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In Topic: The LEGO M7 Medium Tank Project 2

17 August 2019 - 09:38 AM

Thus it is, amen.








The historical photo.

It was a miracle that the width I had set for the shipping dock doors was exactly what I needed. The door by the rail car was 14 studs wide and the doorway for the shipping dock was exactly double that, 28 studs. Thus I was able to just copy and paste the original door twice to finish the build.

I am toying the idea of doing a photorealistic render of this.


Photorealistic render.

In Topic: The LEGO T71 Detroit Arsenal Light Tank Project

10 August 2019 - 10:20 PM


So real talk how would I get something like this, or any kind of military style LEGO set?  Obviously you built this one, but are there instructions?  Sets that sell themselves?


And the most important question: has anyone built a 688 or Virginia class sub kit?  Or aircraft carrier? Or destroyer?


Maybe that should be your next challenge idk.  


So for military LEGO, I'd have go to with BrickMania. They're pricey, but they're the best in the 3rd Party market for quality, stability, and playability. You'll get what you pay for no doubt. If a piece is missing from the kit, a quick email is all you need. Their customer support is amazing and you'll get that missing piece and a free BrickArms goodie free of charge. I've met most of the designers and other staff in person and they're all very down to earth people. I've talked with them and suggested certain vehicles and they've made them into kits (M8 Scott 75mm Howitzer Motor Carriage). I've also suggested to them to make modular kits as well which they've started doing recently.


If you want to save money though, BrickMania has spiral bound instruction booklets that are thick with 10-20 instructions of their kits for only $60. You'll have to compile your own order of parts on BrickLink or something similar, but I can guarantee you it'll be cheaper than getting an actual kit from them. Also, with every instruction booklet, you get a sticker pack for the kits found within. Typically those stickers are tactical markings for vehicles such as white stars, roundels, etc.


I don't know about those vehicles, I've never seen anything like that sold. BrickMania has made a MAS 15 (Italian WWI Torpedo Boat), LCVP/Higgins Boat, PT-109 Elco 80ft Torpedo Boat, X-Craft mini sub, Yamato, and PBR 31 Mk. II. 


Also, right now BrickMania has a 15% sale on anything you want, but it ends tomorrow (August 12th, 2019). 


Hope this helps.

In Topic: The LEGO T71 Detroit Arsenal Light Tank Project

10 August 2019 - 07:35 PM


Are you telling me I could have this cool ass LEGO tank for less than $50?


Man I kinda miss LEGO lately.


Yessir, though I don't know if that includes shipping. 


I know that feeling man.

In Topic: The LEGO T71 Detroit Arsenal Light Tank Project

09 August 2019 - 09:06 AM

That barrel design is nice! I also love the angled armor on the front!

Man this is some Brickmania level stuff! Keep it up!


Thank you, the barrel was luckily able to be easily mimiced with LEGO and honestly the pike hull took me quite a while to figure out. I at first looked at my BrickMania IS-3 to figure out how they did it (That's the primary reason I got it). Granted, the IS-3 is larger than the T71 DA LT, so I had to do quite a bit of modifying to get it to fit it between the fenders and suspension and to be the height I had set it at.


Thank you, I've been toying the idea of sending them an email with my models just to see what they'd say. Though I am yet to come to a decision. 

In Topic: The LEGO T71 Detroit Arsenal Light Tank Project

08 August 2019 - 12:19 PM


T71 Detroit Arsenal Light Tank
Pieces: 405
Physical Build Cost: $44.70