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Lancaster's Lego's

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#1 Caleb Lancaster

Caleb Lancaster

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Posted 06 July 2008 - 08:38 PM

This first MOC is called the Roller, a very simple tank like vehicle I made for my own Nova Reuge like thing.
It started out when I was drawing up scamatics for the multiple armies tanks and ground vehicles, so far I had all of them drawn to look like futuristic warcrafts of doom that looked very complicated, and for the last army I thought for something very simple, and origonaly thought of a war-wheel or veloci-pod, but then it hit me out of no where: a rolling box. And soon I got to work on this using my suply of cheap lego knock offs I constructed this.

A front view, I got the idea of having a ladder on the front from both the idea that this army was cheap and that how would the driver get in. Oh I forgot I still had the bubble on it when I took these pictures, I've since upgraded it so it looks more modern than something out of the Jetsons.

I thought it would look cooler if the wheets where inside out, and by cool I mean easier. As you may be able to see I made it so that it's not all gray and looks like it was scraped together a bit, and it gives it a wear and tear look.

Well I put a Republic insignia on it cause it wouldn't look right just with clone troopers piloting it and it had no symbol. And as you may very well see, the bubble flops back, in a ridiculous fasion that makes me think why I even put that there to begin with.

And there's the inside control pannel and the third wheel inside, origonaly it had no outer wheels, but it would always flop to one side so I put the two others on, and it looks a lot better that way.

And there's our pilot at work, you know even for being the guy who made this thing I have no idea how he's supposed to drive this, and knowing this army's care for their troops, neither does he.

And the ladder/cage comes down, the troops feel the push to get out to the battle field.

"Hurry up, I had to ride this entire time trying not to get caught in the wheel."
"What's that smell?"
"Why would they paint the walls red?"

I don't have a caption for this pic, it's just in here.

Hey is that a pathetic attempt at a Master Cheif? I do think so.
Yeah it actually kinda does look like him but he's just a scout for a diffent army actually.

Oh no a bounty hunter is after this mass produced pile of crap. Hmmm, Bounty Hunter's will accept any thing these days.

"Ahhhhhhhh, hey Cheif aren't you going to move from the postition you were in last pic to come help me?"

"This is soooo dangerous."
"Dangerous? No. This is Sparta!"

Yep I took apart the side of the tank just for a 300 Gag that's been done time and time again, even Andy Sampberg did a spoof.

"There's a thing called Over-Kill y'know, well lets go Spawn of Robot Satan."

#2 Fortiest of all K's

Fortiest of all K's

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Posted 06 July 2008 - 09:36 PM

I understand you have a limited lego collection, so this is pretty good for what you have. Still, it could use some slope pieces or some more detail or features on the outside of it.

Maybe some more weapons? It's a little lacking on the offensive side.

I like the figs, and maybe a little better picture quality, did you use the macro feature, or is it just a bad camera?

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#3 Caleb Lancaster

Caleb Lancaster

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Posted 06 July 2008 - 09:40 PM

A little bit of both, I'm getting a new one before august so.
And yeah the sad part is my Lego collection is pretty big, I just had a bag of Mega-Blocks I wanted to use, but as I see in your sigg, you disaprove.
As for weapons, it has cannon's on the front and I have a attachable turrent so that there can be diffent classes for the vehicle since I updated it.

#4 Spartan-100


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Posted 08 July 2008 - 12:53 AM

That's nice, but add another set of wheels, who's ever seen a tank with only two wheels..

#5 Barracuda


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Posted 08 July 2008 - 10:29 AM

That tank would always be dragging on one end because there's only one row of wheels. and the ladder should be replaced by a metal or steel door because bullets could easily pass through.


#6 Caleb Lancaster

Caleb Lancaster

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Posted 08 July 2008 - 07:02 PM

Yeah, keep in mind the army that makes these don't care if their troops live or die, and the only reason I don't have four wheels is that I have only the ones I got in the A-4 Juggernaught(Turbo Tank) and I'm using the bulk of those for my Cannon Trike and my Bioncle stuff.

#7 Caleb Lancaster

Caleb Lancaster

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Posted 13 July 2008 - 03:30 AM

Sorry for the Double post, but here's another Moc of mine.

The Raptor, this was a ship I made for my SigFig Race Mason but I eventually scrapped it for something much better looking. But I still like it well enough to show the old pics of it. Hmmm, looks like someone has sattelite. I needed bateries for my camera.

This was back before his name for Race Mason and I tried to play him as a Bad Ass, you can tell by the motor cycle helmate with the black visor.

I made the ship so that it would rise up on the front so that it would always look like it was comming at you. But it never did look like that cause of physics.

I don't know why the pic looks weird in this, I think the light and the red made my crappy camera think it had red eye. But as you can see, this is one of the reasons I scrapped it, the cockpit was so crappyand so hard to make a fig sit inside, he's not even pegged on, and if I would pegg him in the top wouldn't go on or he wouldn't fit. But I loved the design so much.

Haha, he's a tan fig, I rather like the head I got form the Joker set from the first batman wave and used it for Race Mason, who origonally was a sort of Boba Fett character, now is just a pilot who got kicked out of his home nation.

This is how it's suposed to work if this was real, another reason this was scrapped. Note to all Builders: Never have a ship with a General Lee door style.

This is the state of the art engine/blaster cannon.

This was once supposed to be a swoop bike like design, juts take off the bottom and here it is. But.....

It's really supposed to be like this in Swoop Bike form.

Here's the bottom half if anyone cares. It was made to be like a hyperdrive ring, but the thing looked better with it on all the time.

I tried to make a sort of picture like he was flying over a tiega feild or something, but the chandelier ruined that.

Well that's the raptor for ya, I promise next time I'll have a better camera so the picture quality will be much better.

#8 Muffinmanifestation


    Muffin Pl0x?

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Posted 13 July 2008 - 03:49 AM

Mkah. I like the raptor alot, very. . . symmetrical?

P.S. Where'd you get your Fire Emblem Sig?

#9 Caleb Lancaster

Caleb Lancaster

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Posted 13 July 2008 - 03:57 AM

I made them, it's sorta a hobbie, well along with lego building.

#10 Caleb Lancaster

Caleb Lancaster

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Posted 17 July 2008 - 07:11 AM

Well, it's time for more lego Mocs, and since I've been talking about how I've scrapped my last MOC to make a Better one, here is is the Kai Imperial Fighter, or The Raptor MRK II:

I know the Quality is grainy, I need a new Camera.
Anyway, this is the chosen fighter craft of all Kai Imperials of the Kai Army(See my topic in Brick Actors Guild)

This is one of the fastest mass produced Space Crafts in all of the Galaxy. Able to reacgh speeds that many ships built for speed alone can not.

The Engines were created on accident when Kai scientist were trying to create a canon that could fire fast and would never over-heat, but they found that it was nearly impossible to do this because it would melt the canon rounds, the project was scrubed and the engine would be put into storage for years.

But during the Killian Invasion of Kai the Killos took control of the compound it was held in and mistakenly used it as an engine, after the Killos were driven out it was one of the spoils of War.
When the ships back wings spread out it slows down and lands because of the sparceness of the blast, it also has a small guard on the bottom o that the only way the engine blast can go is backl and up.

this is it in flight, notice the landing gear up?

And here is my Kai imperial inside the cockpit.

Yes I used Saber Scorpion's Kanos Decals, and yes I just took the free ones he had a few site mods back and printec it off, shameless I know, but it works, and you can tell that the decal is wearing away cause that paper is a good three years old now.

And a little homage to Scorp's way of making an assualt riffle, but with an added suprise.

Well this is one suprise but not the one I'm talking about, you know I don't think I've ever acutally seen anyone do this before, and by the way, I did not edit this myself, I bought someones old legos and that peice was broken already and that was one of the first uses I thought of.

The suprise is that the imperails riffle is also a rocket laucher, those crazy Kai.

This is one site you never want to see, well actually you'll never see it, cause by the time you start to notice it it'll be noticing the bullet wound in your belly.

Well until next time.

#11 Shadow Dragonbane

Shadow Dragonbane

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Posted 17 July 2008 - 10:44 PM

It really just looks like a red mix of a couple models of TIE Fighter, most notably the Defender and Phantom. And it's, really fragile looking, not like something you'd want to fly in. Those thing on the side are way to big for the ship's frame as well. I reccomend losing the technics and engines/guns/whatever they are for something else, they give it a blocky look. And the back story is way overdone. The ship basically is a godly powerful interceptor size ship. No room for fuel or ammo, way to powerful for it's size class. That part needs a redo as well. Take the TIE fighter as an example. It's the same size as this, maybe bigger, but it's slow, weak, and unshielded. The In model is made only for speed, no room for aything else. Defenders are much bigger but are slow to compensate for the power and hyperdrive. Phantoms are small, lightly armed, and unshielded but have cloaking ability, and, I think, hyperdrives. Your ship has no trade off. It is power, and speed all in one small, hard to hit package that would be realistically impossible. See what I mean?

#12 Caleb Lancaster

Caleb Lancaster

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Posted 18 July 2008 - 01:35 AM

Well in a way that's the point (though it's not the most powerful startship in the Kai Fleet) it's the Kai Imperial Fighter, made for the Kai Imperial Hunters(The Fig) There are maybe less than 100 of these, 1 for each Hunter, and the Kai only uses these to go after the Kai's most wanted enemies, they're trade off is cost, very expensive, and the engine alone uses way too much of Kai Resources. I guess if I'll have to Star Wars this, it's like the Rogue Shadow. If you don't know what that is read the Wookieepedia page.

#13 Void Viper

Void Viper


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Posted 18 July 2008 - 01:48 AM

Where to start? the first one REALLY needs improvement, It's just a box on 2 wheels and a ladder for a door, and I hate mixing megablobks with lego, you wanna know why? Because the two have complety different shades of grey, and people think the can mix 'em together, and it looks really bad. 2.5/10
The first raptor was, in my opinion, better. To improve it, all you had to do was add wings. 7/10
The second raptor, I could not judge since the pictures are too blurry, you should get a new camera.
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#14 Caleb Lancaster

Caleb Lancaster

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Posted 22 July 2008 - 07:34 AM

Well I said I had upgraded my Roller and it's about time I showed the pics.

Yes it has weapons, and a door! But what is that in the background?(Dang I forgot to take it out)

Yes it's basically the same, but with a new top.

Almost symetrical. I couldn't find another of that peice.

Here's the best underside pic I ever took. Shows all THREE of it's wheels. You know I just don't think this would work if I gave it five wheels. And it's suposed to be a mountain crawler kind of thing.

Wait what's this? It's none other than Leon Maverick, my main SigFig, and Race Mason, one of my oldest SigFigs, and they're attack the Killan Roller.

I have literaly no idea how I took this picture, but it looks cool... kinda

I didn't make it as clear as I wanted, but he's actuially opening the hatch.

And now he's killing the guy inside.

This is by far my favorite picture I've ever taken.

Ooooo, a Space Ninja.

Okay, everyone please count the Number of Wheels.

#15 Caleb Lancaster

Caleb Lancaster

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Posted 23 July 2008 - 06:31 AM

Well I said in previous Post up I talked about a Cannon Trike, and here it is, one of my Favorite(Yet Ugliest) designs I've ever made.

The vehicle of choice of the Bounty Hunter Mark Waid(Hmmm sounds familiar)

Yep soooo blury, I need to get a new Camera

Look ma, the cannon can move up and down

Yeah, I don't know why I have that on the back, it just was empty without something there, and I just grabbed that out the box

He has a robotic hand that conects into the Trikes control consle, so that only he can use the trike.

I made this using left over peices from the Turbo Tank(A-4 Juggernaught) and the Falcon

I tried to make a Speed racer pic but it doesn't really look like it.
But Hey! This is by far the Best Picture I've ever taken.

#16 Void Viper

Void Viper


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Posted 23 July 2008 - 01:17 PM

The new roller has really improved, but the three wheels should not be in a row, they should like the trike, This way will mean that there will not be one side dragging along as it goes.5/10 The trike looks to small to carry a gun that size, but I like the design.7/10
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#17 Caleb Lancaster

Caleb Lancaster

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Posted 24 July 2008 - 04:00 AM

Well thanks.
Well the Trike will probably be drastically different when it makes its debue in the comic(Which will begin in August) and the Roller will be either slightly different or exactly the same. I might just put another wheel on the end or just say that there are weak hover units on either end(Lazy) I like the way it is so far and it's one of my Favs, though it kinda sucks. Well next I'm going to show the Whale(Well it's actually the Hammer)

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