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Wulfgard Kickstarter - Now with LEGO Minifigs!

Posted by Saber-Scorpion, 14 April 2015 · 2,302 views

Two new reward levels have been added to the Wulfgard Kickstarter Project, new rewards have been added for many existing tiers (including custom LEGO minifigs!), and we now have stretch goals to strive toward with extra funding!

The first new tier is an alternate Level 3 ($24) called Hoplite which includes the novel ONLY, instead of the comic. Also, backers at Level 4: Legionnaire ($30) will now be able to choose between a signed comic OR novel.

The second new tier we've added is Level 6.5: Praetorian, which includes a custom LEGO minifig based on a Wulfgard character! All higher levels will include this reward as well.

Posted Image

There will be several minifigs to choose from, including Tom Drake and Whisper (seen below), an Inquisitor, a Venator, and more (I'll post them in later updates)!

Posted Image

And now that we've reached our goal, we're looking ahead to stretch goals! If we get enough extra funding, here's what we're planning to do with it:

Posted Image

If you have any questions, thoughts, or suggestions, feel free to voice them here, on Kickstarter, or on the forums!

A Wulfgard Audiobook? He-llooooo. :D


I want the novel. :D

A Wulfgard Audiobook? He-llooooo. :D


Werewolf wouldn't settle for anyone less than Nolan North, so we'd have to see how much he costs. I know he's done some Disney Read-Along books...  :P

Welp, guess I'm raising my pledge to level 6 because I love "World of " books

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