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Fallout: New Vegas Review

Posted by Slash Arbiter, 03 February 2011 · 1,348 views
Fallout, New Vegas, Reviews and 1 more...
Well, I've decided to do the reviews of the "big three" games of 2010- Fallout: New Vegas, Halo: Reach, and Call of Duty: Black Ops. I'll start with the one that I've played the least (surprisingly!) since Christmas, New Vegas. Oh yeah, and I changed my name back to Slash Arbiter. Especially since my friend John told me that Slash...

The Story of a Warrior, Prologue Excerpt

Posted by Slash Arbiter, 20 June 2010 · 634 views
Story of a Warrior, Excerpts and 5 more...
Hey Guys, I've been writing a book Called "The Story of a Warrior", which is a story about a Rogue Warrior who works for pay (or, simply put, a Mercenary Warrior.) I would post this in the forum where it belongs (can't think of the name right now...) but I'd prefer it in my blog. Just because :P


August 17,...

LEGO Updates

Posted by Slash Arbiter, 15 June 2010 · 924 views
LEGO, Fallout 3, LEGO Fallout and 3 more...
Talk about slow updating, although I guess I just don't have much to talk about. Well, I've once again found myself at 2:30 in the morning unable to sleep a bloody wink. First of all, thanks to Scorp for uploading those Decal Templates. That'll come in handy making decals for my FO3 stuff like this:...

Halo: Reach Beta review and Opinion on the new M-Rated Creativity index

Posted by Slash Arbiter, 10 May 2010 · 782 views
Halo Reach, Creativity, Review and 1 more...
Hm, awkward way to start out the blog but... 73 views of an empty blog... sorry guys :(. Well, as you can see, today's blog is on the Halo Reach Beta and the new M-Rated content index in the Creativity Board. Beta first.

So, there's quite a bit to review. First there's the awesome new weapons. The DMR > BR IMO. And I'm a 'core BR...

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