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NPCs Needed

13 February 2018 - 10:33 AM

NPCs Needed


Greetings everyone! I'm currently in the process of creating a mythology-inspired Dungeons and Dragons world and am looking for possible characters to fill it. I would appreciate it if the good folks of Saber Scorpion's Lair Forums would aid me by creating a few characters of their own. Rules and lore to follow.




-Any level of depth is appreciated, however a few details are required. These include Race, Gender, Profession, culture (see lore below.), and a short description of their personality, characteristics, alignment etc.

-Additional stuff like stats, importance (Not everyone has to be a king or chosen one,) an illustration (or lego figure) could help me get a better idea  of where to fit your guy, gal, or goblin into the story.

-Seeming lore conflicts are allowed provided you can come up with a logical reason. For example a black Centurion in the Imperial Army might have some previous history that puts him in the Empire even though his family lived in the Pharaoh's Kingdom to the South.

-Understand that different cultures may have differing views on the races. The Dwarves fair much better in the Pharaoh's Kingdom due to their connections to the god Bes. The Empire views them as inferior, and simply tolerates them. Message me with any questions on such details.




The setting is a world based on Europe and the Middle East. In it most major Mythologies are real. When Empires clash their gods may fight as well. Additionally death sends you to the underworld of the pantheon of the land you died in, unless other factors are in play. North American and Oriental stand-ins also exist, but are not part of the main setting. They may be visited in adventures though. Technology is approximately Medieval.


Realms in the Main Setting:


The Empire (Greece and Rome)


The Forest (Western Europe, disputed territory between barbarian tribes, the North, and the Empire. Various Feudal Kingdoms)


The Pharaoh's Kingdom (Egypt)


The North (Norse)


The Crescent Cities (Mesopotamia, some Arab influence)


Other Factions (With Preferred Alignment):


The Knights of the Gilded Forest (A group of adventurers in the Forest, no Evil alignment)


The Order of the Redeemed (A paladin order of typically evil races, such as orcs, undead, etc. Lawful Good only)


The Blades of [regional justice deity] (A group of assassins and knights who seek out and punish evildoers, no Evil alignment)


The Dragons Teeth (Murderers and Mercenaries for hire, no Good alignment)