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In Topic: ZONE - Brookpasture ((A Dying Breed))

10 June 2018 - 08:04 PM

"I'm quick on my feet, so I think I should take the lead." He smiled lopsidedly in a genial way.


This elicited a quick, amused snort from Kate.  Then Cyrus offered a possible solution, and her face returned to neutral.


"There are a lot of creatures with big feet. I'd advise the utmost caution until we can find a footprint and try to identify what we're dealing with.”


"Since we're so close to the Jagged Edge," the Venator said "my guess is that it's some kind of Chaos Race spawn, maybe an ogre or chaos beast. But if we're really unlucky, maybe it’s a rogue troll: I've heard old stories about how they love mutton, but it could be nothing but stories."


"Any of which is enough to be trouble. Or maybe something else entirely."


Kate shrugged apathetically.  “Never seen any of ‘em, not really my expertise.  Just tell me where to shoot it if it decides to sample human next.”


He turned to Kate.


"How's your dog at following a scent? We might be able to pick something up at the footprints."


Bullseye had returned to Kate’s side, and the Inquisitor patted his head.  “He’s decent. More used to finding wounded game or something that I’ve got a scent sample for, but I doubt something gigantic will be hard to miss, anyway.”


As it turned out, the footprints were nearly impossible to overlook.  After a bit of math, Crestwell could reasonably infer that whatever made these impressions was easily the size of a two-story building, perhaps bigger.  There were no toe marks, though, implying that the creature was wearing some sort of covering over its feet.


Keva frowned at this development.  “So not a full giant, that’s a relief.  But whatever it is sure won’t be easy to deal with, especially if it’s intelligent enough to make shoes, of all things.”


This brought a resolute scowl to Kate’s face, and she snapped her fingers to spur Bullseye on the trail.




The prints led further east, not that any member of the party could lose track of them.  Whatever was leaving them probably could not hide even if it wanted to. Bullseye kept sniffing in and around the footprints, pointing his snout in the obvious direction to the annoyance or amusement of mistress’ companions.


After more than an hour of walking and tracking, they came across another set of pastures.  These, however, were enclosed with fences of wooden posts and beams fashioned from branches.  Normally this would not be particularly remarkable, except for the fact that the posts were roughly the width of young adult trees.  Actually, closer inspection seemed to imply that was exactly what the posts were, before something gigantic had cut them into a more manageable length.


Fortunately, the crossbeams were not too high to clamber over.  Crestwell would need a bit of help, though, as would Bullseye. Kate leaped up and scrambled over the fence with only minor issues, plopping down on the other side before turning back and bowing comically at her teammates.  “Nice and stable, I’d climb it again for fun. Almost makes me think this giant of ours is keeping his own sheep over here.”


Reaching a hand through a gap between the beams, the Inquisitor beckoned.  “If someone’d help poor Cresty up, I can ease him down from here. Same for my dog, too.”


In Topic: The First Fight

07 June 2018 - 11:37 AM

My goodness, that was fantastic!  Your descriptions of what Neitha saw and felt, the way you write your action, everything about this piece warmed my heart and made me truly feel for a character that I already adored.


Well done, Sareth.  It was so much fun to see Neitha at this vulnerable, life-altering time.  You really made it clear that this was the beginning of what might be her story's grandest chapter.

In Topic: A Dying Breed OOC - Rules, Character List, and Chat

06 June 2018 - 08:28 PM

I understand.  Maverick gave me permission to keep things moving with Brennus, but I'm not familiar enough with Jed and Forge to post for them, hence why I left plenty of room to finish any ongoing conversations.

In Topic: ZONE - Brookpasture ((A Dying Breed))

06 June 2018 - 01:36 PM

"We're happy to stay out here, perhaps you would be willing to talk if we don't cross your threshold? Lives may be at stake."


Chessa yelped in anxiety upon seeing Crestwell’s misshapen face, and withdrew further behind her hinged, wooden shield until only one eye was visible.  “And I’d be happier with all of you farther away from my home, but sometimes we don’t get what we want, cursed one. Whatever foul magic your parents or some witch brought on you at birth, you can keep to yourself.”


Out came the crocheting needle again, and the crone jabbed it multiple times in an eastward direction.  “But if you insist on carrying on with this needless task, I’ll point you in the same direction I sent the first two hunters on.  The sheep were disappearing from the eastern pastures there. Just keep following the footpaths until you find footprints.  Giant ones.”


She then slammed her door shut, loudly engaging the lock.  Kate shook her head, muttering curses as she turned to the Venatori.  “Guess that’s all we’re getting out of the old bat.  Righty’o, monster hunters, who here’s good at tracking surprisingly stealthy giants?

In Topic: Brickfair Virginia 2018: A Day at the Arena

06 June 2018 - 12:02 PM

Alright, here's another submission, this one for a combatant!


Presenting the disgraced and exiled dwarven priest, Sigmar Oathbreaker.  Never actually imagined him in minifig form before, so this has been rather fun.


Head: This beauty.  His face contorted in rage, his beard still not recovered from being shaven long ago.


Body/decals: Like Dagfari, the grey-armored dwarf shown here.  The decals can be purchased from Scorp at this location.  I would request a darker brown for his legs, if possible, and black or brown hands, whichever matches better with the dwarf legs you get for him.  No need for a beard piece or those epaulets, though.  If you think he'll need pauldrons with the helmet below, I'll leave that to your discretion.







Crest:  A plain black shield, or a broken hammer, if you're feeling fancy.  Whatever he did not only got him exiled and shaved, but also forbidden from using his clan's name or regalia ever again.


Thank you again, and please let me know if you need anything clarified!