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Lots More Decals & Minifigs - Plus, Zombie Month Begins!

Posted by Saber-Scorpion, 01 October 2016 · 1,947 views

LEGO SSL Update Decals Minifigs Fallout Star Wars anime Halo Chuck zombies Blizzard World of Warcraft
New decal packs and custom minifigs in almost every category of the Shop this weekend! Plus, every order in the month of October gets free ZOMBIE decals! That's right, Zombie Month is back from the dead! More details below...
Posted Image
New in the Assorted Sci-Fi section:
Posted Image
The Mythic Sorcerer!Minifig and stickers available.
New in the Space Wars section:
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Crime Prince, Defilers, Emperor and Grand Admiral, and Series 3 Advanced Recon Commando (with color options) decals!
In the Fantasy section:
Posted ImagePosted Image
Knight of Judgment and Sorceress Decals, and Skimpy Female Outfits Pack
In the Post-Apoc section:
Posted ImagePosted Image
Android Philosopher and Computers, and Legate vs. Sheriff Decals
In the Espionage section:
Posted Image
Intersectionary Spies Decal Pack

In the Miscellaneous section:
Posted Image
Anime Bizarre Adventurers Decals
In the Military section:
Posted Image
Skull Mask Gang
In the Alien Invasion section:
Posted Image
Marine and SPI Armor
New minifigs have also been added to the galleries on the LEGO Star Wars New Minifigs page and the LEGO Fallout Minifigs page. Check 'em out!
Phew - I think that's everything for now... Until next time!

Wait a second, are those...Grand Admiral Thrawn Decals?!

Scorp, I just noticed the update of the website's .ico image in the HTML bar. It looks pretty rad!

Scorp, I just noticed the update of the website's .ico image in the HTML bar. It looks pretty rad!


Thanks! :D The other one was starting to really show its age, lol.


There are more changes to come...

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