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moving Wicktures that you are watching

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Posted 18 January 2018 - 05:07 PM

But the same argument could be made for the previous two Thor films. I'm sure that those were both infuriating for you guys


I really liked the first 2 Thor films, actually. Thought they had a cool take on Norse mythology, for the most part. The main reason I still haven't watched Ragnarok is because its creators clearly wanted it to be as little like the first 2 movies as possible, and they just shafted 90% of the supporting characters from those movies. :\


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Posted 18 January 2018 - 07:53 PM

Except Thor 3 was amazing so stop


Dude, I wasn't criticizing the movie, I was criticizing the fact that Hollywood can never make a good movie about religion/mythology these days.


Because it either has to be a good movie, or follow the source material, and Thor 3 clearly made its choice.

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Posted 24 January 2018 - 08:43 AM

I've mostly just been rewatching Star Wars movies for the millionth time, but I did find the time in between to watch some other things, too:


Life, a.k.a. the space movie from... last year, I think? With Jake Gyllenhaal and the pretty lady from the last Mission Impossible. That one: Yeah I didn't like this. I feel like this movie really came and went, because I didn't really hear anything about it before it came out and I heard nothing about it after. You'd think ol' Jakey G and Ryan Reynolds together in what seemed like a pretty big, expensive movie would have caused more of a stir, but I suppose not. I think it must have struck just the right balance of blandness that nobody could be bothered complaining about it being bad. I honestly have no memory of when it even came out; like, you could tell me any date between early 2016 and late 2017 and I couldn't disbelieve you.


It's Alien, you guys. Have you seen Alien? It's that, only with more CGI and less quality. It pretends to be something a little more cerebral at the start, but then what you thought might be science turns out to be an evil space monster, and from there it's just another "everybody dies" space horror movie. It starts off with the classic "Look at me I'm doing a tracking shot" tracking shot that I'm just a bit sick of at this point, introduces some characters who are all perfectly fine, I suppose. I don't know, it's not bad, but it just follows the space horror formula to the letter and I kind of struggled to get through it. One of those movies where you feel like you've been watching it all day and it's gotta be wrapping up soon, but then you nudge the timer and you see you're only like halfway through and you're instantly like "UUUUUUUGH". It's not even a long movie, it just feels like it is. My man Jakey G has this thankless role that he can't really do anything with, my girl What's-her-face from Mission Impossible plays another unexplainedly-Swedish-sounding Brit and doesn't get to do much of anything either. It's like they couldn't quite decide who was going to be the Ripley, so they just had two different characters be half-hearted Ripleys


I guess it has a memorable ending, in a Twilight Zone episode kind of way, but I can't really recommend watching the whole thing to get to it. Eh, I don't know, you could do worse. It's so cinematically beige that I barely even remember what movie we're talking about, to be honest, but it's an expensive-looking CGI spectacle, at least.


Thor Ragnarok: Boy this movie had a lot of jokes in it. Loooootta jokes. Jokes jokes jokes. I got a good laugh from a few of them, but the odds were such that I couldn't not; I feel like the quips actually outnumber the serious lines overall. You can't go thirty seconds without some kind of joke, whether it's a one-liner, a sight gag in the background, or just Thor himself performing an entire slapstick routine in the centre of frame while he and three other characters try to out-one-liner eachother. I guess you have to call it a comedy, since it is desperately trying to be funny 100% of the time, but I don't know if I've ever seen a movie that just does jokes jokes jokes like this before. It's just always jokes, and it becomes very predictable at a certain point. There's a part where Bruce Banner's about to jump down from a jet so he can have a big dramatic moment turning into Hulk, but you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it isn't going to work because everything in this movie is a joke, so of course you watch him just slap into the ground pathetically without changing, and you're like, "...yep."


And I promise I'm not trying to be a sour internet 'no fun allowed' guy, either. I went along with it and I enjoyed it, but there's only so many times you can see Thor get hit in the face with something and find it hilarious. Eventually you just become a little numb to it all. So I don't think I'd ever watch it again, but was a great-looking movie and I liked all the characters. I think the characters are probably what kept it from being another Guardians of the Galaxy 2 for me, to be honest, because I don't really like any of those guys and I kind of hated that movie. Here we've got the dependable duo of Thor and Loki, Cate Blanchett and Jeff Goldblum nailing it, and Tessa Thompson actually stealing the show for me, which I really didn't expect; I'd love to see her stick around in the MCU, because she's got that charismatic action hero thing that you just can't teach. I wish they'd kept Hulk under wraps, because the movie really tries to build up his appearance as a surprise but I can't imagine anyone actually made it into the theatre to see this movie without having seen him all over every bit of promotional material. Oh well.


Thor 3's director, Taika Waititi, made another movie called Hunt for the Wilderpeople, which I also quite liked. I'd recommend watching that, too, because it's pretty good, but also because one of the characters early on (the boy's foster mother) is exactly my Mum. Well, she doesn't actually look anything like my Mum, but the voice, the accent, the mannerisms and everything she says remind me so powerfully of the woman from New Zealand who raised me that it took me right out of the movie for a little while :P


EDIT - I watched that new Cloverfield on Netflix, The Cloverfield Paradox. I didn't like it. It started off bad, got pretty enjoyable after about the twenty minute mark, but then ditched the enjoyable part all too quickly and turned into a really dull procession of the same old tropes we've seen a million times before. Big spoilsies:




It's the worst of the three Cloverfields by a mile, but, I don't know, if you've got Netflix it's right there and you've already paid for it. It won't hurt to give it a go.

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Posted 12 February 2018 - 08:46 AM

You guys, I just don't know any more. I think I have to do something different. I think I have to go and be a monk in the Himalayas or something. Do you think they take white guys from Australia? What is there to being a monk, anyway? I just feel like I need to get away from all this... everyday life in the Western world stuff, y'know? Hmm? What's brought all this on? Oh, I don't know. Probably a bunch of stuff. Oh, but I did just watch Justice League, though. Maybe that has something to do with it...


So a lot has been made of this movie's troubled production, how they were forced to switch directors halfway through from Zack Snyder to Joss Whedon (more or less polar opposites in style), how Henry Cavill had to come back and have his Mission Impossible moustache CGI'd away for reshoots, how the overall DC cinematic universe hasn't really been going great so far outside of Wonder Woman... You might worry whether that kind of chequered past would leave a lasting effect on the movie itself, but I'm here to tell you that, through the hard work and professionalism of everyone involved, it is 100% SUPER NOTICEABLE AND THIS MOVIE IS A STRAIGHT UP TRAINWRECK. Oh my GOD, this movie genuinely made me with I was watching Batman v Superman again, and I say that without a shred of hyperbole. Let's get into this.


Alright, so we open on an inexplicable scene of cellphone camera footage of Superman, back before Zack Snyder meaninglessly killed him off in the last movie, only something about it immediately feels off. For one thing, he's just standing around after saving people from a housefire, making polite small talk with emergency workers, when we know that this universe's Superman prefers to hover ominously in slow motion above screaming disaster victims, but that's not the big issue. No, much more distracting is his TERRIBLE CGI MOUTH that makes him look like God's horrific mistake or a half-built cyborg killbot or something equally terrifying. It's front and centre in the frame for the first full minute of the movie, and it might actually be the worst opening to a movie I've ever seen in my life. It looks so bad; you absolutely cannot concentrate on anything but Henry Cavill's CGI mouth. It would honestly be less distracting if they'd just let him keep his moustache in every reshoot scene and never explained it. It would be less distracting if they'd just painted his beard flesh-coloured. Hell, it'd be less distracting if they'd filmed all his scenes with Henry Cavill's stunt double, or just hired that guy from the 50 Shades of Grey movies to double him here and there because those two dudes look amazingly similar. Literally anything but painting a CGI mouth over Henry Cavill's actual mouth would have been better. It looks so bad. Did I mention how bad it looks?






Cut to Gotham City, where Batman is accosting a random thug on a rooftop in an action scene so poorly executed it made me wonder if Joss Whedon had directed this bit, too. It's also where we learn that the movie is going to be 16:9 rather than widescreen, which is... well, an interesting choice, I suppose. Definitely the wrong one, though; I don't know whether Joss Whedon went in and played around with all Zack Snyder's colour-grading and slow-mo moments, but this movie looks bad and the TV aspect ratio doesn't help. Whether you like it or not, that desaturated Zack Snyder look is at least a look. It's consistent. You feel like there's intent behind it, you know Snyder does it on purpose because that's the way he wants his superheroes to look. This movie has some of it, but then it'll just be completely gone in other scenes, and to be honest I actually miss it. Without that Snyder sheen you can see the seams of everything all too clearly. There are so many moments that look like behind the scenes footage of the actors in costume, rather than a bunch of superheroes, y'know? Like when Chris Evans and Chris Pratt go to visit sick kids in hospital dressed up as their characters, but without all the Hollywood makeup and the digital colour stuff that makes movies look like movies.


This movie's story is that a forgettable CGI bad guy I've never heard of, Steppenwolf, has come to Earth to gather three magic boxes that will allow him to conquer Earth. Diana huskily voiceovers some exposition about the three boxes having been hidden by the ancient races of Middle Earth the last time he was here: one by the Amazonians in a fortress on their hidden island, one by the Atlanteans in a fortress under the sea, and one by men in a small hole they dug in the forest I guess. If Steppenwolf brings the three boxes together, Earth turns into Mustafar and everyone who dies turns into Parademons, and then I guess Steppenwolf moves on to the next planet? I think he mentioned Darkseid at one point, and he keeps talking about 'Mother', but I don't know who that is and this movie makes no effort to explain it so whatevs. I've seen every episode of the Justice League cartoon and I don't know any of this stuff, so I can't imagine how meaningless this all is to Johnny Randommoviewatcher. I guess all you need to know is that Steppenwolf is the CGI man they have to punch, and the boxes are this movie's equivalent of the giant beam of light blasting into the sky that they have to disable. You know: superhero movies.


When people complain about DC trying to run before they can walk, and having the big teamup movie before ever introducing the team, I don't think you necessarily can't do it that way. I don't think it's completely impossible to have a large cast of interesting characters all introduced in the same movie; plenty of non-franchise movies manage it. It's just that DC's ones don't. Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman is still the life of the party, while Batman, Aquaman and Cyborg are all just the same gruff, miserable dude in different colours. There's this teeeerrible scene where Aquaman arrives at Atlantis for a dumb underwater fight and then he and Amber Heard have a huge exposition dump 'conversation' about his whole life up to that point. Cyborg just talks about having been in an explosion, and that's that, like it's taken for granted that we all already know the story of this D-lister who looks like a tacky gamer PC with LEDs all over his face. Flash is the same autistic-but-played-for-laughs character from every movie and TV show of the modern era, and I couldn't tell you about Superman because I was just staring at his ghastly mouth the whole time. I guess he does have a couple of moments where he feels like a real Superman, but he also goes crazy and tries to kill the whole team so I feel like that might cancel it out.


Superman is revived by one of the magic boxes, btw. This movie tries really hard to retcon the fact that Batman and Superman have only said like five words to eachother in DC movie canon; they tried to kill eachother, then Martha, then they barely spoke again in that movie until Superman died. Now we're expected to buy that Bruce feels super conflicted and guilty about it, that he considers Clark Kent a good man who was "more human than he is", which is just the worst. I didn't ask you to kill Superman in the second movie, Zack Snyder, but you made that bed and you've gotta sleep in it. This movie is basically a soft-reboot in all but name. They have a very low energy scene where the team half-heartedly argues over whether they should resurrect Superman (WW doesn't approve but doesn't offer any meaningful objection and just goes along with it anyway), and then they get down to business. Apparently resurrecting Superman involves dunking him in the goo of the crashed Kryptonian ship in Metropolis (which is still sitting there, unmoved, since Man of Steel), dropping the box into the goo, then blasting it with Flash's lightning at the instant it splashes down. Superman wakes up and immediately fights them all, and it's just a bunch of CGI slo-mo rubbish. There's one cool bit where Flash comes running in and is stunned to find Superman can follow him in super speed, but other than that there is nothing memorable about evil Superman fighting the Justice League. Honestly, how do you screw that up?


All the action in this movie is rubbish. It's all super-strength characters punching eachother for miles, and there's no way they can depict that with anything but CGI, and the CGI looks really bad, so it's just all around trash. And there's so much slo-mo! Remember when we thought Zack Snyder might be done with slo-mo when we saw Man of Steel? Here everything's slo-mo, and paradoxically it's never slower than when we're watching the Flash do something in super-speed. There's no memorable choreography, because every fight is just "character A punches character B, B crashes through seven concrete walls" ad nauseam. Batman has nothing to do in the action scenes but drive vehicles, and then at the end he gets one of the bad guys' laser rifles and just perches up on a catwalk shooting demons until his gun goes dry. You know, Batman stuff. "What should fan-favourite character Batman, noted martial artist, do in this fight, guys? Oh, shoot guys with the weapon he swears not to use? Just like he did in the last movie, too? Great idea!"


I honestly think this movie is worse than Batman v Superman, and I think that movie's like shockingly poor. I mean, at least you had some things to hold onto with BvS, y'know? The titular fight scene was pretty good until Martha, and then you had that great Batman vs. goons fight scene right after. Bruce had that shirtless scene where he was doing his powerlifting workout; that was pretty cool. I still think "Do you bleed" is a cool line, though evidently Joss Whedon does, too, because he brings it back in this movie in a reshoot scene only coming out of Superman's horrible CGI mouth this time. BvS was an awful movie, but it was... I don't know, confidently awful? Like, awful, but in a way that made you think that Zack Snyder had made it that way because he thought he was making his magnum opus or something and he just went too far down the rabbit hole. It was the kind of movie you felt like you had to see, because you just couldn't imagine how someone could botch a movie about two of the most popular fictional characters in history so badly. I don't think anyone needs to see Justice League, though. It's just the kind of innocuous bad that'll leave you feeling like you wasted two hours of your life.


At least it isn't three wasted hours, I suppose.

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Posted 03 March 2018 - 07:27 AM

I just watched Happy Death Day, and I really really liked it. It's an unashamed Groundhog Day ripoff, only with the trick this time being it's a catty college girl reliving the day of her murder over and over again. It's all the fun stuff of a Groundhog Day timeloop, mixed with all the fun of a tongue-in-cheek slasher movie, and I thought they nailed it.


I don't have a whole lot more to say about it than that, but if that sounds like a good time to you then I recommend you watch this bad boy.

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Posted 10 March 2018 - 10:32 AM

Ocelot, my favorite part of this subforum is how this thread is almost basically "Movie Reviews Blog, by Ocelot" with a couple other posts here and there from not Ocelot users. :P



Click the Picture, you know you want to ;)

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Posted 13 March 2018 - 07:58 AM

In today's update to Ocelot's Movie Review Blog, Ocelot saw Black Panther and Annihilation, and he liked them both!


Black Panther: I think this is one of the best Marvel movies. It doesn't exactly break the mold, but it is a really well done one of these superhero movies, with a remarkably great cast of characters and a fantastic artistic style all of its own. The way Wakanda blends traditional African styles of dress and architecture with super-advanced tech is something I don't think I've ever seen before. It's a treat for the peepers. Michael B Jordan is probably the best villain in any of these movies, too, not just charisma-wise, but also in terms of a relatable motivation and a genuinely important role in the movie. He isn't just there to fight the hero and die at the end; instead he comes at things from a really interesting "right for the wrong reasons" kind of place, and for a lot of the movie I was actually rooting for him over the ostensible hero. And the movie actually intends that to be the case. It's pretty cool. MBJ's character is almost both villain and mentor in one.


I loved the cast, particularly MBJ (who's shaping up as one of the best actors around, and is also hugely buff and has a great shirtless scene), and Shuri, Black Panther's little sister played by the girl from the most recent episode of Black Mirror. She plays the tech-y hacker-y genius character, but they totally avoid all the usual "CAN YOU REPEAT THAT IN ENGLISH?" tropes and she's just an absolute delight. Andy Serkis lives up to his name as the biggest ham in Hollywood, Danai Gurira steals the show, Lupita Nyong'o  doesn't really have anything to do but I still like her. Forest Whitaker insists on over-acting and doing a way stronger accent than everyone else in the movie, but here it actually fits. I feel like the only person who doesn't really pull his weight is Black Panther himself, to be honest. He's probably the least compelling part of the movie, which is not to say that he's bad or anything, just that he plays it pretty low-key and everyone else around him is a lot... better? I don't know, it does fit with his character arc in the movie, but there's just not a whole lot to hang on to with ol' T'Challa here.


Every time Black Panther puts on the suit he looks like a cartoon, btw. I don't know what is going on with CGI in superhero movies today, but I feel like the seams are starting to show all over the place. Maybe this is just what happens when there are more and more effects-heavy blockbusters coming out every year, maybe there just aren't enough CG animators working enough man hours to make it look right any more. There's nothing here as bad as Superman's mouth from Justice League, but at multiple points this movie switches very noticeably from live-action to something more like a realistic CG-animated movie, and I guess you just have to put up with that.


I didn't know anything about Annihilation other than that it was a new sci-fi movie from the guy that made Ex Machina and it had Natalie Portman in it, and I was sold after the Ex Machina bit. I really enjoy seeing movies like this with minimal foreknowledge, so I'm going to spoilerise everything to extend you fine ladies and gentlemen the same courtesy. It's a good, thought-provoking sci-fi movie, shades of Roadside Picnic/Stalker, and I'd recommend watching it. OK let's do spoilers!



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