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In Topic: Dalton's Assorted Artwork and Random Stuff

Yesterday, 11:51 AM

Yeesh, it's been a while since I post, but trust me, it was worth the wait. ;)


Anyways, its time for the art! First up, everything that I drew while I was at the Boardwalk Chapel in Wildwood, New Jersey, a while back:















Lastly, everything I drew after that:














As always, Comments, Critiques, and Suggestions are always appreciated!

In Topic: Review: Brickfair Virginia 2017 - YEAH BOI!

Yesterday, 07:08 AM

The original plan was to give you this bad boy if you showed up. Perhaps next year I can fulfill that plan...


Yeah, hopefully next year I'll be able to go. 

In Topic: Delving Too Deep OOC - Rules, Character List, and Chat

18 August 2017 - 05:59 PM

Alrighty, so I hate seeing Errant suffer and I also have absolutely no RP outlets. So I'm kind of suffering from major withdrawal. :P


I might not be able to get this going again until sometime in September, depending on various things, but I suppose I should just continue this where we left off, eh? I'm willing, though I'm going to have to revise my outline to try to fix up sidequests and make them come to the players more, maybe try and get some interaction going; I dunno. I'm better with story-driven RPs, clearly. This is why I always turned down the opportunity to DM on my old RP server - dammit, Jim, I'm a player, not a DM! :P


Meanwhile, on SSLF's other rp outlet:




Joking aside, I would like to see Errant back on its feet. :D

In Topic: Werewolf's Art

18 August 2017 - 05:57 PM

This art...its...its BEAUTIFUL!




I'm gonna toss up my own versions of these two drawings at some point.


>glances at the Patreon pic


>stares helplessly at his face





To be fair, the original mini-figures Kain's head came from aren't exactly lookers themselves. :P



In Topic: moving Wicktures that you are watching

18 August 2017 - 07:25 AM

Well, Ocelot, thanks for reminding me that I should post my thoughts about this, since I actually saw this film a while back.


I have to agree with you about the humor. One of the big things that irked me about the film was how hard they tried with the humor. It was like they thought that the only way that they could top the first movie was inserting random jokes into places they didn't belong. Like when Ego is dumping important exposition about how he was able to take on human form, and Drax randomly interrupts to make a sex joke, or the whole Taserface thing. Even kid's films (sometimes) know when not to put in a joke, but Guardians of the Galaxy 2 didn't.


The other thing that really bothered me was how they handled Ego. Apparently, Marvel and Fox traded characters, and Marvel got Ego while Fox got Teenage Negasonic Warhead. Well, all I can say is that I hope Fox enjoys using her in multiple Deadpool/X-men films, because Marvel somehow managed to waste an entire freaking planet in one movie. Other Marvel Villains can get away with being forgettable or one-off characters, but Ego's not getting away with this, because on top of being your typical MCU villain, they also go out of their way to make their own sort of Darth/Vader/Luke Skywalker thing, where they're like:




It's bad enough that they created another MCU stereotype, but they also tried to do a star wars style thing as well? Did some marvel guys and some lucasfilm guys go to a bar, got really slammed, and decided to write this as a sequel to one of the best marvel movies made recently? WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA


Oh yeah, and a character died at the end because all marvel DC superhero films need a mentor/surrogate father death to be taken seriously, but at least his death brought together backup Guardians of the Galaxy for when George R. R. Martin Marvel kills everybody off in Infinity War lol