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Yesterday, 07:20 PM

Happy Birthday Wolfy!


Enjoy this stupid meme as a birthday present:



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Yesterday, 07:12 PM



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Yesterday, 09:13 AM

Or you could "stay woke," as the kids say these days, and just not buy the game AT ALL.  I did the same with the first new Battlefront, even after being impressed by the demo's graphics; and I haven't regretted it once.  The beauty of the Capitalist system is that you can make a difference with how and where you spend your money.  You just need to make informed decisions, and the information I have gathered tells me that EA doesn't need a penny from me.  Don't wait for a sale, don't rent it from a store, just spend your time and money on a game from a company you want to support.  Or invest it for the future, so you can afford to buy better games' collector's editions later on, if you so desire.  Up to you.  I need to take a few deep breaths. 


Honestly, Cappy, I appreciate your advice, but I still plan on buying the game. I have played a little bit of the first Battlefront game, and I enjoyed it even though it was extremely limited. I doubt that anyone would be able to dissuade me from playing a multi-era Star Wars game, even if EA is pulling all of this bull.


However, I do not plan on buying the game immediately. I'm going to wait until the game goes on sale, or EA decides to get their act together and make a Star Wars game that doesn't play like a mobile game.


But, on a happier note, I'm going to drop this video here:



The only way to make it more accurate to the game would be to have them pay 20,000 bucks for Iden to play with them. Then, after paying, tell them that it now costs 5,000, and then remove the option to get refunds. :P

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15 November 2017 - 03:05 PM

I heard about this, but this video informed me about some new stuff I hadn't heard about before. 


I was planning on buying the game as soon as I've got my gaming PC up and running, but screw EA's money grubbing tendencies, I'm waiting until Christmas to pick up this game.





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15 November 2017 - 12:54 PM

Just out of curiosity, do you instantly get Necromancy when you make a demonic pact? Or is that a separate thing?