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#487159 ZONE - Castle Greywatch (A Dying Breed - START)

Posted by Lord_Capulet on Today, 12:26 PM

As the meeting drew to a close, a figure armored in shadow approached Castle Greywatch. Her right hand gripped the sling of the crossbow over her shoulder, while her left was fidgeting idly with the pommel of the void iron shortsword dangling from her hip. Each step she took was nearly silent, yet she moved with rapid purpose and a stern, almost murderous focus in her eyes.


She drew to a stop within bowshot of the drawbridge, looking around her feet for something she had lost. When whatever she sought did not present itself, her frown eroded into a scowl. A sharp whistle left her lips, followed by a harshly lilting voice like a gorgeous harp being used to bash someone's head in.


Bullseye, where’ve ya run off to? Get your arse over here!”


The patter of four small paws drew steadily closer, until a happy little Pointer came into view, tongue and ears flapping as he went. He was clearly overjoyed to have been summoned by his mistress, an emotion the Inquisitor clearly did not share.


What, were you chasing squirrels again?  Keep up, or I’ll tie your chubby neck to my wrist.”  Bullseye gave no indication that he understood this threat, and simply wagged his tail as he looked up endearingly at the irate woman. She grumbled under her breath, and continued on her way, with Bullseye falling into formation by her heel.


Before the Inquisitor could even be challenged by the guard in the gatehouse, the portcullis opened and disgorged a disgruntled platoon of some kind.  They wore no blue cloaks or silver arrowheads, and many of them seemed to be in a hurry to leave. Frustration, fear, but also some tinges of regret seemed to ooze off of them, even the creepy, sneering one who addressed her as he passed.  “Looking to join up, Inquisitor? There’s plenty of openings for you now, but you’re probably better off sticking with your current career.” He received no words in response, but did see a very, VERY rude gesture before she stormed past, out of his field of vision. The Venator guarding the gate peered down at this exchange, then wisely decided not to challenge this mystery woman who seemed intent on...whatever she was seeking.


As the black leather and void iron-clad mass of anger entered the castle, her dog rushed slightly forward, sniffing the air.  Mistress seemed unsure, even anxious, so he would help her find her way, like a good boy should. Lights and voices up ahead, that meant other people!  Mistress liked meeting new people, right? He immediately halted, crouched with a front leg coiled, and pointed his snout with all his might in the direction of the main hall...where they were already going.


This drew an exasperated sigh from his mistress.  “Yes, thank you, Bullseye.  I was already headed that way, you stupid git.”  She passed him up, snapped her fingers, and the dog came to heel again, panting and wagging his tail in glee at how helpful he was being.  The voices in the great hall grew clearer and more worried, and the Inquisitor could now see some kind of stage that had been erected. What the hells is that for?, she pondered silently.  Are these buggers branching out into acting now?  Silvius should’ve mentioned that, I’d have come a lot sooner to watch them practice.


A wolfish grin snuck onto her face at the absurdity of the thought.  She paused in the doorway, surveying the remaining Venatori conversing amongst themselves or gathering into cliques.  Alright Kate, first impressions time.  These aren’t the quitters you saw outside, so look friendly and professional, just like Marcus taught you.  She straightened her back and shoulders, tried to cock a friendly half-smile, and removed her sallet, letting her straight, crimson locks fall, framing her flame-scarred face.  The door was already open, but she knocked on it anyway so they wouldn’t be too surprised at her presence.


They’re obviously having a hard time, so don’t insult ‘em.  Say something funny and endearing. Top o’ the morning to ya, sadsacks!”  Nailed it.  Inquisitor Kate Meliora, at your service.  Hope I’m not interruptin’ whatever you’re rehearsing, but I think I just walked past your stagehands.  If you need help rounding ‘em back up, I charge very reasonable bounties.”  Still grinning impishly, Kate continued to lilt, “Any of you lot know where I can find Silvius of Appledale?  He asked me to meet him here, all mysterious-like.” She punctuated this remark by flippantly waggling her gloved fingers before her, her helm tucked under one arm.

#487117 Minifig Showcase!

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 14 May 2018 - 06:33 AM

Just as cool, if not cooler, than the sigfig I made for Marcus, and I liked the clever little references in that description.  


As for your other works, you are, as always, as attention-drawing in your imaginative backstories as you are in your minifig construction!  My compliments to you.


Edit: Ah, who am I kidding, yours is cooler.  I'm going back to round pauldrons and putting the cape under them like you did.

#487042 Official Scorp's Minifigs Topic

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 22 April 2018 - 04:49 PM

When I saw "roundish helmet" that you could stick a decal to, my first thought was of a basic helmet with this old visor, but then I thought that might not have the right shape.


So, I scrolled through the Bricklink parts catalog for different helmets, and found this one and this other one, neither of which would require a lot of modification/trimming, but still may not have the right shape or, in the case of the former, would be hard to stick a decal onto.


*shrugs*  Hopefully that at least narrows down the possibilities for you.

#487023 A Dying Breed - Sign-ups

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 16 April 2018 - 07:28 AM

Indeed I am, which was another reason I went for a character outside the Venator faction.  Figured some different perspective might add a bit more fun to the mix.  Or violence, since I'm playing Kate, but the two aren't always mutually exclusive.  Mwahahahah.


I'm currently studying all the bios I linked to last night, and doing my best to help our DM wherever I can, but we still start when she says we're ready, and not a moment sooner.  Thank you all for your patience, I hope you will feel it has been rewarded when the campaign starts in earnest.

#487020 A Dying Breed - Sign-ups

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 15 April 2018 - 09:22 PM

If she doesn't have time to write because of family issues, do you really expect her to update boring character lists?


Delegation of mundane, administrative tasks for this campaign is MY field.  Or more correctly, getting delegated to.  You're welcome.

#487019 Therm Scissorpunch: A Star Wars Story

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 15 April 2018 - 08:21 PM

Egads, you're right, Ocelot!  I haven't seen a character this critical to both lore and marketing since Orrimarko's pruny face first appeared!  Hopefully this guy is here to do more than fix the copier.  (That's a reference to Robot Chicken, only look that up if you're old enough. Yes, that means you.)


The next question is, what critical role will the mighty Therm Scissorpunch take in the Star Wars universe?  Comic relief?  An epic fight scene?  BOTH?!?  Only time will tell, but with a name that epic, I have only the highest hopes for this character.

#486999 Kate Meliora

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 11 April 2018 - 07:16 AM




Thank you for the feedback!  That would certainly explain where most of Marcus' frustration went.  Or came from, during their training and early career together.  Kate's backstory hasn't been worked on nearly as much as Marcus', as stated above and evident in Maverick's critiques, but the back-and-forth as Marcus' polar opposite has been tumbling around in my head for years. 


Kate originally started out as a joke, a riff on the played-out "my parents are dead because I want to be Batman" backstory which should deeply traumatize player characters, but too often gets briefly mentioned and then ignored.  So I said to myself, "what if someone really young went through that kind of mental and emotional trauma, and changed very differently than expected? What if it not only made them callous and cold, but also sent them spiralling toward insanity?"  Thus, Kate was born.  Constantly tap-dancing on the brink of madness, worthy of both pity and fear.  If you're not sure whether to give her a hug or throw her in a cell, then I've achieved my goals for writing her.

#486913 Brickfair Virginia 2018: A Day at the Arena

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 29 March 2018 - 09:16 AM

This sounds like a splendid undertaking!  I'm guessing VIPs would also need to stick to your fantasy universe's lore?  Because I might have to design something from scratch, but hey, more fun for both of us.  I've been playing around with ideas for different officer uniforms using existing parts or decals, and the idea of some kind of Admiral on leave really sounded fun for my VIP at the arena.  I'll gladly ask further questions or brainstorm with you here, or in PMs, whatever suits you best.


Thank you for doing this project, especially on a yearly basis!  This is going to be fun to help with and watch as it grows.

#486902 Set Review: ENLIGHTEN War of Glory "Dwarf Secret Weapon"!

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 28 March 2018 - 08:29 AM

Huh, that's actually pretty close to some of the older Lego weapons and pieces, like those big, clunky but carve-able swords from that one Knight theme.  


I also got a kick out of how they seem to be pitting the industrial might of the humans and dwarves against the druidic magic and entish allies of the pointy-eared hippies *cough cough* elves, instead of the usual orcs/trolls or just evil humans.  


All in all, I concur with the desire for more Lego fantasy sets.  I jumped at the chance to get the Medieval Market Village set for my medieval fantasy wants needs, and Nightstalker's idea to expand the City idea for this adaptation would get so much of my money.  Plus Ambad's factions, despite how much fun I have making things like that from existing pieces, it'd be cool to get more unique items and mounts like we're seeing in this knockoff.



#486888 A Dying Breed - Sign-ups

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 27 March 2018 - 06:20 AM




Tread carefully, Cappy. Keep in mind: this time my character actually is a pyromaniac*... and can set things on fire with her mind. :lol:




*Heroes/Legends Vietnam flashbacks intensify*






I'll be good.

#486881 A Dying Breed - Sign-ups

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 26 March 2018 - 09:11 PM

 Lord_Capulet will be at long last rejoining Errant as my sounding board and personal assistant for this campaign (I'm not calling you my squire, Cappy, so stop asking), and will do his best to fill in for me if needed.



Someday, I will be worthy of the title.  Some day. 


For now, I'm honored to help you keep this show running as best I can!  It'll be nice to get back into the swing of things before I start running my own campaigns again.



I feel that with the type of story that this campaign has (i.e. murder mystery, plus Brennus and Caid having history), this is going to be almost impossible to do, but I'm going to try and follow this rule anyway. 



The rest of that quote specifically said that this rule applies to real life.  Characters can feel whatever you like about each other and other people's characters, that's how character development works.  Our DM just doesn't want any resentment at in-game treatment to be carried over into OOC interactions.  Remember,





Anywho, I will be signing up with my second oldest character, Kate Meliora!  That's right, ladies and gentlemen, Cappy's actually bringing more than one player character into Errant!  (outside the freeroam, of course.)  You may have been asking yourself, can this guy come up with any PCs besides human Inquisitors and dwarves?  The answer: Not really!  (Though I did try really hard to come up with a Venator, but every concept I had felt rushed and sub-par.)


But fear not, Kate has good reasons to be in Castle Greywatch, one of which is that I wanted to reintroduce and refine her for future campaigns, and none of which involved messing with Sareth's character, whom I only just read about in this thread. (Sorry, my friend!) That was just an unhappy coincidence, or a happy one, if you don't like Sareth.  But why would you not like Sareth, you horrible person?

#486879 Kate Meliora

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 26 March 2018 - 07:28 PM

Kate Meliora


Full Name: Katherine Meliora

Aliases: None, though she sometimes answers to “That Crazy Redhead” and “Oh gods, not her.”


Sex: Female

Race: Human (Achaean)

Birthplace: Appledale (The White Lands)


Affinity: Magma

Deity: Artemis

Faction: The Inquisition


Talents: Marksmanship, Finesse Combat, Survival, Subtlety, Education (Common Imperial)



Strength: 5

Agility: 7

Constitution: 5

Perception: 8

Intelligence: 8

Spirit: 4

Luck: 5


Appearance:  Kate is arrayed with rather standard archer's equipment, something to this effect with the proper Inquisition livery.  With fiery red hair (to match her dangerous, tempestuous personality) tied simply beneath her sallet, she is considered pretty by some, but not enough to be pursued if said admirer knows anything about her.  I've always imagined her resembling Amy Pond from Dr. Who, if you'd like a visual reference.  She has also carried burn scars on her right cheek and parts of her hands and forearms since childhood. 



Inquisitor Pack

  • 1 full set of void iron Inquisition plate and chain armor

  • 1 set of black clothing

  • 1 black Inquisitor cloak

  • 1 void iron shortsword

  • 1 torch

  • 1 Latchet crossbow with a leather carrying sling, plus 20 iron-headed bolts, and 5 void iron-headed bolts

  • 1 void iron buckler

  • 1 void iron dagger, in her right boot

  • Water and rations

Additional Items:  3 silver-headed bolts, one clean bandage, and a small, silver locket engraved with the image of Artemis.

Animal Companion: A small pointer dog named Bullseye, after the distinct pattern he bears on both sides of his body.  He is cheerfully oblivious and easily distracted, yet constantly seems drawn not only to whomever Kate has told him to track, but also delightful bouts of mischief.  He is the epitome of dumb luck.


Kate first met Bullseye while on patrol near a Lowland farm.  Kate, sadistic as she is, saw a poor, innocent puppy wandering the grounds, and decided to use its fuzzy bullseye for target practice.  The wind sent her bolt astray, and the dog was startled from its previous musings and ran around in confusion, only to slam into the nearest human leg, clinging to it and pleading for protection.  The naive youngster had no idea it had taken shelter with its would-be murderer, but luckily for him, Kate was now just bewildered as he was.


The pup kept clinging to her leg all the way back to camp, despite a great deal of threats, bribes, shaking, and kicking.  Finally, Kate had to explain the whole situation to her commanding officer (a certain Marcus Capulet), who decided she must care for the poor creature as penance for her actions.  She named the dog Bullseye, and still occasionally entertains the idea of shooting it. Bullseye still appears to be blissfully oblivious, and loves hanging around his grumpy owner.



Biography:  Kate was born on a farm not far from Appledale, the youngest child and only daughter of a former Venator who lost his sword arm on his very first hunt, and the woman who made him feel whole and needed again.  She and her brother lived a simple life, guiding the local lord’s hunting parties or swiping fruit from their neighbor’s trees when they were not working the fields. Kate never imagined doing anything else, until her parents chose to shelter a frightened orphan.  The boy was twelve, as was Kate at the time, and was less than inclined to answer questions about where he came from or to play with the other children. Kate and her brother quickly grew bored, and left the boy in the care of their parents. It would be the last time she saw them alive.


As they feasted on filched plums, the two youngsters saw smoke emerging from the forest, in the direction of their house.  Kate rarely speaks of what they found upon their return, though she takes great pleasure in recalling how she saw the orphan boy fleeing the scene, embers spouting in his wake, before she retrieved her father’s old crossbow and quiver from the smoldering house, to stop the magical perpetrator with a well-placed bolt.  The boy’s pained cries for mercy fell on deaf ears as Kate callously watched him bleed out, her rage and grief blinding her to his suffering and the flames dancing around her.  She had avenged what she saw as her parents' murder...but it did not bring them back.


Homeless and now orphaned themselves, the Melioras found what work they could, turning to poaching when times grew desperate.  As they grew older, Kate’s brother grew more and more afraid of her dark, violent nature, and the two siblings drifted apart. Kate eventually found herself acting as a local guide for a roving Inquisition, and found an opportunity not only to put her skills to work, but seek vengeance against the force that had torn her family apart: magic.


While she chafed at the rigid structure and discipline of Imperial service, Kate’s skill with the crossbow and woodland navigation made her a valuable asset to the order, and her cold, pragmatic intellect made her an efficient, if somewhat problematic investigator.  Despite her various character flaws, she worked her way through the ranks with wise, patient mentors and commanders, simultaneously learning to read as she studied Imperial law and the nature of The Condition. Now she is a proud agent of the Imperial Inquisition, ruthlessly pursuing enemies of the Empire wherever she can find them.  The carefree girl she once was died in magefire with her parents and her innocence...flames that still burn within her eyes.


Campaign History: None, as of yet.


Relationships:  Marcus Capulet - Close Friend


Personality: Sociopathic, sadistic, and generally unstable, Kate is the type of loose ballista that few Inquisitors are comfortable commanding.  She is rough, direct, and thoroughly undiplomatic, with a dark gallows humor that even her fellow Ebonguards found disturbing at times.  Time and discipline have tempered her rage and impulsivity somewhat, but she still warrants a great deal of watching, lest she get...bored.  However, the rare few not repulsed by her brusque barbs can find an awkward, yet endearing loyalty that Kate seldom shows.


Currency: 10 gold, 20 silver, 35 copper.



#486874 WG Weekly Comic (and other updates)

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 25 March 2018 - 07:30 PM

The Wanderer's attitude since meeting the Wolf-Girl:





This has been an excellent continuation of the comic, and it's always nice to see the eponymous werewolves at the forefront of the story.  I can't wait to see whose story gets updated after your break, though!  Definitely something to look forward to.  Well done!

#486862 An OC's Journey - Discussing Our Errant Inspirations, Influence & Growth

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 23 March 2018 - 06:38 AM

Thank you so much!  It was the first time I'd condensed those five or so years of writing into a single project (if you can call three whole pages "condensed," LOL), but it brings me joy to see that it's appreciated.  Thank you for participating, as well!


I'd only stuck with a few characters because I know how treacherous my schedule can get, and didn't want to leave multiple campaigns hanging if I was doing something.  But I agree, creating new characters can be a great experience, sometimes more fun than playing them.  The thrill of creating something new, deciding what you want to do with this character, it's a rare joy.



Ah, so you started with how the character looks for Garandros.  That's awesome!  Using a minifig is definitely a bonus on this forum, and Hunted gave me plenty of chills and...emotions...cough, spoilers, cough...so overall, excellent choices for inspiration!  I still haven't seen Logan, probably should soon.


Elnira sounds cute, and I'm intrigued by the idea of a smart pacifist in the harsh, often violent world of Wulfgard.  I take it she's mostly comfortable in civilized areas, or did you apply her intelligence to survival in the wilderness?


#486856 An OC's Journey - Discussing Our Errant Inspirations, Influence & Growth

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 21 March 2018 - 08:01 PM

Sometimes we base our characters off of others we've seen in a different form of media.  Other times our characters start as completely original, but begin to grow and develop in certain directions that match what we like, or how we, their writers, are growing.  Maverick-Werewolf has spoken in-depth about her beloved Wulfgard character, Kye - Prince of Pain, on her Patreon (which you should consider supporting, by the way), and I figured it would be fun to hear about the origins of YOUR favorite Errant characters.  Yes, that's right, you! With the face, and the Errant Original Character (OC)!


So please don't be shy, tell us below how your main or your favorites came to be!  Not their backstory, since that goes in Character Creation and Development, though if a favorite book, show, or movie influenced their backstory, that would be fun to hear, as well!  


Rules: All forum rules, especially on kid-friendly content, still apply.  Please confine this topic to OCs you've actually played in Errant, though characters you created for Errant but didn't get to play can still apply, if their stories are interesting enough.  Have fun!




I'll start us off with my beloved main, one of only two characters I ever created for Wulfgard RPs of any kind, and the only one I have successfully moved to the new Errant board. (Though that might change soon.  ;)  ) Marcus Capulet, Agent of the Imperial Inquisition!


I first created Marcus, oh, what was it, 5 years ago? Amarok had started a fun little RP set in Wulfgard with a deceptively simple premise: go out and slay a dragon.  Sounds easy enough, until you remember that just because it's been done before doesn't mean just anyone can do it. But I digress. I had only recently come back to SSLF after a long hiatus on my part, and the big move to a new server, so I was eager to spend some time writing for fun, as opposed to just writing for college.  


Errant and its ruleset were still only known to Wolfy at the time (as far as I know), so we were given a great deal of leeway on character creation and interaction.  Even dice rolls weren't implemented until later, when boss fights began to emerge. Anywho, I saw that one class Amarok had made available was for a Halberdier, a choice that had no other character had taken at the time.  Having always been fascinated by that weapon, I seized the opportunity and worked from there.


The Inquisition fascinated me greatly from the very first time I read about them, and I jumped at the chance to make a character who belonged to that faction.  However, I noticed that there were a few characters with magic in the party, and didn't want to cause outright panic in character interactions. Plus, why would an Inquisitor volunteer to fight a dragon alongside mages, I asked myself.  An active agent would consider it unlawful, not to mention a waste of time. An active agent.  Hmmm....


Then, it hit me.  Almost all of the human characters in the party were young, in the prime of life.  What if I played a character who was honorably retired from the Inquisition, and only got to keep one void iron weapon?  Someone too old to be chasing mages across the empire, but not nearly old enough to sit around waiting to die. Then I considered what Marcus would be doing in the village where the RP would start, and looked again at his chosen weapon.  Who normally carries halberds in film and such? Guards.  The path was clear.


Thus, Marcus became an honorable dischargee of the Inquisition, who wandered to this northern border-town devoid of purpose, until he settled on what he did best: protecting people.  When the introductory scene of the WG: Heroes RP devolved into a tavern brawl, my character made his debut not by joining in, but trying to break things up and restore order, as befitting a Sergeant of the Watch.  So began Marcus Capulet's reign as the awkward Dad of this merry band of misfits, constantly trying to clean up their messes, keep them on the straight and narrow, and above all, pass on what wisdom he had, so these kids would not repeat his mistakes.


Lord knows he had made more than his fair share.  I wrote some wavering, some doubt in the cause he once believed just, into Marcus' backstory, to explain why he retired slightly earlier than expected, not even staying with the Order in a teaching capacity.  At that time, Wolfy and Scorp's canon said that the Inquisition was falling out of grace with the Emperor, so that left plenty of room for mystery as to Marcus' doubts and reasons for leaving. However, I wavered back and forth on the scale of those doubts until I remembered a certain villain from the movie Serenity: The Operative.  Here was a masterfully crafted villain who believed he was upholding the law, that every life he took was a terrible necessity for the greater good of his nation, and even the human race as a whole.  He had no illusions that he, himself, was a monster, but believed that his actions would bring about a better world. So when a minor villain in the RP dismissed Marcus as a "washed-up Inquisitor," I thought to myself, "let's make Marcus a bit scarier."


My attempt to have my fellow players recognize a pseudonym I'd just made up didn't go particularly well, but that was the birth of Marcus' past, dark persona, The Penitent Headsman.  The Operative's opening scene, where he reassures and even tries to comfort a man he is executing, sent chills down my spine. I wanted that balance of cold efficiency and fervent belief for Marcus, except he would have not have it ripped away in an instant, but eroded over years of service, until a non-specific time came where he had to choose between what was demanded by Imperial law, and what he knew to be right.  




That theme would be repeated later, when Heroes transitioned into a new chapter, Legends.  Our party grew exponentially, especially with the option for players to add more of their own characters.  That was where I brought in Kate Meliora, Marcus' sadistic but endearing former partner, whose story I am still in the process of writing.  She was a reminder of what Marcus used to be, and what he almost turned into from there; but Marcus had made his choice and (mostly) come to terms with it.  Still, with all these hidden monsters and younger, stronger adventurers around him, Marcus sometimes felt overshadowed, knowing that he was long past his prime.  After watching the angst and regret in the War Doctor, after his own fateful decisions in the Dr. Who 50th anniversary, I quickly latched onto John Hurt's portrayal of man with the weight of countless innocent lives and his own mistakes on his shoulders, turning him old before his time.  Upon seeing the consequences of what he did "in the name of peace and sanity," but also those who would take up the torch after he was gone, this battered war hero mused, "great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame."


Marcus' practical, working-man perspective often clashed with his privilege of education and love for learning.  The former, as well as early versions of what imagined he looked like, were inspired by Davos Seaworth, from Game of Thrones.  The man started from humble birth, found himself amongst nobility and heroes, and was both a pragmatic with a shady past, and a doting father figure whenever he got the chance.  While he lacked Marcus' literacy and passion for law enforcement, he was still determined to do the best he could with the opportunities given him, as well as atone for past sins; both qualities that Marcus would respect deeply.




Finally, the move to Errant as a new RP, then eventually the dedicated board with zones that we know and love today, offered me even more opportunities to grow Marcus as a character by bringing him back to that crossroads in his life.  No longer a young man, but still offended if you call him old, a doughty Inquisitor still driven in his career and with doubt only just starting to gnaw at his mind. It was around this time when my sister introduced me to the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, and I had a rationalized system to understand not only how I and other people saw the world, but how to quantify (approximately, at least) what people tend to want in life and why they make their decisions.  It was then that I settled on the ISTJ personality for Marcus, meaning he is an introvert but not obnoxiously so, focused on rules, justice, and order, as all things should be. I decided that, to him, magic was a danger to both its users and its victims, a power that could tempt one into the abusing it, as the mage-emperor had; or simply lash out like wildfire, killing all in its path.  He had seen both in his younger years, and joined the Inquisition to fight for the preservation of his nation and people, to protect the innocent from "The Condition" as an existential threat. A worthy goal, but perhaps too easily unfocused, or even misdirected.


Deep down, in Marcus’ core, I wanted to craft something more than just a cool, sometimes edgy self-insert.  As I refined his concept and motivations, I realized that I wanted to write a character who embodies a balance between pragmatic duty and meritocratic idealism.  A man who was raised in a rising middle class, of two different races, who had both horror and greatness thrust upon him well before he thought he was ready. Someone striving to both better himself and atone for his own sins, all while keeping a stiff upper lip or reverting into father-figure mode.  He keeps the law, and even clings to it for stability and order while fearing the consequences of breaking it...though not always rightfully so. In short, a well-intentioned but stubbornly conservative man with the weight of the world on his shoulders, who mistakenly thinks that everything, even salvation, must be earned.  A soldier, proud to serve, who wants to do right but struggles with hating those who do wrong. A hero that readers like you could both admire...and pity.


WELP, that turned out a lot longer than I anticipated.  My apologies if you find all that intimidating! When I focus almost solely on one character for RPing, I intend to do just that: focus.  I didn't even get into more recent developments I decided on as Errant grew and got updated, though I might do that later. (Like when Chuck Bartowski's lovably neurotic personality wormed his way into Marcus' interactions with women and things he feared, not always for the better, lol)  Anywho, I hope you enjoyed my little tour through memory lane, and I hope it's inspired you to look deeply at your own characters, to see how they've grown and perhaps how they could grow even further.


P.S.  Oh, you want to know why I picked the name “Capulet”?  I played that head of house during my homeschool high school group’s rendition of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, hammed it up, and enjoyed myself a bit too much.  The surname started ending up in my usernames on various game hosts and websites, including this forum, and I still like using it. Flows off the tongue in a more Italian fashion, and sounds better than the French-esque “Montague,” in my opinion.  I know, not as glamorous an explanation, but if you got this far, your eyes probably need a break, anyway.