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RPG Idea

03 June 2011 - 05:20 AM

I am thinking about making a RPG about the smaller factions and neutral but just as influential characters. if you have any ideas just post it and eventually i will make the full RPG. and there will be a limit of 25 people. if you want to enter just post some information about your character, some back story and where they got their skills from.
Faction(Former faction where applicable):
Skills(Maximum of 5[must be basic]):
Back story:

Name:Assault Cobra AKA Evan Jarig
Faction:Current:Vigilante, Former:Xarkon
Skills: Unarmed combat, armed combat, vehicular training, commanding troops, charisma
Back story:A former Enomeg soldier but on a mission he realized that the Xarkon are doing bad and dedicated the rest of his life to destroy them