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Over the Sea: Part 2 - Sign-up\Discussion

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Posted 15 August 2010 - 10:22 PM

Over the Sea: Part 2


“Land ho!” called the voice of the lookout in the crow’s nest. From his position on the quarterdeck of The Golden Dragon, the mighty Southerner-style exploration ship, the handsome and leanly muscular Captain could now see an island in the distance. They were approaching it fast.

“All hands on deck,” he called nonchalantly, leaning forward on the wheel and maintaining his current heading, following in the wake of another Southerner ship – but the crew of this ship matched its design.

The ship of Sir Nathaniel Aquilonis, famous Imperial explorer, did not. Men and women from far and wide occupied his vessel. As the cool wind blew over him, Nathan ran a hand through his short, dark brown hair, closing his eyes for a moment.

“Something wrong, Nate?” asked a voice beside him that bore a thick upper-class Imperial accent… which only served to add to her allure.

Aquilonis turned his light green eyes to regard the lovely lady Elektra, her deep black hair blowing in the breeze. For a brief moment he just looked at her as she stood there with her hands on her hips, wearing her skimpy outfit. It almost made Nate feel like his long, dark overcoat with gold embroideries was overly showy, despite his lack of any sleeves.

“Nothing specific,” he replied with a shrug. “I’m just still a little tired from the poison.”

“You’re just convincing yourself of that – I’m sure you’re fine.” She paused. “Let’s find an inn when we reach port.”

Nathaniel gave a brief laugh. “Now’s not a very good time.”

Elektra raised her eyebrows at him, managing an amused smile of her own as she said in a seemingly dismissive tone, “Nate, it might help if you got off the sea a little while.”

Aquilonis sheepishly turned away from her to gaze out across the deck. “Right, sure.”

By now the adventurers were finally waking from their various attempts at naps. After their long journey, they had welcomed some rest on a ship that they knew was safe… except, perhaps, for those still feeling uneasy about their new captain.

Some adventurers who now served on Aquilonis’s crew had been forced to choose allegiances before… and they had chosen another captain.
But Captain Roland, the tall and proud Imperial explorer who had yet to make any name for himself, had been arrested. Sir William, a Paladin of the Empire, was personally guarding the door to the quarters in which he had locked up Roland. While everyone had only heard him accuse Roland of treason, most everyone knew it was better to not contest the will of a Paladin… even so far out at sea.
Roland himself, however, was still scheming from within the room. He could hear the movement of the adventurers in the hall outside as they rushed to the upper deck for some reason or another, while he had to simply wait in the dismal bunk with shackles on his wrists. He rolled his eyes, leaning up against the wooden wall and losing himself in thought.

Fintan the Sea Dwarf was standing near the large ballista mounted upon the Dragon’s forecastle deck, as if he expected an attack at any moment. Flint, former first mate of Roland’s now-destroyed ship known as The Salty Seal, stepped up alongside the Dragon’s first mate.

“You look ready for a fight, mate,” he remarked, looking at the dwarf with his only good eye – over his right one, he wore a black eye-patch. His voice was thick with a lower-class Imperial accent.

Fintan looked up at the scraggly Imperial with golden-brown hair. “I can’t say the same ‘bout you.”

Flint arched a brow at him, but said nothing. Fintan nodded toward the golden amulet Flint wore around his neck – his only unusual feature, for otherwise his attire consisted of tattered clothing that was now a dirty brown, despite what color it may have been before.

“Poseidon?” he asked.

Fingering his trident amulet for a moment, Flint nodded. “Aye. An’ yer a priest o’ Njord, I heard.” He paused, looking at the dwarf’s unkempt hair and long, matching beard… both of which were grey with a distinct greenish hue. “So’re you really a Sea Dwarf, mate?”

“Uh-huh. Must be real fascinatin’ fer you an’ Roland, havin’ never really explored much anywhere, eh?”

Flint swallowed his words and remained silent, deterred by Fintan’s constant sour tone.

But the chatting and bantering of the Dragon’s crew was hardly what the adventurers on board were concentrating on, for they were at last arriving at the port.
It was a small place – certainly smaller than some of them were expecting – and it seemed to have been established in a tentative manner. Even from the deck of the Dragon, the adventurers could see that the settlement had many guards patrolling this way and that… mercenaries like Ghalib, no doubt, judging from their appearance and attitude. Already they could see some variety in the appearances of the mercenaries that marked them as hailing from many different Southern lands and walks of life.

The buildings now visible were short and small, with nary a three-story inn in sight. All were of Southerner design, mostly Deshret, as the two Southerners already aboard the Dragon pointed out.
Soon enough they had arrived at the docks, and a gangplank was promptly lowered. Aquilonis was the first to step off the ship, followed by Elektra, and all the rest of the crew. They were soon joined by Ghalib, who offered to resupply their ship – Aquilonis accepted the offer despite his receiving a disapproving huff from his stalwart Sea Dwarf companion, who then said he would stay behind for the time being and keep an eye on the Southerners going to and fro from the Dragon.

Those already in the port were most likely awed by the arrival of such a magnificent vessel. Bearing its namesake golden dragon on its largest triangular sail, Aquilonis’s ship was quite an exotic sight, for it mixed Southerner and Imperial styles. An intricate carving of the Imperial goddess of victory spreading her feathered wings graced the ship’s sharply pointed bow, and a mighty ballista was attached to its front – or ‘forecastle’ – deck.
On its side was painted the name The Golden Dragon… and many recognized it as the ship of the famous explorer and mapmaker Sir Nathaniel Aquilonis, an Imperial.

But perhaps even stranger was the company that disembarked from the vessel. Led by Aquilonis and Elektra was such a varied group of adventurers that many paused in the streets to watch them pass. There was a dwarf, an elf, many young and strong men and women from various lands and backgrounds… and there was also a hobbling old man trailing behind them.

The streets of the Southerner settlement were not the most populated, what with the town being so small – but then again, the last things the adventurers had to compare them to were Artorius and Illikon, both of which were far larger than this place… particularly the latter.
However, this did nothing to harm the well-known competitive nature of Southerner merchants, even if there were so few others about to buy their wares.

Among the brightly-colored clothes, the tools, the foodstuffs, and the trinkets being hawked by merchants at their little wooden stands, Aquilonis and the adventurers noticed some strange beings lurking about, watching them with their dark eyes.

They were men of the same nature as any others present, yet they were unlike any men the adventurers had ever seen. Their skin was of a copper, reddish hue and their hair was very straight and raven black. Though they saw both men and women of these strange people, not one of the men had even a hint of facial hair. All of them wore tattered clothing, usually just enough to keep them decent, and some also wore chains. The looks in their eyes as they gazed upon the newcomers ranged from curiosity, contempt, fear, or any combination thereof.

It was easy enough to figure out who and what these strangers were upon seeing the shackles worn by a number of them at one merchant’s stand – and by the words he called out to the adventurers as they passed.
“Hello there!” the Southerner said to them even as they walked, a broad smile spreading across his darkly-featured face as he spoke in somewhat fractured Imperial. “Need men on your ship? Many men for sale! Hard work – washing the deck, and these men do not complain! Very quiet, very obedient! I sell them for cheap – better prices than the mainland!”

The adventurers could see Aquilonis and Elektra speaking to each other in tones so low that it was nigh upon impossible to eavesdrop, particularly when caught up in the noise that was the streets of the settlement.

Soon the group began to break off, branching off to wander about wherever they pleased. Some adventurers who had lost much of their gear sought out smiths, while others simply searched for a tavern and a soothing drink.
Ghalib had arranged for Aquilonis to meet with the settlement’s proclaimed leader and his assistants. Elektra accompanied him, as did a few adventurers who had chosen to do so.

The events of the morning had a surprising outcome. While Aquilonis, Elektra, a number of adventurers went to the local inn and others wandered about, exciting news spread like wildfire in the settlement…

It was said that Aquilonis and his men planned to sail to the nearby islands, which were dark, mysterious, and barely explored. The adventurers heard that these strange, copper-skinned men dwelt there – and that they were savages of the very worst sort.

Seti, the aforementioned ‘pharaoh’ of the settlement, had ordered for word to be spread of a new job opportunity – the opportunity to work on Aquilonis’s ship. Whether this was Aquilonis’s order or Seti’s was either lost in translation somewhere or never specified… but either way, this was a chance for many in the town to see if the Imperial explorer lived up to his name.


For the time being, please do not use this topic for any sort of discussion or asking questions. Please only post your sign-up. I don’t want this topic to get messy so early. For now, please use this topic for discussion. Keep reading for specific details regarding sign-ups, questions, etc.

TO RETURNING PLAYERS: Please re-post your character from the Part 1 sign-up topic (the original one) in this topic to sign up for this one. There are two reasons for this: I want to have a new sign-up topic that is more organized and coherent than the last one (an easy way to reference stats and other character elements for both myself and others), and I want to make sure that you’re interested in participating in Part 2 of the RP.
Also, please edit your character’s equipment/bio/whatever you like to fit with the events of the first RP if any changes occurred to your character. For instance, if you lost a good deal of your equipment, it’d be nice if you could mention that in your new sign-up – and you can also feel free to mention the new equipment that you bought in port, seeing as how I’d like to keep an accurate list of everyone’s character, stats, and equipment. Bear in mind that the things sold in this port would be of some kind of Southerner design (and nothing magical).

Also, details on the meeting with the Southerner leader (Seti), what he said, etc. will be given at the beginning of the RP itself.

Oh, and if you’re wondering if this RP will actually involve more C&C\choices & consequences than the last one, then yes, this RP is much more dynamic; I promise you it’ll be better than the previous one, which felt very bland to me. Part 1 was mostly an introduction (albeit a far too long one). Part 2 will involve generally a lot more freedom and opportunities to heavily influence the storyline, of which Part 1 only had a few moments.

TO PLAYERS WHO CONTACTED ME ABOUT SIGNING UP BEFORE NOW: If you sent me a PM with some request or somesuch, please re-send me the PM. After my internet connection died, my inbox became a huge mess, and frankly it’d be easier if you just re-sent me your PMs discussing your characters now that you can read this topic and see the new settlement and all of the new restrictions in place.

More notes:

This takes place before The Legend of the Five (the main Wulfgard novels I am writing) or Into the North (the working title for Scorp’s comics).

It is not required for your character to know anything about sailing, rigging, navigating, etc. If you happen to know it, that’s fine, but not everyone has to sign up as sailors and\or former sailors or anything like that – however, it would make plenty of sense if some players did, seeing as how this is a small settlement that was created only recently.

Be sure to read every bit of information in every section before deciding who\what you want to sign up as. There are certain restrictions in place (and certain rules to trying to dodge those restrictions if you want to try), and these restrictions are different from the ones in Part 1 of this RP.

All characters will have to be from the Southerner settlement. As such, your background must reflect how you came to be here. You might be a mercenary hired by the merchants as muscle, you might be an explorer, you might be a merchant yourself – it really doesn’t matter, as long as you have a good reason for being in this far-off settlement, particularly if you aren’t a Southerner.

I just want to forewarn you that your character might die. However, if you’re smart, you RP and plan well, and you post reasonably often, it is possible to keep your character alive.

Character Creation

The Statistics of your character(s) may be different from what you are used to, so don’t just assume you know them all; please look over them.

Also, I will be doing dice rolls in this game, so your character’s stats WILL actually have an effect on the game.

Human – The most common sapient beings, men dominate all but the harshest regions of the mortal realm. Although one in every thousands of humans (generally called ‘men’) may be born with magical affinity, they are viewed as inhuman and strange. Most humans are non-magical and quite proud of it. In general humans are tenacious and often seek adventure, though most all human societies fear such things as magic and monsters. Most are quick to learn new skills and adapt to new situations.
There is no limit to how many players may sign up as Humans in this RP, but restrictions apply to certain Human sub-races. See the sub-races section for details.

Dwarf – Dwarves are usually about half as tall as the average human and tend to be broad-shouldered and stocky, giving even the females a masculine appearance. Nearly all dwarf males have beards, and traditional dwarven societies judge an individual by the length, thickness, and neatness of his beard. Most humans view dwarves as short-tempered, stuffy, and stubborn, and these are common dwarf personality traits, but so are loyalty, honesty, and steadfast (even hard-headed) determination. Some humans, upon first encountering the dwarves, might also make the mistake of assuming that dwarves are “fat” because of their short and broad physique. If they make the mistake of mentioning this aloud, they will most likely learn the hard way that most dwarves are almost entirely made of muscle. Of all the magical races, the dwarves probably have the most dealings with humans, since they engage openly in trade.

There may only be two Dwarf players (this number is negotiable if necessary) of any available sub-race.
All Dwarves get +2 Endurance and -2 Charisma (since you’ll be with a bunch of humans, generally).

Elf – The more attractive and exotic magical humanoid race of the Western regions, elves are generally looked upon by humans as strangely beautiful, but aloof, uncaring, and potentially dangerous due to their magical nature. Elves are typically somewhat slimmer than humans, with angular features and pointed ears that vary in length from race to race. Unlike dwarves, whose females look rather masculine, the opposite is true of elves: their males look rather feminine, especially since they traditionally have long hair and lack the ability to even grow facial hair. Elves tend to avoid contact with humans even more than dwarves, since they seldom engage in trade. Most are born with some degree of magical aptitude and live to extreme ages with little or no visible physical change, although they CAN be killed, and are generally physically weaker than other races. Their long lives give them great wisdom, especially in the elder elf races, and their lithe build gives them great physical dexterity to make up for their lack of hardiness and strength.

There may only be one Elf player (this number is negotiable if necessary) of any available sub-race.
All Elves get +2 Agility and +2 Charisma, but -2 Endurance and -2 Strength.

NOTE: There is much more info (and artwork) about all Elves and Dwarves in general available on the Wulfgard site under the Characters & Creatures section.

Westerner – More commonly known as Imperials, Westerners are a diverse race of humans native to the Western region of the world, which is now known as the Empire. They have light skin and a wide variety of hair and eye colors.
Since this is a Southerner settlement, I want only a few Imperials. There are more Imperials available than Northerners, however, since Imperials and Southerners are closer and are more likely to mingle.

Northerner – Called ‘barbarians’ by most Imperials, Northerners are native to Northrim, the Northwestern region of the world. Like Imperials, all Northerners are light-skinned, and have a variety of hair and eye colors, though most tend to be lighter in complexion. Northerners are generally taller than Imperials.
There would be only very few, very adventurous Northerners in a Southerner settlement, so I want only a few, if any, of these.

Mixed heritage – As always, races will mingle, and as always, some will shun them as outsiders. Half-Southerner, half-Imperials are sometimes seen in the southern reaches of the Empire and Kemhet, due to their current peaceful relationship and trade routes. Half-Imperials with heritage from other Southern regions such as Deshret or Persinshar are less common, however, and even rarer are Southerners with relations to men of the North.
Since Northerners travel far and wide, a half-Southerner, half-Northerner isn’t totally out of the question, but I’d prefer if there was only, perhaps, one of these. Half-Imperials are much more likely to be seen, but as I said, this settlement is mostly pure Southerners.

Southerner – Men from the Southwest vary from culture to culture. However, height-wise, they are generally a bit shorter than Imperials.

Kemhet Southerners have darker skin than Imperials – to Imperials, it might seem like a very deep tan. Their eyes and hair are always dark, and their hair is generally very straight.
(FYI: Kemhet is equivalent to Egypt.)

Deshret Southerners have darker skin than Imperials; it is about the same tone as Kemhetians. Their hair and eyes are also always dark like the men of Kemhet, although men of Deshret often have curly hair. Also, their features are generally not as similar to Imperials’ as Kemhetians.
(FYI: Deshret is equivalent to Arabia.)

Since this is a Southerner port, it will consist mostly of Southerners.
Since the section about Southerner cultures is not yet completed and available on the site, any questions should be directed in the Wulfgard Q&A Topic or sent to me via PM. Please do not post the questions in this topic, as I don’t want it to dissolve into a messy discussion topic… not yet, anyway.

Men bearing the Gift (in other words, humans with innate magical abilities), are not available at this time.


Mountain Dwarf – The most common type of dwarf, mountain dwarves are so named because their clan-halls usually rest at the foot of a mountain. They are the most human-like of the dwarves in nature and trade with them the most frequently, and thus can be found somewhat commonly in human towns, although they rarely actually live there. Many humans view them as greedy, however, because of their tendency to hoard great wealth in their mountain halls.
Mountain Dwarves’ hair is usually lightly colored: red, blond, or brown, and their eyes are usually lightly colored, either blue, green, grey, or light golden-brown.

Deep Dwarf – More reclusive and mysterious than the mountain dwarves are the deep dwarves, who dwell far underground, near the very roots of the earth. Although they are usually shorter, uglier, and even less friendly than mountain dwarves, they are not shunned or hated like dark elves. Humans find them more repulsive, especially their often heavily-bearded women, but mountain dwarves trade with them quite frequently. In many cases, while mountain dwarves are the ones to craft beautiful suits of armor and weapons from these metals, the actual Deepsilver, Deepgold, and Void Iron ores they use are originally mined by the deep dwarves.
Deep Dwarves’ hair is typically darker than their above-ground cousins’, ranging from dark brown to black. Grey hair is more common among deep dwarves, and some seem to be born with hair of that color, though white is still only found among the clan elders. Their eyes are paler than mountain dwarves. They range between the same colors, but at a lighter shade and less bright hue. Their eyes are usually sensitive to sunlight from time spent far underground, and most will shade or cover their faces in some fashion when on the surface during the day.

Hill Dwarf – Commonly considered the “least dwarf-like” of all dwarves, hill dwarves are a relatively peaceful people who live in small grottoes dug into the dirt of grassy knolls, rather than deep tunnels under stone. Although one might expect them to be more commonly seen than mountain dwarves as a result, the opposite is actually true, and hill dwarves are experts at remaining hidden. Also, their preference of farming over craftsmanship leaves them with less to trade with humans, although they do sometimes trade food for tools and weapons with the mountain dwarves. Humans still see them as greedy for hoarding their plentiful stocks of grain.
Hill Dwarves’ hair is usually earth-toned, ranging from light “dirty blond” to dark brown. As with mountain dwarves, grey or white hair is only found in the very oldest, although hill dwarves have shorter lifespans on average. Their eyes are usually darker than mountain dwarves, ranging from deep blue and green to brown.

Sea Dwarf – One of the rarer types of dwarf, sea dwarves dwell in rocky coastline caverns and are at home where sea-mist and the smell of salt-water fills the air. They worship Njord, the Nordic god of the sea, and are rumored to build great armored ships that can submerge beneath the waves, disguising them as giant, monstrous sea turtles. They are a little taller than most dwarves in general, and tend to be more nimble and dexterous.
Sea Dwarves’ hair is similar to mountain dwarves, but usually in a lighter, more greyish shade. Many individuals have grey hair from birth, sometimes with a greenish or bluish tint. Their eyes are sea colors: blue, green, and grey.


Light Elf/High Elf – The “purest” of the elven races, high elves were some of the first beings created by the Vanir, and possess far longer lifespans than any other mortal creature. In fact, none has ever been known to die of mere old age, some living for thousands upon thousands of years, adding to their great wisdom with each passing century. Reclusive and aloof, they seem to consider other beings beneath them… which, perhaps, they are.
Light Elves’ hair color is typically golden, though it ranges toward red or brown in some individuals. Their eyes are nearly always bright blue or green.

Wood Elf – Perhaps the wildest and least “civilized” of the elves, wood elves enjoy frolicking and merriment to the stern stoicism of their high elf and night elf cousins. Dwelling in the treetops in well-disguised homes, they form small tribes and frequently move from place to place, seldom building thriving settlements or large towns. They have significantly longer and more pointed ears than high elves and generally more acute senses. They are perhaps the most nimble of all elves, climbing from tree to tree and using their bows with great skill, but lack the strength and endurance of other elves.
Wood Elves’ hair color is typically brown, in shades ranging from light "dirty blond" to dark and almost black (and very rarely a dark green, possibly from some relation to dryads). Their eyes range from a bright green to hazel to brown, though always of a light shade.

Night Elf – Dwelling in the deeper, darker areas of the forest, the night elves are the nocturnal cousins of the high elves, preferring the shadows and moonlight to sunshine. They have significantly longer and more pointed ears than high elves, due to their reliance on senses other than sight during the night (despite their acute night-vision), but otherwise appear mostly similar.
Nigh Elves’ have very dark hair that ranges from deep brown to black, sometimes with very dark purple or blue hues to be found. Their eyes are pale colors ranging from blue to green, and sometimes lavender.


I am allowing a few people to sign up as special races if they want to, but there will be a limited number. If you sign up as these you must read about them on the Wulfgard site (under Characters & Creatures), because I’m not going to have a list. If there is anything inaccurate about the creature(s) in your description\bio\etc., I will not allow you to play as that creature.

Please PM me with your request about a special subrace, or even a special race, as we will have to discuss what you want to be (and depending on what it is, the Stat bonuses\penalties and abilities you might get).

But be warned: being any of these unique/‘locked’ subraces has both advantages and disadvantages, some of which are potentially very dangerous.

Attributes (Stats)
You have 72 points to assign to your physical attribute statistics. DO NOT add on your Racial bonuses or subtract your Racial penalties, if you have any. I will do that myself.
Remember that NO STAT CAN GO ABOVE 18 OR BELOW 1.
Now, here are the explanations for what each stat does:

Strength – Strength determines how hard a character can hit, how much a character can carry, and how well they can lift heavy objects. Strong characters can more easily break objects (and people) and can more easily intimidate others.

Endurance – Endurance determines a character’s hardiness. In addition to determining their general physical toughness\survivability, it also determines resilience to the elements and fatigue. Characters with high Endurance can survive attacks/falls/torture that would kill weaker characters.

Perception – Perception determines a character’s ability to sense things in the world around him: it affects a character’s senses, such as sight, hearing, and taste, among other things. It influences how observant they are, how well they can detect another character’s reaction to them, detect a lie, and also detect physical things like traps and hidden enemies or objects.

Agility – Agility determines attack speed, accuracy with ranged weapons, reflexes, and to a small extent movement speed. It generally influences a character’s ability to move well in the world around them.

Charisma – Charisma determines a character’s social skills, such as their ability to persuade, charm, or bluff. To a mild extent, it influences the character’s physical attractiveness. It also determines a character’s ability to lead and affects store prices and NPC reactions. A character with high charisma is more likely to convince a NPC to do something they want and\or tell them something that they want to know. A character with high Charisma may learn things from NPCs that they might not otherwise give away.

Intelligence – Intelligence is a character’s ability to reason and figure solutions to problematic situations. Intelligence determines a character’s ability to use certain types of magic spells and complex devices. It also determines a character’s ability to comprehend things such as foreign languages, determines whether or not they are literate (and if so to what extent), and is useful for a tactical character.
In order for your character to be literate, you must have an Intelligence of at least 10 (then your literacy will be determined by your background). If you have an Intelligence of 14 or over, you’ll be literate no matter what your background.
In order for your character to speak in an intelligent and fully comprehensible fashion (in other words, “May I speak with you?” instead of “Me want talk to your head!”), your Intelligence must be at least 7.

Luck – Luck determines many random elements, such as how often critical hits are scored, how well a character can win at gambling, what quality of random items a character might find in a common container, and many other random outcomes to events. In some cases, it will determine less random elements. Luck is not extremely important, but it can be quite helpful if\when your other rolls fail.

Sign-up Sheet (Explanation)
The full sheet is at the bottom of the explanation for each piece. Please do not use the sheet with the explanations for the categories on it. Some of the categories will be skipped since they’re easy enough to know the nature of. For your hair and eye colors, go by your race’s standards.

Race (I WILL accept some races that are not on the list. Just send me a PM request about it.)

Appearance (do NOT explain your armor appearance here; this is your physical appearance. Body and face both. Are you muscular, or are you a walking pile of muscle? Perhaps you are neither – are you fat, or skinny? This is also your facial features. Does your hooked nose give you a typically evil look, or your Imperial nose look regal? What is your typical facial expression? You can also say overall details. Is your face ugly or attractive? What does your beard look like, if you have one? Etc. And yes, pictures are fine, just link to them.)

Height (How tall is your character? Be sure to be reasonable, especially within the limits of your race. A 7-foot-tall Imperial is just preposterous.)

Clothing/Armor (what does your character usually wear? Try to keep this realistic. No armor made of pure Void Iron with Deep Silver highlights – try to keep your armor reasonably mundane)

Weapons (what weapons does your character carry? Try to keep these realistic. No weapons made of pure Deep Silver and\or bearing runes of fire – try to keep things reasonably mundane)

Accessories (food\jerky, flint, etc. This is just personal items and personal accessories like jewelry or something that you keep on your person. What you carry will effect your character through various means, such as if you carry too much, you will be slowed down. Also, NO magical equipment)

Personality (your character’s personality. Feel free to keep it very simple, since we’ll all see what you’re like in the RP anyway)

Bio (your character’s background. Be sure to include important details such as their social standing, how they came to the port and why they’re here, etc.)

Sign-up Sheet
Use this sign-up sheet when creating your character. Be sure to copy and paste FROM the codebox, but DO NOT copy and paste your sign up into another codebox. I’m doing this for your convenience, since I already have everything in bold and italics; it also makes it easier for me to read.



[b]Eye Color:[/b] 
[b]Hair Color:[/b] 


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Posted 15 August 2010 - 10:30 PM

Name: Skar’a Y’Eves.
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Werejackal)
Subrace: Southerner
Age: 34

Strength: 10
Perception: 13
Endurance: 12
Agility: 10
Charisma: 5
Intelligence: 14
Luck: 8

Height: 6’1”
Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Black
Appearance: This.
Clothing/Armor: Right here. (Minus the turban)
Weapons: Two of these, and this sword
Accessories: His trained Falcon, water, food, a scroll of spells, some bandages with ointments, and a grappling hook.
Personality: Very loyal and very honorable. He has very strong patience, resolve, and courage. He has devoted his life and serving Anubis and training Eboni.
Bio: Skar’a took up training for a priest of Anubis at a very young age. His youth was spent training, learning, and proving his faith to Anubis. When he was 28, he reached the rank of priest. He continued to serve Anubis, and he continued to learn and practice spells and practice with his weapons. One day, when he was thirty-two, Southerner pirates, followers of Set no doubt, raided and sacked his temple, which was near the shore. They killed all of the priests and priestesses, including Skar’a. After the desecraters had left, Anubis sent Skar’a back to the realm of the living, to deal vengeance on the pillagers. Skar’a later found a young priestess amongst the ruins of the temple, Eboni. Anubis instructed him to take her with him, and continue to train her. Skar’a accepted, willing to do anything for Anubis. In gratitude of his loyalty, Anubis granted him the powers of a Werejackal to aid him while he hunted the desecraters. Skar’a and Eboni found the pirates a year later, and dealt the wrath of Anubis on them. After they were sent to their punishment in the afterlife, Anubis allowed Skar’a to keep his gift as a Werejackal. Skar'a and Eboni eventually made port in a small town and they took over the leadership of a small temple, and revived the followers.

Name: Eboni Vot’ara.
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Subrace: Southerner
Age: 26

Strength: 10
Perception: 7
Endurance: 7
Agility: 13
Charisma: 11
Intelligence: 14
Luck: 10

Height: 5’4”
Eye Color: Pale hazel.
Hair Color: Black.
Appearance: Eboni
Clothing/Armor: This.
Weapons: Two scissor katara. Even though it's not a weapon, she has this staff.
Accessories: Food, Water, a compass, salvaged temple scolls, and herbs and ointments for healing.
Personality: She is very enthusiastic, curious, and devoted to serving Anubis. She is fiery in battle, and sees each victory as an offering to Anubis. She hopes to have proven herself to be worthy of the position of High Priestess one day.
Bio: Very simple. She was studying in the temple since she was a little girl, the pirates raided the temple, and she went adventuring with Skar’a.

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Posted 15 August 2010 - 11:15 PM

Two khopeshes? I see someone prefers a chopping sword to a thruster like a rapier.

Name: “Javed Shahzad, it’s a pleasure to meet you captain.”
Gender: “I don’t look that much like a woman do I?”
Race: “Human last I checked, though that has been a while.”
Subrace: “I hail from the south, so obviously I’m a southerner.”
Age: “My 33rd birthday was last month. At least I think that was a month ago.”

Attributes 72
Strength: 9
Perception: 15
Endurance: 12
Agility: 15
Charisma: 6
Intelligence: 10
Luck: 5

Height: “Eh, I think about 5’8”-ish in Imperial measure.”
Eye Color: “Green, though given how much I squint I wouldn’t blame you for missing that.”
Hair Color: “I can never decide if ‘light black’ or ‘dark brown’ is a more appropriate term.”
Appearance: “Well a lot of people say I have ‘shifty’ eyes, so I tend to smile and squint a bit to hide that. Some people also comment that I look older than I am, I just don’t see it. My skin's a bit lighter than usual for someone from Deshret, not sure why that is, but I think my grandfather may have been from Pershinsar. I like to keep my hair a bit on the long side, but usually tied back and neat looking. After all people tend to judge by appearance regardless of what they say, right?”
Clothing/Armor: "Usually I tend to wear lighter clothes, born and raised near a desert and all so it's kind of a habit, but my boots and coat [both black, coat's a little beyond knee-length] I picked up in the north. Eh? Scarf? Oh you mean the keffiyeh, that's a little memento from back home, though I would be lying if I didn't think it made me look rather dashing. Usually don't tend to wear armor that much, since it can be a bit heavy and uncomfortable and makes a bit of noise, but I keep a chain mail shirt with me just in case I get into a tight spot."
Weapons: “Well I’ve got my yatagan, it’s not quite what I learned to fight with but still a rather nice sword. Of course I also keep a little katara on me, just in case. After the vikings I think I may look for something with a bit more substance to it though.”
Accessories: "All here in the bag, thank Thoth Solkin grabbed this on his way off the Seal. I've got some lock-picking tools, extra change of clothes, a little bedroll, the mail I mentioned earlier, some rope, a bit of flint, and... I feel like I'm forgetting something. Oh right! This signet ring. My father gave it to me, said it would come in handy if I ever went up in the Empire. No idea why he said that, people only really cared about it down by the border and even then it got me into trouble about as often as out of it."
Personality: “People say I’m an easy-going guy, I can see where they’d get that impression. Unfortunately it can get me in trouble sometimes, especially at times when I get a little absent-minded. I really love adventure, seeing new places, and meeting new people too. Maybe even find some beautiful natives to woo along the way eh?”
Bio: “Well I was born and raised in the south, in Deshret, a rather harsh land, but it's still home. Anyway, my father was wealthy a merchant and I was traveled all across the map with him, that was great fun. Mother was always a bit distant toward me, never did figure out why… Oh well, it’s probably not too important. My younger brother Firuz’s the one that inherited most of father’s business. That’s fine by me though, sure I don’t have a lot to work with but at least I’m not tied down by much of anything. After that I sort of drifted from place to place looking for excitement and trading my skills for a living (I'm rather talented at swordplay appearing unexpectedly if I do say so myself). You might think I’m kind of aimless, and I guess maybe I am. But if there is one thing I’d like to find before I die it’s the secret of immortality and eternal youth. There’s just so much in this ever-changing wide world to see, a single lifetime isn’t possibly long enough to see it all.”

Name: “Solkin Reuel. Don’t ask about his surname, even I don’t know where it fits in.”
Gender: “Yes, Solkin’s a he, you heard that part right.”
Race: “And he’s a Dwarf,”
Subrace: “Mountain Dwarf to be exact. See why I said that about the name?”
Age: “Not entirely sure, think he’s going on about fifty, maybe sixty, I can never tell very easily with dwarves.”

Strength: 14
Perception: 8
Endurance: 10
Agility: 8
Charisma: 10
Intelligence: 14
Luck: 8

Height: “I’d say he’s about average for a dwarf, 4’2” is probably a good guess.”
Eye Color: “A nice earthy brown, fairly fitting I say.”
Hair Color: “On the darker end of red.”
Appearance: “Hmm… What can I tell you then? He looks fairly dwarf-y to me, you know: Beard, stout stature, big nose, the whole shebang.”
Clothing/Armor: “He wears scale armor when in combat, a very well crafted and nicely ornamented set, as expected of Dwarf craftsmen. Otherwise however he tends to wear white robes marking his position as a cleric of Eir.”
Weapons: “He’s got his trusty warhammer of course, and a crossbow for dealing with trouble at range. He rarely pulls the later on anything but denizens of chaos though.”
Accessories: “Mostly the standard adventuring fair, some dried food, a map, length of rope, flint and steel, pair of water flasks, along with some holy symbols of Eir, an assortment of medicinal herbs, ointments, and some bandages.”
Personality: “Solkin may seem a bit rough around the edges and gruff at times, but if you look just bellow the surface you’ll see he’s a real softy. Always does the right thing in the end, and he’s got a very strong (though fairly flexible) sense of justice. Trust me, if you had to pick one person in the world to watch your back, you’d want Solkin.”
Bio: “From what I gather Solkin was born in one of the mountain keeps near the Dvaergarn Gate. His father was a general and wanted his son to follow the same path, but Solkin had other ideas and instead joined up with the temple of Eir as a priest and healer. Dwarf society being what it is it’s easy to guess his parents’ reaction to that. Oh they tried to get along, after all he was still doing great work for his people and being a healer is definitely a noble position by any standard, and Solkin was definitely good at it, but there was still quite a bit of tension between them. Eventually I guess he decided he couldn’t take it any more and hit the road, claiming that his talents would be better used elsewhere.
“After a while of drifting in the north he met up with Katherine, and not too long after that I ran into them in Caltha. Just like with Katherine we’d been together for about five years until that little… “Incident” in Midshire. Then I up and find him again in Artorius, what are the odds, eh? That pretty much brings you up to speed.”

For bonus points, again, these sign-ups are told from the point of view of Javed Shahzad, GENTLEMAN ADVENTURER! :P

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Posted 15 August 2010 - 11:23 PM

Name: Sean Garbhen Mac Cullen
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Subrace: Northerner
Age: 24

Strength: 13
Perception: 12
Endurance: 12
Agility: 14
Charisma: 5
Intelligence: 9
Luck: 7

Height: Six feet and four inches.

Eye Color: Light blue with a spark of yellow around his pupil.

Hair Color: Tossled Light brown

Appearance: A rugged beard clings to his sharp face, his chin making a point. His nose is almost straight, save for a slight rise just below the cartilage where his eyes are set closely together. His eyebrows are thin and expressive; his signature look is his inquisitive stare in which he arches his right eyebrow very high. His forehead is small, only three inches separate his eyebrows and his hair-roots. His body is slim and sinewy due to his high metabolism rate. He looks nothing more than a skeleton with large muscles attached to him. His arms and legs are extremely long, as is his neck.

Clothing/Armor: Apart from his bearskin boots and fur clothing, Sean does not have another other pieces of clothing apart from his wool cloak. His armor consists of pieces of Imperial Soldiers’ parts that his has scavenged off dead opponents (See Bio for reasons). Currently he has: Vambraces, studded jacket and shin guards.
Weapons: As he is a Northerner, Sean carries his ancestral weapon: The Claymore As well as that he has a dagger

Accessories: A bedroll, and some flint.

Personality: Sean is a quiet man, he sees no point in talking to people. As well as that he has been known for his patience, built from training his siblings after their father died as well as working with younger children.

Bio: Sean Mac Cullen was born near the Imperial border in a family of six children. As the eldest son, Sean was personally trained by his father in the ways of warfare, from general tactics, swordsmanship, archery, knife throwing, and endurance. Sean’s build disappointed his father, since he seemed to be nothing but a pile of bones. However, with constant training, Sean began to build muscles, especially his in his legs which he developed for running messages. Due to his high metabolism rate, Sean weighed ‘like a feather’ and was not the ‘true warrior.’ Trying to live up to his father’s expectations, Sean continued to train himself harder until. However, he was stopped by his grandfather who told Sean to use his thinner build to his advantage. This started Sean’s new life of working as a scout and fast swordsman. By mixing his good endurance with his speed, the Mac Cullen was able to defeat several of his opponents in duels. Finally, Sean had earned a reputation which allowed him to join (as a brother in arms) a raiding force. The raid, however, failed miserably since the Imperials had recently garrisoned the town. The trained soldiers of the Empire were able to turn back the raiders while suffering minimal casualties. Using their few horses, the Imperials scattered the raiding force.

Sean was managed to escape the carnage, and fled south since the Imperials were marching north. Dodging patrols he finally made his way to Illikon where he decided to ‘disappear.’ Life was difficult for him, and he had only been in the town for two months when Captain Roland arrived. Hoping to escape the Imperials and find a new life, Sean leapt at the chance to join.


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Posted 15 August 2010 - 11:31 PM

Name: Vala D'Arthao
Gender: female
Subrace: Southerner
Age: 25

Strength: 7
Perception: 13
Endurance: 8
Agility: 16
Charisma: 13
Intelligence: 10
Luck: 5

Height: 5'6"

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Raven black

Posted Image
If you want to see Scorps drawing of her, click here

Clothing/Armor: Vala's chest and stomach is protected by a light chainshirt. Ontop of that she wears hardened leather armor that gives further protection to her chest and shoulders. She also wears a pair of leather vambraces. Her waist and upper part of her legs are protected by a leather skirt (Something like that of the roman legionaire's skirt). A pair of sandals (also of the roman kind) protects her foot sole, whilst not being encumbering like a pair of heavy leather boots.

Weapons: a shortbow and a dagger, as well as two throwing knives in her belt. As they reached the Southerner town, she spent the rest of her money on a short sword.

Accessories: A small bag containing some dried fruit, dried meat, and a small wineskin.

Personality: Cheery and kind, though kinda naive, and very stubborn. She's always afraid to mess up, especially if people she care for is involved. (Such as Javed). But she will always try to do what is right, and never submit to a higher power, even if it means death.

Bio: Born in a family of fabulously wealthy merchants, Vala's childhood had been very easy, to say at least. Her father had taken her all over the world and teached her the trade, and how to interact with people. She'd also learn how to fight and defend herself, and by the time she was 21 she'd best many a swordsman(and woman) in her homeland. But on her travels with her father and the trade caravans, she came to realise that there is so much more to see and do in this vast world, and she wanted to see as much as possible, as soon as possible. Her father would hear none of it, however. He didn't want his daughter running off into unknown danger. But Vala had made her decision. When the trade caravan reached the city of Illikon, she disappeared into the crowds. She made her way to the far end of the city, the docks, and decided to take the first and best opportunity to join an expedition or adventure.

During the mutiny on the seal, Vala helped Elektra and her followers in retaking the Dragon and freeing Captain Aquilonis.

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Posted 16 August 2010 - 01:40 AM

Name: David Malkinyr
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Subrace: Night Elf
Age: 63

Strength: 14
Perception: 18
Endurance: 10
Agility: 16
Charisma: 2
Intelligence: 8
Luck: 4

Height: 5'10
Eye Color: Pale Blue-Gray
Hair Color: Black
Appearance: Muscular but lean, seeming to have no extraneous mass. Hair is somewhat short for an elf, coming only about halfway down the neck. Rather handsome face. Canine teeth are slightly longer and sharper than normal, giving his smile a wicked or feral appearance. He tends to maintain a neutral expression.
Clothing/Armor: Long dark-colored pants with a leather belt, black leather boots, leather vambraces and greaves (bought in southern town), and steel Lamellar Armour (bought in southern town).
Weapons: A Hand-and-a-Half Sword, a medium-sized curved dagger (6 in. blade), and a Yatagan (bought in southern town)( size)
Accessories: A small pouch of meat, flint, steel, and tinder, and a small container of water. Sword sheath is slung across his back, knife sheathe worn on his chest so hilt points upward at left shoulder, Yatagan sheathed on the left side of his belt. He wears a small silver pendant set with an orange crystal around his neck.
Personality: Stoic, Quiet. Usually tries to do the Right Thing, but open to other jobs if the pay is good.
Bio: Left his forest home at the age of 30 to go roaming after his parents died. He served as a mercenary/assassin for a time.

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"This means I will not have to regret sending back their envoy short a few limbs."

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Posted 16 August 2010 - 02:02 AM

Name: Omrach Iskassa
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sub-Race: Southerner
Age: 29

Strength: 15
Perception: 10
Endurance: 10
Agility: 10
Charisma: 10
Intelligence: 10
Luck: 7

Height: 5'9"

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Appearance: Somewhat muscular, with dreadlocks and a stubble. Link.

Clothing/Armor: This.

Weapons: One of the swords seen the link above and a shortbow. He also has a dagger hidden in his boot, and a sailors knife on his belt.

Accessories: On his belt he has his sailor knife, and his sword. He has a bag over his shoulder and across his torso in which he keeps his waterskin, food (mainly jerky), money, fletching materials, and a small wooden pipe with some herbs to smoke. There's a quiver on his back holding some arrows. He wears his fathers ring on his left index finger.

Personality: A sailor at the heart, he's always happier on the water. He doesn't have a very broad knowledge on things but he does know a lot about sailing and navigating. He likes being nice to people because he knows what goes around comes around.

Bio: Omrach was born in a small port town, and he grew up sailing. Sailing was his passion. When he turned sixteen, his parents gave him a small twelve foot sailboat. He sailed out in the bay every day and would catch fish from the waters. When he had a good load he would sail back to town and sell the fish at the local market. He saved the money he made and eventually, he sold his small sailboat and bought a thirty six foot boat. He rallied a small crew and ended up making a business for himself. However in the years to follow, he fell on hard times. One day when they were fishing they got caught in a storm. Swell after swell washed over the boat and he ended up losing one of his crew to the water. The repairs to his boat ended up costing a large chunk of his savings. In the months to follow he caught hardly anything. With only enough fish to feed his family, he couldn't pay his crew, maintain his boat, or pay his dock fees. The final straw was when his father was killed in a bar fight. Apparently his father was caught cheating while gambling. The men he was playing with killed him on the spot. Omrach was able to salvage his fathers ring off the body. Still, he felt responsible for his fathers death. The next day he sold his sailboat and payed all his dues. He traveled to Justiniapolis to be a personal bodyguard for a wealthy merchant living there. Every time he got a paycheck, he'd sent a portion of it to his mother so she had something to live off of. His mother recently died and when visiting his hometown after her death, Omrach heard of Seti's word of new job opportunity. He sent a letter of resignation to the merchant he protected and rushed to the small port town where Aquilonis’s ship is. Now in the port town where The Golden Dragon is docked, he's fairly confident he is ready to go back to sea.

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Posted 16 August 2010 - 02:26 AM

Name: "Call me Cutter. Everyone else does, and you aren't an exception."
Gender: "I'm a male, and if you doubt that..."
Race: "Human, as the crow flies."
Subrace: "I was born in the North."
Age: "Thirty-four or so."

Strength: 7
Perception: 11
Endurance: 10
Agility: 15
Charisma: 15
Intelligence: 8
Luck: 6

Height: 6'1
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Appearance: He is of good build, his arms are decently thick and his shoulders broad. His face does not attribute much to his shady appearance. He is rather handsome with short hair and sharp blue eyes. He has a scar across his back, and another running along his left shoulder. (think this if you can't picture him)
Clothing/Armor: He wears simple clothes of dark brown and crimson, over which he wears brown simple leather armor, Elven by the look of it. His boots have seen much wear and are caked with mud from many travels. He keeps a dark weather-beaten cloak over himself.
Weapons: A claymore which he keeps on his back, a crossbow and a quiver of many arrows\bolts. He keeps two curved barbarian knives concealed on his person.
Accessories: Cloth to serve as bandages, a pouch of meat and a flask of water, and the necessary items to pick simple locks.
Personality: Unlike many rangers who like to confine their personality and are silent and hidden, Cutter tends to be more on the talkative side. Though he if far from open about hismself, he is bold and at times even arrogant. He is liked by most he meets, though some consider him too childish in persona, he is actual a good leader and fighter.
Bio: Cutter runs his hands through his hair. "Where do I begin? I was born in the North, so to you respectable folk I'd be a barbarian. Well if you want anyone half-decent on your crew, it seems you'd be best off hiring my sort. I began wandering these lands in search of adventure, and wound up with Ozzy - er... Osgar. We've both got eachother's back, and anyone else we're travelling with. Not much excitement, right?"


Name: "Osgar Langley. Or 'Ozzy,' if you prefer. That's what the fool Cutter calls me."
Gender: "I'm male. Thankfully your eyes do not decieve you."
Race: "Human, like it seems nearly everyone else here is..."
Subrace: "Imperial to the soul. Don't ask me how I come to be with this lot."
Age: "Thirty-nine, now."

Strength: 7
Perception: 12
Endurance: 9
Agility: 10
Charisma: 15
Intelligence: 13
Luck: 6

Height: 5'11"
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Appearance: His hair is fairly long. He has keen eagle eyes, and a charming wide smile. He often grows a small beard (especially at sea when he does not shave). He is stocky and muscular, his body fits that of an able soldier of the Empire.
Clothing/Armor: He has leather armor much like Cutter's, a gift from the Elves that they aided once. It covers his torso, shoulders, forearms and lowed legs. Underneath he wears black and brown clothing, and has a cape of blood red.
Weapons: A two-handed greatsword upon his back, a shortsword at his side, and he carries a round sheild on his back or on his arm. He also has a dagger kept hidden in his boot.
Accessories: He has a bag of various herbs, a pipe, a pouch of food and flask of water, and his pouch of coins.
Personality: He is a sly and cunning warrior. He will do many things to succeed, but never harm women and children. His chivalry and courtesy sometimes don't get him where he needs to go, but growing up as an Imperial, he finds he must do what it takes to be a lordly man.
Bio: "Raised mostly by tutors and servants of my whealthy merchant father, I was naturally deprived as a child. It all ended up fine, but I had attained a eagerness to get out, perhaps fight in the wars against the barbarian tribes. I knew that is just what I'd do after my father promised his fortune to my elder brother. Well, I headed North on my own after leaving my father's rich estate. I never felt like I belonged to the Empire. Perhaps I will one day return to that lifestyle, but not likely. I met Cutter blindly wandering, and I agreed to watch over him. Sorry, travel with him. It's proved alright as of yet. He's a good companion and fighter. Useful to me. We'll see how the two of us fare on this journey you have laid out."

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Posted 16 August 2010 - 02:52 AM

Name: “Sir William Hale, Paladin of the Empire.”

Gender: “Male.”

Race: “Human.”

Subrace: “Westerner.”

Age: “28.”

Strength: 18
Perception: 10
Endurance: 13
Agility: 7
Charisma: 8
Intelligence: 10
Luck: 6

Height: “6’3.”

Eye Color: “A sort of Sea-Green color.”

Hair Color: “A light blond.”

Appearance: Posted Image
(( Just ignore the clothing, and weapons.))

Clothing/Armor:Plate armor, with a green cloak, leather boots, and metal gauntlets.”

Weapons: “My Deepsilver Longsword, Forged by the Imperial Armorer, specifically for each paladin. My shield as well. Oh, and a crossbow I picked up in town. It might come in handy.”

Accessories: “A sharpening stone, three days rations, a quiver with two dozen arrows, flint and a knife.

Personality: “The Empire is my life. I would gladly sacrifice myself for it.

Bio: “My Father was Count of the Crossroads. I was the eldest, and would've inherited his position. However, I chose service for the Empire. My combat skills proved me able, and I joined the Elite Order of the Paladin's'. I trained, served under an existing Paladin until I passed my Trials, and became a Paladin in my own right. Then of course, I was sent only on the most important missions. That came when I was 25. A Report came in of a possible Caltha rebellion. During the tournament hosting upon the Anniversary of the Empire's formation, they hordes of gladiators we're planning on holding the entire stadium hostage.

They tried it. And failed. A trio of Paladins under my command, organized the guard of the stadium. When the gladiators tried they're plan, scores of Imperial soldiers, as well as the standard guard we're there to meet them. The rebellion was crushed, the city saved. After that, and some ceremonies, I was put on the investigation for Roland. Rumors went around that if I succeeded, after Sir Scaevius retired, I'd succeed him. That was what drove me. it would be the greatest honor I could imagine.

And now I'm here. Roland in custody, and me victorious. Once we're back in the Empire, he will be taken by a pair of Paladins, and some Elite regular soldiers, back to the capital, to stand trial. But for now, I stay vigilant. he will not get away from me. Not again."

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Posted 16 August 2010 - 04:03 AM

Same character for me.

Name: Ryan Alexander
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sub-race: Western
Age: 29

Strength: 10
Perception: 10
Endurance: 10
Agility: 15
Charisma: 11
Intelligence: 10
Luck: 6

Height: 6'1
Eye color: Icy blue
Hair color: Chestnut/blackish tone
Appearance: He is thin and agile, though decently muscular. He allows a bit of stubble to grow on his face, though prefers not to grow a full beard. He has high cheekbones, giving a slightly regal look to him, and his jaw isn't huge; his nose is a bit big for his face, though. His skin tone is a light-tan, so not dark or light. He keeps his hair around half an inch above his shoulder. His eyes are well-rounded, and his smile gives a comforting feeling.
Clothing/Armor: He wears a simple crimson tunic overtop light steel chainmail. Overtop the crimson tunic is a black, leather vest that reaches across his torso like a V. He wears dark cotton pants under light leather greaves. Overtop his sleeves are his bracers and on his hands are black gloves, with the right one fingerless. Also a thick green, cotton cloak for weather conditions.
Weapons: Really, not extremely a lot. He has his sword and his Yew bow. Though he uses it mostly for hunting, he also has a knife.
Accessories: He carries a leather quiver holding his arrows on his back. He carries a leather shoulder satchel in which he carries many of his supplies, such as a bit of food, fletching supplies, money, etc. Though he isn't very rich, he does have an heirloom, his ring. He carries his knife sheath on his leg and his sword sheath on a leather belt along with his waterskin.
Personality: He's quite charismatic and enjoys conversation with most people. His temper can be a bit short, though it isn't too long before he regains composure. He stands resolute for his beliefs, though isn't too skeptic, still retaining the quality of open-mindedness. He doesn't exactly make the wisest decisions, but all-in-all, he's fine to get along with. He doesn't enjoy gambling, he makes it seem like he thinks it's a dishonest game, though, he probably doesn't because he doesn't have the best luck.
Bio: He grew up in a family of 6, commoners, he was the oldest of his other 2 brothers and 1 sister. His family was in a high-middle-class village outside of Illikon, and he was mostly raised by his mother and uncle because his father was a traveling merchant. He was taught swordsmanship when he was around 17 by his uncle who was an ex-captain of the army.
His family moved to Illikon when Ryan was around 24, and his father rejoined them. He was taught by his father how to hunt game if needed and crafting, since that was also his trade. He left, and now he's here.

Posted Image

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Posted 16 August 2010 - 04:54 AM

Name: Davian Angelos
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sub-Race: Westerner

Strength: 7
Perception: 15
Endurance: 10
Agility: 10
Charisma: 5
Intelligence: 10
Luck: 15

Height: 5'8"
Eye Color: Indeterminate, both eyes are kept covered by a filthy strip of gauze.
Hair Color: Deep black
Appearance: He appears to be an older male, whose bony frame shares more in common with a preserved corpse than a living being. His dark hair looks to be the healthiest part of his being, and even it hangs limply over his face. His face, while handsome, is marred by the strip of cloth wrapping around his head and covering his eyes.
Clothing/Armor: He wears a dusty gray robe with a number of pockets sewn into it, thick leather boots adorned with scraps of metal forming a sort of makeshift armor, leather vambraces inscribed with crudely carved depictions of tentacled sea creatures.
Weapons: An iron tipped staff, a short curved knife, and a scourge made of barbed chain
Accessories: A multitude of leather pouches, numerous small tools, ground spices and seasonings, a heavily worn leather bound book, flint and tinder, flask of well aged liquor.
Personality: TBA
Bio: TBA

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Posted 16 August 2010 - 06:37 AM

Name: "Kanen Sarka, if you must know." (Pronounced KAY-nen SARK-ah)

Gender: "Do you REALLY need to ask that? Male."

Race: "I'm Human, simpleton. What did you think I was? A dwarf?"

Subrace: "I'm an Imperial."

Age: "I'm twenty-six years old."

Attributes 72
Strength: 8
Perception: 10
Endurance: 6
Agility: 9
Charisma: 9
Intelligence: 18
Luck: 12

Height: "I think I'm 6 feet even. Haven't checked recently."

Eye Color: "A stone gray, like storm clouds. You see, I actually have eyes."

Hair Color: "Blond. You seem to have eyes, but why are you not using them?"

Appearance: Posted Image

Clothing/Armor: "My breastplate is steel, painted black except for the abs, pecks, shoulder blades, and spine. The same goes for my greaves and bracers, except the design on them is the unpainted part. I also wear a Corinthian helmet with parts of it painted black, and it also has a short black crest. My clothing consists of tight cloth pants, and a thin black leather vest. I will also wear a black cloak with a hood occasionally, which will fit over my armor as well."

Weapons: "A custom steel hand-and-a-half sword, a knife, and a fold-out handheld. crossbow."

"I have a belt that has many pouches, filled with numerous items. Bandages, some rations, a water-skin, some coins, some treats for Taro, and a skeleton key. Taro? Oh, he's my friend, a great horned owl. He's extremely smart, and seems to understand what I say to him, and even obeys any command I give him. He's an orphan owl I found in the woods.

"What, you want to know more about Taro? Inquisitive, aren't you? That's good! Well, I was traveling through the forest adjacent to Woodshadow Village when I came across an abandoned egg. A couple seconds after I discovered it, the egg hatched, and out popped a little owl. I assumed the owl's parents must have killed by the village's logging operations, so I kept the owl, and he's been with me ever since."

Personality: He's a know-it-all, and can be quite arrogant and intolerant of those with lesser intelligence than him, and will often make sarcastic and snarky comments. The only people he respects on sight are elders. But once you get to know him and earn his respect, he is kind, and loyal to his companions. He always has a plan, and if he doesn't have one, he makes one up.

"I was born and raised in Templaria, where my mother and father taught me right from wrong, and how knowledge is the best kind of power, and to have an agile mind. They sent me to the best schools in Templaria, and my father and grandfather taught me about combat, alongside my younger brother, Caven. They taught us swordplay, archery, close quarters combat, and survival skills. My grandfather, Doran, is actually a demigod, son of Athena, but his adventuring days are long gone, and he now resides in our home. But thanks to him, my family inherited some of the intelligence of Athena, and she still favors and watched over us. Our home is very nice, built in gratitude for when my Grandfather saved the city, but that's a story for another time....

When I turned twenty-five I decided I wanted to do something in the world, and prepared to go on a journey across the world. A few days before I left, Caven, (who was 18 at the time) decided he, too, wanted to go adventuring. My parents and I told him he should stay in Templaria for a few more years, since he needed far more training. He strongly disagreed, and we had a very heated argument. He was furious and he drew his sword on me, and attacked me.... my own little brother.... Where was I? Oh, yes, he attacked me, and I defended myself and we fought. I slashed him across his cheek, causing a deep gash, which probably left a scar. After I did that, Caven touched the cut, and spat "I hate you." at me. Then he fled into the night. Those words hurt me more than any physical blow he could ever land....
I left the next day to try and find him, but he was long gone. I've been traveling around, and went to many lands, seen many places, but I still don't know where he is. I've searched so many cities, and so I figure he must be somewhere over the sea....I have to make things right....

How did I end up in this town? Well, I managed to gain passage on a ship to take me here, and when I arrived I searched the town for Caven, but to no avail. Currently I'm trying to find another ship to transport me around, and the ship of an explorer fits the bill.

So, will you allow me to join your fine crew?"

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Name: Alatania
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Sub-Race: Southerner, Kehmet
Age: 24

Strength: 6
Perception: 12
Endurance: 8
Agility: 8
Charisma: 12
Intelligence: 16
Luck: 10

Height: 5'9''

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown, past shoulder length

Appearance: She is as tan as the average Kemhet, fit but not extremely muscular, pink lips and slender, she has a "clean' face that usually is hard to read. Alatania is often called good looking, though she doesn't give herself much credit for her appearance. Her eyes are somewhere between somewhat large and medium.

Clothing/Armor: White priestess robes with pink tone to them, brown belt with gold trim. The cloth is silk, and the sleeves are long, hanging a little near the wrists, leather boots that go up to her knees.

Weapons: A steel dagger.

Accessories: Gold ring with ruby inside which is a momento of her mother, silver amulet. She also carries a pouch of medical herbs, flasks of medicine along with small bottles of elixers and such, bandages, all of this medical equipment is on her belt.

Personality: Alatania is very kind, especially to the weak and helpless, and is very polite even to possable enemies. Though kind, she takes quite the logical standpoint on many arguments. She is also very calculating, and assumes a person's personality before getting to know them, (She also thinks men are somewhat worthless, due to past experience.) Alatania only respects generous people and her superiors. As such Alatania obeys her superiors in the church without question, and is very caring and kind to those close to her, and she loves children.

Bio: Alatania was born in a small village located inside Kemhet. She was born into a noble family, her father was an ex-mercinary and her mother was a priestess. At the age of four Alatania's mother was murdered by a group of three men one night outside the chapel. Her father was grieving too much to care about Alatania, and threw her into an orphinage. At the age of 15 Alatania was taken into the chapel as a Priestess-in-training. When she was not learning the ways of the priestess, Alatania read and studied about the world in a nearby library. She was also given basic combat training with a dagger. She excelled at medical treatment and was very kind. She also was noted to be able to use healing magic, which assisted her with medical treatments to some extent. At the age of twenty she was named a priestess, and afterwards traveled around the south to teach people of Isis. At the age of twenty-four she was sent to a port town far away to teach some sailers there the ways of their chapel, which you can guess where that lead to.

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Name: "My name is Aries, meaning ram. Vespillo is my surname, I have no idea what that signifies so don't ask me. So it's Aries Vespillo."
Gender: "I am a man as you can see..."
Race: "Human."
Subrace: "I am an Imperial of noble blood, though I'm not proud of it."

Strength: 14
Perception: 12
Endurance: 11
Agility: 6
Charisma: 12
Intelligence: 8
Luck: 9

Height: 6'4
Eye Color: "Green as the forest of Springwood."
Hair Color: "A light black or dark brown, what do you think?"
Appearance: Him
Clothing/Armor: This armor with no helmet now, with a black tunic and no pants (Like Tom in the picture in your profile, Wolfy)
Weapons: " I have this long sword, and my new dagger. Though all this feels weird with out my sheild, but it's probably now serving as some fish's home by now."
Personality: Aries is fearless and will never give up until his enemy is defeated as well. He is stubborn, hotheaded, and headstrong. One of his most noticable aspects is that he is very loyal to those he serves, such as Roland.
Bio: Aries was born in Templaria, his parent were nobles and taught him the best schools. Aries however was not interested in scholarary matters and decided to instead join the legion instead. He rose as great soldier and was known for his fearlesness and skill in battle. He then went to go train in Lakedaemon to train for a chance to join the Praetorian Guard. News reached him however that his mother and father both died of a plague. He raced home and was deeply saddened that it was true. He want back to Lakedaemon but his captain told him to take some time to heal from his loss. Aries was infuriated and with nothing better to do but return home he decided to wander off and look for battle until they would accept him again. Recently, he went on a sea voyage that nearly cost him his life. Today he always trains hard in the hopes that he could join the Praetorian Guard, he will always accept any adventure as long as it promises battle.
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Posted 16 August 2010 - 10:08 AM

Name: He seems on edge when asked for his name; perhaps, you muse, it signifies more than a simple moniker to his people. In the end he agrees that you may call him "Tracker", although is quick to add that this is not his true name - simply one given to him by his former owners.
Gender: He is clearly male.
Race: Although a feral human by Imperial standards, he is a human nontheless.
Sub-Race: He seems confused by the concept of ethicity, and you cannot properly glean where specifically he is from. He appears to be of the same copper-skinned brood as the other slaves, yet he is free of his chains.

Strength: 18
Perception: 15
Endurance: 14
Agility: 10
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 7
Luck: 5

Height: His height is, to say the least, imposing. He is easily taller than any southerner or Imperial in the town, taller even than the slaves of his own race. You would estimate it at perhaps 6'5".
Eye Color: Although you don't exactly see eye to eye due to the impeding factor of his height, you can see that his are a deep brown, almost black.
Hair Color: His hair is kinked and black, although uniquely styled to say the least.
Appearance: The first thing you notice, since you're practically standing at eye level with his stomach, is his amazingly sculpted physique. His hands are hard and calloused, and you suspect that he was a hunter or gatherer of some sort in whatever feral tribe he came from. Coupled with his giant-like frame, he is a vertitable man mountain. There is no excess weight on him, no part of his body that is not tightly moulded for the purpose of physical endeavour. His jaw is thick and well defined, while his nose is broad, like most of the other slaves you have seen. His lips are hard set and always pursed tight, for he rarely speaks - although when he does, his voice is like the rumble of the earth itself shifting. He appears to have pierced his ears, lips and septum in some barbaric fashion, plugging the holes with sharply pointed bone 'jewellery', if one could call it that. His hair is tightly braided close to his head, exotic feathers and bone trinkets expertly woven in, with several braids hanging loose as a form of ornamentation, bone loops and other, more vibrant feathers hanging from them.
Clothing/Armor: He wears no armour, which isn't surprising since you lack the savages have been taught the art of metal work. Instead he appears to have adapted to fighting without it, a few knicks and cuts marking his skin where he was not fast enough to dodge the scars, or perhaps the whip. He wears a loin cloth of some sort of woven material, certainly nothing up to the level that Imperials or southerers, with their rich fabrics, could produce. Carved rock and bone trinkets decorate a sort of belt around his waist, with a checkered cloth hanging from it - maybe a sort of heraldry that demarcated where he was from. He wears a necklace of similar concstruction, hung with the giant teeth of animals he has likely slain. His hands are wrapped tightly with some sort of vine or woven rope, under which a hard hide-like material serves as a gauntlet. His sandals are made in a similar fashion, although they are thin enough that he would feel whatever he walked upon with ease.
Weapons: He carries a long hardwood spear with a bone tip, whittled into a jagged edge as sharp as any sword. It is almost as tall as him, you note. On his 'belt', a curious weapon hangs, almost similar to an axe. It has a short handle of the same material as the spear, although the head is made from a strange opaque green stone, wrapped tight to the handle. It is blunt, although you don't doubt it would crack the skull of any man when swung by this giant.
Personality: Straight away you can sense a seething resentment from the man, which is putting it politely. It is clear he was once a slave, and only has interest in the ship to get back to his homeland. He has no idea of social etiquette or politeness, and is straightforward with his views and opinions, most of which are a blunt hatred of Imperials and southerners alike. Although he is uneducated and obviously illiterate, it is clear he would be no fool when it comes to the enviroment he knows well. He is squeamish and uncomfortable in the city, and wishes to return to the jungles of his home - wherever that may be, since he still has not enlightened you to the location of his homeland.

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[Note: This is assuming my character got his weapons back after being imprisoned. It was never said he did, but never said he *didn't*, either. :P ]

Name: Roland Novak
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Subrace: A mix of Imperial and Northerner
Age: Thirty-nine summers

Strength: 11
Perception: 9
Endurance: 9
Agility: 16
Charisma: 9
Intelligence: 14
Luck: 4

Height: 6’ 1 ˝“
Eye Color: Blue-grey
Hair Color: A dark brown – verging on black
Appearance: Roland’s face is covered in a thick stubble, and his hair hangs to his jawline. He isn’t the strongest man in the Empire, but knows how to fight, and what he lacks in strength he makes up in speed. He is fairly well built, if slimmer than the average man. His face has a rugged look to it, and his eyes are constantly taking things in. He bears numerous scars on his body, but they are all covered by his clothing.
Clothing/Armor: Novak usually wears light chainmail under a leather vest, but due to the fact that he will be on the High Seas, he has forgone this extra weight, and wears instead a light tunic of dark red color, with a pair of khaki trousers, and woolen underthings. Across his chest he has two shoulder-belts, which cross in an X-shape, and over that he wears a brown coat, which hangs to mid-thigh. A grey cloak is over all of this, and it is waterproof and durable. He wears rugged leather boots, that have seen better days, but he swears by them. On his hands he wears a pair of leather gloves; light enough to allow him to use his hands as if they were unhindered, but lined with deerskin to keep them warm. A waterskin hangs from a belt buckles across his waist, as does a purse.
Weapons: Roland’s primary weapon is a exquisite hand-and-a-half sword, made of pure Deep Silver, with a hilt made of wood from the Hearttree of the Springwood, and wrapped in leather from the skin of a dragon. The weapon itself is fairly plain in appearance, but is perfectly balanced and sharp enough to slice a man in two with a single slice. It has been in Roland’s family for generations, and is called Serenity. It is sheathed on Roland’s left side, and hangs in such a fashion that he can draw it with ease.
Sheathed across his chest are an array of knives, many of which are specially made throwing knives. Only two does he use as melee weapons, and they are considerably longer than the others. The other six knives are small and light, and two are coated in poison. Another is made of silver, and the last knife was forged in such a way as to make it a proficient against vampyres. Lastly, Roland has a longbow and quiver of arrows on his back, with heads coated in poison, made of silver, or of Vampyre’s Bane, and of different makes – bodkin and armor piercing the most prominent.
Accessories: Roland carries a small pack beneath his quiver, and in it there are food supplies, maps, and tied underneath it is a bedroll. In his purse he carries enough currency to allow him to purchase an array of anything – but never lets on to this fact.
Personality: Roland has a deep mistrust of almost everyone, and never tried to stay in one place for too long. He has a deep fear of Paladins, or other enforcers of the Law, and vastly prefers to be on his own.
Bio: Roland was born in a small village to the north of Baldur’s Fjord, the illegitimate son of a Imperial Lord and a Northern woman. The Lord, knowing the woman was with child when he left, asked her to name the child Roland if it were male, and River if it were female.
Growing up in the harsh lands of the North, as a member of a small barbarian tribe, Roland quickly learned that to survive he must kill. When he was able to walk, he was taught by his step-father – Uthgar Thengal – the ways of the warrior. At fourteen he was proficient with both sword and bow, and had found that the knife was a very adaptable weapon. Though he was never as strong as some of the true northmen, Roland had a quickness about him that allowed him to defeat opponents twice his age.
And then his tribe was attacked by a rival clan, with superior numbers. They struck in the dead of night, killing the men on watch silently, and infiltrated the camp. Roland, a man at the age of eighteen now, took up arms against them, and slew a dozen before his tribe fled the lands. Roland was the last to flee, and was only able to escape by swimming the river.
After the tribe was scattered, Roland sought out his mother, and she revealed to him the truth of who his father was – Lord Isaac Novak, or Winterwood. Winterwood, she said, had been a small town to the west of Coldstone Wall, and Lord Isaac had led a party of soldiers to Baldur’s Fjord once, in an attempt to make peace with some of the Northern tribes.
But Winterwood had been the victim of a devastating barbarian attack, and Lord Isaac had been reduced to serving in Illikon, as a knight in the King’s service. Roland vowed to find his father, and beg him to aid in the destruction of the Dark Wraiths clan, who had destroyed Roland’s own clan.
He gathered what supplies he could, and armed himself with a captured Imperial longsword, and a longbow of his people’s, and rode south, toward Coldstone Wall. There he was denied passage into the Empire, and instead climbed the mountains flanking it.
Once inside the Empire, Roland made the trek to Illikon. There, he found his father, and begged the man to aid him. Instead, his father offered to train him as his squire, as the man’s with had died before giving him an heir. Roland accepted this offer, and Lord Isaac Novak began training him. Nineteen at the time, Roland showed an extreme skill in combat, and after only five years was on the verge of being knighted, when he remembered what had happened in his birthplace.
He refused to be knighted by his father until the man had ridden with him to destroy the Dark Wraiths, and the aging man agreed to it, knowing that without Roland, House Novak would be no more.
He roused the men he could, fifty horsemen and two times that number of men-at-arms, and he and his son led them through Coldstone Wall’s gates. Roland, riding at the head of the column, made sure that the small army was not attacked as they marched north.
At this time, the Dark Wraiths had also been pushed further south, by an even greater tribe. They resided a few leagues south of Hugin Keep, and were starving and malnourished when Roland and Isaac led the first sortie into their camp. The horsemen slaughtered the unsuspecting northmen, but a few escape and rode to Hugin Keep, to inform the tribe living there of what had happened.
The northmen in Hugin Keep were enraged when they heard that the Imperials had attacked the Dark Wraiths, and sent riders to every tribe possible. During Roland and Isaac’s return to the Empire, they were set upon by a force of thousands.
The Imperials fought bravely, but it was to no avail. The horsemen were cut down by arrows as the charged into the unrelenting ranks of northmen, and the men-at-arms were overwhelmed by half-naked barbarians berserk with rage.
At this point, Isaac and Roland, the last two Imperials living, rode for Coldstone Wall as fast as possible. They made it, but Lord Isaac suffered a wound from an arrow in the gut.
He begged his son to kneel before him, and Roland did so. Isaac drew his hand-and-a-half sword, Serenity, and knighted Roland on the spot, confirming him as his heir. He then offered Roland the sword, and died a few days after.
Roland rode back to Illikon, to ask the King for leave to resettle in Winterwood. The King allowed him to, and Roland roused three-hundred peasants and serfs to leave Illikon and make the journey north.
For four years he ruled over Winterwood, until a group of northmen rode into the town, and learned who he was. Northmen’s memory ran deep, and they had not yet forgotten what Isaac and Roland Novak had done to their people. The next day, a raiding party from the North came over the mountains, and razed the town. Roland led the few peasants who knew how to fight against he northmen, but they were overwhelmed quickly. The raiding party was only three-dozen or so, and after Roland’s companions fell, he was able to survive against the remaining barbarians – but unable to save the town.
Defeated, he returned to Illikon, where the King stripped his rank from him. Roland then spat at the King’s feet, and told the King that the northmen would come for him next. He was branded a traitor, and guards came to take him into confinement. Roland fought his way out, and fled the city.
For years he spent his time working as an outlaw-mercenary, always one step ahead of the law. He met numerous wise men, and received many of his special knives from them. Until, one day, he found himself back in Illikon.
Still wanted, Roland decided it was time to leave the Empire. Upon hearing a captain of the same name was in need of a crew of adventurers, Roland went down to the docks, and joined. He knew that he would be able to escape the Empire’s relentless hunting aboard the ship, and would be able to find a new world to disappear into.


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Name: Sorren Kyrah
Gender: Male
Race: Human/ Elf
Subrace: Westerner/ Night Elf
Age: 25

Strength: 10
Perception: 12
Endurance: 11
Agility: 13
Charisma: 8
Intelligence: 12
Luck: 6

Height: 6’3
Eye Color: violet
Hair Color: black
Appearance: Sorren Is of mixed human and night elf blood. He is mainly human in appearance, only his violet eyes, and subtly pointed ears hinting at his heritage. Sorren is of average height but is skinny in the extreme, some would even call him gaunt. He has sunken cheeks and eye sockets, and he is very pale, making look sickly. His shoulder length black hair only makes him look paler. Sorren has wiry muscles, and is very quick, almost twitchy.
Clothing/Armor: Sorren wears a dark blue hooded cloak, grey tunic and loose, black pants with a dark blue leather belt from which hangs an assortment of pouches and a sheath . Over top of this, he wears fitted black leather armour, bracers and greaves. He also has a quiver of twenty arrows slung over his back. Sorren generally wears his hood up and covering his face to hide his pointed ears and violet eyes.
Weapons: Sorren carries a bow across his back with a dagger at his belt, and a hidden dagger up his sleeve. Sorrens’ belt dagger is of common quality, while his hidden knife is much more ornate, and finely made. His bow is of elven make, and is very well made and maintained.
Accessories: Sorren carries a collection of herbs, bandages and salves with him at all times, as well as a small collection of spell components and a coin purse.
Personality: Sorren is mostly quiet and unasuming. Constant fear and scorn from humans has caused him to be very reclusive. Sorren is very curious about elves in general, having been raised only by his human mother. Sorren has a somewhat chaotic personality. He dislikes authority, and highly values personal freedom. Sorren is mostly a pacifist, but will defend himself and others from what he perceives to be injustice.
Bio: Sorren was raised in Illikon by his mother, an herbalist and healer. He never knew his night elf father, and he was subject to scorn for being a bastard. From a young age, Sorren had some magical talent, no doubt due to his elven heritage. Sorren was never a powerful mage, and had to hide many of his talents from superstitious townsfolk. As Sorren got older he began to practice magic more openly, attaining some skill in illusion and air magic. Despite Illikon’s liberal tendencies, many people feared and hated Sorren because he was a half- elf, and practiced magic. When Sorren was twenty he was driven off by the people of his home. He has drifted from town to town, making a living as a healer, or hunting game for food and coin. Inevitably though, the people would find out about him being a mage and drive him away. Sorren has traveled far from Illikon, trying to find adventure in the south. He had gone to such a small southern port looking for work as a wind mage.
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Name: “Cyprian Amril.” (SIP-ree-an, AHM-rill)
Gender: “If I was a woman, I’d be a lot better looking than this.”
Race: “Hah, I know my appearance isn’t the most flattering, but I’m definitely Human.”
Sub-Race: “I’m three parts Imperial, one part Southerner.”
Age: “Thirty six last month.”

Strength: 15
Perception: 11
Endurance: 15
Agility: 10
Charisma: 6
Intelligence: 9
Luck: 6

Height: About 5’8
Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Black
Appearance: Cyprian isn’t as bad looking as he makes himself out to be, but he’s not all that handsome either. A short rugged stubble and his long messy hair give the impression of one who doesn’t tend to his hair much. Cyprian has rather small eyes and a large nose, some of the most noticeable features on his largely plain face. His skin is a fair bit darker than most imperials, partially just tanned from the amount of time he spends in the sun, but also inherited from his Southern ancestry. Cyprian’s physique is a strong muscular build.
Clothing/Armor: Cyprian wears a chain shirt, with sleeves stretching only to his elbows, leaving his forearms bare, underneath a leather vest. This is accompanied by leather pants with plate greaves beneath them, and leather boots. Across his waist, Cyprian wears a belt with many pouches.
Weapons: Cyprian’s carries two weapons. First is a very large, curved dagger, southern in design. However, despite its large size, it cannot with stand larger blades. This is why Cyprian also carries a simple cutlass, the kind preferred by many sailors on the great sea. He keeps both weapons on his belt.
Accessories: Cyprian carries some jerky and dried fruit, a waterskin, a whetstone, rags to clean his weapons, some flint and tinder.
Personality: Cyprian can be mistaken as unfriendly, and it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise if he was. A ragged looking mercenary, often standing off by himself cleaning his weapons, would easily mistaken as a cruel, rude killer. His deep gruff voice helps with this image too. Truthfully, Cyprian is just a bit of a loner. If you approach him, he’ll talk, and converse, and is generally polite. He isn’t the mysterious type, he has no strange closely guarded secrets or anything like that. He just often ends up wondering off to be on his own. Cyprian is even the slightest bit shy, really. He occasionally seems rather self disliking, but he isn’t really. He often comments on his lack of good looks, but he is fully aware that he is a capable and talented fighter, as well as a skilled sailor and a loyal crewman.
Bio: Cyprians mother was a half southerner from Justinianopolis, who traveled to Illikon with her father. While there, she met an Imperial sailor, who a few years later she would go on to marry. The two conceived Cyprian, who grew up all his life in Illikon, spending much of his time at the docks, watching the ships come and go.

Eventually, while looking for work, Cyprian wound up on a ship, leaving on an expedition. It was during this time as a sailor he

learned swordplay and combat, which he proved to be skilled at. He went on several expeditions afterward, until he met Captain Ghalib, a mercenary operating on the seas. Ghalib gave Cyprian an offer, which involved a job on his ship and impressive pay. Cyprian accepted. The largely Southerner crew accepted him fairly well for his strong southerner blood, despite him being raised in the empire and largely imperial.

Now Cyprian is a fairly highly positioned member of the crew. He’s shown respect by all, and is certainly acknowledged by Ghalib as one of his more skilled


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Name: Theriot the Recluse
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Gifted)
Subrace: Mixed (Westerner & Northerner)
Age: 67

Strength: 6
Perception: 13
Endurance: 8
Agility: 12
Charisma: 10
Intelligence: 15
Luck: 8

Height: 5' 5"
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: A wiry mixture of light and dark shads of grey.
Appearance: Link. Theriot is a short, thin, hunched-over man of unsettling appearance. His face looks accusatory and angry, with sharp edges and deep wrinkles, but his eyes are full of the kind wisdom of a grandfather. He looks as though he has seen a great deal in his life time, but for one reason or another his appearance fails to garner any respect for him. People think that he looks aloof and silly, and rarely take him seriously. As a result, he has developed quite the grouchy personality. He is rail thin and his limbs and appendages are bony and stiff with arthritis. His skin is a slightly lighter shade than most due to his Northern heritage. His sunken eyes demand pity from all who look into them, but all he wants is a little respect.
Clothing/Armor: Theriot wears dirtied robes of dark blue at all times, with grey pants and a shirt of wool. He wears sandals on his feet at all times, which are quite comfortable but difficult to run in. He does little running, however. Over his robes Theriot wears a belt with numerous pouches for containing odd spell components and notations inscribed on small pieces of parchment. He is also in possession of multiple rings, though few have ever learned whether or not they are magic. If they are magic, what is their purpose? Few have ever known. Theriot laughs condescendingly at those who ask. On certain occasions, such as when it is particularly sunny or raining, Theriot wears his lucky cap. It is a cap of luck +5. (If only.)
Weapons: Physically, Theriot's only weapon is his staff, which is just a simple walking stick. He has found that keeping it as such draws little attention from the non-Gifted humans of society. It is just a simple stick shaved of its bark, and nothing more. A hole was pounded through the top of the staff so that a loop of rope could be inserted into it. The loop of rope tightens over Theriot's wrist when he holds the staff so that it cannot be so easily pried from his reach. However, the Recluse's greatest weapon is the art of deception. His specialty is illusion, and he uses this type of magic exclusively and with great effect. He is capable of fooling nearly anyone, and he is well-versed in that particular school of magic. He has knowledge of all illusory spells, but unfortunately has only acquired a talent for about a dozen or so.
Accessories: Perhaps Theriot's most important traveling accessory is his belt and the pouches that are attached. These include his notes regarding spell casting and the components that he utilizes for his spells. These include, but are not limited to: herbs for smoking, miniscule rolls of parchment, bits of wool, small lumps of wax, bits of fleece, eyelashes contained in a small vial, gum, shamrock leaves, and rolls of gauze. In addition to all of this, Theriot must carry his heavily bound spell book with him at all times, so that he can remember how to cast all of his spells. The life of a spell caster is not easy.
Of the few things he possesses that are not related to his use of magic, Theriot's most prized item is his intricately carved pipe. He enjoys smoking from it greatly, and values it over the lives of what few ungrateful companions he has. In addition to all of this, he carries his favorite food: jerky. For some unperceivable reason, Theriot is mad for meat. He devours it ravenously, sometimes raw if he can. Unfortunately, jerky is the only meat that is convenient to carry on the road, so he settles for that. If he cannot get his hands on jerky, he will obtain fruit. He enjoys the sweet fruit of the east, and looks forward to sampling many exotic, tropical fruits on the unexplored islands at sea.
Personality: As mentioned earlier, Theriot is a grouchy old man because he gets no respect. Some speculate that even if he got respect, he would remain grouchy and ill-tempered. Very little is known about this man, and even less is understood about the way in which he acts. Sometimes he can be noted acting entirely out of context, and quite unlike an old man. Though he is typically quite pessimistic, he occasionally awakes in the morning and seems optimistic, or ravenous. He has a fierce temper, and at times the feral look in his eyes during an outburst suggests that this man is much grouchier than once understood.
Bio: Little is known about the Recluse's past. He speaks very little of it, as if avoiding it because in his old age he feels as though he might slip up and forget some important detail of his life story. What is known about him is mostly rumor and here-say, but it is considered reliable information because of how often the story is told.
Theriot's father was an Imperial man, and his mother a Northerner 'barbarian'. During an Imperial excursion to the tribal camps to the North, the Recluse's father met his mother. The hospitality was awfully nice, and nine months later Theriot was brought into existence. The story goes that afterwards, his father was dishonorably booted from the Imperial army.
As fate would have it, Theriot's mother was quite the surprise. She was gifted with limited magical abilities, but was too poorly educated to put them to use. She passed these gifts onto her son, who pursued magical studies more tenaciously once discovering his abilities. He frequently traveled to the village shaman for instruction in the art that he found most intoxicating: illusion.
After a good deal of time and for reasons yet unknown, Theriot was exiled from his tribe and banished to live the remainder of his life in the mountains. He was merely sixteen at the time, but somehow he persevered. He lived in a cave in the mountainside for many, many decades, so the story goes. There was much talk of the hermit in the mountains, living alone and away from society. It wasn't long before people began to pay him visits. Some tormented him on purpose, while others were simply travelers that sought his help to guide them through the mountains.
Theriot had the same method for dealing with all of them: deception. He used illusions to frighten them away from his home, sometimes leading to the death of the travelers because of pure shock and awe, or accidents caused by their haste. The Recluse became a hardened individual in the mountains, but all he ever wanted was to be left alone.
For reasons unknown, he has descended from the mountains and traversed the plains of the continent. Finally, he reached Illikon, and for motivations unknown he chose to travel to the uncharted isles aboard The Salty Seal.
Once on the open sea, Theriot mostly kept to himself but became known for his occasional outbursts of senility and his dull but sometimes disturbing stories about his youth. He did a good job of hiding his magical talents from the crew, but still managed to conjure the image of a sea serpent early on the journey, saving the Seal from a Viking assault.
When Roland’s ship was attacked by the crew of Aquilonis, Theriot remained loyal to his captain and did his best to help in the fight against Aquilonis and the mutineers (while keeping himself alive, of course). He went so far as to knock out Jacob, the only other Gifted aboard the ship, when it looked like he was about to betray and kill the captain.
Theriot was not present when Aquilonis and the rest of the mutineers were freed and escaped with The Golden Dragon, but when questioned by Roland as to what to was to be done with Anya, the only remaining traitor, he suggested having her tossed overboard because he believed her to be a wraith.
When Flint set fire to the Seal and left them all for dead, Theriot was one of the few crew members to escape safely into the water. Though he has not especially professed loyalty to his new captain Aquilonis, one can only assume that he will follow orders and avoid causing trouble. After all, he is an old man and there is little harm that can be done by an old man…right?

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Things will be a lot more interesting for all of you from now on...

Name: Vladimir
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sub-Race: Northerner

Strength: 10
Perception: 8
Endurance: 17
Agility: 9
Charisma: 17
Intelligence: 10
Luck: 1

(He's kinda like a charismatic cockroach. Unlucky as hell and able to withstand almost anything!)

Height: 5' 10"
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Appearance: A young man at the age of 28 with a thick beard and weather worn skin. (Pretty much the guy in the first picture of this video, only wearing brown and with a longer over coat)
Clothing/Armor: Heavy winter overcoat, pants, boots, and fur ushanka hat. They must somehow be exceptionally good at maintaining his body heat because Vladimir has never been seen without any of these articles and has never overheated in them, despite the varying climates he's traveled through. Maybe it's the Vodka? Who know?
Weapons: Vladimir's Hammer (a large war hammer carved with a "V" in the side of the head. It's slightly more effective than a regular war hammer!), 10 Molotov's fashioned from flasks of oil.

10 Torches, Flint & Steel, a large belt pouch lightly filled with coins
Vladimir's Awesome Lute (a russian-esque lute-like instrument used in the folk songs that he sings)
The Red Banner (Not the flag of Soviet Russia, but a large red flag with a yellow outline of a light house inside the outline of star... just try to picture it looking more detailed and less very very very poorly drawn...)
Vladimir's flask (an enchanted flask that yields an endless supply of the "water of life" from his homeland)

Personality: Drunk, drunk, drunk, more drunk, drunker, and still even more drunken yet. In fact, his body is so saturated with vodka that it is a wonder that he is even still alive. Some suspect that his body has adapted to need vodka to live, and that his brain has been stunted and forever stuck in a perpetual state of being completely hammered (and sickled) while at the same time almost being able to function normally. Aside from this, he is normally very kind as long as no one threatens him or insults his music. His surprising talent at singing and entertaining almost always makes up for his lack of looks and other charismatic features, especially with the ladies. He is however, mentally unstable and has been a liability to his allies in the past.

Bio: The wasted bard that he is, Vladimir knows almost nothing of his past as he forgets nearly everything he ever learns. The only memories he retains are of his beautiful northern frozen homeland of Katyusha which, oddly enough, no one seems to have heard of. Aside from that, he only remembers the many songs from his homeland that he learned early in his life. It is assumed that he has been wandering for most of his life and that is how he in fact ended up where he is now.

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That's right, we are now fighting none other than squash! Scourge of the vegetable world! What..what is that?! Is that a pumpkin?! Run, young'uns!

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