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#486682 Honest Review: BrickForge Hexibrix

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 20 February 2018 - 02:12 PM

It certainly does, and the additional reference pictures are doubly appreciated!  One could definitely have some fun with arranging these, and your squad usage both looks and is brilliant. 


Thank you again!

#486675 Honest Review: BrickForge Hexibrix

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 20 February 2018 - 09:51 AM

Thank you for taking the time to write this!  I'd been on the fence about this product, but if one of this forum's most prolific minifig artists cared enough to look this closely, the rest of us can certainly value his perspective.  I also appreciate the tip about the different disks in the 6-pack, I probably wouldn't have noticed that until after purchasing.


I'm guessing the Hexibrix Link is the little rectangular tab on the top left of the picture?  I can infer it uses those little tabs to connect adjacent pieces, though I'm curious about how stable that link would be?  You mentioned creating landscapes with these, would one need to order additional links or do these stack onto baseplates?

#486189 Werewolf's Writing Tidbits

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 08 December 2017 - 10:26 AM



For some reason when I read this, I had this mental image of Drake attempting to seduce Scaevius. 




Ew.  And out of character, given the two character's mutual hatred and Tom being very, very into ladies.  I was thinking more along the lines of a lady against Tom's standards (i.e. married, related to someone he respects, too young, whatever Wolfy decides) or just not very attractive to him (too old, etc.)  Perhaps the Queen of Illikon herself?  Running into her would be awkward for just about anyone, to put it mildly.


Fun prompts! I'll definitely give some of these a shot. The very last one there, though... you may be interested in a project I'm working on. ;)


And the first one... reminds me just how badly Scorp and I need to go back and finish an old project of ours that we were co-writing. Interested in hearing about some Silent Messenger adventures of Hanan and Kye? :P


Oooh, foreshadowing!


Certainly!  Given the recent release of the Silent Messengers figures, including Hanan, the timing seems right.  

#486116 Official Wulfgard Q&A Topic

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 28 November 2017 - 02:19 PM

I am curious about two aspects of law and order in Wulfgard.  Mostly the Empire, but learning how other cultures handle such issues would also be fun.


1. Primogeniture: From what I currently know of WG lore, the northern region of the Empire is considered a bit odd for allowing women to be knights, fight in the army, etc.  Does this practice carry on to noble and even royal titles, and the positions thereof?  And what of the rest of the Empire, and the various other political powers in Wulfgard?  Do their leaders pass responsibility by age, worth, or just to the most direct male heir?  These questions are what real kingdoms of the past struggled with for centuries (and often with no small amount of violence), so I was curious as to how the WG civilizations handled them.


2. Sanctuary/Right of Asylum:




Sorry, just had to add that.  XD 


Do the temples of Astra Aeterna or the various Olympians offer some form of sanctuary to criminals and refugees?  If so, does it have any actual legal standing in the Empire with set guidelines for what the guards can/can't do, or is it up to the discretion of the priests themselves and local officials?  I.e. is there a limit for how long those claiming sanctuary can stay, can law enforcement surround the temple or are they expected to leave, is there an English-style expectation of eventual surrender or confession and then exile for criminals? 


While I'm clogging this sub-section with many additional clarifying questions (sorry about that), would this apply to known mages fleeing the Inquisition, or cultists fleeing the Templars?  I'm sure the priests would have discretion to refuse particularly heinous offenders, and someone too closely-affiliated with demons probably wouldn't be physically able to set foot in a temple anyway.  But if the priests see that the Imperial officials are a bit too hyped on adrenaline or blinded by rage, and want to ensure the sanctuary seeker lives to see a fair trial, a rule of asylum could be more fair for everyone involved. 


I hope that wasn't too much material to read and think over.  Thank you for your consideration!

#486039 The Video Game News Thread

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 16 November 2017 - 07:47 AM

I know, right?  And if someone does come up with games that actually sound unique and fun, like, oh I don't know, Star Wars Ocean's Eleven (Ragtag) written by Amy Hennig herself, not only does EA divert its resources to recycled garbage like Battlefield Hardline, they shut down the entire studio that was working on it!  What's with all the apparent hatred for single-player games from EA?  (I haven't played or really looked at Titanfall 2, so I don't know if that counts.)





I heard about this, but this video informed me about some new stuff I hadn't heard about before. 


I was planning on buying the game as soon as I've got my gaming PC up and running, but screw EA's money grubbing tendencies, I'm waiting until Christmas to pick up this game.




Or you could "stay woke," as the kids say these days, and just not buy the game AT ALL.  I did the same with the first new Battlefront, even after being impressed by the demo's graphics; and I haven't regretted it once.  The beauty of the Capitalist system is that you can make a difference with how and where you spend your money.  You just need to make informed decisions, and the information I have gathered tells me that EA doesn't need a penny from me.  Don't wait for a sale, don't rent it from a store, just spend your time and money on a game from a company you want to support.  Or invest it for the future, so you can afford to buy better games' collector's editions later on, if you so desire.  Up to you.  I need to take a few deep breaths. 

#486029 Gwent, Hearthstone, and other silly card games

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 15 November 2017 - 02:43 PM

Invite sent, with my compliments.


Heh, "don't get bogged down."  I wish you'd told me that before I went and got my boots soaked chasing a drowned dead for Siegried's tongue contract.  Preeettty sure I'm going to get trench foot.  XD  But in all seriousness, thank you!  I'm just doing the sidequests for the coin, since apparently quests in this game have required reading, but the textbooks , er, sorry tomes and such cost exorbitant amounts; but I need to get that information to be able to do the bigger, better jobs so I can have the money to buy the gear I want.  Wait....am I in college again?



Anywho, I promised a Gwent deck screenshot, so here it is, for your viewing, critiquing, or mocking pleasure.





I've probably overstuffed it, but I found that this arrangement allows me to win wars of attrition, particularly against some AI challenges and most players at my level...which is the very bottom... >.>  But it gives me plenty of troops for Foltest to buff, armor for my Dun Banner Cavalry to exploit or to otherwise keep my units in the fight, and plenty of lovely siege weapons that whittle the enemy down with satisfying "whoosh-thumps."  I'm working on getting more Temerian cards to capitalize off of the Blue Stripes' ability, they definitely pair well with the Temerian Infantry.  Those and the Blue Stripe Scouts seem to be the only cards with the same power, though.  Ah well, it's still handy to be able to drown the enemy in numbers like that. 


#485991 What Are You Currently Playing?

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 10 November 2017 - 09:18 AM

My clanmates convinced me to jump into Path of Exile, a free-to-play top-down RPG, and I'm glad they did, because I'm enjoying it more than is probably healthy.  Instead of being the chosen one whom people just give stuff to because you're destined to kill blah-blah badguy, as is the norm, it builds off a similar foundation to the more recent Elder Scrolls games where you start as a prisoner.  The difference that stood out there was that every NPC you react with doesn't conveniently forget your crimes just because you left the tutorial area.  Each character class has different reasons for being exiled to the magically-scarred wasteland that is the continent of Wraeclast, from the pious Templar who asked too many questions about his order's past to the charming Duelist who won a duel of honor against the wrong person; from the enigmatic Witch who was caught tampering with powers unsanctioned by the church to the wondrous Scion who literally murdered her husband on their wedding night.  Your character's voice lines and their relationships with the NPCs reflect these backgrounds, as some characters even witnessed your crimes, or at least know you by reputation or saw your life begin to decline.


This game has been called "everything Diablo III tried to be."  Having never played any Diablo, I can only speculate as to the meaning of that statement.  What I can say is that this game has a compelling, truly dark narrative that made me even more industrious than usual in finding pieces of lore as I sought to figure out what the bloody heck happened to this entire continent.  Without giving too much away, you find that you are sifting through the wreckage of a once-great empire that relied on tyranny and magic more than was good for it, and hear the stories of numerous heroes who tried (and apparently failed) to cancel the apocalypse.  Will you falter beneath the weight of your own sins and follow those heroes into the grave (or worse), or rise above the endless hordes of zombies, magical mutants, malformed beasts, and corrupt soldiers (among other dangers) to not just survive, but thrive?


Be warned, the levelling system is very different from what you may be used to, as while all classes focus on certain types of gear and attributes, spells and abilities are, for the most part, COMPLETELY INTERCHANGEABLE.  Want your Duelist to toss fireballs like a mage? Sure!  Want your Witch to loose special arrows from a bow?  Why not?  While not every weapon or skill is perfectly suitable for every character, you can still level your passive stats to match your desired build, and the actual blade swings/spells/teleports/etc. you want to happen when you click are up to you, and upgrade independently from your character.  It gets a bit overwhelming at first, so be sure to go to the main website to pick a character you think best matches your playstyle, then go to the forum to see recommended builds for that character, so you can work from there.  Everything from skills to gear is included in the best articles, as the community is surprisingly helpful in showing new players what works for them and is fun/less confusing to play.




On the single player front, I finally dipped my foot into the endless ocean that is the Witcher series.  Yep, only ten-ish years late!  I'd been interested ever since Scorp first released that one vignette and spoke so glowingly about the series, but I only recently managed to acquire a copy on Steam and the time to play it, as opposed to other games.  Needless to say, I'm glad I did.


Being a stickler for order and proper narrative, I started from the very, very beginning with the Witcher: Enhanced Edition (okay, so not the very beginning), and was immediately intrigued with the amnesia mechanic/narrative I'd heard so much about.  Finally, we have an excuse for all the exposition, and our character having to ask about basic concepts that the NPCs learned long ago.  While the animations don't seem to have aged particularly well (is it REALLY necessary to load into a cutscene of Geralt showing a signet ring we can't even see?), I'm powering through it and the need to get obscure journal entries before you can complete quests because darnit, I want to see what happens next!  All these people who remember Geralt, who even saw him die, and some evil he was fleeing that could end the world according to prophecy?  With characters who act and sound so alive, a world full of lore and politics that I can't get enough of, and story choices that actually feel significant but aren't always strictly black-and-white?  I'm hooked.  I'm running around the temple quarter of Vizima in Act 2 like a chicken with its head cut off, and I couldn't be happier!


(That being said, I'll be looking back for Scorp's and Maverick's old reviews of the Witcher games to see if any advice can be found, and I will happily welcome any tips from veteran Witchers in our ranks.)

#485988 Werewolf's Writing Tidbits

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 10 November 2017 - 07:57 AM

Now he almost felt bad for teaching Kye the girl’s part of the dance.




For the first time in his life, he had been happy.



Drake thought about that for a second. “Well,” he replied, “Facebook is where you collect all these ‘friends’ you don’t really know and then brag about things you do to make all your non-friends on your friends list feel bad.”

Kye blinked. “That doesn’t sound very nice.”

“It isn’t."



Kye furrowed his brow. “So… what’s the point?” He paused. “This seems like something demons of Pride would invent.”


“You think everything is pretty,” Drake said flatly.


“Eat it. #WWCD”

In a reply to the above tweet, “No or minimal chewing.”


Your affinity for summing up the state of modern culture and social media while juxtaposing it with fantasy characters is absolutely splendid!  Your capacity for cruelty to your own characters is...worrisome...however.  :P


Still, all of these were great fun to read!  I have a few prompts to suggest, if you like:


  • Caiden vs. Plexaura - Embarrassing childhood photo sharing 
  • Kye asks a girl on a date (maybe modern Febriel?)
  • First taste of battle - any character
  • Tom trips into someone important, has to charm his way out of it  Edit: Bonus points if it's someone he can't/doesn't want to seduce, but knows he shouldn't fight.  But if you want to show him putting his famous moves on, I won't complain.


Have fun!

#485964 Official Wulfgard Q&A Topic

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 06 November 2017 - 01:03 PM

I would like to learn more about magical disguises in Wulfgard, please.  The wiki states that full demons can pose as humans, and half-demons can conceal their demonic, physical features with sufficient concentration.  Is there any difference between the two forms of disguise?  I.e. full demons would obviously change size and shape significantly to pretend to be human, but are half demons doing the same thing, or simply hiding their features from sight?  If someone walked behind a demonkin, would they trip on an invisible tail or bump into invisible wings?  Or is the required magic and concentration more complex than just active camouflage?


Also, can magical but non-demonic beings replicate this sort of disguise with a spell?  Does Arcane magic in WG encompass such glamers, or is it only a demonic skill?

#485961 Marcus Capulet

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 06 November 2017 - 11:06 AM

Marcus Capulet


Full Name: Inquisitor Marcus Capulet

Aliases: The Penitent Headsman, though this is usually whispered or whimpered, not called aloud.


Sex: Male

Race: Human (Achaean/ Parsansharian)

Birthplace: Veritshire (The Southern Empire)


Affinity: Earth

Deity: Athena, Achaean goddess of wisdom, defense, and strategic warfare.

Faction: Inquisition


Talents: Arcane Lore, Diplomacy, Martial Combat, Education (Common Imperial), Education (Southron), Blacksmithing



Strength: 6

Agility: 5

Constitution: 6

Perception: 6

Intelligence: 8

Spirit: 6

Luck: 5


Appearance: Since Marcus hails from the southern part of the Empire, his skin is somewhat darker than most would expect.  His jet black hair is cut sensibly short, so as not to bother him while wearing a helmet.  Marcus is of low-to-average height (5’8”) and somewhat stocky in build. Years of training and marching on inquisitions (along with the ample diet afforded by Imperial funding) has left him in above average physical condition.  His somewhat rounded head bears a pair of piercing brown eyes accented with well-defined eyebrows and a slightly wide nose, which is underlined by a thin, but well-groomed mustache.


Those who helped tend Marcus’ wounds in the Chasing Shadows campaign know that he has a very old burn scar on his left leg, from the outer, lower thigh to below the knee.  He has not yet revealed to any players where this scar came from.


If actual, visual representation is required, here is a drawing of Marcus by Saber-Scorpion himself, as a Kickstarter Commission:




Weapons: Void Iron Halberd, Void Iron Shortsword, and Steel Mace


Armor/Clothing: Void Iron Plate Armor, Void Iron Hauberk, Black-dyed Gambeson, Black Leather Boots, Inquisition Tabard and Hooded Cloak.


Miscellaneous: 2 pairs of Void Iron Manacles, waterskin, and a satchel containing: a confiscated demonic tome, small repair hammer, small pliers for armor rivets and hinges, clean rags for bandages, flint and steel, and travel rations.


Horse (Naimah, an unusually skittish blue roan mare of strong and swift Northwestern stock); Saddlebags with extra travel rations and horse feed, extra water, bandages, blankets, and two wooden training swords.


Biography: Marcus Capulet was born in the burgeoning city of Veritshire, one of the southern fiefdoms of the empire, as the second child of a family of arms dealers.  No, not the disreputable kind, but a mom and pop business (so to speak) that was mildly successful at making good weapons and armor (and also tools), then selling them to nearby villages and towns.  His uncle worked the forge, his father was the silver-tongued merchant, and his mother was the accountant (having learned sums, reading, and writing as a nurse for the local Lord's family).  As he grew older, Marcus' job included assembling parts into ready-to-sell weapons, demonstrating weapon usage for prospective customers, and keeping track of the family's inventory.  The often monotonous work gave Marcus great attention to detail, as he learned to be aware of minute defects in the weapons, and creativity as he made his weapon exhibitions more entertaining or devised new ways to improve weapon designs.  It looked to be a good life for Marcus...until the Necromancer came.


A delusional caster, looking to carve out his name, came to the town’s outskirts and began wreaking havoc among the poor inhabitants.  The local militia were quickly killed and reanimated, and the few bannermen of the local Lord soon followed suit.  Those who could not make it to the safety of the keep, or decided they would rather die with blades in their guts instead of their backs, rallied to the Capulet household to gather arms and make their stand.  Marcus did his best to organize the people into formations he had seen in books, and his courage helped galvanize the resistance, but it was not enough.  Every casualty they took added to the ranks of their enemy, and all seemed lost.  Then, after days of fighting, then hiding, a force from the Inquisition arrived to put down the rogue caster.  With channellers's wards and void iron arms they put the reign of this would-be lord of the dead to an early end. After the battle, Marcus saw in the Inquisitors something more than cataloging weapon parts and sharpening blades every day.  He would probably never inherit the business anyway, and figured that this would be his chance to put his skills to use defending the realm from those cursed with the power of magic.  In addition, his beloved home now held some unpleasant memories that he would prefer to avoid.  After a period of mourning and helping what remained of his family and friends to rebuild, he left to join the Imperial Inquisition.


Marcus soon became a very promising young Ebonguard, learning to care for void iron arms as skillfully as those of steel or bronze and sparring with the master-at-arms to build his fighting skills.  His ability to read and write and his zeal for protecting the innocent from magic users made him valuable to his company, and over time he earned his own command over a section of fellow enforcers. Marcus became a trusted and hardened soldier of the Inquisition, personally killing an Ice mage that was freezing Marcus' Inquisitor commander and helping to subdue an Earth mage who was running a protection racket on local farmers, among other feats.  Marcus was about to start training to become a full-fledged Inquisitor, until the day he was ordered to separate a family.  Until that point, Marcus had thought that those with "the condition" would be nothing but powerful psychopaths oppressing normal people just because they could.  But then his section was put on a detail with orders to arrest a young girl caught using water magic on her family's farm.  Marcus solemnly obeyed his orders, but the young girl's screams and her family's weeping cast doubts upon his noble cause.  He tried assuring himself that what they were doing was for the good of the realm, but as time passed it seemed he was arresting more young casters and fighting fewer madmen.


Despite his moral objections, Marcus built a reputation of ruthless efficiency, until he became known as "The Penitent Headsman," a figure of awe among his comrades and terror for better-informed mages.   The Inquisition always strives to capture casters alive whenever possible, and Marcus takes care to emphasize this policy for the good of the Inquisition and the people they serve…but when the only remaining option is death, few Inquisitors can deliver that result more proficiently than the Penitent Headsman.  Marcus is essentially at the height of his career, having served honorably as a full-fledged agent for years now.  But doubts have been growing in his mind, particularly if his actions are truly what is best for his fellow citizens.


Still, any doubts that plague Marcus are doing so privately (for now, at least), and he is a respected member of the Inquisition.  He was one of the youngest to achieve the rank of Inquisitor/Agent, and some reason (or perhaps resent) that his initiative and wit will soon take him to greater heights.  Until then, he shall continue to do what he has always done: train both mind and body to protect the empire from the scourge of magic.  



Campaign History:

  • Free-roam from the very beginning of Errant ("Team Drake," later "Team Caiden"), including quests such as "The Beast of Illikon" and "The Mansion Mystery"

  • Veritshire: The Changing of the Guard, which revealed more details of his backstory and changed some of his relationships with other characters

  • Chasing Shadows



  • Neitha Ardet (Girlfriend?  Lover?  Further data required)

  • Sir Tom Drake (Close, if a bit scary Friend.  Ok, a lot scary, but still a close friend.)

  • Kye Vakurseth (Close, but still wary Friend)

  • Caiden Voros (Close and worrisome Friend, though Marcus worries about a lot of people)

  • Percula Saffron (Friend who gives Marcus grey hairs)

  • Stevan Randal (friend who trusts Marcus more than he expected)

  • Sarael Raia (friend)

  • Plexaura Voros (friend and mentee)

  • Agethar (friend)

  • Ben Blackburn (acquaintance)

  • Rosette Saffron (acquaintance)

((Do let me know if I missed anyone, please))




#483410 ZONE - The Odyssey (Victorian spacecraft)

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 16 March 2017 - 12:52 PM

She nodded as he turned away, carefully scurrying onto his palm. Whereas her chitinous legs would’ve left an uncomfortable, ticklish sensation on his skin, the pilot’s gloves fortunately mitigated such a feeling, allowing Asvasty to carefully take a seat without upsetting the human.


While he awaited his fellow human’s answer, Rico could not help but gaze in wonder at the creature he now held in his hand.  She seemed very trusting, literally crawling into the palm of a much larger being, but she probably had to be to be here at all.  He wondered how she had ended up being a physician, much less serving on board a ship of the VDF, but the officer was talking to her first.  He could be patient.  Usually.


"Lieutenant Cayden Warmann, Victorian Air Forces."


Ah, a flyboy.  Navy pilots often resented how the Air Force got the shinier toys and cushier treatment with less skill, but Capulet couldn’t care less.  The way he saw it, they were still on the same side, and it meant his brothers got to show their mettle with fewer resources.  The Air Force could preen for the cameras all they wanted, while the Navy went out and won the wars.


"At ease, soldier. This mission seems like it will not be much on the formalities, you can relax, at least in my presence. It’s odd to be surrounded with such tight-stranpess. I done the preflight inspection on the outside myself and everything is good. This lady is ready to move on this show on the road."


The Marine pilot was having trouble sorting through the man’s accent. (Caydenn sounded like a rather masculine name, and the guy looked less ambiguous up close, if still a bit too skinny to be wrestling Skrakki.  Not that most people weren’t, himself included…)  Still, it sounded like he was giving Capulet permission to speak freely and telling him he had added some redundancy to his work, which didn’t sound too bad.  


“...Oh, right, that’s how you refer to your vehicles…” Dr. Asvasty murmured after a moment of confusion.  


Rico had straightened up so he didn’t have to squat any more, and he held the spider-lady close to his chest as he contributed, “Yep, an old human tradition.  Helps us brawny males treat the machines more gently, in theory.”  Focusing once again on the commissioned officer, Rico added, “Sounds just fine, much appreciated.  I’ve learned to trust our maintainers for the outside part, but glad you’re willing to go the extra mile.”


"Dr. Asvasty, I likely haven’t heard about your species yet. It must be hard for you to be surrounded by so many... big things."


Each of her tiny, red eyes blinked slowly in a sequence that lasted a second or two. “...I think we can safely assume I’m tiny and you’re all… normal. Ish.” She offered after a lengthy moment. “But I appreciate the perspective… ah, lieutenant right?”


She shifted, uncomfortable again under his concentrated gaze. “...I’m, ah, fine.” The small alien offered, finally looking Cayden in the eye. “I’ve been around people your size all my life, I’ll be okay.”


Beaming a charming, intrigued smile, Rico mused, “Sounds like a story worth hearing, assuming you wanna tell it.”


“So, uh, when do we leave, anyway?” She tried to change the subject, trying to peer around the two to see what everyone outside the ship was doing.



Whenever Hancock gets bored with meet-and-greet, I suppose.”  He leaned slightly to allow her a better look, keeping the hand that cradled her pointing straight up, since he didn’t know if she could cling to surfaces like regular spiders.  “Otherwise, my listed takeoff slot isn’t for another half an hour or so, but everything is, as usual, subject to change.

#483373 ZONE - The Odyssey (Victorian spacecraft)

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 14 March 2017 - 02:00 PM

His preflight checks finished, Rico sat in his pilot’s chair with his helmet in his lap, alternating a rhythm of snapping his fingers and tapping his helmet’s armored dome.  Idleness bothered him, especially right before a mission.  After a few minutes, it became evident that he was going to have to be sociable, so he retrieved and reslung his shotgun and walked toward the stern of the shuttle, only to find the blue-haired...person...crouched and apparently talking to a hoverpad.


No, that would be too crazy, even for this motley crew.  The pilot squinted as he approached, to see that the officer was addressing...some kind of large spider?  No, wait, she had a human-like upper torso, like the centaurs of very, very ancient Earth legend.  Was she some kind of native, or the product of some mad scientist after a few too many rounds of tequila?  Rico was intrigued, to say the least.


He was just in time for the tail end of a few remarks.  "...Doctor Syryn Asvasty. I am… ah, your certified medical practitioner. ...The only one, it seems.”  


“...What can I call you?” She asked him after a brief pause, her attention returning to the comparatively huge human. “And if you could give me a hand up, this will be easier for both of us.” She added, casually brushing an errant strand of hair out of her face as she gave her request.


Clearing his throat from beneath his open helmet, Rico also squatted down beside the two, offering his left hand to Syryn.  “Please allow me, Doc.  Don’t wanna risk someone getting stepped on in my shuttle.”  He then turned his attention to the blue-haired guy, who he could now see was a Lieutenant, judging by the...man?...’s insignia.  Offering his right hand to shake (he had planned this carefully to keep the spider-doctor safe), he added, “Sorry to interrupt, sir.  I was just in the cockpit running my preflights.  Warrant Officer Federico Capulet, at your service.  Welcome aboard shuttle Whiskey Niner-One.”

#483359 Awakening OOC - Rules, Quick Reference, and Chat

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 13 March 2017 - 01:56 PM

Working on a post.


But.... Is it just me, or has Ambad's char. become so ninja that she's literally disappeared from the sign-ups topic?  :ninja:  :P


Did Ambad drop out, or something?  :huh:



I was wondering about that myself, thank you for pointing that out!  I thought he'd just deleted his original post, or I had imagined it or something.




Due to my job I wont be able to post 'till next week. I will have my phone on me, so I'm able to access the internet. But my posting abilities will be limited to my phone. I doubt I can get a meaningful post using that tiny thing. I can definitely try, but don't expect much. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. Talk about awful timing.
But after next week there is nothing dramatic on my schedule. So I can devote my free time to the RP :D



Yep, I've been there, too.  Unless you've got a really good phone, all the scrolling for a proper proofread and the inability to format like you want made the whole ordeal not really worth the effort for me.  

#483324 The Werewolf: Past and Future

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 10 March 2017 - 02:38 PM

Your most powerful chapter yet, Wolfy!  Definitely exposed a lot of misconceptions I had about wolves myself, and the argument you've been building so masterfully truly hits home in this chapter.  It's been an exciting time following this paper's creation, and not only have I enjoyed reading it; it's given me a lot to think about.

#483316 ZONE - Caiden's Encampment (cave in the Jagged Edge)

Posted by Lord_Capulet on 10 March 2017 - 09:54 AM

Sigmar began to guffaw in disbelief at Agethar's speech.  "What are ye, some kinda dwarf fanboy?  Nefer here actually speaks Dwarven, and her accent's not nearly as thick as yours, ye numpty.  Now go sit in the corner, I’m trying to listen."


While Nefer and various others offered various perspectives and input, Sigmar only briefly processed what they were saying.  His eyes shut hard in focus, the warrior-priest clutched his shield hand around his amulet, quietly calling upon Forseti’s power to sense if the Venator was lying.


Voros allowed a pause to make his point before he went on, "I already said I don't know what it is. I was cursed years ago. I started mutating. I took potions to suppress it, my friends in the Venatori, Templars, and the Inquisition tried to find ways to help me. No one could. While we were hunting dark mages, it got worse."


Caiden's eye lost focus for a moment, as he clearly second-guessed himself about saying all of this. However, he said, "I... changed. We... found a way to control it, to a degree. I still change sometimes without wanting to. But I haven't fully lost control. Even when I change, I'm myself. I use it to help victims of the Chaos races. People like all of you.


"This curse was tailored for me by an old enemy. This is personal."


The Venator furrowed his brow. This was far more than he usually talked, and he wasn't comfortable with it at all.


So he finished tersely, "I haven't hurt anyone. Still, I didn't want to take the risk. So until I find a cure or a way to fully control when I change, I'm out here."


It was the truth.


It may not have been everything in Caiden’s story, but it was enough.  Like he had said, he had saved their lives and did not owe them every detail of his upbringing or career.  But Forseti told Sigmar that the manling spoke truly, his demonic mutation was through no fault or choice of his own.  Better still, he genuinely wanted to help, but his noble desire to avoid hurting others was why he was out here, mostly alone.  Sigmar could not help but wonder what part the pixie played and why Caiden felt she was an exception to this protection, but those facts were so much gravy on the meat of the problem.


Thumping a gauntlet on his breastplate for silence, Sigmar bellowed, “I’ve heard enough!”


When he was satisfied that he had everyone’s attention, he added, “And not just from you, but the God of Justice.  Forseti tells me that Caiden, cursed as he is, has told the truth.  My gut tells me that it may not be the whole truth, but like the Venator said, he saved our lives, and he doesn’t owe us everything.”


The dwarf drew his warhammer, but with his hand uselessly tucked under its head, drawing the weapon over his heart in salute as he locked eyes...well, gaze, with Caiden once more.  “Cursed or no, demon or no, ye’re right.  Something’s wrong with ye, but ye’re trying to fix it and keep from hurting others while doing so.  Can’t get more just than that.  Better still, as ye reminded us, you saved our lives.  For doubting yer motives and threatening you, ye have this old dwarf’s apologies.”


Eyeing the others around him, Sigmar concluded, “Though judging from yer friends, old and new, ye won’t be alone much longer.”