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Yesterday, 12:26 AM

"Just offerin' an opinion," Agethar muttered to himself "no need tae git yer beard in a twist."


Korvarl scowled. “An’ I offered mine, so we’re even.” He pointed out. “If yer stupid when we’re done, you’ll get what’s comin’ for you. If yer not, then you’ll be fine. Simple as that.” Silvershield added for the sake of finality.




Huo said something, but Percula was waaay too busy squeeing inwardly over how cute Elnira was. I want twelve of her! Pleeaaase!


"I'm Elnira! It's a pleasure to meet you both."


“Yeah, same!” Saffron managed without unleashing all of her excitement. Guuuuuh I can’t hold it in forever!


The dwarf looked rather curiously at her. "Have you just joined us? Or maybe you haven't. There are so many people here, it's exhausting trying to remember all the names!" She yawned surreptitiously into the back of her hand.


Perky giggled, both at Elnira’s words and her adorable little yawn. “Well, I sorta just joined. I’m with Caid, and I’ve just been kindaaa… trailing after you guys! Figured you might need some help now you’re entering the wilds and stuff.” She grinned, crouching down to be more even with the little dwarf lady’s height.


“You look kinda tired, though,” she pointed out. “You guys got rooms yet?” Percula asked, her attention finally including Huo, again.


In Topic: ZONE - Arrowfall ((Delving Too Deep))

20 July 2017 - 02:14 PM

Garandros laughed, but it was cold and humourless. "Because alerting everyone to the mass of treasure we'll be carrying home can't backfire at all, can it?" He snorted and stepped back from the table. "I've seen men kill for far less."


"Depends," Agethar pointed out, "I don't know about ye, but I donnae want th' help o' Bandits or a rival clan."


Korvarl sighed, reluctant to admit either had a point. However, before he could continue the argument against the two humans, one of the heavily-armored - and rather rich-looking - Templars stepped forward.


"I don't know how much treasure you think that we'll be taking back with us," Malvolio said bluntly "but Agni only asked us to get his clan's sword, not to bring the mountain's entire treasure horde with us. If he did, I think that we would have more dwarves to help us and a ton of carts to carry it back with us. I only plan on taking what I can carry, unlike whatever imagined version of us you have in your mind."


“Well, o’course yer not carryin’ too much, yer already covered in gold.” Silvershield pointed out, before turning to the other two. “An’ if yer so concerned about gettin’ ambushed on the way back, don’t take the same route we came up.” Korvarl added. “I doubt any bandit worth their silver’s gonna try robbin’ us before we get the treasure, either. So as long as you play it smart, doesn’t matter if we make a bit o’ fuss out here on the way up.”




The Priest nodded, simply saying "It's good to have another elf with us."


Percula grinned. “Glad to know someone thinks so.” She quipped, before asking about his eyes.


"I am blind, inquisitive one," Huo said, wondering if this...elf was considered a child by her society "but I have my own way of seeing."


“...Oh.” Saffron blinked. “...I’ve never met a blind person! That’s… uh, cool!” Perky offered, not entirely certain how someone lived without eyesight. Yeesh, that’s got to be awful...


"And what about yourself?" he asked, peering at the elf "You don't seem to be a true e-."




Huo stopped mid-sentence as a very short lady - one of the dwarves - materialized beside Percula. The pixie almost melted at the sight of her. She’s so small! ...Well, I mean, right now. Eheh.


Perhaps fortunately, she didn’t realize Huo was so close to realizing she wasn’t actually an elf.


"Hello, Small one," he said politely as he made a small bow "I am Huo Shiye of the East, and this is..."


“Percula, nice to meet you!” The ‘elf’ introduced herself, holding out a hand for shaking. “Who’re you?” She asked, barely able to resist the urge to coo at Elnira. She was so cute!

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18 July 2017 - 12:55 PM

"I was hoping we could keep a low profile. Look around you." Garandros gestured around the tavern at the curious eyes watching the group. "We've attracted far too much attention already."


Korvarl frowned, his thick brows furrowing slightly. “The hell’s wrong with a little attention? The only thing that’s gonna try keepin’ us from gettin’ our prize is whatever’s dwelling in the Edge and down below.” The dwarf pointed out. “Bringin’ attention to our movements’ll only get us more help, if anything.” Silvershield added, planting his hands on his hips.


“Unless, o’course, y’got somethin’ to hide?” He added, raising an eyebrow at the awfully secretive man.




Huo look at Percula with oddly unfocused eyes, which caused her to frown slightly in confusion. What the…?


"From a friend." He said, rather shortly.


Perky shrugged at that answer after a moment, chuckling. “Saaaame.” She said, tugging at her own cloak - one that Caiden had bought for her some time ago. She still needed to pay him back for that… though, for now, she pressed on with her questions.


Huo thought for a moment before replying "Personal reasons."


Saffron blinked, alarm bells going off in her head. In her experience ‘personal reasons’ ranged from being a demonic mage to hiding lycanthropy. Or being infected with demon stuff, in Caid’s case. What was this… weird-eye guy’s reason?


"I did not see you with the others at the Tavern, or on the boat," the Priest continued before she could overwhelm him with more questions, "are you a late addition to the party?"


“You could say that.” Percula grinned. “I’m with Caid, I’ve been following you guys with a bit of his help aaand figured I’d finally introduce myself.” The pixi- ‘elf’ explained.


“...Saaaay, what’s with your eyes?” She finally asked, unable to help herself any longer. The question had been bubbling just beneath the surface as soon as she saw what was off with them, waiting to burst out for the past few seconds.


In Topic: ZONE - Arrowfall ((Delving Too Deep))

17 July 2017 - 12:35 AM

Well, things were going… well enough, all things considered. Korvarl had managed to get himself a beer and Elnira a meal in Rimeguard before the group pressed on. Even more fortunate, the path from there to Arrowfall was smooth and surprisingly untroubled at all. Granted, the transition from staying in more urban places and then sleeping at the side of a road was a tad jarring for Silvershield… but he would be damned before he let it show, especially in front of Elnira.


In any case, their arrival at Arrowfall itself was not particularly warm. Korvarl had heard a little about what occurred those many months ago, and he could see it still scarred the peasants around them. He hoped they didn’t get too jumpy around himself and the other non-humans.


Just in case of that, though, he stayed close to Elnira and kept a hand on his axe.


As he set out the map to their ultimate destination, the others began to discuss potential routes. While a few seemed promising - heading northward to civilization before hitting the Edge - there was another option…


"I was born in Mimameidr. Since we are just passing through, the elves should not trouble us unless we start trouble" Allya said after one man - a scarred individual - called the idea of going through the Immortal Wood a fool’s errand. Korvarl nodded in agreement.


“Aye, as much as goin’ further north would help us get more supplies a’fore headin’ into th’ Edge, cuttin’ through Mimameidr is a helluva lot faster.” The dwarf nodded. “As long as no one does anythin’ stupid, we should b’fine.” Silvershield decided, silently daring the others to argue with him.




Percula had, naturally, trailed the group via her… own little methods. Granted, she’d hoped the group would wait in Rimegard a little longer, that way her entrance could be suitably… dramatic. As it turned out, though, they’d gone right on through, and only thanks to a fortuitous note left behind by Caid had she known to follow them further to Arrowfall.


At least, that was the story Saffron decided would explain her appearance best, should she be asked.


In truth, she hadn’t been walking for very long when she entered the city walls, smiling innocently at the naturally suspicious guard. He’d already seen a pretty mixed bunch pass through not long before, and now followed by another elf? In the middle of the night? That did not bode well in a place with such terrible, recent history as Arrowfall.


Not that Perky had any idea what had happened during the plague and all. She was currently focused on finding the inn the others had gone to… which, fortunately, wasn’t too terribly difficult to find. It was the only one with a real modicum of life in this dreary little town.


Frowning slightly, the rather colorfully dressed ‘elf’ brushed herself off as best she could as she stepped into the tavern, quickly noticing the group - and Caiden, especially. Saffron drifted over, though she slowed as she noticed one man in particular standing away from the others, looking unfamiliar with his shoddy cloak. Well, actually he did look a little familiar, from when this whole thing started…


Percula gave him - Huo - a gentle poke on the arm. “Hey, nice cloak.” She remarked. “Where’d you get it?” She asked innocently.

“Aaaaaand why’re you wearing your hood indoors?” Saffron giggled, a teasing tone at the edge of her voice.

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13 July 2017 - 02:16 AM

Aaaand here we've got yet another mage (albeit of the more arcane variety) :U





(Source is kinda in the picture, itself, there :v )


Morwyn Marks



Full Name: Morwyn Marks

Aliases: The Witch of Many Sizes


Sex: Female

Race: Human (Achaean)

Birthplace: Eloh, Achaean Empire


Affinity: Fire

Deity: Astra Aeterna

Magic: Arcane

Faction: None


Talents: Arcane Lore, Subtlety, Thievery, Herbalism, Tailoring



Strength: 3

Agility: 6

Constitution: 3

Perception: 8

Intelligence: 8

Spirit: 10

Luck: 4


Appearance: A little on the short side for a young Achaean lady, Morwyn is nonetheless striking in appearance and posture. Clearly of a higher breed, it’s somewhat ironic her clothes tend to be rather travel-worn, what with her being on the run from her family and the Inquisition, as she was proven to be a mage. As her appearance changes little - she’s stubborn like that - besides in size, most Inquisitors in the Northwestern Kingdom could probably recognize her.


Inventory: Merchant Pack

-1 full set of nice clothing

-1 brown traveling cloak

-1 iron dagger

-1 map of the Northwestern Kingdom

-Ale and rations

-1 Satchel of Arcane Tomes

-1 Satchel of Miscellaneous Herbs

-1 Lady's sewing kit



Born and raised the youngest of the Mark family in the mining town of Eloh, Morwyn’s birth on the summer solstice caused more than a few rumors to spread and hang around her for a fairly long period of her life. As the young Marks grew, however, she decided to roll along with it, managing to get her hands on a few tomes of magic spells as a joke - assisted by a few less-than-good doers she got to know in her younger, (relatively, Eloh’s not exactly Illikon, y’know) wild days - and read them.


She grew surprisingly attached to the books, however, spending more and more time studying them. This sudden studiousness surprised her father, but it kept her distracted from trying to vy for his inheritance like her older siblings, so he let it slide. Thus, underneath the noses of her very family, Morwyn discovered and developed her innate Gift of magic.


Had she kept her own experiments in check, Morwyn could still be living amongst her family in the comfort of home, playing with magic endlessly. However, she robbed herself of her own pleasant life when she incautiously cast a growth spell. The space Morwyn had reserved for practice turned out to be… insufficient.


Thus, Eloh was quite briefly visited by one of the jotnar - granted, one who looked suspiciously like the Earl’s daughter - who took her sweet time toying with the helpless humans in fascination before realizing perhaps it was a good idea to leave. While such a large being has not been spotted since, Morwyn Marks had vanished with a number of rather thick arcane books and scrolls and remains missing - but sought for by the Marks family and Inquisition alike - throughout the northern Empire.


Campaign History:




Marks Family (Wanted Dead or Alive)

Eloh (Terrified)

Inquisition (Wanted Dead or Alive)



While it’s been some time since her somewhat self-imposed exile, Morwyn retains her old noble mannerisms and a sense for distinguishing between peasants and those of higher bloodlines. As badly as she fears being taken by the Inquisition and losing the knowledge she went to great trouble to attain, she finds it very difficult to blend in as a nobody wherever she goes, leading the fugitive mage to keep her distance from others… until the need for proper bed and breakfast - even those shoddy shadows of her childhood accommodations provided by roadside inns - finally drives her back to civilization briefly.