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Elisaro Khampale

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Posted 30 May 2017 - 09:41 PM


Full Name: Elisaro Khampale
Aliases: Eli to the relatively few that he can fully call friends.

Sex: Male
Race: Human (Parsansharian)
Birthplace: Tarmasq

Affinity: Frost
Deity: Ormazd
Faction: None

Education (Common)
Multilingual (Southron, Northrim)
Martial Combat
Finesse Combat

Strength: 6
Agility: 8
Constitution: 5
Perception: 5
Intelligence: 8
Spirit: 4
Luck: 6

Appearance: Elisario stands roughly six feet tall, maybe a hair shorter. He's a wiry lad, slim build but still has a fair amount of muscle. His copper skin is tanned, albeit more pale than most Parsansharians, and his face is framed by a thin, well trimmed beard and dark hair that is tied back in a small, tight bun. His eyes are a deep brown, and on one ear sits an ornate ear cuff, a gift from his father.


As for clothing, he wears a leather cuirass along with leather wrist guards. Under the armor he wears rugged but still manageable clothing that serves the use of covering skin but little more.

1 full set of leather armor with an iron shoulder pauldron
1 full set of simple clothing
1 brown traveling cloak
1 iron falcata
1 iron hatchet
1 iron kukri
1 torch
1 small knife (hunting/skinning knife, not a proper dagger)
1 map of your native region
1 clean bandage
Flint and tinder
Water and rations

Biography: Elisario Khampale- a name known in many circles as a mercenary, a sword for hire, a bounty hunter. The boy was born in Tarmasq to a Khemeti scholar and his wife. His childhood couldn't be called pampered, but he was comfortable growing up. Eli was taught much, including how to read. However, he didn't care for scholarly studies and in his free time got involved with criminal activities, acting as an enforcer for various illicit activities. Before too long, Elisario was at the top of the list when it came to hired muscle. As people do, though, he got bored with just being the muscle for different criminals who viewed themselves as better. Unfortunately for them, they had bounties on them that most bounty hunters in the South had been scared to pursue. Elisario adapted his strategies of being the brawn and added in a little brain, cleaning up the streets and making a profit for himself. He has since moved on around the continent hunting down target after target and often bringing them to justice (or creating a need for justice).


30 gold

35 silver

40 copper


Health: 25/25

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Posted 01 June 2017 - 03:56 PM

Sounds good, DragonJedi! Happy to see you around Errant again.


Starting coin is 30 gold, 35 silver, 40 copper.


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