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Helexith Wrath Archer (Fire contest submission)

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Posted 30 June 2016 - 04:50 AM


I haven't posted any art on here in quite a while. I figure it was time I made a submission to one of these contests, so here it is. I even thought up some lore behind this piece, though it may be inaccurate, since all I did was look at a page of the NR wiki for research. Still, at the end of the day I wanted to draw something neat so I hope you guys like it regardless. It took me about 9-10 hours to sketch, ink and color, using regular graphite, colored pencils and sharpies.


Helexith Wrath Archer



While Mahlok live peacefully together with virtually no infighting, some in the Helexith Coalition have deemed it necessary to create a force with the intent of killing other Mahlok individuals, such as notorious blood traitors. As Mahlok are very difficult to kill with modern forms of weaponry, and especially so with their own natural fire manipulating abilities, the Wrath Archer Special Assassination Force have looked to a more primitive method of combat, (one that has seemingly arisen in the ancient civilizations of different species, such as humans,) known as archery. These warriors are a well kept secret, even among high-ranking Helexith generals; after all, never in the history of the Coalition has a group been formed to kill other Mahlok, and knowledge of such a force could lead to serious dissent.


The Wrath Archers' main weapon is obviously, a simple bow made from molten Mahlok hide, along with their armor, which was taken from individuals who have died natural deaths and have volunteered their bodies for the good of scientific progress. While a simple arrow would barely injure a fully grown Mahlok, their "blood arrows," as they are called, are tipped with a canister containing a dense, superheated material that is unknown to many of the other factions in the Omulgvum galaxy. The material burns hotter than Mahlok blood, and creates a chain reaction, multiplying the amount of heat and energy exponentially upon release, however, this has not yet been tested on a living Mahlok. It is hypothesized that the arrow would puncture through their thick skin, and as the material is released, the warhead at the tip would disintegrate, making any form of surgery impossible. At this point, two things could happen: the first possibility is that the material would prevent the Mahlok's blood from cooling down and sealing the wound, causing them to bleed out quickly before they can absorb the energy; or, they could potentially absorb the energy as it rapidly multiplies within their bloodstream, supercharging them temporarily before their bodies explode. This latter possibility could result in a great amount of collateral damage should an assassination attempt occur, which is why the Helexith are reluctant to use the Wrath Archers in combat. Nonetheless, potential targets of the Archers include Lord Zelgadorph of Mordark, and High Admiral Ignatuzelrog of the Xarkon Navy. They train and meditate nonstop on an unknown volcanic moon, far from any form of civilization.



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Posted 30 June 2016 - 05:59 PM

That looks awesome! Really cool armor design and I love the color pallet, especially that sky and the shattered moon! 

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