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An Explanation

Posted by Ryoma, 07 July 2016 · 1,783 views

Without opening a can of worms, I did want to address what happened for anyone who didn't see the stuff in the Nova Board but was in my RP or somehow figured out that I had been suspended for a week. If you are unaware, the Statuses bar is gone, and I took offense to that. I was angry about it, and posted some pretty...let's say, biting posts in the Nova Board regarding this issue.
Really biting.
Anyway, I've been dealing with depression and some insane boredom trouble at my work. This has led me to act out a lot more than I normally would, both as a lashing out and an attempt to give something interesting to do at my job. The removal of the statuses was an easy thing for me to get upset about, and made the mods an easy target for this poor behavior.
It was immature, silly, and frankly, hurtful.
I have spoken to the Mods, and apologized for my behavior, and as far I know, we are all good now.
However, I do think the status bar should be brought back. I do think the mods, when making a big change to the forums, should at the very least post a warning that something will change, and should at best try to gauge user feedback before making these changes, and if there's enough of a pull one way or another, take that into account. I think there is some merit in not my behavior, but the ideas expressed behind them.
But that's a discussion for a different day.
So, there ya go. Not a good explanation nor an excuse for my behavior, but it's what I got. Hopefully that keeps things clear.
Also, I'm thinking of starting my H.M.V. Graveyard RP up again. Take a look if you're curious. 

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