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"It's not, I went there shortly after a long mission in Rognosst Swamp. I'm familiar with Cristina and I'm familiar with the region. It's a good city, ruled by the Drakes. And it's full of good people... all of whom respect their ruling family. It'd be best if we didn't mention Tom or what happened to him."


"That goes without sayin'." Agethar said, clearly surprised that Caiden would talk about Tom and his...condition here of all places.


"But I'm surprised tha' 'is family has their own city," he continued "I always thought that th' Drakes lived in a Manor in Illikon."




Maugrimm watched as the new dog followed the new lady and the Venators out of the room.


The dog followed them into the study, where he moved over to the new dog, where he waited for it to acknowledge his existence.




Cyrus followed the others into the study, where Crestwell pulled out his bottle of brandy and poured everyone who accompanied them a glass of it.


"Let's start from the beginning, if you don't mind. How do you know Silvius?"


The very beginning?  Before I was born, really.  My late dad, Horace Meliora, actually met Silvius in this very order, probably in this very castle.  You might not remember him, he’d barely worn the cloak and arrowhead for a day when he got his sword arm torn off by a verrbjorn.  Always told me he’d been lucky through all his training, only to lose it on that very first hunt. But you can’t span a crossbow with one arm, and he couldn’t read, so he’d be useless in a room like this; so off he went, wondering what in Artemis’ name he was gonna do now. Silvius was his partner on that first and last hunt, though, and always felt it was his fault, especially since the bear so happened to be going for his neck when my dad’s arm got in the way.  When he tracked down where my father ended up settling down, the stubborn blighter made a point of visiting whenever he was near Appledale. The two of ‘em always laughed at how they didn’t roll too far from the old tree, if you take my meaning.  Well, Silvius became like an Uncle, even watched me for a bit after my parents bought it, but I’d no interest in following my dad’s footsteps, so we went our separate ways. Then I got this letter a couple weeks ago, and here we are.”


While they were talking, Cyrus produced a small bamboo straw from his belt and carefully inserted it through his aventail. He then began to quietly slurp away at his brandy.


 "The kinda bossy one, your stand-in leader or something, mentioned other Venatori were missing, too?  I've been thinking that maybe Silvius and his partner were the last to disappear, and maybe he noticed the first ones and figured they weren't a coincidence?  You lot'd probably know more than me on that front."


There was a poot sound as Cyrus' straw suddenly became extremely loose and began to wobble around.


"You might want to use a bit more...tact when 'the kinda bossy one' is sitting across from you." the Venator said as he removed the straw. 

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Yesterday, 07:12 PM

I'll try to get up a post tomorrow.


A ton of things are happening over the weekend (enough so that there will be no art update) that were brought up at the last minute, so I'll be pretty busy.


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23 May 2018 - 12:50 PM

"Here’s the letter Silvius sent me.  If you can’t recognize his hand, I’ll see if someone else here can verify it for you.  He obviously knew something was wrong before he disappeared, so maybe you should quit hammer-measuring with me and just take what help you can get? Or have you got an army stashed in your belt that lets you afford to be picky?”


"Why don't we discuss this with a drink? You must be weary after your travels."


See, that’s how you defuse a situation.  Lead the way, sir.


Cyrus seemed to calm down, though it was hard to tell what he felt under his armor. 


"Drinks would be fine, Crestwell." He said, beginning to turn away before he looked back at her and commented "You might want to give that to him as well: he's one of the few people here that can actually read."

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23 May 2018 - 11:48 AM

True, but there are other things to be suspicious about Cyrus besides his helmet. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


You'll find out later in the Campaign, if he ever monologues about his dark past.

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23 May 2018 - 11:39 AM

Because like I said, I’ve known Silvius since I was a kid, and he asked me to help him solve a problem that scared him.  So I’m not sticking my nose into anything as an Inquisitor, I just didn’t have anything else to wear, big boy.Though it seems he may not have trusted all of you, if he was desperate enough to pay outside help.  You got something to hide under that pretty helmet of yours?”


"Sounds about right," Cyrus thought to himself "Both you and him are just as disrespectful.You must have been like two peas in a pod."


Aloud, he said "Silvius was right to be suspicious of members of our order: six Venators are missing or dead, and twelve just deserted. I'm more inclined to be suspicious of those cravens than ones who actually stayed, aren't you?"


"Unlike them," Cyrus continued as he tapped his helmet "I have nothing to hide...unless you count some horrific old scars. If you thought that Crestwell was a shambler based off of his injuries, then I'll keep on my helmet in case you decide to run me through where I stand once you see mine."




While the Humans were arguing, Maugrimm wandered over, lead by the familiar scent of Cyrus, as well as the new scent of the Inquisitor and her dog.


The dog stood by, waiting for Bullseye to acknowledge him.