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Wulfgard > New book, Wulfgard: The Hunt Never Ends - Pre-order Link & Preview

Posted 03 October 2020

So I haven't actually posted about this on SSLF proper yet, but there's a new Wulfgard book releasing very soon! Here are some details and previews--
More promised previews - as well as a preview of an int...

Maverick-Werewolf's Den News Blog > BIG update - New Echoes chapter, cover art, announcement, and updates to artwork sections

Posted 19 August 2017

Very big update today, including (at last) the fourth chapter in Echoes of the Mage-Emperor , new cover art by Scorp for the story, an announcement regarding future updates, and finally, an update to the site's artwork sections!
First up, Echoes ...
Finally, I've posted the full fourth chapter! It's pretty long, and I sincerely hope you find...

Maverick-Werewolf's Den News Blog > Big update! Art galleries revamped and updated, Patreon news

Posted 26 July 2017

Got some big updates today! After many delays and complications, I’ve finally updated the galleries here on my site! That means I’ve also uploaded tons of new artwork that previously could only be found on my social media and my DeviantArt account. So this is a friendly reminder to follow me on those places, too (especially here , and here is...

Maverick-Werewolf's Den News Blog > New art journal on Patreon - Wulfgard LEGO previews

Posted 09 July 2017

New art journal on my Patreon, full of previews of upcoming Wulfgard LEGOs!
Expect to see a lot more updates soon, both on my site/publicly and on my Patreon, and be sure to keep an eye out for updates on my next book, The Death of the Benevolent Werewolf: Lycanthropy's Lost History and Modern Devolution .
Sorry for the radio silence and de...

Maverick-Werewolf's Den News Blog > I'm now on Patreon!

Posted 26 June 2017

Hi, everyone! It's been a long time since I posted any updates, I know, so here's one at long last: I'm now on Patreon! If you haven't heard of it, Patreon is a site where supporters can contribute to my work every month and get cool rewards in return. I promise you'll see lots of great stuff, and I'm going to update frequently. Click the image below to...