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About Me

Yes I used to be Roba Fett.....
And I used to be The Master.....
And Katana_Master......
AND Commander R.J......
AND Ranger R.J........

Anyway, here I am. I am Just The Doctor. I got this name from Doctor Who. When someone asks The Doctor's name, he answers with this. Here is a little scenario from "The Next Doctor" starring David Tennant and David Morrisey:

Rosita: Hang on! Who are you?
Doctor: I'm The Doctor!
Rosita: Doctor who?
Doctor: Just...The Doctor!
Rosita: Well there can't be two of ya!

Thats how I got it. I was going to be "The Doctor" but it sounded too much like my friend "Doctor". Anyway, I am a massive Doctor Who fan. I think it's safe to say I am the biggest on the forum :) I have a LOT Doctor Who DVD's, both classic and revived. After by birthday, I will post a pic of them all. I have also got a Sonic Screwdriver and a Tom Baker scarf knitted for me by my grandmother. Oh, and a Peter Davison-style cricket jumper AND a blue pinstripe suit AND a tweed jacket and bowtie (bowties are cool :P) and I could go on forever. But I won't. I am also making some Doctor Who fan episodes with my friend, and thanks to TheEngimeWrappedInATwinkie for giving me a great plan to make a Tardis! Once I have finished it, I wil post some pics here :) I like other things, but Doctor Who is the greatest.

1. Green Day - They are THE GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME!! In my opinion of course.

2. Drums - I have a Grestch Birch Cataina with two mounted and twin floor toms. I also have Zildjian and Paiste cymbols: Medium rock crash, Ping ride, Pst splash and a heavy rock crash.

3. Lego - Something that defines me. I love it.

4. Doctor Who - My favourite TV show of all time. It is absolutely BRILL! Hehe.

5. Fantasy - I love it. But not as much as other things *hint /\ hint* 'Nuff said.

5. RPG's - Some I like, some I don't, and some I lOVE!!!
6. The Lord Jesus/God - I'm very religious, so if you flame me because of that I shall report you, no questions asked.

7. Acting - I am an actor. I love Shakespeare and I hope to play The Doctor in Doctor Who as well one day.

8. Fantasy Wars - This is my own table-top fantasy RPG I created and it has become a HIT with my friends! What started with a simple 15x20cm board to play on became a massive table 320x560cm long! And the stats are so improved we have to use a netbook to get it going. Seriously, it is massive fun :)

I also love Katana's. I have a set of dragon-pommelled Katana's in my room. Cost me AU$1200!!!!


Take my updated quiz! See how well you know me! it has been updated with new messages, new questions, and obviously, a new name!

Favourite Quote:

Want to know what I love about Lego? It's the *umlaut*ber toy! Many toys have come and gone over the years. Bakugan enjoyed a brief period of sales, but has recently flopped. G.I. Joe and Transformers used to be popular, but they don't appeal to as many nowadays. Yet over the years, Lego building blocks have remained steady. Maybe it's the fact that you can keep on playing with it even after you've taken apart the original set, by building creations of your own design. Maybe it's the fact that it appeals to kids of all ages. But I'll tell you this: we love it. Even when Lego made flub-ups (see: Galidor), we still loved them. Even when Lego started selling out, by making toys of action figures from movies, we still loved them. Even when Lego promptly dropped Bionicle without explanation, we still loved them. It's something about Lego that helps bring back the inner child in us. Often, I make MOCs, and then actually "play" with other Legos in my collection, as in massive pretend battles.

To summarize it up: No matter how much Lego changes, it'll still be loved.

*tries to put Green day album link in page*


If anyone can help me put this (<a href="http://www.greendaymusic.com" target="_blank"><img ) in my page and make it be a picture, please PM me :P

Jay Tee rules. :)

This is Jay Tee's impression of me (apparently he was mucking around on Photoshop):

Posted Image

So thats about it. Thankyou for taking the time to read this. I am sure you have wasted some of your life doing this. I apologise. This is The Doctor, Just...The Doctor, signing off :)

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