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In Topic: D3 2018: The DMC5 Display Demonstration

12 June 2018 - 10:44 PM

Well I'm calling it now. Next-gen begins in 2020. Sony and Microsoft have thrown their cards on the table. Expect 100 GB games in 2020. Not a joke. Next-gen will be at E3 2019.

Microsoft did a great job focusing on games and even promises hardware in the future.

Sony didn't mention new hardware at all and while 90 percent of their studios having projects under wraps. We saw 4 Sony ips right? Well they have like 15 studios with multiple teams inside some studios. Guestimate, but something like 10 to 15 or so.

Although oddly less than 24 hours ago someone slipped up. It's now all over the Internet that Sony has a Zen+ cpu + AMD Navi powered SoC aiming at 2020 that soaked up the Vega Resources to develop with Sony giving direction on Navi development of their special order Soc. Sony is playing sneaky. Seems to be intentionally leaked.

Sony did okay. It's titles are golden for sure. I love samurai and Re2 and Last of Us. I feel like they held back by a large margin.

EA didn't even talk about Battlefield. They just said look and walked away. What happened to all that enthusiasm towards 64 player chaos they had last year. They seriously even fixed alot of the bad of BF1 from what I read.

EA loses the Star Wars license in 2023. They might have enough time for 1 or 2 next-gen titles. They have absolutely failed with everything they made with it though so far. Kotor MMO bombed at launch. Battlefront launch was a dud. Battlefront 2 well you know.

Ubisoft did it's thing. Left Watch Dogs 3 at home.

Nintendo did it's thing. Seems fun and quirky as always Nintendo. Left Metroid 4 behind for some reason.

In Topic: D3 2018: The DMC5 Display Demonstration

12 June 2018 - 09:05 AM

Having said that, exclusive games are a blight that just need to die, all these games should be on all of them.

Most games revealed this year are multiplatform. A couple exclusive games, but not many.

In Topic: D3 2018: The DMC5 Display Demonstration

11 June 2018 - 10:44 AM

I now wonder if Sony has those two. The Avengers game and the FFVII remake at their show later. Then again this is Square Enix. They take 5 years minimum to build a game in house. :P

I'm definitely expecting Watch Dogs 3 from Ubisoft and lengthy talking about the Division 2.

Hmm so far my list of next-generation games has 3 titles. I expect Cyberpunk, Elder Scrolls, and Starfield to be at least 2 years away.

I expect Sony to feature some decent surprises as well.

In Topic: D3 2018: The DMC5 Display Demonstration

11 June 2018 - 08:53 AM

Gamespot channel on youtube has most live e3 conferences. Except Devolver I believe.

In Topic: D3 2018: The DMC5 Display Demonstration

10 June 2018 - 08:17 PM

Did he say next-generation when he mentioned Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6? He definitely did so we wont see them release until like 2020 or so maybe.

Happy to see more Wolfenstein. They have done well with this.

Honestly the ability to nuke other players sounds fun in fallout 76.