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Regions & Locations (includes WORLD MAP)

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Use this thread to discover more information about the Wulfgard map, in order to help create your character. At least a small tidbit of information on each location is listed below, and more can always be found in the Locations category of the Wulfgard wiki.




The following list of locations is broken into categories; each category is listed in order of north to south (and west to east) in that region.


Please note that there are many small towns and villages that are not important enough to be on the map. If you want to be from a small village somewhere, simply say you're from something like "a small town in the Imperial Heartland," etc.




A frigid wasteland beyond the northernmost reaches of habitable civilization, where Frost Dwarves are known to dwell but very few humans ever venture. It is uncharted territory.


Frostwind Vale (Skridar)
Frostwind Vale is home to the Skridar, a semi-nomadic tribe whose village moves from place to place across the Vale with the caribou herds, and they lead a very primitive lifestyle compared to some of the more "civilized" or "advanced" tribes. Most are very pale-complexioned, with light colored hair, skin, and eyes.


Horngofgasta (Geatlings)
A Viking town ruled over by King Wulfric, lord of the Geatlings. The Geatlings are a warlike tribe that were one of the first members of the Vinatta, and they are very protective of the North, against the Empire. They are known for their skilled infantry.


Ghost Hill (Chunni)
Not much is known about Ghost Hill, because they don't really get many visitors. It is the mysterious settlement of the Chunni horse lords, a semi-nomadic tribe that began in the East but are now home to a variety of bloodlines. Several smaller tribes now live under the dominion of the Chunni, who conquered them during their ride from the East.


The Dvergar Gate (Clan Silvershield)
The great gate into Nidavellir, used by countless clans of Mountain Dwarves, but ruled by Clan Silvershield. Only dwarves are allowed passage.


The Dwaerrodowns (Hill Dwarves)
A large, sprawling region of foothills filled with the intricate homes of hill dwarves, carved out of the dirt. It is a rich farmland to be so far north, but outsiders are not welcome. They frequently trade with the dwarves of the Dvergar Gate.


Wurmbreath Fjord (Wurmtongues)

Home of the Wurmtongue vikings, Wurmbreath Fjord is where this clan creates their fearsome longships and sail forth to conduct raids. There are structures constructed along the walls of the fjord and caves built into those walls, where some of the warriors live and defend the fjord against attack; there are traps such as underwater chains and boulders that destroy enemy ships attempting to enter the fjord.


Wulfsted (Wulfings)
A peaceful Nordling city, Wulfsted is home to the Wulfings, also called the Tribe or Clan of the Wolf, known for their powerful shamans and skill communicating with the spirits of earth, man, and beast, and for their powers of foresight. The Wulfings are among the most respected of Nordling tribes.


Endibraut Hall
A great mead hall, now home of the Brotherhood of the Bifrost Banner, a loose brotherhood of heroic warriors who defend Northrim from the Armies of Chaos.


Kvasirsal (Bjornings)
A peaceful community of farmers, beekeepers, and bards, who fall under the dominion of the Great Bear Tribe, the Bjornings. Many tribes come here to hold peaceful gatherings, meetings, and celebrations.


Bjornburg (Bjornings)
Among the greatest cities in Northrim, the Bjornburg is home to the Great Bear Tribe, the Bjornings. It is built atop a large hill.


Blekmyr Marsh
A dark marsh full of monsters, especially trolls, and home to Werma the witch.


Baldur's Fjord (Freylings)
One of the greatest cities in all of Northrim, Baldur's Fjord is a peaceful city where many tribes meet and do trade, over both land and sea.


Fort Munin (L. XIX Apri)
A fort of the Imperial Legion.


Arrowfall (Hartwin, Ea)
An Imperial city, falling under the dominion of the King of Rimegard. It has an architectural style and culture that blends Northern and Imperial. They often have trouble with the Forsaken raiding from the forests.


Mimameidr, The Immortal Wood (Ljosalfar)
Home of the Light Elves, the Ljosalfar, and the Tree of Mimir with its pool of wisdom, from which the god Odin drank. The Tree of Mimir is one of the oldest trees in the mortal realm, and the elves protect it with their lives (along with the ancient green dragon, Gronvaenga). Almost no mortals have seen Mimameidr itself, as they are not allowed into the forest. The woods are warm even during the winter; the heart of the forest, in fact, experiences no winter at all, eternally bearing green leaves. The forest is primarily ruled by the light elves, but it also is home to many tribes of wood elves, along with other creatures such as unicorns, green dragons, vargs, pixies, and more.


Dark Cliffs
The Dark Cliffs are a truly savage place, full of outcasts from every tribe of the North that are too violent and vile for even the Forsaken to take them in. They have even allied with outcast orcs who have split off from the Armies of Chaos; they raid anyone who travels near the valley and send out raiding parties into nearby villages.


Frost Raven Lands
The great, forested hunting grounds and home of the semi-nomadic Frost Raven tribe, violent Nordlings often considered to be savage and bloodthirsty. Their leader, Guntram Frost-Raven, wishes to wage a full-out war with the Empire. The Frost Ravens are known for their powerful berserkers.


Rimegard (Skiera, K)
Rimegard is the northernmost city in the Achaean Empire, established when one of the Emperors decided to push even beyond Illikon, past Coldstone Wall, and as a result, it angered many Nordlings, who want to see the city destroyed. It is ruled by King Eltan Skiera and his family, who try to live peacefully with the barbarians, but realize that they are on the edge of a knife and surrounded by enemies at all times. It is built on the Rime River.


Karn (The Forsaken)
Home to the Forsaken. When the Empire defeated the tribes that formerly inhabited the regions of Illikon and Rimegard, the remnants of these tribes either joined the Frost Ravens or formed the Forsaken, the latter of whom allied with the wood elves around Karn. The Forsaken are known for practicing black magic and dark rituals, and they are willing to make any sacrifice to protect their homeland and wreak vengeance on those who took the North.


New Hrod (Hrusi)
A city built by the Nordling tribe known as the Hrusi. The Hrusi sailed through Rognosst Swamp and settled Kyjovia many years ago. Today, New Hrod has a shaky relationship with Kyjovia, sometimes sailing through the swamps to attack, and sometimes to trade.





ARTORIUS (island)


Ibern (Gaedel)
Ibern is a lush, green land ruled by the Gaedel, an ancient tribe of proud warriors and farmers who take their holy bull as their symbol. The Gaedel have stubbornly resisted Imperial rule for many years, proud of their independence from other tribes and the affairs of the Vinatta. Like the Frost Ravens and Forsaken, they are partially descended from the tribes once inhabiting the Northwest.


Albia (Pritani)

A land ruled by the Pritani, a tribe of Nordlings who are known for carving pictoral stones and painting their bodies with pictoral tattoos. They very frequently fight vicious battles with the Empire, particularly Artorius to the south. Like the Frost Ravens, Forsaken, and Gaedel, they are partially descended from the tribes once inhabiting the Northwest.


Fort Adrianus (Legio XV)
A fort of the Imperial Legion.


Artorius (Rikard, K)

An Imperial city settled by explorers from Illikon, Artorius is now a region home to many small towns and villages, with its capital in the city of Artorius itself. It is a fine city that, much like Illikon itself, rebels somewhat against the rule of the greater Empire, preferring to exercise its independence and relationship with Illikon.





Illikon (Illikoni, K)
Illikon is the largest port city in all the Achaean Empire and capital of the Northwestern Kingdom. While Illikon is a valuable asset to Achaea as a whole, it maintains a somewhat infamous reputation in the Achaean heartland. For (much) more information, see the Illikon article on the Wulfgard wiki. Capital of the Northwestern Kingdom.


Plains of Illikon
Vast, rolling, golden plains ruled over by Illikon. It is a beautiful landscape and home to many farms.


Gryphon Roost (Kallistos, Ea)
A city built around a great keep known as Gryphon Roost, it is one of the earliest settlements constructed in the Northwest, made to watch over Illikon from the North. The city is ruled by the house of Kallistos, one of the most important noble families in the Northwest.


Fort Coldstone (L. XVI Lupi)
A fort of the Imperial Legion.


Fort Norward (L. XVII Grypis)
A fort of the Imperial Legion.


Eloh (Marks, Ea)
Eloh is a small town dedicated to mining. Resting at the foot of a mountain range and dangerously close to the legendary Forest of Shadows, Eloh is full of lowly peasants who circulate endless superstitions and stories. Suspicious of anything appearing even the slightest bit magical and always afraid from living so close to the cursed woods, the people of Eloh are constantly driven to work by a greedy Earl of the Marks house (one of the most important noble families in the Northwest), who makes sure there is a healthy supply of materials from his mines flowing toward the docks in Illikon.


The Forest of Shadows (Shadowvale)
A large, dark, cursed forest; mortals cannot venture too deep into these woods, lest they die a terrible death to the shadow magic that lays over the land. For much more info on the Shadowvale, see the Shadowvale article on the Wulfgard wiki.


Rognosst Swamp
Home of many reptilian and amphibian beastfolk, Rognosst Swamp is an incredibly dangerous region where humans almost never venture, particularly thanks to the Shadowvale. Those few who do enter often fall into the claws of the violent beastfolk who dwell there, living in hatred of Men. For much more information on this location, see the Rognosst Swamp article on the Wulfgard wiki.


Dragon's Lair (Drake, Ea)
A great city built of dark stone from the sea cliffs to the north, Dragon's Lair is the seat of the house of Drake, one of the most important noble families in the Northwest. The motif of the city is that of dragons - dragon gargoyles and grotesques watch over everything, with wing and claw designs made into the architecture of nearly every building, and the local knights and watchmen wear dragon armor, often bearing winged helmets, all colored red to match the symbol of the Drake family, who proudly proclaim to have red dragon blood in their ancestry.


Stonebridge (Nosenthal, C)

A beautiful little town built on the river, and around the bridge from which it receives its name, Stonebridge is a primarily occupied by peasants of various vocations. It is known for the friendly stone troll who lives under the bridge, keeping it in excellent repair but requesting tolls of all those who use it.





Woodshadow Village
A small village of woodcutters, Woodshadow Village is known for the superstitious nature of the peasants who live there.


Pirgos (Harroway, C)
An Imperial city under the rule of King Van Ryn of Deltalund. A rural retreat for many gladiators from Caltha, it is home to many gladiator schools where they train for the games.


Deltalund (Van Ryn, K)
A city built on reclaimed marshlands with dikes that keep flood waters from overwhelming the city, known for its rich soil and the thriving economy built around the growth of colorful flowers. Some consider the environment undesirable, as it is considered marshy. They are close allies with Illikon, and among the wealthiest cities in the Empire. Capital of the Lowlands.


Fort Acorn (L. IV Canis)
A fort of the Imperial Legion.


Caltha (Flavius, D)

Caltha is home to the Grand Tournament, the highest tier of gladiator games, as well as the grandest gladiator arena in the Achaean Empire and the entire realm. It draws countless people from all around the world, coming to watch the games, and thus the city itself is very rich and well-maintained. The reigning grand champion of the gladiator arena is Langstrom the Undefeated, a minotaur.





Pikeston (Vulpowicz, C)

A small town built along the Ilfarius River to the south of the Shadowvale. Built mostly in the shadows of the woods, and home to many superstitions and much strange folklore, where virtually every small action could impact someone's fate. Outsiders are often treated with suspicion.


Kyjovia (Olgovic, K)

Settled many years ago by the Hrusi tribe of Nordlings from New Hrod, Kyjovia is now a thriving Imperial city with considerable Nordling influence in its culture. Capital of the Black Lands.


Blackwall (Balescu, D)

A large city named after its fortified black walls inspired by the Dwarven masonry of the Blackrock Foothills, Blackwall is home to many proud families of knights, along with some families, such as the Blackburns, who consider the Inquisition an integral part of their ancestry. It is a thriving place.


Blackrock Foothills (Clan Sunder)
One of the few locations where dwarves enter up into the Achaean Empire from Nidavellir itself. It is called Blackrock Foothills for the volcanic, black rocks scattered around in the hills. It was here that Emperor Exar I of Coria witnessed the Dwarven legions training and was inspired to create the Imperial Legions.


Vyzigord (Draculea, D)

A hauntingly beautiful city that perhaps best captures the architectural style found throughout the Black Lands, Vyzigord is a city of towering cathedral spires, gargoyles, grotesques, stained glass windows, and dark, intricate architecture. It is a place full of superstition and legend. Many of the peasants live in fear of monsters and curses. It is ruled by the Draculea family, who have maintained their hold on the city for thousands of years.





Castle Greywatch (Venatori)

An ancient castle nestled in the mountains, Castle Greywatch is home to the Venatori, the Empire's order of monster hunters. It is where many of them live, where they train, where they learn from their elders, and it is home to a small library. Here, the Venatori also grow many herbs and store other reagents for their potions.


Edrimark (Ambrose, D)

An Imperial city, a place of rich nobles and considered very high-class.


Appledale (Afalon, C)

A town built around a community of farmers, particularly apple orchards. Largely rural, and considered a pleasant place to live and to visit. Known for their excellent produce, particularly apple-related products.


The Scar

A great scar upon the land where nothing can grow and full of strange monsters and magical anomalies, almost like the Blasted Wastes, the Scar is where Mage-Emperor Ildrius fell long ago. The harrowing battle with his magi forever cursed the land.


Whitehorn (Caelus, K)

A beautiful and rich city. One of the slightly newer Imperial cities that now has as much prestige as one of the cities in the Imperial Heartland. They are famed for their knights and cavalry, as well as jousting tournaments.


The Iron Pikes (Iron Gauntlet)

A civilization of dwarves not ruled by the Empire and home to a large base of the Iron Gauntlet. Surrounded on all sides by mountains. Within these mountains lie many immense forges, where much of the deepsilver, deepgold, and void iron armor is made for the wealthiest Imperial patrons, such as the Inquisition and the Templars. It is home to many large Dwarven banks, and the Iron Gauntlet protects all of it with an iron fist.


Piera (Skye, D)

A beautiful and lush Imperial city similar to Whitehorn, and ruled under their jurisdiction. A peaceful place and home to considerable wealth, and often considered a peaceful retreat for vacationing noble families looking for an escape.



OLD ACHAEA (The Imperial Heartland)


Pluton Hold (Plutarch, D)

Made largely of volcanic rock from the Blackrock Foothills, much of the city has a dark, black appearance. The Plutarchs are one of the wealthiest families in the Empire, which is - in part - how they received their name (Pluto meaning "wealth"). They are very loyal to the Emperor.


Krisa (Pythia, D)

The city of Krisa is home to the famous Pythia, an oracle after which the city is named, as well as the Omphalos Stone, the stone that Kronos swallowed believing it to be Zeus.

Coronaria (Doraius, E)

Coronaria is the capital city of the Achaean Empire. Originally a city-state called Coria, it was renamed after its king - Exar I - conquered all of Achaea with his son Xandros the Conqueror. They renamed their city - the seat of their power - after the High Imperial word for "crown". To its inhabitants and many other citizens of the Empire, Coronaria is informally known simply as "the City". It is a tiered city composed of different social classes, with great bridges leading over the slums where the peasants dwell. For more information on Coronaria, see its article on the Wulfgard Wiki.

Stormcliff Keep (Paladins)

The great stronghold of the Emperor's personal guards and enforcers, the Paladins. A beautiful and virtually impenetrable keep, where the very best of knights are trained.


Templaria (democracy, K)

Called the City of Temples, Templaria is home to a temple of every god in the Achaean pantheon. The city is watched over by the Knights Templar, who mediate between the temples and revere their own deity, Astra Aeterna. Templaria is often called one of the most beautiful cities in all the Empire, and it is also among the oldest, largest, and richest.


Starward Citadel (Templars)

The intricate keep of the Knights Templar, and their primary base of operations.



A small village on some crossroads in the middle of the thriving Old Achaea.


Arcadia (Lycaos, K)

Arcadia is one of the oldest regions of the Achaean Empire, and supposedly the original home of the Olympian gods Hermes and Pan. Although considered by many to be a pastoral paradise or utopia, it remains shrouded in rumors of a darker, ancient heritage, such as tales involving werewolves, strange transformation rituals, and even cannibalism. For more information on the unusual history and culture of Arcadia, see its article on the Wulfgard wiki.


Redfield (Lysander, D)

A great, walled city supposedly built upon ancient burial grounds, Redfield is one of the oldest cities in Achaea, and home to a great number of proud warriors in the Red Legion, the legion of Lake Demon. It once fell under heavy attack from the Hidden, who raised ancient undead throughout the city (proving it true that it was built upon burial grounds of restless dead), but the attack was ultimately a failure, and the city now thrives once again, a place of both peace and disciplined warriors.

Lake Demon "The Red City" (Aegias, K)

Very old and prestigious, although still not as wealthy as some cities, Lake Demon is a rural city out in the fields of the Empire, where the greatest soldiers in all the Empire are trained, since its inception. Home of the legendary Red Legion.


Fort Slaughter (L. XI Serpentis)

A fort of the Imperial Legion.


Emerita (Andallo, K)

Emerita is not as rich as many of the cities in the Imperial Heartland, but it is nonetheless a very proud kingdom and home of many majestic horse breeds that are desired through all the Empire.


Fort Greenwall (L. VIII Equestris)

A fort of the Imperial Legion.


Sevenxia (Republic, D)

A trading city built partially on the water itself; very wealthy and home to the headquarters of the largest trading guilds in the Empire, as well as a mighty armada of ships.


Ravenstone (Belitzar, D)

A very old and historically important city that has never grown to the size and prestige of many other Imperial cities.


Tabula (Tamaria, D)

Home to many masons, scribes, and many of the builders who aided in constructing some of the greatest cities in the Empire, including Justantion.


Starfire Isle (Valentius, D)

Home to many knightly orders; the cult of Astra has established a strong presence here, and it is home to many monasteries. Since so many military knightly orders dwell here, it is considered unconquerable.


Sunfire Isle (Solaris, D)

A wealthy trading port, home to the great statue of Helios, the colossus, one of the wonders of the world. It is a blend of Imperial and Kemheti culture.


Justantion (Ysauria, K)

A huge, glorious city that rivals some of the largest cities in the Empire. A hub of trade between the Empire and the South, guarding it from invasion by Southern raiders. It is surrounded by fortified walls that have never been breached and has a degree of independence from the Imperial crown, which makes its citizens very proud - they see themselves almost as their own kingdom, apart from the Empire.


Fort Fire (L. X Draconis)

A fort of the Imperial Legion.



SOUTHWESTERN WILDS (The Minoan Alliance)



Untamed wilderness, home to the proud and mighty culture of the Amazons, warrior women whose talent for battle rivals even the best Imperial soldiers. They are a matriarchal society who do not allow males to fight or hold leadership positions.


Maul Rock (Burning Tree Centaurs)

Home to the Burning Tree Tribe, centaurs who hold deep hatred for all humans. They are known to be violent and intolerant of others, and many other members of the Minoan Alliance do not appreciate their attitude, though they make formidable allies.


Tor Vala (The Red Elves)

Tor Vala has the most diverse population of any Elven city - mostly Ljosalfar, Vidralfar, and Fay races, but also a small population of beastfolk from the Wilds at large, especially satyrs. Shortly after taking power, the Red Elves re-opened the controversial Red School of Magic - possibly from which they took their name. While Necromancy is still forbidden, dabbling in a few of the darker arts is permitted in order to fully train any magi born under the Red Elf banner to their full potential. Though the Red Elves still love nature, and their stated primary goal is the protection of the Wilds, they are also the only Elves to have a walled city protected by towers, which they craft from smooth stone using magic. For more information, see the Wulfgard wiki article on the Red Elves.


Cro-Cabra (Satyrs)

Nestled partially in the dark woods and partially in open plains, Cro-Cabra is a kind of pastoral paradise, full of fine vineyards where the satyrs make wine, and inns and small houses where the satyrs endlessly frolic and party. However, they also practice much dark magic here, hidden in the shadows of the trees.


Proudstone (Leonine Kingdom)

A beautiful city crafted of fine stone, Proudstone rivals some Imperial cities in its beauty. Built by lion felesians, also called leonians, Proudstone is one of the mightiest cities in the Minoan Alliance, where much armor is forged for all warriors under their banner. Proudstone is known in particular for its armies of highly vicious and efficient female warriors, not unlike the Amazons - only these armies consist of lion-folk.


Ruins of Castle Blood

Ruins of the ancient Castle Blood, where once were conducted many unspeakable experiments on beastfolk, attempting to discern the nature of their existence and how they were created.


Knossos (Minotaurs)

Actually an ancient Imperial city, Knossos is a breathtaking city on an island, known for its labyrinth in which a minotaur was kept long ago. Now ruled by the minotaurs themselves, Knossos is the seat of the Minoan Alliance. The minotaurs have made Knossos home to many fine temples to Minos, blacksmiths, libraries, and more. There, they store truly ancient knowledge, and are known to have some of the wisest scholars of all beastfolk - and some of the mightiest warriors.


Grove of Artemis

Wood elves and other fay-folk who protect the land and fight under the banner of the Minoan Empire.







Established by the Achaean Xandros the Conqueror when he defeated the kingdom of Kemhet. The city is a mixture of Imperial and Kemheti culture, and it is home to one of the largest libraries in the mortal realm. It is also an important port city, with a great lighthouse that is considered one of the wonders of the world.


Aneb-Nefer (Hemahemat, Nefertra)
One of the oldest and greatest cities in the mortal realm, Aneb-Nefer is a land of riches and mystery, home to glorious temples, bustling marketplaces, and ancient tombs of emperors long past, hidden deep in pyramids. It is separate from the Achaean Empire, but it is ruled by a pharaoh of Achaean blood, installed there by Xandros the Conqueror; however, the pharaoh has fully adopted the Kemheti culture.


The Rise (disputed territory)
Home to many ruins of ancient civilizations that have been torn apart by centuries of constant war in the area; there are many poor villages around the Rise that scrape a living from the remnants.


Ibesim (desert dwarves)
Cities built into desert cliff faces, where the civilization of the Desert Dwarves first arose.



The farmlands of Kemhet. Home to many farmers who wait for the river Yter to rise.


The ruins of a once great empire where now some villagers dwell amidst the bones, although superstition keeps a lot of people from living there; it is often considered cursed.


One of the greatest cities of Kemhet, home to enormous temples of Ra and the other Kemheti gods.


Waset (Selkweha)
A great city, Waset is seat of the king of the Upper Kingdom of Yter, of Kemhet.



Although they live near the Blasted Wastes, Swenet lives in relative peace thanks to the Darkwatch Ziggurat. They have a fortified wall and a dam to control the flow of the river Yter.





Antigis (Redsail Corsairs)
The hideout of pirates who plague the coast of the Achaean Sea and further abroad.


Zirta (Imazar)
A coastal city of Deshret, Zirta is a wealthy trading port that is sometimes plagued by the Redsail Corsairs and sometimes forges secret treaties with them to disrupt their competitors and protect the city's interests.


Ruins of Qarta
The seat of a once great empire that was one of the primary rivals of the Achaean Empire during its rise to power. After a long war, the Achaeans destroyed the city and salted the earth so nothing could live there; the ruins remain uninhabited.


Dagarak (Silent Messengers)
Dagarak is a misleadingly peaceful Deshreti village nestled at the foot of a range of mountains, upon which rises the dark fortress inhabited by the Silent Messengers. Although they are seldom seen, they are so feared throughout the land that none dare to attack the village.


Bakoraba (Council of Tribes)
Bakoraba is the central trading hub of all of Deshret, where all of its tribes and other peoples come together to exchange goods and to mingle. It is considered neutral ground by all the tribes, and so they protect it and do not fight their feuds there.


Shabahar (Mukarab)
A southern Deshreti city, home to a coalition of nomadic tribes.


The Sea of Sand

A mysterious land of ever-shifting sands that is considered uninhabitable by most, although many Deshreti tribes manage to wander there and scrape a living from the wastes. It is home to many great secrets.





Tarmasq (The Merchant Lords)
One of the greatest trading cities, where goods from all parts of the world can be found.



Home to some of the greatest cavalry archers and charioteers used by Parsanshar's armies.


Insusa (The High Satrap)

A Parsansharian trading cities, and one of the greatest cities in the Parsanshar Empire. This is where the Parsansharians breed their mighty and terrifying war elephants.


Parsa (Arshaxes)

Parsa is the capital of the ancient and powerful Parsanshar Empire. Its golden ziggurats and hanging gardens and temples to Ormazd are some of the grandest in all the world.





Axa (Silba)
One of the few cities of the mysterious Aethiopi people that is known to the wider world. They engage in trade with other Southron cities. It is known for its wealth, and it has quite a reputation for being able to survive so close to the Blasted Wastes, where others fear to tread.


Zulula (Pit Lords)
A city famed for its fighting pits and ostrich races.


Darkwatch Ziggurat
Home to an organization of dwarves and humans who work together to fight back the dangers of the Blasted Wastes.



What is left of an ancient civilization; these ruins are now lost to the Wastes.


The Blasted Wastes

The Great Waste (also variously called the Blasted Waste, the Black Waste, the Endless Wastes, or simply the Wastes) is a vast expanse of land stretching between Parsanshar  and the rest of the South on one side, to the Far East on the other. It is a desert wasteland of grey sand, spires of black rock, toxic rivers, boiling lakes, haunted ruins (such as the Untouchable Tower of Nirav Sadar), and far, far stranger things. Perhaps the most dangerous land in the mortal realm, almost nothing is known to live there, except for things that cannot be classified as life. It was created during the Magi Wars by a magical event known as the Arcane Cataclysm. For more info, see the Wulfgard wiki page on The Wastes.





Kragduk (Broken Tusks)

A savage monster city, home to the Broken Tusk Clan, a clan of orcs who believe strength is power but do not follow the Jotnar and their Armies of Chaos. They often raid surrounding villages and attack Nordlings.


The Impassable Pass

Named "impassable" with very good reason, the Impassable Pass is not truly much of a pass at all. Almost no man has ever crossed it and lived to tell the tale.



An enormous capital of monster cities, Dhuum is home to a wide variety of Chaos races and giants.

Schola Arcana Tower

Home of the Schola Arcana, their tower is a tall spire built far in the Jagged Edge, where no one will find them, and where no ordinary mortal can travel. This tower is home to a large library of magical knowledge, as well as many gardens of useful herbs and magical plants. The Schola Arcana frequently meet here, and they also use the tower to train new pupils. The tower can only be reached by flight or the use of a portal connected directly to the tower itself.

Voc, City of Dragons

Voc, also called the City of Dragons or The Nameless Village (shortened to Nameless by locals), is a legendary place shrouded in mystery. Rumor has it that, far in the Jagged Edge, nestled deep in a vast and lush valley, lies a settlement in which dragons have gathered together for reasons unknown. A variety of dragons actually getting along with one another is all but unheard of, however, so many of these legends are denied by scholars. It is said that Voc was created by a great, enigmatic silver dragon known only as Silver or The Nameless One. Voc has a long-standing rivalry with the monster city Syflage, and they frequently raid one another. For more information on Voc, see its article on the Wulfgard Wiki.



Syflage is a city of monsters in the Jagged Edge, which has an ancient rivalry with Voc. Home to an alarming and unconventional variety of evil creatures, Syflage is a cesspit of sin. Inhabitants of Syflage include many monsters, such as undead and even some demon-kin, particularly the spawn of succubi.

Mount Olympos

Mount Olympos is the tallest mountain in the Jagged Edge range. It lies at the very center of the mountains, a summit above all other summits, which even the giants cannot reach. It can only be ascended with the power of flight, and even then it is difficult. At the top dwell the Olympian gods, gazing down upon the world below.


Vulcan's Forge, Lair of Sturmkrag

A huge and ancient volcano, Vulcan's Forge is lair of the great dragon Sturmkrag, one of the oldest dragons in the mortal realm.


Tor Aia (Mountain Elves)

Almost nothing is known of this place, but it is said a yet unheard-of race of elves from the East, the Mountain Elves, dwell here in a city high in the mountains and observe the actions of Western Men.





Karak du Vide (Inquisition)

Karak du Vide, the Castle of the Void, is the island stronghold of the Imperial Inquisition, where they keep mages prisoner. It is an island commune surrounded by an intimidating, angular black fortress. Few have ever seen what lies behind those black walls and returned to speak of it, save Imperial inspectors and the Inquisitors themselves. The Inquisitors have thus built up the largest storehouse of Arcane knowledge to exist anywhere outside of the secret mage tower in the Jagged Edge. Very, very few are allowed access to it besides the Inquisitors themselves. The island is home to a peaceful community of mages watched over by the Inquisition - though some mages, the more dangerous and those unwilling to live peaceful lives, are kept in solitary confinement within the depths of its dungeon. Many Inquisitors live here as well. For more info, see the Karak du Vide page on the Wulfgard Wiki.


The Sunset Isles

Home to the so-called Islanders, humans unlike any of those seen on the mainland, the Sunset Isles are thought to be far larger than most explorers and cartographers have imagined thus far. It is home to countless strange and unknown types of human and monster races and cultures, as well as unusual animals. Very few explorers have tread the Sunset Isles and live, though some have brought proof of the existence of the Isles back to the mainland.


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