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RESULTS: Design a Monster Contest


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Posted 06 July 2014 - 05:09 PM


Here are the results of the Wulfgard Design a Monster Contest! The contest was judged by myself and Maverick-Werewolf. We judged all entries by their inventiveness, quality of their description/story, quality of art, and to some degree how well they fit into the lore of Wulfgard. We had a lot of fun looking over the contest entries. A big thanks to everyone who entered!


Prizes will be handed out soon - I will send the winners a private message with their details. Everyone else who participated is also eligible for a 5% Off discount code for Saber-Scorpion's Lair, if they want one. Just send me a private message here on the forums and ask!



First Place:

The Lich Queen of Kemhet by Harry Monster

Rating: 10/10

Comments: Harry really knocked it out of the park. Not only is the art obviously fantastic, but the description is great as well. The story is compelling and well-written and fits perfectly with Wulfgard lore. We looked hard for something to criticize - we really did - but all we could come up with is that Rashida might be more of a character than a monster. But I did say that undead and mutated people counted as monsters, and I can easily see a group of adventurers having to fight Rashida and her necrogolem as the final boss in an RPG campaign, at the end of an adventure through a Kemheti necropolis. And that makes her a great monster in my book. Gold medal well earned.



Second Place:

The Mavet by Amarok

Rating: 9.5/10

Comments: Like the Wolf Spider, this is just a solid monster entry all around, fitting nicely into an existing monster category - but this one has a much more detailed description, which would be right at home on the Wulfgard wiki. It's more than we required for the purposes of the contest, but combined with the impressive artwork and the nice lore tie-in with the Demon of Famine, it's all very good stuff. This fearsome chimeran is definitely worthy of the silver medal.


Third Place:

The Wolf Spider by Drac0blade19

Rating: 9/10

Comments: I'll just admit right away that this - the very first entry - appealed to me and Werewolf from the start. And remained a favorite throughout the contest. It's a simple but fun idea (it's a pun!) that fits snugly into a major Wulfgard monster category (chimerans). And great art too! I love the perspective, with the view turned sideways along with the monster. it's just a really solid and fun entry. Congrats on finishing bronze!



Fourth Place:

Gjartlblauhg, the Fallen Dragon, by Fireraven

Rating: 8.5/10

Comments: This is a good one. I like the idea of this enormous, ancient dragon crippled by his peers, like a fallen version of Sturmkrag, dwelling in the shadows at the foot of the Jagged Edge instead of high in its peaks. The artwork is solid too - and I think the dark photos of the drawing actually help it convey the right mood. This would definitely be a scary encounter for a group of adventurers. A deserving fourth place, and since this was a hard choice for Werewolf and me, we've decided to give you an Iron Medal as well.



Further Results:

Unnamed monster by ForcedSim

Rating: 8/10

Comments: I knew we would get some Lovecraftian horrors in this. Definitely creepy. I like the fact that it's eternally caged but still menacing. The colored version of the art gets the darkness across much better. It's even creepier than that giant snowman in the spoiler box.  :P I could imagine something like this tucked away in the bottom of a dungeon deep in the Blasted Wastes, trapped by the Magi of Sinkarya in some forgotten age. A good entry.


Ovrigrrsnak, Greater Demon of Gluttony, by DragonJedi

Rating: 7/10

Comments: Another one that Werewolf and I have a fondness for. The lore is a bit iffy in places - I'm not sure about the age when demons walked the earth and enslaved man - but otherwise it's solid. I've never considered the idea of one type of demon becoming a greater type through something like sheer gluttony, but I like it! The picture is fitting and also amusing.  :lol:


Lord Araknos by Patriot 96

Rating: 7/10

Comments: Our only LEGO entry! And it sort of features two monsters: the giant spider and Lord Araknos himself. They both look good though. And the story is very Greek Mythology, both in the inclusion of Arachne and the theme of a cursed hero becoming a monster. Which means it's a good fit for Wulfgard. A little more info about Araknos himself after his transformation might have been nice though.


Unnamed monster by HalfBaked139

Rating: 6.5/10

Comments: A good concept for a strange type of monster found wandering in the Blasted Wastes, though the description is a little lacking. I understand they're mysterious, but how about a little conjecture, and maybe some info about their abilities? Great job on the artwork!


Kagayaku, The Nine-Tailed Kitsune by Golden-Crusader

Rating: 6.5/10

Comments: Our only criticisms with this one are that it seems too benevolent to be monstrous, and it's perhaps not the most original entry, as it's basically just a kitsune from Japanese myth. That means it fits Wulfgard lore just fine though. The art is good too, and the description well-written.


Barqani Fishman by sk1592

Rating: 6.5/10

Comments: A good solid beast-man entry, though if there's only one survivor of the race, then it's more of an individual entry than a species. Makes me wonder what his name is. I like the drawing.


Zombie Robin by TomTheMate

Rating: 6.2/10

Comments: This is another one Werewolf and I liked quite a bit, the idea of undead birds and everything. I like the quotes being used in the description too, though it could be longer. The pixel art medium is fine, but doesn't the bird look a little more like a cardinal than a robin?


Reptari by Neyo Wargear

Rating: 6/10

Comments: Very nice, well-thought-out lore, and good illustrations of its details. The concept and some of the design elements seem a lot more sci-fi than fantasy, though I could see that as part of the appeal, making them seem distinctly otherworldly. But combined with their mostly peaceful nature and their ability to communicate, it's just hard for me to think of them as monsters doing battle with adventurers. It seems more like a design-a-race entry than design-a-monster.


Jörmen by ZajbakerZ

Rating: 6/10

Comments: Some parts of the story are pretty lore-breaking - namely that Wulfgard does have snake-men (nagas) and most beastfolk are capable of making weapons, but very few can shapeshift - but I do like the idea of a race of snake-men called Jörmen (good name) living in Northrim and following Jormundgand, perhaps even believing themselves to be his children. Not bad artwork either.


Minmatar by Eclipse

Rating: 5.5/10

Comments: Pretty good story; I like the poetic irony of the monster hunters becoming what they hated. With regards to Wulfgard lore, it's unclear how exactly they used arcane magic, but we'll let that slide. Fearsome-looking artwork too, but it looks like it might be traced? Our apologies if that's not the case.


The Void Walkers by Kadawon01

Rating: 5.5/10

Comments: I like some elements of the description, like the idea of dark elves turning to worship dragons and being obsessed with physical perfection. But this is another entry that seems more like a design-a-race than a design-a-monster entry, especially since they harbor no real ill-will toward humans. And the image is a bit lacking - it's just a drawing of a face, and could be any number of things.


The Deathstalkers by Raus 'Kurran

Rating: 5.5/10

Comments: Not bad, I like the idea of an ancient race of monsters enslaved by the sole survivor of another race, who stripped them of their culture. It's not quite clear what type of creatures they are though. Demons? The image is okay, though it appears to be made with a character generator of some kind.


Akkar by Flash

Rating: 5.5/10

Comments: I appreciate the effort put into the lengthy and detailed description, though it's a bit similar to Amarok's, including the tie back to demons at the end. But as Werewolf pointed out, the art looks an awful lot like the Cloaker from a Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual. So we have to dock some points there, sorry! (Werewolf's note: The wings and tail of a demon of pain don't really look like that.)


Clarix, Lord of the Underworld, by Raus 'Kurran

Rating: 4/10

Comments: I'm sorry, but this is just too extreme. Clarix is the last of his kind, as old as time itself, and his species tended to live for "9 hundred thousand billion years"? I'm not even sure time itself is that old, or how anyone measured their lifespans if they were all killed by the Deathstalkers. And all of this is very far removed from Wulfgard lore except for ties to the Underworld, which already has an established Lord. Combined with the hero-maker artwork, this is a pretty weak entry.




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Posted 07 July 2014 - 02:35 AM


Wow, congratulations, Harry, for ruining my contest winning streak. :P But seriously, your entry was above and beyond great! The art superb and the story was fantastic, but I don't really need to repeat the comments from Scorp and Wolfy. XD

Thanks, Scorp, for the great contest! And congratulations to the other winners - as well as the hard work from everybody who entered!


#3 Neyo Wargear

Neyo Wargear

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Posted 08 July 2014 - 03:06 AM

Aw, shucks. Doesn't matter how well I did, fun nevertheless. Congratulations to all the winners, you deserved it. Good effort to everyone else.

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Posted 08 July 2014 - 04:56 PM

Medal icons have been handed out, and I've sent a PM to each winner about their prizes! And just a reminder, everyone else who entered is entitled to a 5% discount code for the shop - just shoot me a PM and ask. :)




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#5 Harry Monster Princess

Harry Monster Princess

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Posted 08 July 2014 - 07:17 PM

Oh wow, thanks so much! :D Awh, I'm seriously blown away, everything is awesome. :D


Congrats to everyone else too! This contest was a lot of fun and I hope the rest of ya had fun too. :)

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#6 Patriot 96

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Posted 09 July 2014 - 01:51 PM

Congrats to Harry Monster princess, Amarok, and Drac0blade19. Well done by everyone!

#7 Gentleman Psychopath

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Posted 10 July 2014 - 03:55 AM

Congrats to the winners, although it figures that I fully flesh out my monster idea after the contest. Oh well, maybe next time


#8 Patriot 96

Patriot 96

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Posted 29 July 2014 - 03:33 PM

Congrats to the winners, although it figures that I fully flesh out my monster idea after the contest. Oh well, maybe next time

Same here. I came up with an ending for mine, just to late :(

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Posted 02 November 2014 - 04:30 AM

I loved the wolf-spider hybrid it was just such a cool idea and I can see how much work you put into it!


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