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Which group your character belongs to, if any, will greatly effect your gameplay in a variety of ways. You may be able to use certain strongholds, acquire specialized equipment, request help, and do much more based on your faction.


Note that most (but not all) factions restricted to humans only are also willing to accept the more ordinary and human-like crossbreeds, so long as they are half human (such as half-elves). If you're uncertain about whether or not a faction would accept your character, please ask in the Errant Q&A thread.


Please note that it is possible to join a faction in-game. You do not have to start your character out in a faction in order to be a part of that faction. Allegiances change - you can join or leave a faction whenever you please. You may even end up cast out of your faction, if you wrong them and/or disobey their codes, and you may even find yourself approached by a faction trying to recruit you.


If you are a Special Race that can assume a human disguise, you may be a member of a human faction and hiding your true nature. If your true nature is discovered, you may no longer be a member of that faction, depending upon how they react.


More factions will be added to the list in later patches and/or by request.


Before choosing a faction, it is highly recommended that you read more detailed information about each one on the Wulfgard wiki. You can find links to each faction's respective article (if one is available) under the section for that faction.


Full Factions List



You are a bold, independent fortune hunter. You belong to no faction at all.





(humans only)


You work for the Imperial Inquisition, an order dedicated to protecting the innocent from the dangers of magi. All Inquisitors must wear solid suits of black, void iron armor decorated in the bars of the Inquisition (their symbol), unless you are a channeler.


You will have influence over fellow Inquisitors and, should you travel there, access to the fortress Karak du Vide. You gain access to void iron (extremely durable, black, magic-absorbing metal) equipment, but should you ever lose it, you will be punished severely and must not rest until it is recovered. You also have special access to Inquisitor strongholds throughout the Empire. You may become a Channeler (more details on that in the Magic thread). You are especially good at fighting magi.


(more info - Inquisition)





(human, elf, or dwarf only, but barred to Dark Elves)


You are a member of the Imperial order of the Venatori. You will have influence over fellow Venatori. You should have a partner (preferably another player; you may also request a NPC partner, but you may not make your own partner character), but this is not required. All Venatori wear a deep blue cloak fastened by a silver arrowhead brooch (their symbol).


Should you travel there, you have access to Castle Greywatch, which contains some collected information about monsters, history, and many potion reagents, and weaponry to use against monsters; there are also NPCs there who will help you create any potions you need. You have access to silver weaponry and one deepsilver chain vest, as well as potions and poisons. You are especially good at fighting monsters and beastfolk.


(more info - Venatori)



Knights Templar


(humans only)


You are a knight of the Templar Order, dedicated to fighting for the light and purging evil from this world. You are most likely from a noble bloodline. Your faction colors are red, white, and gold (you must wear these colors).


You have influence over other Templars, and any and all priests within the Empire. You have special access to Templar holds throughout the Empire, and you have access to expensive and very finely-crafted equipment, such as deepgold and deepsilver. You are especially good at fighting demons and undead.


(more info - Knights Templar)



Imperial Legion


(humans only)


You are a soldier of the Imperial Legion, either a Hoplite, Legionary, Centurion, or possibly a cavalryman. You are a respected soldier of the Achaean Empire, part of the Empire's military backbone. Note that each Legion has its own name and symbol (the Imperial crown is used here as the Legion symbol simply to emphasize indicate that the Legion is Imperial). For a list of legions, see the wiki article.


You will have special access to Legion holds throughout the Empire. You are very well-trained in combat, and other Imperial soldiers will have great respect for you and may even follow your orders.


(more info - Imperial Legion)



Silent Messengers



You are an assassin working for the highly secretive guild called the Silent Messengers. You are a killer for hire - an expert one. You have no qualms taking the lives of others without asking why, in exchange for gold.


You will have special access to hidden Silent Messenger lairs throughout the lands, though they are relatively rare. Other Silent Messengers will acknowledge your presence and may even be willing to aid you. You are especially good at espionage and assassination.


(more info - Silent Messengers)



The Hidden


(humans and half-breed humans with Demonic magic and/or the Gift, demon-kin, and revenants only)


You are one of the Hidden, a member of an underground network of dark magi. You work toward your goal of returning magi to power (and hopefully bringing about the return of Mage-Emperor Ildius), using dark magic such as demon summoning and necromancy in order to achieve your means. You think mundane individuals are lesser than magi and should be ruled by mages, who are superior beings. You have no qualms about harming, killing, and experimenting on others, or attempting to bring demons into this world.


You will have access to secret lairs of the Hidden throughout the lands, though they are relatively rare, and other cultists will respect you. You are especially skilled in demonic magic and necromancy.


(more info - The Hidden)



Schola Arcana


(humans and half-breed humans with the Arcane Gift only)


You are a member of the secret council of magi sworn to protect magic users, to train them and hide them from the Inquisition.


You will have access to secret lairs of the Mage Council throughout the lands, though they are relatively rare, and other council members will respect you. You also have access to the Schola Arcana Tower itself, a great meeting place of magi and a library of ancient magical knowledge. You are especially skilled in arcane magic, but you are strictly forbidden from the use of demonic magic or necromancy. You have knowledge of portals. You also are accompanied by your familiar spirit, whom you have bound to an enchanted item (be sure to read about familiars in the Pets post!).



The Iron Gauntlet


(dwarves only)


You are a member of the infamous dwarven trade guild that controls the trade of all dwarven goods on the surface world, especially void iron, deepgold, and deepsilver.


You gain special access to certain Iron Gauntlet strongholds throughout the lands, as well as access to deepgold, deepsilver, or void iron armor and weapons. Your equipment is arguably the best in the lands. You are especially good at diplomacy.


(more info - Iron Gauntlet)



The Longstriders

(elves only, but barred to Dark Elves)


You are a member of the elite elven group known to humans as the Longstriders. All surface elves have tremendous respect for the Longstriders, who devote their lives to defending elves and their ancient ways, and keeping an eye on the balance of the world. You are especially good at diplomacy.


(more info - Longstriders)



The Knights of Dracon

(humans, vampires, and werewolves only)


You are a knight in the Order of the Dragon (often known simply as the Knights of Dracon), established by Duke Draculea I long ago and maintained by his family line. You have dedicated your life to the battle against the Chaos races, one of the purest and most destructive evils ravaging the mortal realm, and in particular you patrol the fringes of the Empire to push back any raids by the forces of Chaos. The Order of the Dragon is not all it seems, however, as it secretly serves as a safe haven for some creatures most Men consider to be monsters, as long as they do not waver in their decision to fight for the forces of good.



Monster Factions


This is a list of factions created by monsters. Only monster characters may join these factions. For details regarding the creation of a monster character, see this post.


Army of Chaos

(Chaos races and half-giants only)


You are a member of the Army of Chaos, the servants of Surtur and the Jotnar. You exist to spread chaos and destruction to sow the seeds for the coming of Ragnarok, the end of the world and the destruction of the Noble races. You excel at combat and intimidation. You gain access to monster settlements throughout the Jagged Edge, such as Syflage and Dhuum.



Minoan Alliance

(beastfolk only)


You are a member of a beastfolk coalition designed to rise up against Men, especially the encroaching Achaean Empire. Situated in the Southwest, the Minoan Alliance was originally forged by minotaurs, Amazons, and satyrs, but centaur, lion felesians, and other local beastfolk soon became members of the alliance as well. You will have access to strongholds in the Southwestern Wilds, other members of the alliance will respect you, and you are well trained in combat and diplomacy.



Empire of Rognosst

(beastfolk only)


You are a member of the beastfolk nation that calls itself the Empire of Rognosst. Situated in Rognosst Swamp between the Jagged Edge and the Imperial Northwest, your compatriots include reptilian and amphibian beastfolk that worship the black dragon Rognosst. You will have access to strongholds in the swamp and members of the would-be empire will respect you. You are well-trained in trickery and have great faith in your dragon god (skilled in Spiritual magic).



Lady Nefertari's Coven

(vampires only)


You are a member of the female vampire coven of Lady Nefertari, one of the First. There are very few, if any, males in the coven, and they do not receive the same level of respect. Your society exists in Kemhet, hidden from common knowledge, as it has been for ages. Thus, you are skilled in Subterfuge and how to attack without being seen.



Grimwing Coven

(vampires only)


You are a member of the feral vampire coven of Grimwing the Warlock, one of the First. You have all but completely given in to your bloodlust and become a hideous monster. Your society dwells far north in the Jagged Edge, and you frequently attack and feed upon the dwellers of Northrim. You are skilled in flight, increasing your Acrobatics.



Custom Factions


Errant also allows for the creation of custom factions, created by players and DMs. These can be submitted in the Custom Content thread for review.


Order of Aurelius (humans only) [Created by Doctor Grant] - Located at the southwestern edge of the Achaean Empire, the Order of Aurelius is a chivalric order dedicated to combatting beastfolk in the Southwestern Wilds. Operating out of Devona Citadel, a former Legionary midway between Fort Slaughter and Fort Greenwall, they officially task themselves with defending the borders of the empire from beastfolk marauders making incursions into Achaean territory. Unofficially, they conduct plenty of their own raids and small assaults which often prove just as brutal and violent as the attacks they’re supposedly sworn to protect against. Hostile to all beastfolk factions and characters.


Followers of the Shattered Star (Vampires, Revenants, Arcane Gift, Demons, and Demon-kin only[Created by Klaykid] - The Followers of the Shattered Star began as the Keepers of the Broken Star. Many eons ago a strange mineral with extraordinary properties fell onto Midgard from the skies, its material shining brightly like the sun itself yet caused no harm to the vampires and undead whom found it. Believing this mineral to come from the sun itself, the first twelve members formed a scholarly society aimed at studying the rock to find a way to stand in the sun once more. However, after numerous leadership were killed by the Templars and Venatori, their goals became corrupted. Remaned as the Followers of the Shattered Star, the cult serves to find a way to sever the light from Midgard/blanket the world in total darkness. They are based far north and have few bases where men rarely ventures. Their bases are mainly underground libraries converted to research stations. Deep north lies the largest cell of the Followers where an undead army lies in wait. Hostile to all factions except the Hidden and Umbra Coven.


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Joining a Faction In-Game


It is possible for your character to join a faction in-game. To do so, you must approach the faction somehow. For many factions, this is easy enough to do - simply go to one of their base(s) in-game, and/or their main headquarters (such as Castle Greywatch for the Venatori), and ask to join. You may also contact members of the faction, be they player or NPC, and they will help you join.


Some factions are harder to find than others - especially because they don't want to be found. It will be harder to join someone like the Hidden or Schola Arcana, but if you are the right kind of person, they might just come to you... And, in fact, you might find yourself approached with offers you don't particularly desire.


If you have questions about how to join a particular faction in-game, please post them in the Errant Q&A thread.


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