Novak smiled. He hadn't had a real challenge for... ages. The big man would most likely kill him if it came down to it, but Novak probably had more training. The man's daggers were large, but he looked like he relied on brute strength to make his kill. Novak had seen men his size move quickly before, but not many, and not fast enough to match his swiftness. If either of them were to draw blade aboard the ship, it would be a fight to remember.

"I mean no ill will, sai," he said. "But given the test, I do not think you would be as victorious as you think. You posses strength, aye. But can you be certain you can cast me down? I will not draw arms and instigate this duel - but if your knives move an inch in their sheaths, then Serenity will leave hers. I have been trained by both my Northern brethren, and Imperial Knights. I promise you, sai, you will shed blood if I do."

The two men stood there, an icy calm between them, as Novak waited for the response.


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David stood on the deck looking over the new arrivals who had appeared at the ship early that morning as if from nowhere. They were quite a diverse bunch, and he noticed that many were already getting acquainted with the old crew. He noticed a night elf like himself, it had been years since David had spoken with one of his own race, he would have to acquaint himself with the man soon. However, his eyes were primarily drawn to a southerner with some kind of bird of prey. He couldn't have said exactly what, but something about the man spoke of power. Curious, he wended his way to the man through the crowd on the deck. "First time at sea?" he asked.

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Harry stared deep into Novak's eyes, sizing up his opponent. The man was a veteran warrior, that's for sure. If nothing else, he certainly knew what he was doing. But Novak had made a possibly fatal mistake, he believed that Harry relied on his brute strength, but this was far from the truth. Harry was well muscled, but he only looked impressively strong because of his height. In truth, Harry relies on his speed more than everything else. Also, there was the fact that Novak assumed he would attack with his daggers. Harry was actually more fond of using his steel-toed boots to cave a man's face in like a pumpkin at these types of close quarters. Novak had completely misjudged his fighting style.

He was right about one thing though, they would make quite the fight.

The arrogant part of Harry desperately wanted to show this man how dangerous he could be, but he wasn't a fool. Novak was right earlier about how Harry had no allies on this ship, and as of now he couldn't afford to get into any serious trouble with the captain due to a silly squabble like this. "I won't fight you Novak, not on this ship with all your friends at least. I'll back down on this one." Harry pulled his cloak back over his body, concealing his blades once more.

"But consider this a fair warning, I'm faster than I look." Harry then went back to shuffling his cards, waiting for Novak to walk away, or try and restart the conversation should he choose.

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"I'll keep it in mind," Novak said. He removed his hand from his sword's hilt, and extended it. "I don't mean any ill will, sai," he said again. "My past is merely... my own."

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Ryan also had been noting the man's appearance. He paid no head to whether or not his looks would be considered dashing by the opposite sex or not. He noted the man was a bit more heavily armed, though that wasn't extremely uncommon among the present company. He was a bit darker than most Imperials and might've had a small bit of Southern in his blood. He stood a few inches shorter than Ryan, though was much more muscular, as Ryan was slim.

"I bid you good day, Ryan of Illikon. I am Cyprian Amril, a man of Illikon myself. Though it has been long since I have seen the beauty of the Imperial coast." He grasped the Imperial's hand, resisting the urge to run a finger along the exquisite ring.

"Well met Cyprian," he said, "It's great to see another from Illikon. Out of curiosity, what brings you to this journey? Thirst for adventure, treasure, glory?"

He ignored the glint in the man's eye when he saw his ring. It was a valuable and exquisite heirloom indeed, and he himself often caught himself looking at it or rubbing just out of habit or when he had nothing else to do.

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[...I'm not on the list. :( Well, I fixed the minor problems you had with my sign-up, so I'll assume I'm okay, and it was only a typo. Correct me if I'm wrong.]

Kanen Sarka frowned slightly at the Captain's...negative speech. He didn't believe it to be quite fair to judge them all so harshly right off the bat. Not all of them were greedy b******* who only cared about treasure, or adrenaline junkies who just craved adventure for no good reason. Not all of them.... Kanen sighed, thinking about his long lost brother....

"Hello, I am Omrach, he said, and what's your name?"

This cheery individual snapped Kanen out of his silent lament.

"Hmm? Oh, yes. Well met Omrach," Kanen replied with a smile, shaking the man's hand. "I, am Kanen Sarka. What brings you to this fine-"

Suddenly, the Templarian native noticed a beautiful woman at the helm of the ship, her dark hair blowing gently in the breeze.

"Vessel..." Kanen finished distractedly. "I'm sorry, Omrach, I need to go, but I'll talk to you later. Here," Kanen put his fingers to his mouth and whistled sharply, the held out his arm. From high above, a great horned owl swooped down from the heavens, land lithely upon Kanen's arm.

"Why don't you get to know Taro?" Kanen gestured to his owl. He then bent over and held his arm parallel to the guard rail, and Taro hopped onto it. Kanen then opened one of his belt pouches and took out a couple brown pellets, and pressed them into Omrach's hand.

"Here are some treats for Taro. You seem like a nice fellow, so I'm sure he'll take to you right away." Kanen smiled reassuringly and patted the man on the shoulder before making his way to the stairs that led to the quarterdeck. Kanen set his hand on the smooth wood and let it glide along the rail as he ascended the steps.

As the Templarian reached the top he slowly walked towards the helmswoman. He stopped a few feet away from her and gazed out over the sea. He sighed contently.

"Beautiful day, isn't it?" Kanen returned his gaze to the woman guiding the ship through the waves. "Among other things. So, I do not believe we have met. I, am Kanen Sarka," He extending his hand, "And you are...?"

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