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Today, 05:42 PM

Well, um, maybe you should post and talk to everyone about the books Huo has in his possession, since everyone is asking about the demon in the temple and everything. :P


I'm not advancing the plot until you guys do things to advance it.

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17 October 2017 - 06:20 PM

Basically, EA said, "We can't have an Uncharted clone, because that wouldn't be like every other single video game made today that's open world with tons of microtransactions and possibly its own currency and five billion flags to collect and some harebrained excuse of a level-up system. We need to have a game people will keep throwing money at, so we're ditching our original direction.


Oh and [offhandedly] we're completely dismantling an entire studio, too. But you only care about us making more open-ended crap with new DLC speeder armor every week, right?"

In Topic: The Video Game News Thread: Where are we going, PapEA?

17 October 2017 - 02:55 PM


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12 October 2017 - 05:18 PM

Shaking her head, Perky stayed close to Caiden as they made their way out of the damned temple. “Welp, guess it’s about time we found where everyone else went…” She sighed, keeping an eye out.


Caiden nodded. When Huo said something more to the demon in a language none of them could understand, Caiden made an odd noise low in his throat and glanced at Percula again.


"He's not very subtle," the Venator muttered to Percula under his breath.


"Hopefully keeping away from this kind of trouble," said Garandros, in response to Percula, as he joined them. "I'm not optimistic."


Caiden, in an unsurprising gesture, simply nodded in agreement.




Agethar and Malvolio searched around in some nearby buildings for rope, but they could find nothing of the sort.


Korvarl and Elnira, meanwhile, prepared to enter the pipe system. Elnira attempted to pass Mr. Whiskers off to Valya, but the cat was decidedly not in favor of that option, as he hissed and squirmed out of Elnira's hands the moment he was thrust in Valya's direction. He landed on his feet and padded over near Allya instead, fluffed up and flustered and eying Valya cautiously.


But the dwarves entered the pipe, one after another - with Korvarl in the lead, of course...


Meanwhile, Caiden, Percula, Garandros, and Huo arrived from the temple, just as the dwarves entered the pipe.




Korval and Elnira crawled through the dismal, narrow pipes deep into the underbelly of the clanhall. Once or twice, they nearly got lost - not that they had any real idea of where they were going. Eventually, however, they found an exit into what seemed to be an old, abandoned bathhouse in the clanhall. Climbing out, they made their way to the main entrance, passing by many empty, lifeless, once-beautiful rooms and down matching halls... but Elnira, looking around for anything else of interest about this ancient civilization, was surprised to see that most all the rooms seemed pick clean of anything remotely valuable. The clanhall was even barer than the buildings outside.


Upon reaching the entrance, however, they found that the giant doors had no mechanism to operate them. On either side of the entrance stood massive, towering golems as high as the great doors themselves - but they were still and devoid of magic, their stone would-be faces smashed and any sign of the runes that powered them was smashed with it.


However, they managed to find the golden portcullis again, and Korvarl located a winch to raise the gate. Lifting it, Elnira went under and informed the others of their means inside. They had to enter one-by-one, as narrow as the passage was, and Percula was afraid Caiden was going to get stuck.


But, soon enough, everyone stood in the middle of the clanhall... the great, empty, silent clanhall. There were some smashed-open doors at the top of two staircases on either side of the massive room, but searching the upstairs revealed nothing of interest. Just like the rooms Elnira had looked around in before, every inch of this place had been looted.


That only left one more way to go... down.


Korvarl led the way down some interior halls, his knowledge of Dwarven craftsmanship making it easy for him to figure out where the vaults would be located. The opening to the vaults was smashed open, as well, leaving what was once a great door as little more than a pile of dust and rubble. Everyone stepped around the debris and descended a long, deep, spiral staircase leading straight into the bowels of the clanhall... far beneath even Nidavellir itself. Apparently, this was where Clan Dimmlundar saw fit to keep their greatest treasures.


With every step they took deeper into the vaults, the sense of evil that had fallen over them the moment they first set foot in the Forbidden Halls grew even stronger. It was steadily becoming almost overwhelming. The smell of brimstone began to hang in the air as if they descended into a volcano.


And the staircase ended with an opening into a massive room with a surprisingly high ceiling, crafted of fine stone and lined with glimmering golden runes engraved into the walls...


Laying in the middle of the floor in that great room was a demon.


It was no small demon. It made the demon trapped in the temple almost look like a man. This demon was gargantuan, larger than anything any of them had ever seen. It looked almost like a giant cobra - a cobra was hellish red skin instead of snake scales, and a hood covered in horns, with massive fangs protruding from its upper jaw at all times. His enormous coils spread across and snaked around the entire room. His eyes were shut, and he slept in utter silence - the only means of knowing he still lived was the waft and stink of his breath.


Those among them educated in demons ((Divine or Forbidden Lore)) knew immediately what this was. This was a demon of Malice... and one of almost godlike power. There was no possible way they could currently defeat an abomination such as this.


The evil in this room hung so thick it was almost hard to think. It sent shivers up their spines, left sweat on their faces, clouded their minds, and caused them to tremble in fear. It almost made them feel sick... and the horrible, stifling stench of pure sulfur didn't at all help. It was enough to make almost anyone want to heave up their entire stomach.


But, behind this slumbering demon, they saw light glinting off what could only be treasure, lighting the room behind the demon in a lustrous, golden glow... it must have been mountains and mountains of treasure, possibly putting to shame the hoard of even the greatest of dragons. And, perhaps, it even held Dainsleif, along with the keys to every other vault in the city.


There was, however, no means of getting around the demon. At least... not without waking him.

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11 October 2017 - 10:41 AM

Brief one, pulled out of a very old short story I never posted publicly.


Prompt, "Whump (your character loses something they love)"


Instantly, Kye surged to his feet – and so did Febriel. They rounded on each other, one staring at the other in equal shock and horror.

He knew instantly exactly what was going through her mind: he was a demon.

For a long moment, neither of them could speak. Finally, the pale-faced Febriel set her jaw and drew in a slow, deep breath, her hands shaking at her sides.

“I knew there was something wrong about you,” she said, her voice low.

But nothing about Kye was slow and measured – his heart pounded, his head hurt, his face was on fire, and he felt more emotions than he could even understand. He shook all over and stammered.

“I-it – it’s not like that!” he finally managed to sputter, his voice cracking. “I – I don’t – I’m not…!”

“Save your lies,” Febriel snapped. She sucked in a sharp breath and finished in a hiss, “Demon.”

Kye swallowed against the lump in his otherwise dry throat, his eyes burning with tears. “I’m not like them!” he suddenly cried. “I’m not evil! I’m not a monster!”

“I should slay you where you stand,” was Febriel’s only answer, though her voice wavered and came out weak.

“Please…” Kye breathed in desperation, almost ready to let his buckling knees finally give out. He managed to find his voice again and begged, “Febriel, please, just – just don’t leave me alone… I’m not like them – I’m not! You know I’m not!”

“Be glad,” Febriel went on, unable to speak without her voice shaking, “I’m letting you leave with your life. Go, Kye. If I ever see you again…”

“Don’t do this – please… I’m not like them…”

“I’ll kill you,” she finished, her voice low.

With that, she turned her back on him and strode off into the forest, not once looking over her shoulder. Kye collapsed, falling to his hands and knees. He watched her go, his great wings sagging by his sides as he trembled violently from head to toe with no idea what to do. He wanted to call out to her, to plead her to stop…

Febriel!” he managed to cry out, but that was all. When he tried to raise his voice again, all that came out was a quiet whimper. “Don’t do this,” he sobbed, watching her disappear into the woods. “Don’t leave me alone again… Please… just – just… come back…”

Kye dropped onto his side, burying his face in his hands and giving in, sobbing and moaning uncontrollably. Everything he thought he was learning suddenly fell to pieces before his eyes. What he hoped was a new life and another chance, one he’d fought for tooth and claw, shattered like so much glass. His heart seared pain deep into his chest with every throbbing beat as if trying to tear itself in two.

For the first time in his life, he had felt something he’d never known – something he’d only heard mortals talk about as a strange concept… something he saw in their smiles, in their eyes, heard in their laughter. It had always been little more than a hopeless dream he’d chased after for his entire immortal life. Now he knew that feeling, and he knew what it was like to have it ripped from his very soul – when he was only just beginning to understand it.

For the first time in his life, he had been happy.