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The Fallout Topic: Hop on the Nuka-Express for a trip to Nuka World.

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#501 Joe


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Posted 15 August 2016 - 06:52 AM

Moving on, someone has filed a (presumably) fake logo trademark for Fallout: New Orleans in the EU. Keep in mind that mock-up logos have been used to file for trademarks in the past, so it could go either way at this stage.


Alright, so, I did some more digging. To file a trademark of that calibre you need to pay slightly under $900. It also ties into the news Josh Sawyer announced to us last year that he was performing field research in Louisiana.


Anyway, time for Nuka World.






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#502 Patriot 96

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Posted 16 August 2016 - 05:30 AM

Anyone else notice that Capy sounds a lot like a certain suspender wearing mouse?

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Posted 16 August 2016 - 10:52 PM

Looks bad and gimmicky, I have to be honest. It seems like it should be a smaller location in a bigger, more fleshed out place. I mean, compare this to Dragonborn for Skyrim, which took the players to a familiar setting that built up on the lore. Bethesda just seems to cram as much retrofuturistic fluff as they can at this point, with this being the prime example. What happened to the thought process that went behind interesting locales like Point Lookout and the Pitt? Like, I don't think Fallout should be 100% serious all the time, but I just don't see how anything serious could take place in "Nuka World."


2/10 Bethesda, apply yourselves


#504 Patriot 96

Patriot 96

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Posted 17 August 2016 - 06:44 AM

Like, I don't think Fallout should be 100% serious all the time, but I just don't see how anything serious could take place in "Nuka World."
2/10 Bethesda, apply yourselves

Now might be a good time to remember that this is a game where you can literally punch someone's arm off their body, aliens and immortal scientists exist, and a major side quest allows you to become a punisher-like superhero. Fallout 4 is where Bethesda said "hey, what kind of weird and wacky stuff can we put in this game?"

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Posted 17 August 2016 - 07:29 AM

As always, Style misses the point by several kilometres.


Anyhow, ya'll like leaks? Have some leaks, you dirty mongrels. And more leaks! And even more leaks!


New clothes.


Oh, and ya'll remember Sierra Petrovita from Fallout 3? Well, she's back.


Some new chairs; PS, the ghoul is alive.


The AK; doesn't have all the upgrades in the image album.



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Posted 17 August 2016 - 11:50 AM


As always, Style misses the point by several kilometres.


Hey man, everyone has the right to an opinion. I'm just saying that Fallout 3 and New Vegas had a variety of interesting locales you could visit that seemed pretty varied - Anchorage, the Pitt, Point Lookout, Mothership Zeta, that entire Enclave base in Broken Steel; New Vegas had Sierra Madre, Zion, Big MT, the Divide. Granted, some of these places might look pretty similar in NV, but they did what they could with what they had, and each of those DLCs were ten bucks a pop. Now we have Fallout 4, that charges you $25 to go to somewhere in Maine (I haven't played it, on the surface it sounds pretty uninteresting but I could legitimately be wrong about that,) and now twenty whole bones for a broken down theme park that you can play post apocalyptic Sims in. I'm sure to a fan of Fallout 4, what with the casual and dumbed down approach the game took, gee willikers it must be a swell old time to blow up some mutants and zombies and junked up ruffians! But that does not make up the entirety of Fallout for me, it's just a part of the games. I miss talking to people in various cities and not really knowing how they'd respond to something I'd say, and having lots of choices for how I could tackle those conversations. I miss my character having some semblance of wittiness or absolute insanity in the dialogue, other than three options to say yes and one to get more info. I miss the smaller factions in the various wastelands being more hidden and not taking up huge plot points in the story. So while I might be missing your "point," I'm making my own that Fallout 4 is a glorified survival shooter, not necessarily a bad game, but compared to earlier titles, it's just a husk of its former self. But besides that, I'm just stating that to me, these DLCs are too superficial and too expensive to catch my interest whatsoever.


#507 Herbert


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Posted 17 August 2016 - 04:11 PM

I've often criticized Bethesda's open world design as being like a theme park; that is to say, a bunch of silly gimmicks all strapped together with no sense of cohesion or of feeling like real places where people live. Never thought they'd literally make a theme park world.

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#508 Joe


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Posted 18 August 2016 - 02:49 AM

Trust me fam, I get you, however it is something you need to play before you can criticise. Far Harbor was a pretty damn good DLC, but again, not without its flaws (there was a massive cocktease in there that harkened back to some of the concepts for Fallout 4, frustratingly), and Nuka World is a rather blatant satire on the whole 1950/60s Disneyland attitude, but judging by the FAQs and leaks people have been putting together it's got a rather sinister undertone they've not shown off in the trailer. 
Trust me, though, I have serious gripes with Fallout 4, however at this stage it's a game that keeps on sucking me back in. I'm a bit salty that New Vegas never had the same sort of draw for me, despite loving it to death. As far as my point goes, at least regarding Nuka-World, it's the whole satire thing. And it ties into the fact Bethesda do a better job of putting together pre-war stuff than they do representing the post-war world.
That aside, more leaks!
  • Yes, you can use the new robot parts for your own robots
  • Gage, the new companion is male. Look at the album
  • Its way bigger than Far Harbor. Alone the galactic zone has many unique buildigs + some kind of riddle for the new power armour
  • I'd rate it above Far Harbor
  • Bring Preston/Strong for extra dialogue
  • No idea about the settlement raiding.
  • There are radiant quests, like capturing a settler and making him a slave (those are really morbid) or assassinating a settler
And the two albums.

EDIT: Bethesda just released a blog post, as well as the map of Nuka-World.

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Posted 20 August 2016 - 10:31 AM

Ooh boy, the 1.7 update has broken Fallout 4; or at least, it has for anyone who owned the Vault-Tec DLC. At the moment, the DLC will register as not being 'installed' even if you have it installed, and is flat out preventing people from loading saves. I'm not sure how that one slipped past testing.

That said, they've added new store models in the 1.7 update to better fit the vaults. That aside, here's another info drop about Nuka-World, copied from Reddit. Spoilers follow.

Obviously heavy spoilers.


  1. You must have a level 30 character in order to start this DLC.
  2. You're - Overboss. Under your command there are three gangs:
  • The Pack: Just animals, who respect and understand only force.
  • Operators: Everything what they're doing - they're doing for caps.
  • Disciples: Violent anarchists who lives for the sake of killing and torturing people.
  1. Main goal - Capture all park regions (In the beginning you control only central hub). In order to capture the region you must kill all enemies or complete local quest.
  2. After you capture some region you must choose which gang will control it. If gang leader realizes that his territory is too small in comparison with territory of other gangs - his gang can betray and attack you. In this case, you can only kill them all.
  3. It's short. And even shorter if you don't take into account the second half, where you're just conquer settlements in the Commonwealth.
  4. You may refuse to cooperate with raiders. But in this case, story will be absurdly short. You just need to kill all raiders and that's it.
  5. You can't beat Fallout 4 story with Nuka World raiders help.

Side Quests

  1. I can't say that there are a lot of them, but they are really good.
  2. Gang leaders can give you radiant quests. Just go and kill group of enemies in random place in the Commonwealth. Sometimes it may even be members of your faction (There will be no consequences after you kill them).


  1. New companion - GageHe is a man, not a pretty girl. And he is our right hand man in this DLC.
  2. You can kill him.
  3. Only two vanilla companions have new lines: Preston and Strong. Nothing like with Valentine in FH though.


  1. Map is quite big, but smaller than in Far Harbor and has a much lower density (Outside the park). 
  2. Nuka World is in the middle of the map. Around - a desert with plants, settlements and other points of interest (BTW, being in that desert gives some New Vegas vibe).
  3. At the beginning there is no electricity in park, so many entertainments (Roller coaster for example) are not available. Same goes for some other places.
  4. Park has two Vaults. But they're both pretty atypical and small, so don't raise hype too high.
  5. You will get apartments inside Fizztop Grille. There's a great view on the park.


  1. There are some familiar ones from the main game, such as Yao Guai or Mirelurk, but mostly we encounter new monsters.

Completely new:


  1. There is a bit of Super Mutants.
  2. As well as Gunners.


  1. There is not a lot of new firearms and it's sad, but we have what we have:
  1. Handmade Rifle (AK) uses new 7.62 ammo, can be painted and turned into Assault RifleSniper Rifle or SMG. Really powerfull.
  2. Thirst Zapper shoots water and do 0 damage.


  1. There is a lot of new outfits. The easiest way is just show them all.
  2. Only Hubologost Outfit and Magicin's Tuxedo can be upgraded with ballistic weave.
  3. One new Power armor - Overboss PA (Tweaked Raider Armor) and Nuka style paint jobs for T-51 (Nuka-Cola) and X-01 (Quantum).


  1. Depending on which gangs will stay with you, you will get perks after beating the game. Up to three.
  2. These perks got +1 level to them right after installing Nuka World:
  • Steady Aim (Stronger Effect)
  • Awareness (+5% Hit Chance and + 5% Damage in VATS)
  • Ghoulish (Stronger Effect)
  • Attack Dog (Take 10% less damage with Dogmeat)
  • V.A.N.S. (+2 Perception)
  • Quick Hands (+10 AP)
  • Mysterious Stranger (Higher chance)


In Nuka-World Bethesda has made several controversial decisions:

  1. Ghosts exist. One was in Fallout 2, but now Bethesda confirmed that this is still a canon (You can find one).
  2. Radiation can give ability to resurrect dead ghouls and teleport to a short distances.
  3. X-01 - It's a pre-war Power Armor and has been used in Nuka Cola advertising (Despite the fact that one of the loading tips clearly says that it's a post-war armor).

Raider Settlements

  1. To get started you need to capture especially well located settlement. This is will be your hub.
  2. Raiders are lazy, so they need someone who will grow food for them. Therefore, you need to capture settlements surrounding your hub. They will provide you with food and pay tribute.
  3. You can capture your own settlements. But bear in mind that in this case supply line to it (From regular settlements) will be gone, no one wants to deal with raiders.
  4. There are almost always two ways to capture the settlement. Just come in and start firing or persuade settlers to leave/share supplies. 
  5. Raiders of the Commonwealth sooner or later will notice your activity and will come to kill you. But before that, you can have a little chat with them. During this conversation you can intimidate them and they will leave you alone.

Settlement Mode

  1. Bethesda added some Nuka-World and Raiders items, but not much, plus mostly it's a borring stuff. Don't raise your expectations too high.
  2. You can craft Arcade and Nuka-Cola mixing machines.
  3. You can craft chair from gorilla dummy or with alive feral ghoul inside.
  4. One new Settlement in Nuka-World region (Red Rocket from trailer).


  1. A lot of pre-war entries in terminals and holotapes.
  2. Bring a weapon that has a bonus robot damage. You'll have to kill hundreds of them.
  3. Hubologists are back and trying to fly into space. Again.
  4. New hairstyles have been added.
  5. Nuka World located near Boston, we get there by monorail.
  6. Male character can wear a Nuka Girl suit.
  7. Personally, I haven't seen any new weapon effects on dropped legendaries.
  8. Sierra Petrovita is back.
  9. Slaves are everythere in park, but i haven't found a way to enslave people.
  10. Stuff you can win in Nuka-Cade are useless. Don't waste your time on it if you don't like arcade machines.
  11. There is 20 species of Nuka-Cola.
  12. There is a new radio station. DJ is raider and he sings songs about life of raiders, tells life stories and make reports about relationships between gangs.
  13. You can find new parts for Automatron robots.



Solid 8/10 and around 20-25 hours of gameplay.


That controversial section is... eh. I'm not overly fussed about ghosts as that's lore that goes all the way back to F1/F2, however the radiation, and in particular, the X-01, is frustrating. Come on, Bethesda, that's a freaking joke.

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#510 Patriot 96

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Posted 24 August 2016 - 05:47 PM

Here's the re-released footage from yesterday's twitch stream.


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Posted 28 August 2016 - 05:20 AM

I found a mod that allows you to put any mod on any weapon (exclusive to their type, ranged or melee). A lot of the times it absolutely breaks the guns, and I haven't really tried it with any melee weapons, but I have made a couple of cool looking pistols with it, and a spiked up laser musket. Check them out.

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#512 Patriot 96

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Posted 29 August 2016 - 01:20 PM

Five hours and forty minutes till the release of Nuka World. (Yes, it's releasing early)

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