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CONTEST: Nova Refuge Zygbar and Yavakaro VDC

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Posted 20 February 2012 - 08:45 PM

The results are here! The final judges were myself, The Arbiter, Manhattan, and Starbuck. Each submitted their ratings, and these were averaged into the final scores you see below. Arbiter also submitted comments for each entry, and I have included my own comments as well.

Big thanks to everyone who entered! I really enjoyed looking at all of your excellent NR creations!

Prizes and forum award medals coming soon! I am not going to send out shop discount codes this time, since the winners often never use them. However, if you placed in the contest and WOULD like a code (either to use or give to a friend), then send me a PM! I'd be happy to give you one!



First Place
Crustacean Freak's Zygbari "Halberd" Heavy Assault Fighter
SCORE: 9.6/10

This thing is ****ing mean. Itís rough, itís awesome. Itís got a unique shape, the right amount of weapons and a great color scheme. The cockpit is awesome and the whole rollcage thing over it just makes it better. Love the landing gear, love the missiles, love the chair fins.

Echoing what Arby said, the first impression of the ship is great. It just looks... angry. Big, bulky, intimidating, heavily armed, and solid. Very very Zygbar. Probably my favorite of your heavy fighter entries so far, in fact! Great job!

Second Place
Horatius's Zygbari Onager Heavy Siege Tank
SCORE: 9/10

No offense, but itís ugly. It looks like a slug. The color scheme is perfect though, but it just doesnít look right. Itís heavy and strong and the cannon looks great (though too thin at the end).

A very solid build. The color scheme seems a little light to me, and it could use a few more guns, but it's got a good smooth shape and some very nice greebling. I love the large, rotating turret. Despite being a hover tank, it definitely looks intimidating enough to be Zygbar, and you clearly put some thought into it. One of my favorite entries so far. Great job!

Third Place
Xarkyís Zygbari Chakram LAV
SCORE: 8.5/10

This is awesome. Itís not an LAV but would make an excellent scout vehicle. Color scheme works, and the roll cage attachment is nice. It feels a little flat though.

Really cool scout vehicle here. The overall shape isn't as good as the tank, but it feels more creative/original somehow, and very Zygbar. Nice job!


First Place
Amarok's Yavakaro Enenra

Easily one of the best Yavakaro ships constructed. The smooth SNOT-type construction, anime-esque railguns and sharp angles work very well. The cockpit suffers the same lie-down problem but the cockpit is filled with controls and other buttons, so I can't hate it for simplicity. Thin and delicate, but with enough purple to know. Some parts (like the side slopes) have little gaps in between and it kinda detracts from the sleek look. Otherwise this is very nice.

I really like this. The overall shape is simple, but very smooth, sleek, and functional. The rotary rail gun attachment method is inventive. I'm not too sure about that extremely cramped cockpit though. Overall, great job!

Second Place
Thrawnie's Yavakaro Jiang Shi Hovertank
SCORE: 8.8/10

The tank is an odd shape and it can move it. The tank has a thin style and doesnít really earn the title of tank. Itís a lot more like a speeder. The colors are nice though.

Weird design, but it has a high tech and advanced style, and that's Yavakaro. I like the blue engine glow under the hover-pods. Excellent color scheme. Fits the faction perfectly. Great job!

Third Place
Golden Crusader's Onītomakiei Stealth Fighter (picture 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
SCORE: 8.6/10

Itís very thick but not too thick. Itís not the usual style of the Yavakaro but I like it. The colors are nicely balanced and the whole slopes and I think chairs work out very nice.

Man, that's a heavy-looking stealth fighter! And yet, I like it! The guns are excellent, and nice parts usage ont he central fin. The bulky style isn't exactly Yavakaro, but it's smooth enough to make up for it. Great job!

Open the spoiler window to see:




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