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HELP - Getting Started & How To Use This Board

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Posted 09 May 2017 - 03:43 PM

Welcome to Errant! If you haven't already, be sure to check out the general Errant info thread.


You are now in the Character Creation board. This subforum's purpose is to make easily accessible all information necessary to create your own character(s) for the RPG, as well as to keep track of everyone's characters that they have already made.


If you want to join Errant, just follow these simple steps...

  1. Read the Character Sheet thread
  2. Copy the character sheet template (found in that thread)
  3. Visit other threads as necessary to acquire more detailed information about each section of the character sheet (as detailed in that thread)
  4. Start a new topic in this board (the Character Creation board)
  5. Name your topic the full name of your character (nothing else)
  6. Paste the character sheet template in as the body of your new topic
  7. This topic will become your character's character sheet, where you will post updates about their character as you develop them. This can include new talents they acquire in-game, as well as other important changes, whether it is a large development for their character, a fulfillment of one of their personal goals, a new important friendship, a romance, the purchasing of a permanent home in a particular location, or even that they acquired a curse
  8. In other words: Whatever happens to your character, document it as briefly or extensively as you please! This will help everyone keep track of your character and their journey
  9. You will also keep track of your character's inventory and money
  10. Post your new topic, named your character's name, and wait for the sign-up to be approved
  11. Once you're approved, you're ready to play!
  12. Your topic can be used not only as the personal method of keeping track of your character's development (and their currency, and new talents acquired, etc.), but also as a kind of discussion thread for your character. Other players are welcome to drop by your thread to discuss your character, potential plotlines involving them, and ask questions.


Remember, you can join Errant at any time! You don't need to be joining a campaign. This is a persistent world, meaning that player characters and their actions will persist in this world forever.


You're free to hop in and out whenever you please. Simply create your new character(s), and then hop over to either a specific campaign thread in Errant's OOC board or let me know where you'd like your character to spawn in the world in the free-roam topic, and you're ready to go!


And remember, so much of Errant is about you and your characters. Therefore, you should make character(s) that you can truly develop and stick with. They will gain a name for themselves in the world as their personal history expands and their character develops over the course of your journey in Errant.


Have fun, and be sure to check other HELP topics in this board and the general OOC board if you have any questions! If none of those threads answer any of your questions, try posting in the Errant Q&A.


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