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Malvolio watched as Flametongue spread his wings and flew away, soaring across the Jagged Edge until he was a speck in the distance.


He would have pinched himself, but he already knew that he was awake.


"Well," the Templar said as he turned to the others "now that was something I didn't think I would see on this mission."


"Along with the...other things that I didn't think I would see on this mission."




Agethar watched in awe as the dragon took his leave from the group.


"Well, what now?" the Venator asked, turning to see if he could spot Caiden in the group.




There were no words that Huo Shiye could use to describe what had just happened.


Xiraloc's soul had been a red, tainted flame that would haunt his dreams for years, while the Celestial's soul had been bright blue and pure.


But both of them paled in comparison to the soul of Flametounge. 


The Priest was completely awestruck by the living, breath aspect of fire.


However, the dragon soon left with the sword that they had searched for, something that probably in another situation would be a bad thing.


Huo then turned to the group and spoke:


"Thank you for this journey that I have been a part of. I have learned much about the West, and I will continue my own in order to learn more."


He then bowed to the group, said "Farewell." and then proceeded to walk down the path the dragon had made for them, though he walked slowly in case anyone wished to speak to him.

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Today, 07:39 PM

It was because Agni was a dragon.


Well, that's a twist I never would have seen coming.


But at least you'll get most likely three drawings out of this last post: one of the Celestial, one of the Celestial vs Xiraloc, and one of Agni's true form. ;)


Also, are we having some conversations and then the campaign ends, or is it over?

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18 February 2018 - 12:35 PM

Is this going to be a two page spread?