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Le Morte D'Arthur: The Comic

04 October 2017 - 02:16 PM

So, one day while I was watching Game of Thrones, I was really bored, so I decided to make a comic based on Sir Thomas Malory's book of the same name (which, if you're curious, means 'The Death of Arthur' in French), as well as several others.


The comic will update every time I finish a story arc, I will post, so updates will be infrequent at best.


Anyways, here's the prologue:





Zone - Shipwreck Cove ((Stranded - START))

11 July 2017 - 12:45 PM

From a bird's eye view, the cove looked peaceful. Blue water crashing against a rocky beach, the whole thing surrounded by walls of rock.


But the aftermath of the storm made it look completely different.




Fresh driftwood and pieces of the Greenhawk were scattered all over the place, in addition to the rotten hulks of older wrecks. Among these were other Achaean vessels, some southern pirating ships, and even an Inquisitorial frigate. What made it worse were the corpses scattered among the wreckage, in addition to the skeletons from other such incidents in the past.


The survivors stood shivering in three separate groups; the Imperial Skirmishers, the Ship's crew, and the oar slaves. Even though they were all from different social classes, they all had one thing that was on their minds:


What dangers awaited them on this island?






Part I: Landfall


Thantos Grenfell looked with open disappointment at what remained of the troops under his command: out of the one hundred skirmishers he had brought with him, less than twenty had survived the storm. Even worse, all of them were under the command of Angus the Butcher, on of the higher-ups' favorites, but a man who Thantos despised due to his brutality. Some of the soldiers under his command, such as Sextus and Gavia, were nice enough, but the rest of them were brutes who looked like they belonged in a gladiatorial pit rather than the Achaean Military.


Edmund Hawkin had fared little better than the Imperial Officer: barely enough crew-members to make up even a skeleton crew had made it through the storm. The more memorable ones like Quint had survived, but they would be hard pressed to sail anything back to the known world. 


The only one who seemed pleased about this situation was Brute of all people. A surprisingly large amount of slaves had survived the storm, and where now bunched up in a group guarded by several of the Skirmishers. The slaves - including Silmiri and Captivus Vir - looked on with varying levels of fear, resignation, or defiance. Two of the more noticeable slaves were Jon - an enormous man hailing from the deep south of Khemet - and Nigel - a relatively newer addition to the slaves who had been purchased in the North.


"Listen up!" Thantos barked as he paced in front of the three groups "were are currently shipwrecked on a island unfamiliar to us, as Captain Hawkin informs me that this place is on non of what few sea charts he was able to recover!"


"It's true," Edmund chimed it "from what I can gather, we are on an undiscovered island in uncharted southern waters."


"In any case," Thantos continued "we are going to be on leave on this place for an unknown amount of time, we have two options: first, and my personal favorite, we head inland to see if we can head off this place! And sec-!"


"And secondly," Edmund interrupted "we could stay here. Maybe we could rebuilt the Greenhawk and get out of this place, but it would take a while. It's a much safer plan than heading inland."


The two glared at each other for a moment before the Imperial Officer looked at the group and said "Alright, we'll put it to a vote! Who wants to head inland, and who wants to stay here?"




((Welcome to the official start of Stranded. After voting on what to do next, feel free to interact with one another.)) 

Hori Holdensfarn

04 July 2017 - 12:12 PM



Full Name: Hori Holdensfarn
Aliases: The Grey Wanderer
Sex: Male
Race: Human (Northrim)
Birthplace: Horngofgasta, Northrim
Affinity: Earth
Deity: Odin 
Faction: None
Talents: Multilingual (Northrim, Southern) Martial Combat, Herbalism, Survivalism
Strength: 6
Agility: 5
Constitution: 4
Perception: 4
Intelligence: 5
Spirit: 8
Luck: 10
  • full set of leather armor
  • full set of simple clothing
  • Grey traveling cloak
  • Iron Sword
  • Shield
  • torch
  • small knife 
  • Map of Northrim
  • 1 clean bandage
  • Flint and tinder
  • Water and rations
Biography: Hori Holdensfarn was born and raised in Horngofgasta, Northrim, and was a proud and fierce warrior, always fighting against the tyrannical might of the Achaean Empire whenever he could. His luck changed for the better when one day, during the midst of a battle, he was paired up with a Shieldmaiden, Bera Atlidottir, from another clan. One thing led to another, and the eventually were married, retiring from the battlefield only so they could take care of their only child, a boy named Hamlin. 
When Hamlin was a man, both he and his parents returned to the battlefield. After going on many campaigns against the Empire, all three were eventually part of a failed campaign to seize Fort Munin from the Empire's control. Hamlin died in the battle, and his mother filled with grief, attacked the Empire's soldiers head-on while the others in the attack group fled. Hori didn't know what became of her until a few days later, her head was on display along with Hamlin's as signs of the Achaean's victory on the Fort's wall.
Heartbroken, Hori left Horngofgasta and took up a life as a wandering hermit. He has traveled as far as he could, and claims to have been everywhere from Hyperboria, to the Blasted Wastes, and even to the East. Hori is an old man now, but he still can fight if he needs to.
Campaign History:
(Dead) Bera Atlidottir - Wife
(Dead) Hamlin Horisson - Son
Personality: Hori is an kind old man, who has a love for tea, especially that from the East. He is willing to listen to the problems of others and offer advice, or even tell his own stories. Despite the old war scars he bears, as well as the rather obvious lines that appear in his face when someone speaks of the Empire's glory, he seems nice enough.
20 gold, 20 silver, 45 copper

Stranded - Sign-ups and OOC

26 June 2017 - 07:09 PM




It had been such a beautiful day. The sun shone on the sea as the Achaean Warship Greenhawk steadily moved across the water. The ship and its Legionaries where making their way southward to quell a rebellion that was beginning to get out of hand. The crew moved across the deck, while the legionaries rested below-decks, and the slave-drivers whips cracked across the backs of oar-slaves in the oar-deck.


It had seemed somewhat peaceful.


Then, at the drop of a hat, the storm had hit.


The ship, unprepared for such an event, was driven off coarse and now was far out in the middle of the ocean. The sails had been ripped ragged by the howling wind, and water was washing across the heaving deck, threatening to sweep sailors off the deck.


Standing at the ship’s wheel was the Captain, Edmund Hawkin, trying desperately to control the Greenhawk as it pitched to and fro on the waves. Next to him was the Achaean Centurion Thantos Grenfell, trying not to show how cold he was in full, heavy armor in a storm like this.


“What’s wrong?” he shouted angrily “Can’t you steer your own ship?!”


“I’m trying,” Edmund snapped back “but the storm is too strong! If we don’t make land soon, we’ll all be taking a swim!”


Suddenly, one of the crewmembers hanging desperately onto the crow’s nest shouted “Land HO!”


The island was illuminated by a fork of lightning which streaked across the sky; Zeus appeared to be almost as angry as Poseidon that night.


“Come on!” the Captain shouted as he spun the wheel “That Island’s our only hope to survive this storm!”

As the ship made his way there, an enormous wave came crashing down towards it. The Captain and the Centurion barely had enough time to shout “BRACE YOURSELVES!” in unison before the ship was smacked.



Achaean Player Intro:




You are an Imperial Legionnaire.


You wake up surrounded by driftwood and drowned soldiers. Weapons and armor are scattered across the beach, all of which you don’t recognize as your own. It’s a foggy dawn, and you’re surprised to be alive.


As you stagger to your feet, you hear shouting, and turn to see your commanding officer, Thantos Grenfell, striding along the beach, his dented helmet under one arm, and a angry glare in his eye.


“Wake up Maggots!” he barked “You’re not on shore leave yet! If any of you plebeians are still alive, form up and move out! We need to scavenge what’s left from the wreck and prepare for an extended stay on this place!”


As you gape at him, he stares at you and yells “What are you waiting for? MOVE OUT!”




Crew Member Player Intro:




You are a member of the crew of the Greenhawk.


You wake up surrounded by broken crates, barrels, and other ruined and destroyed stores from the ship. Various parts of the ship are scattered across the beach, in addition to your drowned comrades. It’s a foggy dawn, and you’re surprised to be alive.


As you get to your feet, you hear shouting, and turn to see the Captain, Edmund Hawkin, making his way towards you. He looks rumpled, and you guess that he’d rather be sleeping than stagger around the beach looking for survivors.


“Hey,” he says, staring at you like he doesn’t recognize you “Thantos is organizing the others. It looks like we’re going to be staying here for a while.”


As he moves off, he calls back to you as you stare at him “Come on! We’ve got no time to lose. Who knows what’s on this gods-forsaken island?”




Slave Player Intro:




You are a slave or criminal serving on the Greenhawk as an oar-slave.


You wake up, and turn over to see that you are still chained to the person who sat next to you on the ship. It doesn’t look like they made it out; it’s fortunate, as their dead body helped you to float to shore. As you start away in revulsion, you see that there are more bodies scattered across the shore.


As you struggle to rise, you feel something strike you hard in the face. As you hit the ground, you feel something like a foot press into your back. Through the haze of sand in your eyes, you look up and see the hulking form of an oily man known simply as Brute. He is – was – the Slave Master on board the Greenhawk, and, unfortunately, he spells the end of your short breath of freedom.


“Wot’s th’ matter, slave?” he grins at you through a mouth full of broken teeth “you fink that you could git away? Fat chance!”


He releases you only to crack his whip above your head and shout “Geddup, maggit! We’re ‘ere on shore leave, an’ you need to make yer master’s a spankin’ new ‘ome!”


As you stagger to your feet, you arch your back in pain as he strikes you hard as he guffaws “Waddya waitin’ fer? GIT MOVIN’!”





Welcome to Stranded. This RP follows the struggles of a shipwrecked crew attempting to make their way off of an uncharted island, and centers around what strange things lurk at the heart of this mysterious place.


You can participate as either an Imperial Soldier, a member of the ship’s crew, or one of the Galley Slaves. I would prefer if you signed up as one of these three groups instead of some other type of character, though I probably could work in passengers of one kind or another on the ship.


Character Creation Criteria:


The main goal of this Campaign is to have a Human centered group who are citizens or aligned with the Achaean Empire in some way. Arguments can be made for members of other fractions being on the ship as passengers, but I would prefer to have more of the set three classes.


If you need help on creating characters, check out the articles in the Character Creation board, in addition to the article on the Achaean Empire which should help you in creating Imperial Military characters. After creating your character, please link it into the topic when responding to this post.


I will accept mage or Demon-kin characters, but I will not have any Werewolves or Vampires. Both would be extremely hard to pull off in this campaign, though Magi and Demon-kin would be easier to have in this, though I would prefer to have a cast of regular humans, but it’s up to you guys I guess.


Please remember: if you plan on joining, please try to stay active. I will most likely kill off your character if you go inactive for too long or leave, especially in this setting.  :P



Posting Schedule:


This is more about my posting schedule than yours. If you talk to my NPC characters, I will write short posts to respond to them. Major DM posts will be posted on the weekend (most likely on Sunday), or whenever I think that they’re necessary.




Player Roster:


Imperial Soldiers:


Thantos Grenfell: Imperial Centurion (NPC)

Agnus the Butcher

Sextus Valentinus

Gavia Saunio


Greenhawk Crew Members:


Edmund Hawkin: Captain (NPC)

Quint Delreghin




Brute: Slaver-Master (NPC)

Jon: Galley Slave (NPC)

Nigel: Galley Slave (NPC)


Captivus Vir





Dalton attempts to run an Errant Campaign and probably fails!

13 June 2017 - 05:41 PM

Hey guys,


I've decided to create this topic so I can run a smaller Errant Campaign whenever Wolfy is too busy to run her own. So, here are some different campaign ideas that I've been throwing around, and you guys can vote on which ones that you'd rather do:


In Sickness and in Health (Reboot):


In the Town of Heathrow, a small Acaean Town in the Imperial Heartland, a deadly plague is raging. Rumor has that it might even be deadly enough to kill a man in two hours or less, and might be Demonic or Magically created. A small group of Templars and Inquisitors have been dispatched to investigate and attempt to cure the plague, only to find that a group of Plague Doctors called the Followers of Asclepius have beaten them to it, and have the Plauge under control. As time goes on, however, it becomes clear that all is not what it seems, and the intentions of the Doctors are not as good as then claim...


A Tale of Two Vampires (WIP) :


In the Town Whitmire, the citizens are plagued by a Vampire and its Undead Minions. A Group of Venators are dispatched to hunt down and kill the beast, but end up uncovering a mystery that involves the current Noble Family and the dark past of the quiet Northern Town.




An Imperial Ship is caught in a storm and washes up on an uncharted island full of strange creatures. The surviving Imperials and Slaves must work together in order to find a way to escape and return to the mainland.


The Ironside Foundry:


Over Fifty Years ago, a group of Inquisitor Generals, who deeply despised the Inquisition's reliance on Dwarves for the production of their armor, banded together to build the Ironside Foundry, a secret Factory hidden in the Jagged Edge. Nobody outside of the group of Generals and those who serve under them are allowed inside the Foundry's bounds, or the small village that has grown up around it. Unfortunately, with the death of Tobias du Edrimark (a member of the group who initially commissioned the building of the foundry) a new general has been admitted into the group: Inquisitor-General Galen Whitemire. During the events of the RP: Whitemire and a group of Inquisitors under his command are making their first visit to the Ironside Foundry, only to discover a dark plot underneath the surface of the intention of the generals, as well as the lengths of the corruption of the Inquisitor-General who rules over the factory: Gregor-Ironsides.


In the name of Durand (WIP):


This RP focuses on Team Drake/Caiden discovering a cult of Inquisitors who have deified Durand, lead by a mysterious figure who appears to have the ability to remove a person's magic.