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#485641 Star Wars Movies: The J After Trevorrow

Posted by Dalton Westmoore on 19 September 2017 - 04:03 PM

I have no things to say about Rebels. I watch it, 60% is pretty much throwaway kids stuff, another portion is genuinely good Star Wars stuff. I'd rather watch any season of Rebels over sitting through Rogue One.


I honestly liked Rouge One a lot the first time I saw it. Not as much as TFA but I still liked it.


Though, when I watched it a second time, you could really tell how emotionless it was. It's about 90% people giving Sophie Turner a run for her money, and 10% was cool Star Wars stuff.


But yeah, Rebels is much better, even though they'll probably kill off Thrawn because nothing is sacred these days. :P

#485604 ZONE - The Forbidden Halls of Clan Dimmlundar

Posted by Dalton Westmoore on 15 September 2017 - 08:10 PM

Malvolio watched tensely as Allya read the bloody papers that he and she had collected together. From the look on her face, he could tell that whatever it said, it wasn't good.


"What does it say?" he asked, nervously fingering the grip on his dirk as he glanced around the room "Is it something we should warn the others about?"




Agethar quickly pocketed the coins without much thought; he was a Viking by birth, and had their lust for treasure. 


The Venator started slightly as more ramming could be heard from upstairs. He wondered how many of these creatures where in this place.


"If you think you can quiet him, you should. This place has been silent for only the gods know how long. We don't know what was sleeping."


Agethar nodded, and let out a low whistle.


At the noise, Maugrimm went quiet instantly, though he still looked like he wanted to bark.


As the thumping from both doors continued, he looked at Caiden and asked quietly "What should we do?"




"You are attempting to flatter me," said the abomination, sounding weary. "I have heard the flattery of mortals, but it was long ago. If you came here expecting no demons, you will be exceptionally surprised."


"It was not as much flattery as it was trying to be polite to something that could kill us in seconds if it wished," Huo said, sounding a bit hurt by the demon's words "as for demons, I expected that as soon as we entered this place we would be wading through them, yet you are the only one we have encountered so far."


"I wish only one thing now, young one: freedom. Tell me what you want from me that will obtain me this. I have stood in this same disgusting little room for longer than your civilizations have existed. If this was the plan of my summoners, to make me linger here for eons, their plan has worked. I am now willing to do whatever anyone asks of me."


"What kind of freedom do you wish for?" the Priest asked, curious to what the creature's reply would be "If you wish to walk this city once more, I must warn you that several of the companions I came here with are quite skilled at killing demons. As for how you could help us, we are searching for a sword called Dainslief; do you know where it might be held?"



#485587 ZONE - The Forbidden Halls of Clan Dimmlundar

Posted by Dalton Westmoore on 14 September 2017 - 03:50 PM

Malvolio glanced around at the inside of the ransacked district hall. The whole place looked like - and probably had suffered the equivalent of - a tornado had gone through it.


The Templar made his way towards the desk, and began to collect many of the scattered papers that lay everywhere: most of it was probably dwarven, but he was interested in whether or not he could find anything that was in Old Achaean.




Agethar's awe of the city quickly changed to fear and disgust as he, Caiden and Perky entered an abandoned tavern. The whole place looked like some dwarves had tried to hide in it in the overthrow of the city, but the thing that scared the Venator the most was that there was no sign of corpses, or any smell of rotting bodies at all.


It didn't help that apparently something was trying to escape from the cellar.


Agethar nearly jumped out of his skin as something rammed against the cellar door, and Maugrimm's growl turned into loud barking as the ramming continued.


"If I didnae know it would make thing's worse," the Northern Venator muttered as he drew both his axes "I'd put a bolt through th' door an' twixt th' thing's eyes."


"...if it has any."




"Know something the rest of us don't?"


"Nothing that you cannot sense yourself, Friend." Huo Shiye said, seeming to ignore the fact that the rouge Venator had apparently drawn steel on him as he continued walking towards the Temple.


The two walked in apparent silence until the reached the Temple. From what he could tell by walking through it, the Priest was amazed that it was still standing. The pair searched through the building, until they finally entered a room that contained something that he wished they would not run into.




When he had looked into the Spirit world, he had been surprised and terrified to discover that he could see nothing but the souls of his companions. So he was surprised that he could see the demon standing before them.


Huo knew had to do something to avoid a confrontation, and fast.


The Priest moved past the Venator before he could charge forward and did something that probably baffled the Demon even more:


"Greetings, O Evil one," Huo said, bowing politely to the startled creature "yes, we are indeed mortals, come to this city in search of something precious, but we never imagined that we would encountered a being so powerful and observant as yourself."

#485569 ZONE - The Forbidden Halls of Clan Dimmlundar

Posted by Dalton Westmoore on 14 September 2017 - 07:28 AM

 “Well dun’t jus’ talk about goin’ there, get movin’!


Malvolio bit back a retort, as he had been walking down the stairs before the dwarf pushed past him, and continued down the stairs in silence.


Soon, he had to break into a quick jog in order to keep up with Korvarl, as the dwarf was moving surprisingly fast for someone in all that heavy armor.


Malvolio didn't mind,however, as a small part of him didn't mind if the dwarf was the first to run headlong into danger instead of him.




WHOOOAAAA! This place is so cool! C’mon, c’mooon! There’s gotta be all sorts of stuff in here!


Agethar followed the pair in a daze, as he was still in awe of the dwarven city, with Maugrimm following close behind.




Huo Shiye continued to make his way towards the temple, still the only one headed in that direction.


Every once in a while, he would glance back and see the shapes of the others as they made their way into the city.


The Priest continued to make his way towards the temple regardless, trying not to think about the overwhelming sense of evil emanating from the very stones beneath his feet - and what he had seen when he first renewed his sight in the cursed city. 

#485556 Star Wars Movies: The J After Trevorrow

Posted by Dalton Westmoore on 13 September 2017 - 01:56 PM


Rebels is the Star Wars we need and deserve right now even though no one here will admit it.




C'mon Thrawnie, cut Rebels a break.


At least it doesn't have the dialogue of the prequels. 

#485552 moving Wicktures that you are watching

Posted by Dalton Westmoore on 13 September 2017 - 01:17 PM

Love a good anti-Catholicism, pro-Dracula toon. 


Remove the Dracula part and you've got pretty much every dark manga/anime ever. :P


You know, somebody needs to tell Japan the World that we understand that the Church (Catholic and otherwise) has done a lot of crappy things in the past, but come on it gets so predictable and boring after, what, the first time you see it?

#485505 Star Wars Movies: The J After Trevorrow

Posted by Dalton Westmoore on 11 September 2017 - 01:16 PM

The Disney director-of-the-week approach feels so soulless and mechanical. 


Honestly, I hadn't thought of it that way. That kind of approach kind of skeeves me out about it now. :I


Now I'm beginning to understand why Tolkien was so adamant about keeping his Middle Earth stuff out of Disney's hands.


Not saying that some Hollywood idiots didn't still manage to botch it anyway, but it could have been much worse.

#485456 Dalton's Assorted Artwork and Random Stuff

Posted by Dalton Westmoore on 04 September 2017 - 05:57 PM

Hey guys! I drew stuff! Please look at it!:














As always, Comments, Critiques, and Suggestions are always appreciated!

#485368 Echoes of the Mage-Emperor - Discussion Thread

Posted by Dalton Westmoore on 20 August 2017 - 02:57 PM




Holy Crap...


My Design of Ildrius influenced Scorp's version! :D


I honestly did not see this coming, in addition to finally getting another part to this story.


Keep up the good work!

#485348 moving Wicktures that you are watching

Posted by Dalton Westmoore on 18 August 2017 - 07:25 AM

Well, Ocelot, thanks for reminding me that I should post my thoughts about this, since I actually saw this film a while back.


I have to agree with you about the humor. One of the big things that irked me about the film was how hard they tried with the humor. It was like they thought that the only way that they could top the first movie was inserting random jokes into places they didn't belong. Like when Ego is dumping important exposition about how he was able to take on human form, and Drax randomly interrupts to make a sex joke, or the whole Taserface thing. Even kid's films (sometimes) know when not to put in a joke, but Guardians of the Galaxy 2 didn't.


The other thing that really bothered me was how they handled Ego. Apparently, Marvel and Fox traded characters, and Marvel got Ego while Fox got Teenage Negasonic Warhead. Well, all I can say is that I hope Fox enjoys using her in multiple Deadpool/X-men films, because Marvel somehow managed to waste an entire freaking planet in one movie. Other Marvel Villains can get away with being forgettable or one-off characters, but Ego's not getting away with this, because on top of being your typical MCU villain, they also go out of their way to make their own sort of Darth/Vader/Luke Skywalker thing, where they're like:




It's bad enough that they created another MCU stereotype, but they also tried to do a star wars style thing as well? Did some marvel guys and some lucasfilm guys go to a bar, got really slammed, and decided to write this as a sequel to one of the best marvel movies made recently? WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA


Oh yeah, and a character died at the end because all marvel DC superhero films need a mentor/surrogate father death to be taken seriously, but at least his death brought together backup Guardians of the Galaxy for when George R. R. Martin Marvel kills everybody off in Infinity War lol


#485295 Dalton's Assorted Artwork and Random Stuff

Posted by Dalton Westmoore on 29 July 2017 - 05:13 AM

You spoil me, thanks for doing so many of my characters!




Anyways, tossing up a small art update.


First, Zettians from Heroscape:




Lastly, this guy:




As always, Comments, Critiques, and Suggestions are always appreciated!

#485273 Movie/Television/Disney Entertainment Conglomerate News

Posted by Dalton Westmoore on 23 July 2017 - 01:59 PM

Look at this cool poster:




Here's one better:



#485260 General LEGO Discussion

Posted by Dalton Westmoore on 18 July 2017 - 01:59 PM

A frankly colossal leak of DC Superheroes sets for the end of this year at https://imgur.com/gallery/HLoV2




Honestly excited for all the new pieces more than anything else, especially those magicy looking ones.  :enchanted:

#485244 ZONE: The Rusty Axe

Posted by Dalton Westmoore on 16 July 2017 - 04:59 PM

"This is beautiful Hori, thank you!"


"It's a strange thing, exotic yet ugly. Looks like you, Agnar."


"I'm in your debt, Hori, these things are hard to come by."


"It's no trouble," Hori said humbly as he dug into his food to hide his embarrassment "just a token of appreciation for the good service that you all have given me in the years that I've been here."


"I'd certainly say so. Their culture is just as ancient as Old Achaea, and there's a lot of rich history to be around... But if you go too far out of civilization, you'd better really like sand."


"That's true enough." Hori chimed in "I'm still finding small caches of it in my possessions."


As if to emphasize this, a stream of sand trickled out of the small idol he had given to Dargnin.


"I do not believe I heard your name," Hori said to the knight "I am Hori Holdensfarn, and who might you be?"



#485242 Dalton's Assorted Artwork and Random Stuff

Posted by Dalton Westmoore on 16 July 2017 - 04:17 PM

It's time for the Art!


First up, Dwarven Artillery:




Next, a line-up of all the different magic-users in my fantasy universe:




Next, characters from the Rusty Axe Tavern RP:




Lastly, Errant Characters:






As always, comments, critiques, and suggestions are always appreciated!