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Athens Astoria

27 March 2018 - 02:14 AM

Athens Astoria




Full Name: ​Athens Atticus Astoria

Aliases: ​Occasionally he is given unflattering names behind his back, usually quips about his nobility or how he doesn't belong among 'real hunters'. Once, he was known as The Knight of The Morning Sun, but that name was taken from him in days long ago.


Sex: ​Male

Race: ​Achaean

Birthplace: Gryphon's Roost


Affinity: ​Magma

Deity: ​His family worships ​Apollo, though he feels that Astra Aeterna may or may not be in his favor.

Faction: ​The Venatori



Education (High Achaean) - ​As a young boy, Athens studied under some of the wisest scholars in the Gryphon's Roost.

​Venator Herbalism - ​Athens often chooses to go along with a hunt as a Herbalist, providing his fellow hunters with potions and elixirs to aid them in their quest.

​Noble Combat - ​As a younger man, Athens would often in duel the Astoria name, and was an undefeated duelist for some time. Now, his skill with a blade aids him on the hunt.

Monster Lore - ​Countless hours studying in the libraries of Greywatch have provided Athens with knowledge on many of the creatures a Venator such as himself would face.

Marksmanship - ​Athens has taken to utilizing a crossbow while hunting monsters.



Strength:​ 6

Agility: ​5

Constitution: ​6

Perception: ​7

Intelligence: ​8

Spirit: 6

Luck: 4



Athens stands six feet tall, and weighs nearly 165lbs. Just from a mere glance, one can tell that he is of higher breeding, by his high cheekbones, grey perceptive eyes, and strong chin, all signs of Astoria beauty, and he wears them with pride. This however occasionally brings unnecessary (but never unwelcome) attention to him, especially when he spends unnecessary amounts of time chatting with the cute barmaid about local rumors (usually granting him a slap on the wrist from his partner, or a wink depending on the circumstances). He does possess a few scars from mistakes made hunting, such as four light slashes across his lower left ribs. Although they have faded quite a bit, they serve to remind him that one must learn from their mistakes.



Venator Pack

  • 1 deepsilver chain shirt
  • 1 set of leather armor
  • 1 set of simple clothing
  • 1 steel longsword
  • 1 bow or crossbow (based on preference)
  • 20 iron-headed crossbow bolts 
  • 5 silver-headed crossbow bolts 
  • 1 silver dagger
  • 1 blue cloak
  • 1 silver Venator brooch
  • Flint and tinder
  • Potion supplies
  • 3 clean bandages
  • 2 healing ointment
  • 2 sense-enhancing potions
  • 1 strength-enhancing potion
  • 1 anti-lycanthropy potion
  • Water and rations
  • Athens' personal journal, a collection of notes, doodles, and poems for his sister.
  • Astoria family brooch



Born to the noble Astoria family of Gryphon's Roost, vassals to the great Kallistos who ruled over the Northwest. Athens' family tree was ripe with legends and heroes, hailing back to when the Empire first rose to power in the west. It seemed that the first born son of the Astoria line would follow in the path of his forefathers, seeking to serve his King. Or so it would have been, but within the last few generations of the Astoria line, the link to the royalty of Coronaria had been severed, leaving the Astoria family looking to regain their position by building relations with the Kallistos' of Gryphon's Roost. They did not relish this position, but they prayed that they would one-day return to their status.


On the Winter's Solstice, Lady Helena Astoria gave birth to a healthy baby boy, of whom would be named Athens Augustus. On that same night, Ulysses Astoria made an offering to the god Apollo, asking that he bless his son with beauty and strength, so that he would bring honor and prestige to the Astoria name. In his childhood years, Athens' mentor, a scholar named Wenmire, taught him the languages of his ancestors, and would teach him about the feats of greatness of the heroes of the past. But from all the stories they told him, the ones he remembered the most were the ones about monsters, beasts that waited in the darkness for mortals to stray off their path and enter the realm of these creatures. At first, his mother and father were happy that he was learning about his ancestors, but they began to voice concerns as Athens would ask Wenmire if he would add more 'werewolf stories' to his lessons.


Claiming that Wenmire was filling Athens' head with fairy tales and myths, the Astorias sent the scholar away. Still, young Athens' mind was wrapped around these monsters, and more specifically those who would hunt them. Once his family took away the source of his stories, he sought to find new ones. Athens attempted to run away, to seek out the Venatori in his stories, though he didn't make it far. By morning, his father was dragging him back through the manor door, soaked from the rain. From that night onward, Athens' father made sure that his son was on the right path, he began building him to become a knight.


When he was old enough to balance a sword and ride a horse, Athens began to train in the art of combat. In little time, he could best his father. But it wasn't the blade that caught his passion, it was the lance. He was a natural jouster with expert accuracy and unshakable nerve. He began a career in jousting, traveling between Illikon and the surrounding cities, challenging knights, old and young. He was unbeatable, never once backing from a challenge and always coming out the victor. When he charged against his opponent, he seemed to shine with heavenly light, which would lead to his title; The Knight of The Morning Sun. 


In this time he became quite a bon vivent, ​indulging in lavish parties, and womanizing ladies of the upper class. Some would say that he was setting himself up to fall, while he believed that it was just part of being a noble. Of course with all great climbs, come great falls. Athens challenged a young knight from Illikon, a knight who rode under the banner of Draconius. Athens thought that certainly his skill with a sword would not be translated on horseback. He was wrong, and in his insolence he paid for his recklessness with his pride. In two lances, Athens was knocked from his horse and promptly defeated. After being built up by his father, and pushed forward by his lifestyle, Athens fell from his glory. His name was forgotten, and his deeds died along with it. 


While recovering from injury to both body and pride, Athens evaluated his life. He saw how his jousting career meant nothing once he had lost, and how his name would never shine a light next to those of his ancestors. He thought about how he could do something that would be remembered, something that would make him a hero. Athens remembered his youth, he remembered the stories that Wenmire told him. The stories of the Venatori, fearless monster hunters who hunted to save those who couldn't save themselves. It had been his dream to join them as a boy, but conveniently tossed aside by his father. He told himself that he would regain his honor, not as a knight, but as a Venator. 


Athens packed his personal effects and prepared for his journey to the south. While his parents were not impressed, his younger sister, Cyrie, was fascinated by the thought that he brother would hunt monsters in the ranks of the Venatori. He left with a sincere goodbye and a promise that he would return, and while his parents were bitter that he chose the Venatori over his nobility, they were still saddened by his departure.


After a long road, he arrived at Castle Greywatch. His skill and education was refreshing, compared to the usual tragedy-stricken vagabonds looking for food or revenge. While his goals of reclaiming his honor and leaving a mark are still true... he actively tries to help the Venatori, and is thankful for the training and what the Venatori provide for him. Still, he wonders some days if he made the right decision coming here, and thinks about the day that he will return to the Astoria estate, and what stories will follow him.


Campaign History: 

None, as of yet.



Athens has some connections within the Venatori, though he hasn't made any real relationships with anyone within the order.​ Beyond the Venatori, he does have family in Gryphon's Roost, including;

Sir Ulysses Astoria - his father

Lady Helena Astoria (formerly Lindelm) - his mother

Cyrie Astoria - his sister



Athens values respect and self-sacrifice, qualities that he gained through becoming a Venator. Before he turned himself around, Athens was shallow and overconfident, expecting respect and honor from selfish desires. Now he devotes his time to serving the people of the Empire, doing good work for innocent people. But some days he looks at the state of Castle Greywatch, or the way that the common folk stare at him and he wonders if he will end up like those around him, ancient and forgotten. Athens knows he is attractive, and although he doesn't use it to further his own goals, he will not try to deny someone who seems interested in him, romantically or otherwise. However he harbors something of a doubt about his true romantic intimacy with someone who truly cares about him, this stemming from his noble lifestyle and the shallowness he found himself surrounded by.


Currency: 20 gold, 15 silver, 30 copper.

August Hemlock

20 October 2017 - 12:47 AM

August Hemlock


Full Name: August Hemlock
Aliases: N/A
Sex: Male
Race: Human (Achaean with Deshreti heritage)
Birthplace: Westwood
Affinity: Magma
Deity: Hephaestus
Faction: Independent
Education (Southron)
Martial Combat
Strength: 8
Agility: 6
Constitution: 7
Perception: 5
Intelligence: 6
Spirit: 6
Luck: 4
Appearance: August is tall, standing at 6'3 and weighing in at 168lbs, with broad shoulders and strong arms, from years of chopping wood. His hair is dark and scruffy, often tied back behind his head to stay out of his face. His skin is tanned, and bears a handful of scars from battles that lay behind him. His clothes are simple and comfortable and have been stitched back together on multiple occasions, but the one feature that sticks out in his outfit, is a red bandana that is tied around his neck. He prefers to remain light, and opts to wear a set of finely-crafted bracers rather than a shield, these bracers were tanned and sewn by August's wife, Paria.
  • 1 full set of leather armor
  • 1 full set of simple clothing
  • 1 brown traveling cloak
  • 1 Iron axe, though it was originally intended to chop wood, it has served it's purpose quite well as a weapon.
  • 1 torch
  • 1 small knife (hunting/skinning knife, not a proper dagger)
  • 1 map of your native region
  • 1 clean bandage
  • Flint and tinder
  • Water and rations
The second oldest son of the Hemlock family, August's family were one of the most successful families in Westwood, and were able to afford for their children to learn to read and write. August had a brother, though he doesn't remember him, as he was only a child when his brother drowned in the nearby river. This would prompt August's parents to teach him to swim. His life was quite simple, he lived with his parents and three sisters, helping his father run the local wood mill, until he was old enough to start his own business. His earliest memory of being a "hero" is a time when he was a small boy, and he stood up to multiple boys who were kicking a dog, of course, he went home with bruises and scrapes, but it left him feeling right inside.
At the age of sixteen, he found a talent at woodworking, making functional furniture and very beautiful carvings, which he would sell to passing merchants. On occasion he would travel up the road and sell his work to the neighboring town. On one of these trips up the road, he came across a small group of bandits attacking a caravan. Quickly, August managed to fend off the attackers using his splitting axe and help from the caravan, a Southron woman named Paria. Soon, the story was exaggerated.
When the story of August single-handedly defeating two-dozen men with nothing but a hatchet circulated town, August was considered a local hero. Because of this, he was often asked to settle disputes, and assist local law enforcement. He was seen as the people's champion to the townspeople, but the local Magistrate, Bennion, saw him as a renegade, and went to have him arrested. August did not resist, but stood for himself at his trial, though it was pointless. Bennion only wanted him out of the way so he could push his agenda.
For the next two weeks, Magistrate Bennion implied heavy taxation and martial law, using a personal militia to put down anyone who resisted. After two weeks, the townspeople rallied, and broke August free from prison to lead them against Bennion and his men. After three days of fighting, the people of Westwood defeated Bennion, and exiled him. August was hailed as a hero, and returned to his workshop. His life was relatively normal for a while, and in this time, he married Paria, who had assisted him in his rebellion against Bennion, who had not been seen for heard from for almost two years, until August had put together a caravan to sell some of his woodworking in Illikon. In his absence, Bennion set fire to many of the buildings in Westwood, including August and Paria's home.
When he returned, much of his hometown was burnt to the ground. Many had died in the fires, and trying to help others escape from the fires. Including Paria. For the first time in his life, August had failed those he said he would protect. But what ruined him was that Westwood still saw him as a hero. He assisted in rebuilding many of the wooden buildings, but couldn't bring himself to stay in the place where his wife had died.
Campaign History: None
Westwood - Folk Hero
August is a Knight in Shinning Leather, when he sees someone in need, he'll try to help even if it means it he might have to get into a fight. Although he is willing to fight, he likes to think that all issues can be resolved peacefully, as long as both parties are willing to cooperate. Though he comes from a common background, he still tries to be courteous and kind to those he meets in his time on the road, especially women and children.