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#462466 Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Maclunkey

Posted by Bobafettmaniac on 23 December 2015 - 07:34 AM


#452734 World of Tanks

Posted by Bobafettmaniac on 28 July 2015 - 02:11 PM

Chinese lines are pretty boss.

#452061 World of Tanks

Posted by Bobafettmaniac on 21 July 2015 - 08:01 AM

Yo, so Halfbaked and I run a clan on WoT, and we play pretty regularly, as good internet dictates. If anyone wants to join us, you are more than free to come.


Anyway, I love me so ISU-152. I believe this was a 6k damage game. Pretty fun tank with insane AP capabilities and high alpha damage. Never selling it.





Next is the venerable T-34-1. This Chinese medium is up to the task as a Tier VII medium, and has a strong turret, making it a fortress when hull-down. I am done with this tank, and I have sold it since, as it's gun depression, poor aiming time, and weak hull armor outweigh it's worth in my garage. A great tank, but not good enough to make the cut.




Now, this is an interesting new tank.  The SP-1C was an experimental German scout AFV, and in game, it is a equipped with a kickass 90mm auto-loader. I quite enjoy mine, and I will most likely never sell it, as the combination of gun, small size, and decent speed make this a dangerous little bugger, even in Tier X matches. This was around 5.5k spotting damage, plus a bonus of 700 damage done. 




Want to play for yourself? Download the free game, and roll out with us!

#450965 ZONE - Arrowfall ((OLD))

Posted by Bobafettmaniac on 10 July 2015 - 07:49 PM

The new companion seemed exasperated. For some reason, the four in the group had met each other minutes before and were already in a spat. “First of all, he, is not a real mage. Trust me on that. Second, what the hell makes you think the sewers would lead to the crypts? Why would they?” She looked around at the gathered men. "Look, we’re not equipped or trained enough to deal with something this… this… diabolical or whatever. As downright stupid as some of you are,” her sharp look at the imposter of a mage made it clear who ‘some’ was, “we - the Inquisitors, I mean - need all the manpower we can get together. So… just follow me to where they’re staying, okay? And we can actually put a reasonable plan together. Maybe.” 


Daffyd was slightly peeved. "Look, I'm not from around here. I just got here yesterday, and for all I know, the damn sewers could lead to the mayors garden. Thats why the hell I asked you. Siding with the inquisitors is our best bet, but as this fellow here (Ash) just stated, traveling with this dude is hazardous particularly when around inquisitors. They seem to like killing mages, fake or not, and their friends. And I am pretty intent on living. So as soon as you guys come up with a good idea, I all aboard. But the longer we stay out on these streets, less safe we are. 


The elf also agreed, "Sounds good to me. Better then single handedly waltzing into his lair and revealing his location to the Inquisition." He said as he flipped his bangs out of his face and readjusted his bow over his shoulder. 


"Such a diva," Daffyd thought. The sooner he parted ways with this group the better.  




#450878 ZONE - Arrowfall ((OLD))

Posted by Bobafettmaniac on 10 July 2015 - 05:30 AM

“H-huh? Er, I’m… Jade. Now who’re you? And why in Freyja’s name are you wearing a mask like that?” 


"Ah, Jade. I am Daffyd Llewelynn, yeoman of Llandfainn at your service," spoke Daffyd, bowing and removing his hat, "and as for that fellow, I don't really know either." As they were just making progress, the elf exploded with a tirade at the two critiquing their manners like a mother or teacher. As if treating mysterious strangers on dark, plague infected streets in a quarantined city with some measure of caution was rude. "Look. I know we haven't known each other for more then a day. But is this how you two usually act around women? Or are you intimidating and noses to both genders and I was just a fluke?" He said sternly as he stood in front of both of them and tore down his hood in frustration. "I'm trying to get a team together to investigate what is going on down there! And not many people will want to get in if you're acting like...like... Ugh. You're like children. I can't stay mad at both of you. You're too thick headed to know better."


Daffyd, standing a full couple inches above the young elf, just shot a murderous glance at the knave. "How 'bout you shut up?  If you are going to investigate the cemetery, follow me but stay quiet and keep your arms close."


With that, Daffyd set off towards the cemetery, regardless of whether the others followed. They were clearly inexperienced and petty, and the masked fellow was quite creepy.

#450815 General OOC Discussion Thread

Posted by Bobafettmaniac on 09 July 2015 - 04:07 PM

Yup, now lets go kick some undead butt...

#450794 ZONE - Arrowfall ((OLD))

Posted by Bobafettmaniac on 09 July 2015 - 01:55 PM

"Oh...you mean who is the man we are talking about? He, I assume is the responsible party in this whole mess. Who are you, by the way?", inquired Daffyd. He kept his bow at the ready, but the odds were starting to climb in their favor with the addition of another archer.

#450793 General OOC Discussion Thread

Posted by Bobafettmaniac on 09 July 2015 - 01:51 PM


Jade only asked about who Team Archery4Life was talking about. She didn't mention anything about knowing Ash or asked for your character's name. And why would you pull your hood down if you wanted to keep your identity a secret until she told her's?

EDIT: Sorry if that came off kinda jerky. I was just trying to say how your last post didn't really follow what Burgs said and what happened earlier in the RP. And Jade and Asher barely know each other btw...


Well, my character didn't catch that. So, consider it him just not understanding. Also, my character wasn't really wearing a hood to start with (I think it was placed on him in Burger's description of our trio), so I was removing it and placing my dude's actual hat on. If you want to know what my character looks like in order to describe him, Dagoth finished a portrait of him in the sign up. Sorry if that didn't make any sense. Also, "she apparently knew the elf to an extent"  sums up "barely know each other" pretty well. 

#450365 General OOC Discussion Thread

Posted by Bobafettmaniac on 04 July 2015 - 06:31 AM

Just waiting on a post from Ghostly...  :whistling:

#450051 Custom Content

Posted by Bobafettmaniac on 30 June 2015 - 09:30 PM

I wanted to create a little lore for Daffyd's home town and culture. Let me know if more/less detail is needed or etc... 


The Town of Llandfainn


Location and culture:

The border town of Llandfainn straddles the edge of the empire, and the realm of Northrim. On the coast, fish and wheat production supports the local economy and trade takes place on both sides of the border. Northmen and Acheans intermarrying has produced an interesting breed of humankind. Taller than an imperial, but shorter than Northmen, the people of Llandfainn have adopted the widespread use of the longbow, an elongated bow made of the outer wood and heart wood of hardwood trees. Powerful enough to pierce armor with ease, the use of this bow has allowed the townspeople of Llandfainn to remain unmolested by marauding bands, and has put much food on the table for the local populace. Now, with economic difficulties in the town, Llandfainn's archers spread through the empire in search of gold and adventure, in an attempt to escape the decay of their hometown. 



The population of Llandfainn speaks a language derived from a mix of the northern tribal languages mixed with the imperial tongue. This mix is unintelligible to most outsiders, and is only spoken in the local region. The citizens of Llandfainn are rather tribal, and promote use of C'amrii, the local tongue. A merchant in Llandfainn will sell his goods at an inflated price to an outsider, for instance, but to one who speaks the native tongue of Llandfainn, the merchant will sell at normal price. The same goes for most businesses, and because of this tribal approach to language and communication, trade is difficult with the Imperial towns to the south and west, which has cause economic difficulties in Llandfainn, forcing the citizens to find other ways of making ends meet apart from farming and hunting. 


The Mercenary Trade in Llandfainn:

While citizens of Llandfainn no longer trade primarily in furs and wheat, mercenary trade is an increasing market as skilled longbowmen are constantly in demand in Imperial auxiliaries and private armies or guards. These marksmen are known for being able to fire arrows at a staggering speed out to 300 paces. The longbow itself, standing over six feet tall is a murderous weapon in the hand of a skilled archer, capable of bringing down an armored knight, or punching through a warrior's shield and armor. 



#449860 General OOC Discussion Thread

Posted by Bobafettmaniac on 29 June 2015 - 04:37 PM

Cool stuff. I should be able to have the first post up by tomorrow midday. I'm still traveling home, and I should be at my place by then.

#442826 ZONE - Rimegard

Posted by Bobafettmaniac on 23 April 2015 - 08:00 PM

Vercingetorix was sipping his beer, when the elven lady of the the party brought the new lackey to the table, and introduced him to the berserker. The elf seemed on edge, and there was an odd air about the figure, and the mask didn't help. Vercingetorix had the impulse to introduce the newest member of the group to his axe, but restrained himself. Taking a long swig of beer, he looked the thing square in the eye, and blurted, "What, is your face too ugly to show in public? Mine ain't known as handsome, but I don't traipse around in old masks." Vercingetorix waved his hand at the waitress, and ordered another meed, though he hardly needed more alcohol. 

#440955 Kickstarter Updates: New Target Ship Date

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Shut up and take me moneys... :10coinz:  :10coinz:  :10coinz:  :10coinz:  :10coinz:

#440232 ZONE - Plains of Illikon

Posted by Bobafettmaniac on 18 March 2015 - 09:09 AM

The elf answered Vercingetorix's question. “A wanderer. I had a home once. Now my home is the road.”

After a moment of silence, the elf continued, “I know how Men are about sorcerers… so just to warn you, I’m Gifted.” He crossed his arms. “Fire magic,” he clarified.

Vercingetorix nodded, "I have no quarrel with casters. Gifted ones are quite useful in battle."

The elf nodded to the wolf skin Vercingetorix wore. “I’ve heard of berserkers. Are you one, or do you just wear a skin?”

"I am indeed. Odin has gifted me strength, imbued in this humble cloak of skin and fur."

The other elf, the minstrel, approached, helping the injured one along, the one that Vercingetorix had rescued from the assassin back at the tavern. "Jax, can you see what you can do for Zaeed? I've done what I could on the road, but I only know the very basics, and I don't have any herbs."

Jax arched a greenish eyebrow. “Me either,” he replied. He glanced at Zaeed before asking, “Does anyone here know how to tend wounds?”

She turned her attention to the large northerner, "Thank you for your help. Without you, we wouldn't have gotten out of this mess."



The elf pointed to herself, "I'm Phebe, traveling minstrel. And you are?"

"I am Vercingetorix, the bastard of Gervogia, and it was my pleasure. The battle was thrilling and bloody, worthy of Odin. I have some left over herbs that I used just now to back my own wound. You are welcome to what is left of them." 


Before Vercingetorix could continue his small talk with the others, the host of the farm announced that they were preparing for dinner. Vercingetorix moved towards the barn, and picked up two of the benches, easily lifting the heavy wooden seats onto his broad shoulders. turned around to walk back when the young master of the house, Petyr, if he remembered correctly, caught up to him, and marveled at the follower of Odin's strength and size. "Did you kill that wolf yourself?", he asked. 


"Yes, I did. This noble dire-wolf had stalked me for a fortnight while I passaged through the mountains below Bjornburg. Finally, he caught me when I was sleeping and attacked me. I would have been carrion if not for Odin alerting me to his presence. I awoke and seized the creature, and killed it with my sword."

#440203 General OOC Discussion Thread

Posted by Bobafettmaniac on 17 March 2015 - 06:13 PM

Same drill as today, pretty busy, but I'll get a post up when I can.


Btw, I hope you caught my fairly blatant reference to our favorite orange ottsel. Jak is one of my all time favorite games...of all time.