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Forum Instrumentality Project > On Chapters Astartes

Posted 03 May 2016

Following up on On Legio Astartes , because the first founding chapters and the legions they represent aren't the only major players in the space marines. So here are some of the more well-known chapters of the Imperium's finest.
Astral Knights
Progenitor: Unknown
Specialty: Unknown (Badass boarding actions maybe?)
Colors: White...

Forum Instrumentality Project > On Gods and Daemons

Posted 05 April 2016

Following up on my previous Warhammer 40K blog entry, no analysis of or introduction to the series would be complete without a look at the all the various deities, daemons, and other entities of the Warp.
Of course first we have to take a look at the nature of the Warp itself. The Warp began to exist not long after the universe itself. As life bega...

Forum Instrumentality Project > On Legio Astartes

Posted 15 March 2016

Because why not? Here's my skewed, semi-outsider's perspective on the initial 20 Legions of Adeptus Astartes (Space Marines) from Warhammer 40K. First, a little background:
After the five thousand year long Age of Strife, the Emperor of mankind vowed to unite the scattered fragments of humanity into a galactic "Imperium of Man", just as he and his...

Forum Instrumentality Project > A Forum Event Idea

Posted 19 November 2015

So I've been playing quite a bit of Civilization V recently, and I started thinking about what I might be able to do to share massive epic 43 civ battle royales I'm fond of with people.  Well, why not have people pick the civs and then documenting the game as it goes along?  Using this method we could have a whopping FOURTY-TWO (plus one slot f...

Forum Instrumentality Project > This Is a Blog Entry

Posted 31 December 2014

Art is one of those odd words that gets thrown around a lot and people have a reasonably solid idea of what it represents, yet we have a hard time defining not only the word itself, but what qualifies for that label. What is art? What qualifies as art? What art is worthy of our attention? This is most apparent when talking about the subject I want to tack...