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In Topic: Destiny 2: Coming to PC via Blizzard of all people

19 May 2017 - 11:58 AM

Warcraft gold is an official way to pay for Destiny 2 now. Probably pc exclusive deal. :P

Destiny 1 was fun up until you did everything then it was repeat, repeat, repeat. Don't know how I feel about destiny 2 just yet. Seems interesting, but idk. Pve isn't that fun to me after the story is done. Pvp though is interesting 4v4 game modes mean 2 things. No dedicated servers for pvp as peer to peer play usually tops out at 12 players. 4v4 guarantees it's pretty smooth. Also 4v4 adds tension. Could be fun.

In Topic: The Video Game News/Looming Shadow of E3 Thread

04 February 2017 - 07:54 AM

An old racer is getting revived. GTR racing series is coming back. This time to PC, PS4/XB1 in 2018 with GTR 3 on Unreal 4. 


I kinda expect the Switch to do pretty well. Just 2 reasons why. Its portable and its new. Most gamers will have a console already like XB1 or PS4 and probably won't go for the 4K gaming stuff in Pro or Scorpio since all games are cross compatible between the base and the 4K SKUs so many will think of them as pointless. Which kinda leaves Nintendo a big opening for those people if they take interest and have the cash. Even 3rd parties are slightly more interested than Wii, WiiU generations, but some still skeptical at the same time. 

In Topic: SSLF Switch Party, no dorks allowed

24 January 2017 - 05:24 AM

Seems pretty sell able to me. Hardware might not be up to par with the others, but its built to be mobile. Which is a big plus to alot of people. The whole 3DS, Vita, Gameboy, and Wii/WiiU crowd could all pile into buying the Switch. Ya never really know who is gonna buy with Nintendo stuff. Thats a reason why some 3rd parties are skeptical about putting anything on the Switch as Nintendo usually aims to capture new gamers more than anything else so its like selling a new Ip every generation on their platforms.


As far as games go most Dev limits on the Hertz in the SDK can be adjusted according to Nintendo so they could use the hardware to its max potential if they would like. The Battery might die in a couple of hours, but hey that's how power works. :P Compared to phones they have a few years before anything catches up to it in any major way on the GPU front. Snapdragon has mobile GPUs around 500 Gigaflops for 2017. Something like top tier phones are only likely place to find that. Not sure on most of the others, but having 1 Tflop holds them above the Cell phone market for now. Only other powerhouse designs for phones lie with PowerVR which has equal specs to Tegra X1 and even goes up to 1.6 Tflops or it was claimed with the GT7900 APU spec they had announced in 2015 I think, but no product has ever utilized it. It was on a smaller node than Nvidia's product as well. Aimed for console development I believe. Maybe it was the CPU design or something as that was a MIPS CPU design.  


When I heard Nintendo was working with DeNA to make an online service for Switch/NX awhile back I was thinking that is a pretty sketchy idea to me. Then I see this whole Smartphone app for online play. I believe its whole direction is to keep younger kids away from bad online experiences. Not very pleased with the idea myself, but maybe once its shown in motion around E3 we will understand it better or have a real reason to throw rocks at Nintendo. 


Not quite sure I would buy the Switch, but I like old NES Mario, and haven't played Zelda since I owned a gameboy Color. New Mario, Zelda look pretty fun. One or two other things. :P


LEGO Worlds is now coming to the Switch the new Minecraft/LEGO MMO type of thing. 


I highly doubt everything will run at 1080p honestly. Maybe the Switch design is a test for whatever comes next. If it sells then amazing. If not then they can scramble again in 2021 or so. You know AMD has already confirmed AMD Ry(zen) SoCs will be ready for Sony/Microsoft in 2018/2019 to start development on new consoles which takes at least 1-2 years. So like 2020/2021.  :P

In Topic: The Video Game News/Looming Shadow of E3 Thread

24 October 2016 - 05:42 AM

Not really surprised Switch isn't WiiU game compatible. Its strange though that so many games are claimed to be getting ported so easily to the system. I guess its just the core CPU design thing that is tripping up the idea. And well the no disc drive likely a reason Nintendo skipped over coding it even if it was possible to emulate. 


1 Major third party plans to bring all its titles from PS4 over to Switch. Not sure if that's the current line up. Some type of Orange box kinda deal or just the future titles to come. :P 


Cryengine might even be supported on Switch as well in the future revisions of the engine. There brand manager states they would like to see it on as many platforms as possible, but no comment just yet. And well they supported WiiU and even Android with a version of it so one can only suspect it is a possibility. 


I expect a big unveiling in January/February/Early March for Switch details, games, and so on. Probably January as people will be rabidly awaiting for game news by then. Since there is no longer a NDA then its likely anything announced at VGX thing could include switch titles. 


Mark Cenry talks about how you could just do two 16 Floating operations instead of 32 or putting two 16 floating point operations into 1 32-bit operation with PS4 Pro games and get 8.4 Tflops with PS4Pro in a long talk about Pro. Technically this is possibly true, but couldn't Scorpio do the same and get 12 Tflops? Possibly. I am not that deep into GPU operations. Sony also stated it still believes in generations. So PS5 will exist apparently after claiming they would never know if one was coming earlier months ago. 



In Topic: The Video Game News/Looming Shadow of E3 Thread

21 October 2016 - 06:47 AM

Well one thing Switch has going for it is that its the first non cell phone hardware element that has games built on ARM hardware. It is using a first of its kind API for games. Also it is likely that it has two Socs or a split one. One for each piece of hardware. Right? Unless they are doing a Cloud thing like NVIDIA Grid. I don't see how it has so many third parties on board and UE4.0 If it was too weak. One of the key features of X2 Tegra design is GPGPU thing kind alike how Nintendo went for GPGPU stuff for WiiU. Honestly I believe worst case scenario here is that it measures up to just below XB1 power enough so that very few things would ever have to be altered in ports between the two. Nintendo's major focus is likely somewhere between 720p to 900p gaming.   



Also ESL is working with Sony's new Tournaments section on PS4. Sounds pretty awesome to me. Giving competitive gaming a boost.